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Sino Indian Diamond Dilemma

January 24, 2010

Indian diamond traders have now shifted their base to Hong Kong. They think that they are safe there ! Hong Kong has ceased to be a British colony and whatever semblance of democracy & freedom is there, it is solely due to mercy of the mainland China. In liberal terms, it is a Chinese protectorate enjoying limited democracy & freedom which is primarily subservient to interests of Republic of China.Communist China needs a buffer for continuing trade with the rest of the world.Taiwan & USA firms which do not prefer to operate in mainland China , have offices in Hong Kong. Chinese ,too, favour this arrangement.

We, Indians are fifty years behind in knowing and comprehending Chinese interests and intentions. In India , stubborn pro Chinese Marxists like Jyoti Basu , Prakash Karat etc. are considered patriots and nationalists . In fact these fifth columnists always think about China and propagation of Chinese interests. They will not help in a situation like this.They are accustomed to take orders from their Chinese masters.

China will not take cognisance of our legal or diplomatic pleadings.It is better for us that we withdraw from China in time and give a very hard kick and punch to traders operating & dealing in Chinese goods in India.Not a single item bearing ” made in China ” mark should be sold in India.We have given too much liberty to these elements at the cost of our industries. This is high time, we know traitors amongst us and act firmly.

That is the lesson we should learn . Tax evaders in India find heaven with our corrupt and despotic politicians and officers. Whatever they do here, they try to replicate it in USA, UK, China, Japan and elsewhere. Govt.of India should not interfere with Chinese and at the same time stamp out Chinese trade and goods in India.


This n that:Nehru-Gandhi Dynasty

January 23, 2010


Hello World,

i received the aforesaid link  by an overseas e mail.This is the fifth e mail in 24 months.Every time  there  is some alteration in text . This time  Jawaharlal Nehru’s special , historic relationship  with Shaikh Abdullah of J & K  and  Jaddanbai-Nargis is omitted.It does not include Jawaharlal Nehru’s  medical history of Aortic Aneurysm. He died due to sudden ? rupture of Aortic Aneurysm the most common cause of which is Syphilis ( sexually transmitted disease).

It has omitted  very friendly relationship of Indira Priyadarshini with Raja Dinesh Singh & Dhirendra Brahamchari.It has preferred to remain silent about suspected murder of L N Mishra, Indira’s very powerful   ‘ treasurer’. It does not include the stories of  spats between Indira & Feroze as well as Indira’s decision to stay with her father to protect him from his habit of walking and talking  in sleep besides to insulate him during his extra curricular activities at night. It excludes Nehru’s love for havana cigar.

All said & heard, written & rewritten, discussed & debated about Nehru-Gandhi Dynasty’s lineage, religion, education,professional skills,money, properties, craze for power,  marriage & extramarital relationships & friendships, it must be said and admitted that all of them were/are born  with perennial ” Rajyog ” .

Being a very hard critic of  Nehru’s & Indira’s politics & policies, practice & hypocrisy , life & seclusive tendencies , i have perused everything about them,met several persons who are/were said to be near to the Dynasty and arrived at conclusion that despite all shortcomings they were/ are indispensable to Indian National Congress & India.

Barring a brief spells  under Narasimha Rao & Lal Bahadur Shashtri ,India & INC were nearly orphaned without a Nehru-Gandhi.Narasimha Rao freed INC & India from the clutches of the dynasty. The job he performed could not have been accomplished by even Mahatma Gandhi who was mainly instrumental in anointing Nehru.That is why Narasimha Rao is a persona non grata for INC, Dynasty . Even  his protege , Dr. Manmohan Singh Kohli would not utter his name even by mistake or in sleep ! It is destiny’s cruel joke  that we are once again in dynasty’s hands , thanks to our contemporary politicians .

All opposition leaders including  AB Vajpayee , Jyoti Basu & Morarji  Desai , Harkishen Surjeet etc. protected the dynasty in its crucial hours just to protect their own interests ! The opposition & criticism by these  & other  political opponents  is just to deceive the gullible Indians.Every opposition leader who has opposed dynastic transition , has himself/herself propounded & perpetuated  his/her dynasty! The most vulnerable weather birds  are LK Advani, Jaswant Singh, Yashvant Sinha,Mulayam Singh Yadav, Sharad Pawar, SushilKumar Shinde,hekhawat  Patil ,PK Sangma & Bal Thackerey , a few to mention.

