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The Case Against NAC

April 26, 2011

Hello World,

India’s political atmosphere is vitiated beyond any one’s guess.

Yahoo India has displayed the following opinion without usual provision for comment.
“The Case Against The Bhushans” By Ashok Malik | Opinions – Tue, Apr 26, 2011 10:35 AM IST
Ashok Malik has represented facts and his analysis thereof aptly.
I have a case against National Advisory Council (NAC).

When Shanti Bhushan declared his assets, the plot of land in question was mentioned in that list. Did he put a footnote along with it suggesting the contesting nature of that plot? If he did not, he has wasted his years in politics. In first place, he should not have declared the assets. Nobody forced or demanded for that. It was not anticipated & solicited either from Anna Sahib ,Shanti Bhushan , Prashant Bhushan and other so called ‘civil society’ or private members of the joint committee .Congress and congress persons have not forgiven Shanti Bhushan till to date for his role in the plight of the first family and the party wedded religiously to it. I say, they have avenged very discretely, but, not completely. What should /could be done to pre-empt such attempts? The easiest way to deflate all such attempts is for Bhushans to resign from the committee and fight out their case on merit without blaming or linking the issue with Jan Lok Pal Bill. They can / should help from outside. Justice J. S.Verma, ex-CJI should take their place. Till to date nothing has come or published against him.

Aruna Roy and Harsh Mander as members of the National Advisory Council have enjoyed power, perks and status due their locus standi gifted by UPA 2 & Sonia Gandhi.Mr. Ashok Malik has a point when he says that corporate interests, politicians, officers and members of ‘other civil society’ have joined forces against Anna Hazare’s INDIA AGAINST CORRUPTION. Present & past members of parliament and legislative assemblies and media have terminal interests to see that the movement is aborted .As far as Gujarat is concerned; it is a well-known secret that there are ONLY THREE NON CORRUPT MLAs in the present assembly! It can not be said so about the Chief Minister , his council of ministers and loyal opposition i.e. Congress Legislative Party. BJP has been in this role in the past.

i tell from my experience that Aruna Roy, Harsh Mander and other members of NAC are mere paper tigers. Dr.Man Mohan Singh, the Prime Minister, Sonia Gandhi as Chairperson of NAC and the members of NAC including Aruna Roy & Harsh Mander have not taken any action against me petition against Mukeah Ambani, RIL & RGTIL. They just CAN NOT afford it.

In Gujarat Zinabhai Darji was a maverick politician having terrible nuisance value like Amar Singh of today. He always conducted himself as a king maker .He could not bear a situation where all his stooges enjoyed power, perks and “lal batti wali gaadi” and he was bereft of all that. There was a solution. The 20 Point Implementation Committee was formed by passing a resolution in the Gujarat Legislative Assembly giving a cabinet rank to Chairman of that Committee, Zinabhai Darji and his typical rhetoric barking stopped immediately. A parallel super power cabinet, parallel, constitutional centre of power was created. Today’s National Advisory Council is a bad replica of Gujarat’s 20 Point Implementation Committee .Sonia Gandhi and her barking tribe is thus given locus standi without any accountability!

What is NAC? Is it a Govt. within the Govt.of India? Is it a Govt. parallel to Govt.of India? Is it a Govt. above the Govt. of India?

Those who cry foul about Jan Lok Pal Bill Joint Drafting Committee should come straight with answers to these three cardinal questions .If NAC is democratic, the committee with Anna Hazare is also equally democratic. What powers & perks Anna Sahib’s committee enjoys is a debatable question that should only be left to Amar Singh & Digvijay Singh.

If Aruna Roy, Harsh Mander and other NAC members have any conscience left, they should first quit NAC and then join Anna Sahib’s Committee. What is their real position without NAC? They should display courage by taking belated action on my petition against Mukesh Ambani, RIL & RGTIL. Will NAC do so? Let us wait & see…..


