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Comments on Narendra Modi : 01

October 25, 2010

Hello World,
i decided to post my comments on Narendra Modi to you. They are already published on Facebook.
Times of India has proved once again that it is biased against Narendra Modi.All beneficiaries of Garib Kalyan Melas know it very well that N Modi has not given them money from his or his govt.’s pocket.The difference made by N Modi is that he himself distributed GOI funds , NOT THROUGH ANY AGENCY or his own govt.’s administration !
( comments on ToI front page news ,Oct.25,2010)
As i predicted long back , puppies of Sonia-Rahul Gandhi and AC Room politician Ahmed Patel could not withstand Narendra Modi’s onslaught in civic elections of Gujarat.Shankarsinh Vaghela, too, was disrobed ….miserably. Bharatsinh Solanki needs to be satisfied and content in reaping good harvest to maximum possible from erstwhile Chief Minister father! Tushar Chaudhari should leave his present ‘job’ and concentrate on Vyara otherwise he will find it difficult to retain his Lok Sabha seat in the next election ! It is high time he realises that political capital and good will of his erstwhile Chief Minister father is now no where and there is time for him to explore other capital from medical practice. Inheritance of politics is not easy for either Solanki or Chaudhari or for that reason any son or daughter of any politician as it is so with their ultimate boss and mentor, Rahul Gandhi !

In Nehru-Indira-Rajiv’s times, a lamp-post ,too, could win the elections. Now due to Narendra Modi many unknown freshers have become ‘leaders’ ! Of course, they are better than dogs raising their hind leg at a chosen lamp post !

Many BJP freshmen are now elected leaders. Many of them have doubtful background . Some of them are history sheeters in people’s eyes.

A fan from UK asks,”are all BJP (councillors and other taluka and district panchayat members ) prajasevaks are ‘ histoty- sheeters’ ?” Not all of them in the strict sense of word, but, few of them are definitely having criminal background .

There are many MPs and MLAs who are such history-sheeters.Why Narendra Modi has selected them ? In the past, he must have taken their help in establishing his own career.Now here or anywhere nothing is free. So he has repaid obligations ! They should consider themselves lucky that N. Modi has not given them a hard kick after using them as stepping shoulders / stones ! These doubtful old timers and freshers are considered useful on their winnabilty count and this helps in a total rout of Congress camp. That makes 10,Jana Path,New Delhi very very nervous.

In the broadest sense , ‘a history sheeter’ is one who violates democratic norms, indulges in giving and receiving bribe and/or commission, coerces officers on duty,plots bank/ financial scams, indulges in money lending and laundering and such other nefarious activities unbecoming of a leader.

The errant ‘leaders’ now will be shown doors by Narendra Modi in his fresh move to establish himself as a NONCORRUPT and TRANSPARENT Chief Minister. Now every one knows and understands that it is Narendra Modi who has won the election, not BJP, not any individual candidate ! BJP and all candidates are mere lamp-posts in voters’ eyes and belief !

Is Narendra Modi invincible? What are his weaknesses?

Corruption,position with governmental power, intolerance to critics and criticism, band wagon of history sheeters in his party,company of selfish industrialists, absence of effective opponents and opposition, absence of fearless press and journalists are few of Narendra Modi’s greatest weaknesses.

N.Modi in his initial years could successfully create an impression of a noncorrupt chief minister having ‘no nonsense’ type of personality. He could appeal and win over lower and middle class of society in Gujarat who were fleeced systematically by Keshubhai Patel’s corrupt and despotic rule.Keshubhai Patel ministry’s performance made people believe Congress ministries as a better option and experience.Keshubhai Patel saw to it that all ‘components’ of saffron brigade i.e, Durga Vahini ,Bajrang Dal, Vishwa Hindu Parishad and RSS got their share of creamy pie! Goverment departments were marked out for each ‘component’ for transfers and tenders.All were very happy then, not realising that people have started knowing them as corrupt and unavoidable nuisance and evil.Narendra Modi halted all these practices and got immediate acclaim and adulation from people of Gujarat.

N Modi started getting ABSOLUTE POWER which made him gradually corrupt.The govt.officers started taking him for granted .His credibility was at stake due to his deputy home minister’s acts of ommission and commission.Doubtful pages of such home ministers in the past Congress ministries hardly helps Narendra Modi and his colleague/s.His image eroded to that extent that one of his biographers told me, “Narendra Modi takes a lot of money from selected industrialists to run his party,does a good job, but,fails to realise that his industrialists financiers and so called friends will be proved very detrimental to the interests of the State and people of Gujarat. People do not know this. When they will realise it,then,it will be very very late. Moreover he has created brigades of Mr./ Mrs./ Ms.FIVE PERCENTs, they inturn have created mini brigades of similar FIVE PERCENTs”.