The way Sonia & Rahul have conducted themselves during last ten years is exemplary & commendable. See the irony, the arch critic of the dynasty, hinduist BJP & RSS has to protect and canvass for Maneka & Varun Gandhi during last Lok Sabha election .When Varun Gandhi continued his anti islamist tirade, i sent the  e mail  text about dynasty which was being widely circulated on Internet . It is obvious that one should not expect a reply .

WE SHOULD FORGET ALL SUCH STORIES ABOUT THE DYNASTY. You have to just imagine the national & Congress scenario in absence of Sonia, Rahul, Priyanka, Maneka & Varun.Whether in INC or BJP & any other opposition party , we have to have  this or that Nehru-Gandhi. They are uniting force for not only congress but also non congress polity & thereby India.

Sonia may be an Italian by birth. She may be a roman catholic by religion. But she has proved , time & again that she is not a lesser Indian or in larger sense, a lesser hindu.Compare & contrast her with our born Indian leaders who are in no way Indians ! That’s a fact of the day.

Chinese and Indian Diamond Traders

January 20, 2010

Chinese custom cops have detained 21 Gujarati speaking  Indian nationals , most of them  from Surat ,  for suspected duty/tax evasion by undervoicing and smuggling of diamonds.In the initial stage, their employers pretended that all of them are holy cows . They maintained that all detainees are law abiding citizens.Now it appears that things are not that good and simple.

We as Indians should do a little introspection. We know it well that with our taxation system , it is next to impossible to be wealthy without evasion of all types of taxes & duties. Diamond , chemical, textiles etc. are lucrative fields for such activities. Our first citizen ,too, is not beyond doubts. Our moneyed people hire armed & unarmed squad for tax /duty/octroi evasion .

These 21 detainees must have made few  chinese traders  their pupils to impart generous knowledge  regarding our tricks. Few of these pupils might be chinese law enforcement men! 21 super Indians have laid our national character wide open to the rest of the world. There is no point in defending these proven fellows. Let them suffer. All our traders & other visitors to foreign countries must obey the laws of the land concerned. 

GJEPC should stress upon their members to be very vigilant in being honest.They should be made to understand that all are not bribeworthy and hence they should behave nicely.Chinese Experience is enough for  all of us.We should thank chinese custom & police cops for this bitter & unpleasant service .

Deora,Moily,RGTIL,P&MP Act,1962 and our Judiciary

January 6, 2010

Hello World,

In my previous blogs on the subject, i tried to highlight inherent weakness in the provision of payment of compensation  to property holders other than the holders of lands/ properties whose user rights are divested  in the company concerned by GOI’s  Gazette or Notification to that effect  under the  P & MP Act.1962 . It is difficult to believe that RGTIL & other such companies have not damaged the properties other than those under the Notification. From 1962 onwards , there must be many aggrieved  property holders like me. Why no one has come forward and lodged a claim for compensation? The obvious answer/reason is the ignorance about the act and misconception about these projects being govt. projects. The ignorance is due to  ‘ calculated ‘ unavailabilty of the act itself and misconception is due to canard spread by retired revenue/govt. officers hired by such companies to facilitate acquisition of such properties in question.The ‘calculated’ unavailability of the Act is manifest by the fact that the printed books of otherwise redundant  and obsolete acts are readily available but not of this specific act!  Any one who should /must have its copy , prefers to remain deaf & dumb on its demand !  No company provides it. i requsted RGTIL often ,but , i am yet to receive it !  i could acquire a  printed book of  The Petroleum Act,1934  instead from a book vendor. My advocate friends expressed their helplessness vis a vis P & M P Act,1962.If anybody wants to move a court , how he /she will do without a copy of the Act ?  But for Internet, i too would have been crippled. After studying the complete text, i surmised the seriousness of the situation. My rich & vast experience in journalism  and inquisitveness about the unavailability of the Act  as well as complete black out by media persons of my letter to Mr. Murli Deora made me a determined soul to take the matter to its logical end.