Nita Ambani’s cricket

April 24, 2011

Yahoo Finance:
Subject: Reuters’ comment site : Nita Ambani

Hello world,

Cricket and cricketers are now a days the facts of life. Everyone is mad after them. Please read this piece. It is published on Reuters site on yahoo finance .

It seems people are more worried about Nita Ambani when they should be really worried about Mukesh Ambani,RIL,RGTIL,RELIANCE PETROLEUM and his other companies!On one side , i am in dilemma about RIL shares to be called as Blood Shares or Antilia Shares, on other side readers are worried about Nita Ambani’s ways and Mukesh Ambani’s seemingly deteriorated health.A shareholder of Dhirubhai Ambani’s age is worried about Mukesh Ambani’s ‘tear bags’ below eyes and flabby muscles of neck and face.He is yet to see a full body picture of M.A. The octogenerian share holder advises Mukesh to do Yog and utilise Gym at Antilia.Yes, except Anil almost all Ambanis are ‘ heavy weights’ or say overweights and now lifting up the individuals like Bhajji or Sachin Tendulkar and vice versa is a regular part of their effort to reduce and control body weight.

Reader Jimit Shah has some reservations on Nita Ambani’s public gestures and overtures. In previous IPL season she hugged Bhajji, this season she showers her affection, bodily, on Tendulkar ! Both videos are in wide circulation.If Mukesh Ambani as her husband and Kokilaben Ambani as her mother in law have no objections against Nita’s public behaviour , why people like Jimit Shah should lament ?! One has to think about a lady whose husband is all the time away from her ,busy in his 191 Business Relationships’ circuits all the while spinning and minting money thus leaving more than abundant overfluous money for her to spend and squander so that she can speculate not only on cricket but seek pleasures from hugging cricketers also! She provides a classical example of a middle class lady suddenly put in charge of a vault or money chest and thereafter behaving to become a celebrity woman or a page 03 woman. Some times i feel , Nita is competing with Tina anil Ambani’s glorious filmy past and grandeur .Nita obviously forgets that Tina had the filmy past like thousands of film actresses and what Nita has is a status of Mukesh Ambani’s wife.Mukesh Ambani has a status of Dhirubhai Ambani’s son. Any way,by all means SHE IS HIS WIFE and HE IS HER HUSBAND . Let them be busy in their own world and enjoy life in their best chosen way. One is outside, well in the purview of cameras and the other is away somewhere in four walls BUSY IN FINDING WAYS TO INCREASE PERSONAL WEALTH and waiting only for paparazzi …. .
……….and Jimit Shah should inquire what Mrs. or would be Mrs. Bhajji and Mrs.(Dr.)Anjali Tendulkar have to say about this hugging business ! Both ladies must be smiling and expecting fat packets for them to squander somewhere else in the same manner of Nita Ambani… So page 03 game continues to prove that the whole world is round and we are all a part of that circular jovial circus… Let Shobhaa De and Chetan Bhagat write something on this Nita topic…..Eventhough i am a medical doctor , i consider myself a layman in behavioural science. i think sexologist Dr. Prakash Kothari, Dr. Mukul Choksi , Dr. Raees Maniar and Dr.Pankaj Naram are well equipped to say something on Nita Ambani getting hot or (let me put it colloquially,) ‘garam’ on stadium ground…… So over to them……
Yours truly,
Dr. Bankimchandra M. Desai
Surat 395002
Cell Phone : +91-9426187102
Reader Jimit Shah should recollect past events. Anil Ambani married a film actress, Tina Munim.By all standards she was not one of the costliest heroines as per their prevalent rates for acting in one Bolliwood movie. But as compared to Nita’s parents’ financial and social position, Tina was definitely far ahead. By all standards unmarried Nita was a girl from upper middle class with all mannerism restrictions that go without saying with that economic and social class. When Anil married Tina, Tina had glamour and grandeur which was absent in case of Nita Mukesh Ambani. The comparison and remarkable difference was unavoidable. Nita could not have any answer for that. With the passage of time, after Dhirubhai Ambani’s death and Kokilaben Ambani’s advancing age made Nita really independent of all inhibitions. The make believe restrictions and inhibitions evaporated. She undertook a publicity campaign to create a status for her. She started her school. She has Antilia to project her image, courtesy Shobhaa De and management of Sunday Times and The Times of India. She secured services of a popular vernacular magazine Chitralekha (Gujarati) to project her as Numero Uno. With the help of Lord Meghnad Desai she secured an invitation to address a select assembly at the London School of Economics (LSE). She tried to prove that she possesses extraordinary intellectual capacity along with a very fat purse. She forgot that her past academic records belie her present attemptat LSE and elsewhere .She is now on the highway to become a philanthropist without any real philanthropy of any kind..IPL gave her golden opportunity. She failed to exploit this chance. She could have maintained her grace. Instead she slipped into histrionics.Tina Munim has successfully established her new identity as Tina Anil Ambani and Nita Ambani is reverting back to Tina’s past public image, once opposed and condemned privately by her along with Mukesh, Kokilaben and Dhirubhai…….and there she is today…..
Edited 25 April 2011

