Sino Indian Diamond Dilemma

Indian diamond traders have now shifted their base to Hong Kong. They think that they are safe there ! Hong Kong has ceased to be a British colony and whatever semblance of democracy & freedom is there, it is solely due to mercy of the mainland China. In liberal terms, it is a Chinese protectorate enjoying limited democracy & freedom which is primarily subservient to interests of Republic of China.Communist China needs a buffer for continuing trade with the rest of the world.Taiwan & USA firms which do not prefer to operate in mainland China , have offices in Hong Kong. Chinese ,too, favour this arrangement.

We, Indians are fifty years behind in knowing and comprehending Chinese interests and intentions. In India , stubborn pro Chinese Marxists like Jyoti Basu , Prakash Karat etc. are considered patriots and nationalists . In fact these fifth columnists always think about China and propagation of Chinese interests. They will not help in a situation like this.They are accustomed to take orders from their Chinese masters.

China will not take cognisance of our legal or diplomatic pleadings.It is better for us that we withdraw from China in time and give a very hard kick and punch to traders operating & dealing in Chinese goods in India.Not a single item bearing ” made in China ” mark should be sold in India.We have given too much liberty to these elements at the cost of our industries. This is high time, we know traitors amongst us and act firmly.

That is the lesson we should learn . Tax evaders in India find heaven with our corrupt and despotic politicians and officers. Whatever they do here, they try to replicate it in USA, UK, China, Japan and elsewhere. Govt.of India should not interfere with Chinese and at the same time stamp out Chinese trade and goods in India.

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