At the behest of Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia, Charu Mazumdar and Dr. Jivraj Mehta , years back , i opted for civilian , legal &  constitutional ways of lodging  protest. i adopted a career in journalism to keep the element of dissent alive in public life  & in course , without compromising at any stage  i pierced through many of the evils in our system & polity.i am happy to state  that i am alive today despite prevalent anarchy in  judicial/ administrative  system  &  democratic polity. That is fine ,but, i still have deep faith in our judiciary & constitution. i have not abandoned my efforts to change the system which is  stubbornly resistant to any change.

It is a very healthy sign that few conscientious judicial officers openly admitted their inability to participate in legal proceedings due to their overt & covert relationship with Reliance. They proved by their action that they are trustworthy. They proved  that they are  worthy of holding any position of constitutional authority  at par with executive and legislature. Eventhough there are instances of erring  judges and judges who have misjudged judge/s and shelved law, justice and decent norms for  furthering own/spouse’s/children’s interests, everything  is not lost. i am yet to hear and learn about  any union or state cabinet minister  or for that sake any  prime minister  and chief minister  who have declined to view, overview and decide upon a file of a party/ company/corporate house subserving  his/her interests deemed in law as pecuniary interests. Who will believe that responsible ministers,  i referred to in my previous blogs , are not shareholders of Reliance ( Mukesh or Anil :  two sides of the same coin ) ?  Our judicial officers are much better than the ministers who individually & collectively decide issues related to judiciary ! 

Then the question is , WHO  RULES INDIA? The present & future  GOI  & ministers will have to convince fellow citizens that it is not Reliance ,but, it is a real GOI  that actually governs/rules India.

Dr. Bankimchandra M. Desai                                                                                                                                                          Cell phone : + 91-9426187102

Dr. V. Moily & The P & MP Act 1962

January 5, 2010

Hello World,

i divulge my letter to Dr. V. Moily regarding amendment in The Petroleum and Mineral Pipelines Act , 1962 for your perusal  & to initiate public debate on a gross anomaly in the said act.

It is noteworthy that no printed version of the said Act is available anywhere . i could get an Internet version with difficulty. RGTIL and other companies alike refrain from providing the copy of the same.i have reasons to believe that there is a very powerful lobby in Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Gas as well as Ministry of Law & Justice of Govt. of India to protect the interests of companies involved at present and in the past  in oil exploration , its transportation and other ancillary activities.The local state govt. administration is hardly interested in the matter involving central act, GOI & powerful companies.

RGTIL adopted very objectionable methods in its operations  in Navsari & Gandevi talukas  of dist. of Navsari of Gujarat. i submitted a letter to Shri Murli Deora at Surat and distributed its copy to media persons present at that time. As it was evident, media prefered to remain silent ,because ,here in this case company involved is Reliance ! Media always rely upon Reliance & its fat packets doled out in the form of ads & gifts ! Eventhough i happen to be a journalist with 45 years’ professional standing , i could not galvanize my personal contacts for a matter of utmost public interest. As it appeared from the recent famous case of Ambani Bros’ companies before the Supreme Court of India , few of the judicial officers were shy as they were connected with Ambanis in a direct or indirect manner and senior  Union ministers expressed their  ‘genuine  concern’  for ” out of court” settlement  ! These responsible ministers were advocating  their views knowing fully well that they are soliciting  the ultimate surrender of prime national interests. That is the clout of Reliance ! They are the de facto rulers of India. Is there any doubt about i t?

Ministers Shri Murli Deora and Dr. V. Moily has not bothered to reply and initiate any action. That is sufficient for them .

As per my conservative estimate RGTIL will have to deposit minimum of Rs. One Crore as  compensation in Navsari & Gandevi taluka of dist. of Navsari of Gujarat   for the issue i have raised in my letters to Hon’ble Ministers. Likewise RGTIL & other such companies will have to pay very very huge amounts  to property owners throughout India.That is an issue of 47 years right from the days of K. D. Malaviya and Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru !

i intend  to  file a suit in the High Court of Gujarat & later on in the Supreme Court of India . i don’t have material resources and money to hire services of learned advocates &  senior counsells. i intend to plead my case as a party in person.