Now he needs a fresh image make over. He needs to weed out corrupt cabinet ministers, MPs, MLAs and such elements in his fresh lot of elected leaders ! He needs to caution all past and newly elected ‘leaders’ to remain within bounds and to refrain from money spinning and minting in NARENDRA MODI’s or BJP’s name.

( To be continued)

Dr.Bankimchandra M. Desai
Published at Surat 09-32 P.M.Oct.25,2010.
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RGTIL : Victims United : 13

October 16, 2010

RGTIL : Victims United : 13
My Case History : 05

Hello World,
There is a flashback in the story.In my blog RGTIL : Victims United :07 , i wrote about the Chinese Contractor.i searched about this entity from all possible sources. No one either knew or desired to part with the closely held secret.After RGTIL was fixed to wall and it had to launch its website , i could locate BJ Service Company( Middle East) Limited as the main contractor responsible for RGTIL’s Gas Pipe Line work.i wrote a letter to the said company on Oct.05,2010.

i quote,

B J Service Company ( Middle East ) Limited
401 / A , Landmark Building ,
Suren Road,
Andheri East,
Mumbai 400093.
Tel. No. 022-66484200.

Dear Sir,

i obtained your address from RGTIL’s website . I am quite impressed with your company’s details . It seems B J Process and Pipeline Services Limited is your subsidiary or the parent company or the same company. i failed to get any information about the chairman, chief executive officer and members of company’s board of directors as well as its address of registered office from your website. .

Do you have a Chinese counterpart or subsidiary or contractor who fulfilled the work of RGTIL’s East West Gas Pipe Line at Vejalpore- Padgha- Amadpore section of Navsari Taluka and District in Gujarat ? If it is so, please provide its address in India and People’s Republic of China.

If it is not so , then what other Chinese look alike technicians were engaged and employed for the specific job ? What is their company’s name and address ?

What sort of contract do you sign with RGTIL ? Do you have any condition binding upon you to provide services like maintenance ,repair, replacement etc. after completion and commissioning of the project ? Who bears all legal responsibilities and liabilities for the damages inflicted on the concerned and other private and public/ while executing and after commissioning the gas pipe line project?

i anticipate your early reply .
Thanking you,
Yours truly ,
Dr. Bankimchandra M. Desai.”

i unquote.

It is needless to say that i have not received any reply from the said company. Now the pertinent question is ,” who is liable and accountable for my damage claim? RGTIL has not replied on my repeated requests to settle my claim. The Land Acquisition Act and the P and MP Act.1962 bar me for any litigation. The Supreme Court of India’s judgment ,too, is not specific as my case comes in the category of “alien’s property” .

Eventhough , if i approach trial court at Navsari, what is my time likely to be wasted by RGTIL whose sole proprietor , Mr. Mukesh Ambani’s daily gross revenue from RGTIL’s KG Basin Gas Pipe Line would be approximately US Dollars 02 ( TWO) to 2.5 ( Two point five) millions per day ! ( conservative estimate of 2009 ).Is this his vision of development ?

Now i take you to my comments on BBC’s news item about forthcoming Congress of People’s Republic of China .
(published on Oct.16,2010 on Facebook)

i ouote,

“The hidden agenda will be to destroy USA and India first economically and then militarily ! In case of USA, they have already destroyed most of the economy, military’s job will start in this decade.In case of India ,they have almost accomplished their targets. Indian Economy is a puzzle for Indians. Progress is not reflected in day to day life of ordinary citizens.

China can blow up most of the underground oil and gas pipelines by remote control. Reason? They have laid these pipelines.They can manage explosions on roads and rails by remote control. Reason? They have built these roads and rails. Only Indians are not aware of it !

Govt. of India and Indian industrialists have forgotten this subversive angle and aspect of National Security while signing MoUs and celebrating the completion of turn key projects ! The Chinese will have a last laugh and smile !

Chinese leaders of present and next generations are unanimous and equivocal to establish the Chinese hegemony over the Globe. George Fernandes is the first and last Indian Union Cabinet Minister to percieve this eventuality. i would term him as ‘a Statesman of Century’ . He termed China as an “enemy number one country”. i feared then that the Chinese would get him murdered for his sin of understanding their designs well in advance.”

i unquote.