Mukesh and Anil Ambani

April 22, 2011

Mukesh Ambani’s success leads us to think, what he and RIL can do, why any Govt. owned company can not do? The reason is SIMPLE, it can be construed that what RIL, RGTIL officers do for their master,can not be done by Govt. employees! Govt. employees, at best, mint money safely, without being caught ! Mukesh Ambani’s officers are very well trained in UNFAIR PRACTICES. They know how to handle all situations ! They are miser than their master ! They are cold blooded as their master ! Experts par excellence !All of them are very confident about their ZERO accountability, responsibility and auditabilty to Indians and India.They consider Govt. of India and all state govt.s as their own convinient administrative machinery . Elecred representatives are their agents & brokers .So, why to worry at all ?
The result is BAD NAME for AMBANI family in particular and India general. Mukesh Ambani and Anil Ambani are two sides of a million dollar coin.Coin is one. Anil Ambani could not save his CEO Gautam Doshi. The poor ‘white collar gentleman’ will now languish in jail in the company of ‘dirty collared criminals’ and will enjoy luxury of mosquitoes, flies, bed bugs and rats the essential commodities of any Indian prison. Our question is; in such an eventuality who will go to jail to save Mukesh Ambani ? Parimal Nathwani is a Member of Parliament . He enjoy’s protection without performing any duty.No duty to perform, responsibilty to none and all our MPs and MLAs enjoy multiple, endless rights . Parimal Nathwani is no exeception.Who is the next ‘white collar gentleman’ to be axed? Let us wait . Let us see . Let Mukesh Ambani go to Tirupati Balaji, Ranchhodji at Dwarka and Shrinathji at Shrinathdwara and bribe our GODs as he is used to do with our the highest and the lowest elected, reigning GODs !
My problem is different. i and my friends possess RIL shares legitimately bought from money,hard earned and saved with great difficulty. We have genuine , antic shares with antic signature s, not like the fake ones ,once in circulation amongst medicos treating the ‘tribe’. what shall we call them: Blood Shares or Antilia Shares in the fashion of Blood Diamonds and Zimbabwe Diamonds?! We are a puzzled lot. Please enlighten us . Shanti Bhushan can not do that, because, he has found himself on a very slippery slope, after that much publicised Declaration of Assets in Anna Hazare’s company……..