I NEED EVERYONE’S  HELP  &  SUPPORT  IN  ANY MANNER. ,so, i resort to post this blog to reach you.

Yours Sincerely,

Dr. Bankimchandra M. Desai

Postal Address:

” ARNEH ” ,03, Mahadevnagar Society, Near Majura Gate, Ring Road, sagrampura , Surat 395002.

Cell Phone : + 91 -94261 87102

e mail :

Jan. 05 , 2010


 Date : 12 Oct. 2009.


Dr. M. Veerappa Moily

Honourable Minister for Law and Justice,

4th Floor, ‘A’Wing, Shashtri Bhavan,

New Delhi 110001.

                                Re:  Amendment in Petroleum and Minerals

                                       Pipeline Act 1962 ( P & MP Act 1962)

Dear Sir,

        i draw your attention towards Section 3(1) , Section 6(1) ,Section 10(1),(2),(3) and Section 14 of the P & MP Act 1962.

          As it is ordained under this act, there is NO PROVISION WHATSOEVER  for claiming compensation for damages done/inflicted/ caused by the company undertaking the laying of underground pipelines to the land/s other than notified in the govt. gazette / public notice.

         As it is evident under the provisions of the aforesaid sections, the law has presumed that the company having acquisition of right of user in land will not involve or encompass the neighbouring /adjoining  private / govt. land/s and properties.

          For the sake of make believe , it could be possible when the laying of  underground pipelines was carried out solely manually. With the advent of time and new machineries and techniques employed for the purpose increase the chances of damage to neighbouring /adjoining  lands.

            The company having acquisition of right of user in land plainly refuses to take cognisance of claims and settlement of the same for such damages under the pretext of aforesaid  provisions of this act.

             i have a claim  of Rs.60,000/- (Rupees Sixty Thousand only) pending for this specific reason with RGTIL (Reliance Gas Transportation Infrastructure Limited, Opp. Bhulka Bhavan School, Anand Mahal Apartment – 1, Anand Mahal Road, Adajan, Surat) from 01-03-2008 .There is no provision for appeal against the decision of The Competent Authority , RGTIL .The act does not prohibit the company in any manner to settle my claim on its own , irrespective of  provisions of the P & MP Act 1962. The RGTIL has preferred to stick to the Act.

          i submitted my complaint to P& N.G Ministry on different occasions. i am yet to receive any response. Now i request you to see that i get the compensation and the act is amended to rectify legal anomaly persisted unchallenged foe the last 47 years.

           Waiting to hear from you soon,

 Thanking You,

Yours Sincerely,

 Dr. Bankimchandra M. Desai.

On Murli Deora & MoP&NG

January 4, 2010

Hello World,

i prefer to divulge my communication with Murli Deora. He has not bothered to reply & initiate corrective measures in The P & MP Act , 1962.Constitutional matters are involved & i need everyone’s help & guidance.

Yours Sincerely,

Dr. Bankimchandra M. Desai  


                                                                                                             Date : 08 Oct.2009.


Shri Murli Deora

Cabinet Minister,

Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Gas,

Shshtri Bhavan,

New Delhi 110001.

Dear Sir,

      Apropos  my submission at ‘Meet the People’, SGCCI, Surat ,30eth Sept.2009, I send herewith a copy of the same document. for your perusal.

       Please examine the utility of such a function. You arrived late by 55 minutes. Instead of stipulated & advertised 01 hour and 30 minutes , you could hardly spare 25 minutes for the event..As i came earlier for registration necessary for paticipation in the programme,  i waited for 01 hour 25 minutes to present my case. I became desperate and handed over my case papers to you without receiving its acknowledgment from the official of your ministry.The programme  was hijacked by the SGCCI member industrialists who did not bother for prior registration . i and another gentleman , Mr.Patodia of Puna Gaum , Surat were at askance at hypocrisy of the industry and your ministry. Please for God’s sake , stop this nonsense aimed at orchestrated  publicity.