What is the signifacance of my worst apprehensions here in Navsari and South Gujarat? Why should i raise the alarm bells ? Why should i affront Mr.Mukesh Ambani,RGTIL, Govt. of Gujarat and Govt.of India? Top of it,why should i take the risk of facing judiciary’s ire?

( To be continued)

Dr. Bankimchandra M. Desai
Posted at Surat,09-28 P.M., OCt.16, 2010.
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RGTIL : Victims United : 12

October 11, 2010

Hello World,
One of the viewers telephoned me to suggest to put the link on Facebook and Twitter.

i have a very limited knowledge in handling a computer. i can not afford a steno or an assistant . i tried . The moderator of Facebook wrote back ,”you have exceeded the characters” i okayed and the text disappeared. i forgot what i wrote. i made a second attempt on Microsoft Word . i resorted to copy paste. So i send a message to my Facebook friends through BLOG .

Message on Facebook , Oct .11,2010.

i quote,

“RGTIL , Reliance Gas Transportation Infrastructure Limited, a company owned solely by Mukash Ambani through a string of his private companies, is masquerading various villages in Indian states in the name of development and holding / ransacking numerous land owners and their properties at sort of a ransom in the name of the Petroleum and Mineral Pipelines Act ,1962 ( P and MP Act,1962 and P and MP Rules ) and Land Acquisition Act . RGTIL men deploy all techniques and get their work done.

Both the acts do not give any remedy to the aggrieved concerned and adjacent property owners . Both acts make the Competent Authority of RGTIL,the government within a government ! The C.A. of RGTIL is beyond all laws.

RGTIL’s victims include rich, middle ,lower,and below poverty line farmers.Numerous land owners are marginal and small farmers. No one is happy with RGTIL’s arbitrary behaviour and Award declared by the Competent Authority of RGTIL . No one in Govt. of India and respective state govt.s is ready to listen to aggrieved land owners and owners of neighbourhood properties which are already damaged by RGTIL.

Every land under User Rights is fragmented into three pieces, thus violating Prevention of Fragmentation of Lands and Consolidation of Lands Act. Is this proper? Where is the purpose of Fragmentation Act served ? Govt. does not allow fragmentation of agricultural lands under any pretext, not even by family partition deeds. Govt. prohibits sale and purchase of fragments of agricultural lands to farmers other than the owner/s of adjacent land. Here in RGTIL’s case Govt. of India and various state govrnments created thousands of fragments of agricultural lands without naming them fragments.Revenue records do not mention these fragments anywhere.

The mutations in Record of Rights do not reflect the fragmentation and provision for the sale of individual nonviable fragment by the owner of the land. The mutation in Record of Rights is devoid of present and future responsibilities and accountabilities of the party, company ,person, association of persons enjoying perennial user rights in land. The Award of RGTIL’s Competent Authority forms the basis of mutation in Record of Rights in favour of RGTIL and the text of the award is perennially binding on land owner / farmer.

In suits related to the Land Acquisition ACT and other related laws the Supreme Court of India weighed the balance of convenience in favour of over all development of the village, region , state and country .The SCI , in any case ,did not spell out the scope of such development by RGTIL at individual village level.The SCI did not prefer to address other issues troubling farmers / land owners because the Land Acquisition Act and the P and MP Act, 1962 and P and MP Rules do not include these issues in thier legal framework.Only the CAUSE was considered and the RESULTANT EFFECTS were left for petitioners’ wild guess.Obviously the SCI and High Courts do not want to go beyond laws and consider the net results / effects these laws and their interpretation create.Will the SCI ever take this issue for consideration? If yes, under the purview of which act / law? Fundamental Rights are mostly in the sacred book only.They are good for reading and preparing for various examinations..

That is the inherent weakness of powers and jurisdiction of our Apex Court and High Courts. The Courts can not assume the role of law makers and law makers enact such laws to benefit a special and a very special priviledged class of individuals, here in this case it is RGTIL and individual is MUKESH AMBANI. The law makers have overt and covert interests to maintain staus quo in laws like the Land Acquisition Act, the P and MP ACt,1962, Company Act, Corporate Act, Income Tax Act, Sales Tax Act, Custom Act etc.It is not that no one knows and understands the lacunae in these acts/ laws. They JUST DO NOT WANT TO UNDERSTAND and ACT ACCORDINGLY.There is a definite purpose behind this attitude. Every Indian ,literate and illiterate , knows this fact very well. Various constitutional and legal measures are made to abort intentionally.The SCI and High Courts witness this sorry state of affairs and allow people’s faith in rule of law to erode.Often people perceive that the judges are party to this phenomenon .