Mukesh Ambani,RIL,Record Profit

April 21, 2011

Mukesh Ambani needs to be congratulated for excellent performance of his flagship company. Being a member of a greater family of Reliance stake holders , i love to count the profit which would be percolated to mein the form of a bit higher divedend.As one of the victims of Mukesh Ambani’s RGTIL, i feel that his profit performance is just like diamantaires earning fabulously from ‘blood diamonds’ or ‘ Zimbabwe diamonds’. Mukesh Ambani’s money, wealth and profit performance is due to objectionable and unfair practices amounting to fraud, forgey and cheating by his very responsible officers who are empowered to file affidavits in various courts including the Supreme court of India ,on behalf of him and his companies.Mukesh Ambani may fly in seventh heaven , but he is yet to experience God’s wrath . For him money is only God, but, for God there are several creatures beside Mukesh Ambani & his family to loof after and care for. He is a face less individual having no courage at all to face Ombudsman and Public Audit.He can manage judicial officers & judiciary . Let us see, how long he manages God and His justice.
Dr. Bankimchandra M. Desai
Cell Phone : +91-9426187102

Barkha Dutt and Indian media

April 11, 2011

Hello world,
as you all know Barkha Dutt has earned enough notoriety by her association with Spectrum Rajas and other members of India Inc.Her involvement was thorughly exposed by Nira Radia Tapes. She is ‘naffat’ to that extent that she went to India Gate as an NDTV journalist to create ruckus about leadership of present Anna Saheb led India Against Corruption agitation. She was lucky enough that she was not manhandled by the angry crowd.

No wonder people hooted & shouted Barkha dutt and NDTV at India Gate.We should not expect any thing from Barkha Dutt or any other media men/women who are all used to perks, gifts, comforts and hard cash from politicians, govt. bodies, India Inc.They go by the rate card .Precise to say,” rupees per column centimeter or rupees per second of TV footage”! Mukesh Ambani and Nira Radia are believed to have gifted Barkha Dutt a flat in Manhattan, USA. For what?

Media spreads disinformation, misinformation and anything but information. They are experts in creating news, planting stories and file table stories in the name of investigative journalism. Time has come for India and Indians to see news papers only to know who is alive and who is not! We as a nation should rely more upon Internet, Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter, Orkut, You Tube, wikiLeaks and now IndiLeaks!

We have make believe Freedom of Press and Expression.No media will publish anything against corporate houses or party in power or political leader at the cost of revenue in the form of advertisements, gifts and hard cash in the form of under/over the table transactions.Money has replaced Ethics , Truth is replaced by Untruth, Facts are replaced by Propaganda,Investigative journalism is replaced by readymade table stories to blackmail the target!


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Dear Editor

April 3, 2011

Hello world,
i sent the following letter to Editors of leading news papers of India. Many have included it and published it as comment in their online editions. i sent it to Reuters,it is there on its dashboard.
i feel that the protest by RGTIL/Relogistics/RIL Victims is getting momentum.
Let us see ,what happens!
Yours truly,
Dr. Bankimchandra M. Desai
Dear Editor,

Govt. of India ,Public Accounts Committee of Parliament and CAG must review and revise the contracts/bids granted to RIL whose officers have acquired mastery in fraud, forgery and cheating to achieve Mukesh Ambani’s ends. We in South Gujarat have first hand knowledge about nefarious activities of Mukesh Ambani’s officers.

Many farmers and land owners in Maharashtra, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu have had a taste of RIL/RGTIL/RELOGISTICS’ iron fist covered in velvet gloves of development.

Mukesh Ambani, Parimal Nathwani, Hemant Desai and at least two of the Vice Presidents of RIL at Hazira, Surat have overlooked fraud, forgery and cheating by RIL/RGTIL employees while helping the Competent Authority of RGTIL at Surat, Gujarat in preparing Award of compensation under the Petroleum and Mineral Pipelines Act ( acquisition of Right of User in land) 1962.

We term Mukesh Ambani as India’s Richest Beggar who aspires to become the richest man in the world , of course at the expense of India and Indians .To get the exact idea , please look into Desaibankim’s Blogs : RGTIL VICTIMS UNITED.

Parimal Nathwani ( MP-Rajya Rabha) from Jharkhand and Murli Mama @Murli Deora are his men in New Delhi to tackle Sonia Gandhi, LK Advani, Prakash Karat, Arun Jaitley ,Sushma Swaraj and important officers in various ministries.