        Prior to Lok Sabha Elections – 2009, a personal assistant  to Shri Dinsha Patel , the then MoS , Ministry of P. & N.G. assured that  “as the issue in question  is of serious and important legal value , it will be surely included in the list of pending issues of the ministry which would then be taken up by the new ministry”. Your portfolio remained the same but Mr. Dinsha Patel is now no more your MoS. Some how I feel that right from Mr. K. D. Malaviya’s  days, Petroleum Ministry has subserved  the interests of moneyed bags and ignored the plight of common citizens.   

RGTIL procured services of retired deputy collectors, mamlatdars, circle officers , talatis etc.  who in the guise of  ‘ in service’ govt.  revenue officers ,overtly and covertly, coerced  land owners to agree upon the compensation  amount as offered by RGTIL. i was shocked to notice various irregularities and malpractices of  RGTIL at various stages.

 Even though your health is not my problem, as a medical doctor,  i will be extremely pleased if you don’t have hypertension and diabetes . Your gait seemed unusual to me and i had the first feeling of something grossly wrong with your health.

             You are an asset to Indian National Congress and India. i render unsolicited advice .Please get your complete health check up.

                        Waiting to hear from you soon,

 Yours Sincerely,

Dr. Bankimchandra M. Desai .


                                                                           Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas

                                                                                                     Govt. of India     

                                                                                                  Meet the People

                                                                                     Surat ,Gujarat . Date 30-09-2009

  Before  Mr. Murli Deora, Hon’ble Minister  of Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas,and additional secretary , MoP& NG ,Govt. of India  **

                   Through  : The South Gujarat Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Nanpura, Surat

(1)The laying of  underground pipelines for transportation of petroleum products  like crude, petrol, natural gas etc .is being carried out in the country under The    Petroleum and Minerals Pipelines Act , 1962.           

(2)The compensation is paid by the respective company  to the land owners whose land is included in the gazette / public notice for laying of  underground pipelines under the provisions of  section 3(1) and 6(1) of  The Petroleum and Minerals  Pipelines (acquisition  of right of user in land )Act . 

(3)There is no provision for compensation for damages done to private lands, roads and properties belonging to taluka panchayat, district panchayat  and  govt. and other private properties not covered in the respective gazette / public  notice. Under this pretext , Indian and foreign contractors and companies  refuse blankly to pay compensation for such damages.                                                                                   

(4)After the promulgation of The  Petroleum and Minerals Pipelines (acquisition  of right of user in land )Act  in 1962, companies have done tremendous   damage and gross injustice to several property owners by not paying    compensation so far.             

(5)There should be quick and immediate rectification in rules and laws for compensation.               

(6)At present my such claim is pending before RGTIL and I have presented my  case to Shri Murli Deora, Shri Dinsha Patel and the secretary of Ministry of   Petroleum and Natural Gas and joint secretary of Ministry of Law and   Justice of Govt. of India by a letter dated 11-03- 2009            

(7) i further presented my case to the secretary of Ministry of Petroleum and  Natural Gas  by e mail on 27-03-2009 and 10-04-2009              

(8) i  submitted my case to Govt. of Gujarat from time to time and its revenue   and other departments rendered help with sympathy              

(9)Hon’ble Shri Murli Deora, Shri Dinsha Patel and Secretary have till to date                  

       (a) not advised RGTIL to compensate me,              

        (b) not sent  any reply to me,             

       (c) not initiated any move  to amend  injudicious section 3(1) and 6(1) of   The  Petroleum and

             Minerals Pipelines (acquisition  of right of user in land ) Act,1962,

( Dr. Bankimchandra M. Desai )

** English translation of the original text in Gujarati


Date : 08 Oct. 2009.

To .

The President ,

The South Gujarat Chamber of Commerce and Industry,

Nanpura, Surat 395001.

                                                                       Re: ‘Meet the People’ dated 30-09-2009

Dear Sir,

              I thank you and  SGCCI for registering my name for participation in individual citizen’s category.

              i and Mr.Patodia of Puna Gaum , Surat came much earlier and we were told by the receptionist that ‘only the individuals who have registered their names would be allowed to participate in the discussion /debate’ . Mr Patodia was  first and I was second to register.