The Supreme Court of India advised / directed 52 petitioners of Gujarat who suffered at the hands of RGTIL to approach respective trial court for the issues related to compensation of lands in question . Are the petitioners expected to face court ordeals for another twenty five years?

The pertinent questions are many.

1.Who rules India ?

2.Why print and electronic media become deaf ,dumb and blind on any issue of public grievance relating to Mukesh Ambani and his companies?

3.Why all political parties turn away from the aggrieved land owners?

4.Why P and MP Act,1962 and Land Acquisition Act are not ammended to protect and safe guard the interests of owners of land, adjacent ( private as well as public / government ) properties?

5.Why the interests of only RGTIL, ONGC ,other PSUs and other companies acquiring PERENNIAL USER RIGHTs in LAND are protected ?

6.Why the Supreme Court of India and all High Courts are shy in becoming proactive in the interests of the aggrieved owners of land ? The SCI has done it in the past in many cases.

7.Why the said acts are only unilaterally binding on land owners as far as responsibilities and accountabilities ,at present and in future ,are concerned ?


9.Why this facade of justice is being perpetuated year by year ?

10.Why Mukesh Ambani is so confident about his strides?

11.How he has become the richest man in a very short duratinon of time ?

12.Why is he not subjected to any inquiry in the manner his fellow industrialists and other citizens having doubtful assets are compelled to face ?

13.What are the secrets of his companies?

14.Do the Minister of Finance, Minister of Law and Justice , Minister of Petroleum and Natural Gas, Minister of Company Affairs , Minister of Corporate Affairs and PMO recognise in built faults in the said acts/laws and rules ?

15.If they do, why they have not rectified them till today ?

16.When they will do that? Or they will never do it….

Media in India is reticent in case of Mukesh Ambani and his companies. He failed miserably to throttle Internet, Google, Yahoo, Facebook ,Twitter and other social networks. Otherwise he has a potential to rival Hu Jin Tao of People’s Republic of China and Kim the second of North Korea!That is a real danger lurking the Indian Democracy and Polity.We experienced the STATE POWER manytimes in the past .As i witness, experience and realise , MONEY POWER is superior to state power. It has STATE POWER COUPLED WITH MUSCLE POWER of course in the best available gloves ! Today in India we have FREE PRESS. Do you find any criticism of RGTIL and MUKESH AMBANI’s ways any where ? WHY? Freedom of press , freedom of expression and fundamental rights are good in books. Mukesh Ambani has successfully eroded the STATE without contesting any election anywhere.Elections are meant for fools.The reign of power is in Mukesh Ambani’s hands…Let him overtake the STATE completely …

i invite you all to view my blog series : Desaibankim’s Blogs: RGTIL : Victims United : 01 to 11.

i intend to continue the series till the said acts are ammended …..Thanks a lot”.

i unquote .

Dr, Bankimchandra M.Desai .
Cell phone: +91-9426187102.
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RGTIL : Victims United :11

October 10, 2010

RGTIL : Victims United : 011
My Case History : 05
Hello World ,

Anxious inquiries are pouring in about RGTIL’s injustice to adivasi land owners and farmers of Pardi Taluka, Dist Valsad , Gujarat. Young voters are eager to know about Bhumi Satyagraha ( Kisan Satyagraha / Ghasiya Jamin Satyagraha ) by Shri Ishvarlal Chhotubhai Desai . They wonder what has happened to an adivasi who once rose against oppressive power and forces ! What made him meek and timid ?! They ask,”what is the remedy?”

Before searching the answers, i would like to take you to RGTIL’s office at Anand Mahal Apartment ,Anand Mahal Road, Surat 395009.
Yes, it was a working day. Sun of noon was about to turn the hour clock. Obviously Anand Mahal Road, otherwise one of the bussiest area had a deserted look .Scorching heat was ruling the road, so, obviously my friend got a safe parking place for his two-wheeler. He went upstairs to deliver my letters to The Court of the Competent Authority and RGTIL.

A group of eight to nine halfclad gentlemen were standing at the glass door of RGTIL not knowing the way to enter into. A watchman approached them in askance . One of the group members showed a letter from the Company. Suddenly the watchman noticed that all were barefooted .He inquired about the footwear of the group members.
( i quote original colloquial language in Roman Script.)
One of them said ,”taan niche chche”
Watchman asked “kahan rakhe?”
“dadarke niche”.
Watchman shouted ,”arey wahan footpathpe chhodke aaye ! Koi le jayega to ?Jaav jaldi, le aavo” .
One of them went downstairs, collected 05 pairs of rubber and raw leather slippers and came up stairs. Rest of them were barefooted. Reason? No money to by a pair of footwear.