The Supreme Court of India while inquring the assets of ex CJI Balakrishnan and his family members should inquire Mukesh Ambani’s share in Justice (!) Balakrishnan’s fortunes.He (Balakrishnan) was in unusual hurry to decide case pertaining to RIL,RNRL and Mukesh-Anil Ambani’s interests. He decided the case in the days prior to his retirement. Mukesh Ambani has developed a practice of hiring and appointing counsels & senior counsels (practicing at SCI and various High Courts) capable to file/register case against him or his companies, on the panels of advocates of his companies .A stage has come when no advocate in India would venture to be his adversary’s counsel or advocate. He is expert in managing judicial officers at various levels. Judgments in cases related to his interests are known as “pen drives” !

It is high time to nationalise RIL’s refineries and Mukesh Ambani’s RGTIL. He has virtually fleeced India and Indians by corrupting one and all. He is a real ever ready , perennial Tsunami for India , Indian democracy and polity.

Media (Print and TV) is reticent and is always afraid of publishing any news against Mukesh Ambani and his companies. He has no control whatsoever over Internet. So i am able to put my views in Blogs ( WordPress ), Twitter and Facebook notes to expose his anti-India activities.

Yours Truly,
Dr. Bankimchandra M.Desai
Convener of
All India Committee of Agriculturists Affected by RIL/RGTIL/RELOGISTICS.
03, Mahadevnagar Society,
Near Majura Gate, Ring road,
Surat 395002.
Cell Phone : +91-9426187102

Surat ,dated March,31,2011

Comments on Lord Meghnad Desai’s interview

April 3, 2011

It is very amusing to read Lord Meghnad’s candid views. Narendra Modi is a neo-Gandhian and Meghnad Desai is a neo-Shahabuddin! Congressi Gandhians are sick of Mahatma Gandhi and for them Nehru_Gandhi is the only ‘aphrodisiac’. For logical and suitable political reasons, Narendra Modi has embraced and hijacked real Gandhi. Meghnad Desai has excelled in his balancing secular views but, he has forgotten that Muslims at large have now sidelined Shahabuddins, Madanis, and Bukharis without anybody’s telling. They realise that past is past and if they remember it as Lord Meghnad does, it is not he who will remain backward in all respects, but, they will certainly miss the train. Maulana G. M. Vastanvi is not a five star academician. Lord Meghnad has seven stars to his credit! Maulana Vastanvi’s feet are always on the ground and that ground is nothing but hard reality. He is a real cleric who has imbibed lessons and tenets of Holy Quran which says TO FORGIVE ONE AND ALL and SEEK HIS SHELTER. Maulana Vastanvi is not a hidden politician as Lord Desai is. It seems Meghnad Desai has transgressed the delicate line of academia and unnecessarily indulged in politics of India. He should instead bother about the credibility of London School of Economics (LSE) which has recently earned notoriety for awarding PH.D. to doubtful but moneyed/ well positioned individuals. i remember an instance of Nita Ambani’s lecture at LSE. Those who know her caliber were taken aback and shocked to know about her lecture. i pray that it was not ghost written and plagiarised! i hope, Lord Meghnad’s present MICA visit is not a gesture of reciprocation for arranging Nita Ambani’s lecture at LSE to establish that wealth and intelligence have converged in her for good. Lord Desai provided a click only!