.             Shri Murli Deora  arrived late by 55 minutes. Instead of stipulated & advertised 01 hour and 30 minutes , he  could hardly spare 25 minutes for the event. The programme  was hijacked by the SGCCI member industrialists who did not bother for prior registration . When I realised that it was useless to wait for my chance, i   became desperate and handed over my case papers to you & Mr.Deora without receiving its acknowledgment from the official of his ministry.i hope that my papers are still with you and you will pursue the matter with the ministry.

              i and Mr Patodia were at askance at hypocrisy of the industry and the ministry concerned. People were not there at ‘Meet the People’.                                                                                                                                 

              i am associated with the activities of SGCCI in different capacity for three decades.i have few suggestions for you and other friends active at SGCCI.

            (1)  i feel that it is, now , a high time we abandon formalities like  introduction , felicitation and thanks giving. It will save time, money , materials like flowers (real or plastic) .This rituals serve only one purpose . Various office bearers of SGCCI get a sense of participation and opportunity to get photographed !  Please for God’s sake , stop this nonsense aimed at orchestrate publicity.

(2)     Probably this is one of the reasons of apathy towards chamber’s activity .By and large SGCCI has failed to attract non-member citizens towards our activities due to our methods in conducting programmes involving non-member citizens.

(3)     We should ensure that our guest, whosoever he or she may be, arrive before time  and he/she should be given the maximum exposure to the participant audience.

(4)      Member industrialists must maintain discipline and in no case they should be  allowed to hijack the event, as it happened on 30-09-2009 at ‘ Meet the People’.   The gentlemen may be donors of some sort or moneyed bags , but, they should behave atleast in the SGCCI premises.

i have seen many such fellows disappearing from industrial scene of the city.  i and Mr. Patodia were only two individual citizen participants.The way i lost patience and submitted my papers without your permission , is hardly permissible, but, if there would have been a crowd of restless citizens, what would have been a scene with Mr. Murli Deora….!?

        Surat and its common citizens have persisted & survived despite such elements .

     Thanking you,

     Yours Sincerely,

 (Dr. Bankimchandra M.Desai)

      C.F.W.C. to Mr. Murli Deora

On Ahmad Patel

January 4, 2010

Narendra Modi is smartly moving from politics of isolation to the politics of consesus i.e. samrastaa.He could convince Madhavsinh Solanki , Dinsha Patel & others about his best intensions. We have to wish for speedy recovery of political sickness of Ahmad Patel alis Babubhai.ShankarSinh Vaghela was more courageous to show his displeasure. Ahmad Patel seems to be suffering from deep rooted  inferiority complex. He fears defeat.He always requires camels & elephants to breakthrough the NM’s  gate .The all powerful man of Sonia Gandhi could not dare to contest from his home town , Bharuch.It is good for him to play backroom games from a very safe air conditioned home and office.Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi should assign him a task of regaining Gujarat from Narendra Modi or bringing Narendra Modi himself to Congress fold. If  ShankarSinh Vaghela is acceptable, then, why not Narendra Modi ?

SG + RG + MMSK + Narendra Modi = SWARNIM  BHARAT

January 4, 2010

S M Krisna has regained wisdom.Now everyone including Shashi Tharoor knows that he is the Big Boss in MEA. Now i wonder what is the element that compelled him to cough out! Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi or Dr. MMS Kohli !? Shashi will now twit on this.

Amir Khan, V V Chopra, A Joshi , R.Hirani & C. Bhagat are four idiots are fooling everybody.Every day they add new fuel to credit controversy. TI & FPS gets free publicity . Bank balance of these FI increases day by day. Now they will have a new movie on the art of fooling media , readers & viewers.

January 4, 2010

                                                                                                                                              Amir Amir Khan, VV Chopra, A Joshi , R Hirani &  C. Bhagat are     ‘ FIVE  INTELLIGENT  IDIOTS  ‘.They are fooling everybody.Everyday they add fuel to credit controversy.TI & FPS get free publicity. They fool media, readers & viewers. Their bank balance increases day by  day. Now they will come with a new movie on the art of fooling people.