It is very funny to see Lord Meghnad Desai lamenting upon injustice and failure of Indian judicial system to deliver justice .He is in cognisance of the plight of agriculturists due to Mukesh Ambani’s RIL, RGTIL and RELOGISTICS in Gujarat, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu. In the text of the interview, if he replaces (a) Narendra Modi and BJP with Mukesh Ambani, RIL, RGTIL, RELOGISTICS and (b) Muslims with agriculturists, he will get a clear idea! Yes, it is difficult to get justice, specially when you are a victim of the powerful like Narendra Modi and Mukesh Ambani. Now, days are not far when victims of Mukesh Ambani and others alike immolate themselves in front of courts. There are numerous cases of suicides and immolation in front of govt. offices. The turbulence of discontent will definitely strike one day High Court as well as Supreme Court of India. One needs intuition to know it beforehand. The judges are sitting in comfortable positions and till now they have not thought of this eventuality. Pakistan though fractured due to its inherent contradictions owes its survival and today’s existence to its Judiciary. Can it happen in India? The petitions by Shanti Bhushan, Prashant Bhusan, Dr.Subramanian Swamy, Ram Jethmalani are nothing but ICCU treatment of Indian Judiciary and thereby of Indian Polity. Will the patient defy the doctors? In sheer desperation i would rather say that Afzal Guru should be hanged not for attacking the Indian Parliament ( that is being regularly done by our MPs & MLAs), but for failure of an operation to eliminate the most hunted crooks ( no one spared) en mass ! India and Indians would have been relieved to the utmost extent on such a successful operation!

Lord Meghnad Desai may not be aware of the largess of lands and govt. patronage to Dhirubhai Ambani, Mukesh Ambani, RIL and RGTIL. They have been awarded lands at the throw away price. The price they have paid is many times lower than the juntry rate which is applicable to all citizens. This favour is not free at all! The difference between the actual price paid by Ambani and juntry rate, the difference between the prevalent market price and the actual price paid has, time and again, gone to the drain of a ruling party and loyal opposition. No chief minister and no party is exception. i disagree with Lord Desai on incorruptibility of Narendra Modi. i say and affirm that Narendra Modi is the most corrupt chief minister Gujarat ever had. His corruption is hidden, sophisticated and polished! One has to see the way the officers of Ambani, Adani, Tata, Torrent, Nirma, Essar, L and T, ONGC, GAIL, and KRIBHCO conduct themselves in govt. offices to believe the sphere and dimension of Narendra Modi’s corruption. They just take govt.employees ( IAS, GAS, IPS not spared) for granted! The reason is simple. Their masters (industrialists) have taken care of Sonia Gandhi, L.K. Advani, Narendra Modi etc. and tackled them in a very satisfactory and amicable way. They manage media very well. The congressman present during Dr. Kalsariya’s anti-Nirma delegation’s meeting with Narendra Modi would have disappeared immediately from an agitation against Mukesh Ambani or his company. Mukesh Ambani et al manage judiciary, too. That is the real development people like Lord Meghnad Desai refuse to seize of.

Lord Meghnad Desai is yet to know the plight of govt. employees. He should ask Narendra Modi himself about the dismal position of outstanding salaries to be paid to various govt. employees. Now it has reached the extreme when an employee caught in a bribery case tells the investigator,” what else should i do, when i have not received salary for months?!” Even employees of department of justice are not paid their salary in time. The front view of every witch is beautiful, but, what about her rear view?

Lord Meghnad Desai wants Narendra Modi and BJP ( chaddiwalas implied) to say “sorry” for their acts of omission and commission and seek forgiveness and forgetfulness from Muslims in particular and non- Muslims at large .He forgets that L.K. Advani paid respect to M.A. Jinnah and virtually lost everything. His voters were short of giving him a very hard kick for his hypocrisy and hobnobbing with super thug Asaram. Narendra Modi banned Jaswant Singh’s book and today only he knows what has happened to that after Jaswant Singh’s return to BJP. Jaswant Singh paid dearly for his tryst with his ‘published ideas’ and lost the coveted position of leader of opposition. Narendra Modi is not a fool to repeat this sort of mistakes. Till now he has used others’ shoulders to climb up. Only fools & idiots look back to the stepping shoulders, the glaring exception in Narendra Modi’s case being L.K. Advani and C.R.Patil!

Maulana Vastanvi is a wise fellow. He did not wait for the culprits and moved forward.
What is wrong in that?

Despite massacre of Muslims by Hindus and killings of Hindus by Muslims over the years ,since 1946-47 and in spite of disgruntled fellows ready to divide both on religious lines , both have suffered ,survived and learned to live together in peace to progress jointly and severally. That is due to inherent tolerance, democracy and political system we have accepted and sustained .What more Lord Meghnad Desai want from us, Indians? Please leave us alone on our fate. Be seated in your ivory tower and bother about UK and Her Majesty’s Govt. which is today nothing but relegated and extended dashboard of the USA.

People like Narendra Modis and Shahabuddins are better than Mukesh Ambani and other industrialists. India Inc.have corrupted one and all. Communal hatred and violence are preferred to corruption that has almost devoured all political parties and the State as such. They are real enemies of India, Indians, Indian Democracy, Indian Polity and Indian Judiciary. Mukesh Ambani has corrupted media in toto. Freedom of Press and Expression is in law and constitution books only. If no one publishes any protest material, where the protesters will go? Is it worthwhile to have the fun in make believe freedoms? The situation in India is in no way better than that prevalent in countries undergoing “jasmine revolutions”. Brutal force of a ruling dictator is a much better proposition than the remote dictatorship of a person like Mukesh Ambani, Sonia Gandhi and Prakash Karat who enjoys all fruits without any responsibility, liability and accountability either to parliament or people.

i am likely to incur the risk of court contempt, harassment by politicians and de facto rulers of the land. India and Indians are first, and then comes a person. If i fail to make explicit warning about what has been said and written between the lines, i fail as an Indian and a journalist and that is not acceptable to me.

Lord Meghnad Desai’s interview

April 3, 2011

With thanks and gratitude to The Indian Express Limited ,Vivek Goenka, Shekhar Gupta and editors of The Indian Express ,the Copyright holders , for reproducing few excerpts from the interview published on April 01,2011.

“Development fine, but ’02 ghost will linger’: Lord Meghnad Desai

The Indian Express: Ahmedabad: 01 April, 2011, Page 05

Lord Maghnad Desai appreciated Gujarat’s development under Narendra Modi’s Chief Ministership and in the same breath he categorically maintained that BJP strongman’s prime ministerial aspirations could only be realized if he ‘comes to terms with what happened in 2002’.He sees a possibility of Narendra Modi being a good man and if he becomes a good man then and then he can be a prime minister of India! Lord Meghnad Desai means to convey that all the prime ministers India had were good and they had not a past which can be termed as bad.

Lord Desai was in Ahmedabad to deliver convocation address at the Mudra Institute of Communications, Ahmedabad (MICA). It seems he was deeply disturbed, as every one else is, to say that one should not forget gross injustice unless there was proper reconciliation adding it was not happening unfortunately. “Getting justice in India is very difficult if you are a victim of the powerful. It again does not mean that we should forget injustice”. He was sorry to say that justice had not been done even in 1984 Sikh massacre
cases in Delhi and killings of Muslims in Mumbai during post Babri demolition riots in 1993 when Sharad Pawar was chief minister. He said it was shameful that Indian political system had forgotten these incidents. “Forgetting injustice is very difficult and there can’t be one sided forgetfulness”

On recent appeal by Maulana G. M. Vastanvi that Muslims should leave behind the 2002 riots and move on, Desai said the issue of forgiveness arose only when there was a demand for it from the side of those considered guilty. ”Let people from the other side come forward and say sorry for their guilt but unfortunately that has not happened.”

In absence of evidence to get Modi convicted under law, he said, ”Modi as well as BJP have still to explain whether events of 2002 in Ahmedabad,Vadodara and Surat were justified as a reaction to what happened in Godhra, or do they think it was a failure of law and order ?”

“If Modi and BJP felt that post-Godhra killings were right and a revenge for Godhra, they should come out and say so openly,” Desai said.