They were given entry. Fearful, shocked ,dumbstuck ,they sat on the floor of the waiting room, not on the sofaset… they thought ..they are not meant for them.

Reliance patriarch Dhirubhai Ambani’s photograph was there on a corner teapoy. Yes, Dhirubhai Ambani’s smile was very disarming and the smile is a smile… what can it be else…! Poor group members thought that that was a photograph of their SARKAR . They bowed and sat down on the floor once again. My friend was witnessing everything . This was an unique and novel experience for him.

Hearing the watchman’s blirts , a gentleman came out from one of the inner cubicles in RGTIL’s office.

He said, “are, tyan niche kem betha chho? Ooper beso .Arey koi chheke , paani lao”.

Unbelieving what they heard, they continued sitting on the floor. My friend requested them to sit on the sofaset. He sat,then the group followed.

From the next moment the ‘ritual /procedure’ started.

A gentleman from RGTIL asked for the RGTIL’s official or ‘on contract’ photographer. He came. One of the names of the group members was called, he came forward. He was handed over the cheque in view of the camera. He was photographed. Then he was asked whether he can sign, he said, ‘no’. Next moment he was asked to put his thumb impressions on three papers. This ritual was also photographed.What was written on those papers, only RGTIL man knows!

One by one ,this procedure was continued ,completed and photographed . Meanwhile my friend submitted my letters and got the acknowledgment on my O/C and prepared to leave.

He asked the group , “aa badhun hun chhe?? aa hana cheque aaypa??”

One by one ,the group members said,
‘sarkare amaari jamin ley lidhi “.
“amne kain paisa aaypa ni”.
” ravdavi mayra”.
“maari laykha”

My friend asked in disgust , “to pachchi tame vandho kem ni lidho?”
” are bhai, SARKAR MAI BAAP jamin maange ,to tene naa kem karine kevay re?!”
” Pakdine puri dey to amaara to bayri poyraan ravdi jay”
My friend asked, “ketla aaypa, lav joun..”
“are bhai, Sarkar jaane to maari laakh he!”
“topan laavo joun”
It was a cheque of six thousand something.
In remorse, one of the group members said, “Navhaari, Gandevi ane Valhaad varane hara paiha chukayva.. amne j ravdayva ”

The last of the group members ,before getting out of the RGTIL office bowed to Dirubhai Ambani’s photograph in reverence.

While climbing down the staircase , my friend asked them a last question,
“kaanthi ayva?”
” Pardi talukethi………gamethI”

So they were adivasi land owners and farmers from Pardi . They were in Surat to get compensation cheques for the land they had to give to SARKAR !

See the difference. The RGTIL employees went to doorsteps of the land owners at Navsari, Gandevi And Valsad.
Why? There,every farmer/ land owner is literate and asks questions . Adivasies are illiterate, poor, backward, having no knowledge about RGTIL’s exact identity, no knowledge about SARKAR’s identity.

In a way they were correct.
DHIRUBHAI AMBANI ( RELIANCE,MUKESH AND ANIL ) constituted the de facto SARKAR from Indira Gandhi’s days. Today the players of SARKAR change as per the requirement of the day. Reliance is always there. Yes, DHIRUBHAI AMBANI is a trillion dollar coin and MUKESH is one side of that coin, ANIL being the other side !

Ny Case History :05

Why did i send my friend there? i am not in a position to climb up the stairs. Thanks to ASARAM and JAIRAMBHAI PATEL , ex Minister of State for Home Affairs ,Gujarat , i almost lost my both knee joints!

What did he submit?

i quote,
“Date: 05-10-2010.
The Court of the Competent Authority,
Reliance Gas Transportaion Infrastructure Limited,
First Floor, Anandmahal Apartment,
Anandmahal Road,
Surat 395 002.

Re : RGTIL East West Gas Pipe Line Award No.51 /2010/11 Date :17-08-2010 ,Village Padgha , Tal.and Dist Navsari

Dear Sir,

Please provide me a certified copy of the aforesaid award.

i am ready to pay the requisite fees as per rule.

Thanking you,
Yours Sincerely,
Dr.. Bankimchandra M. Desai.”
i unquote.

That is a request,i know, that will never be fulfilled.The C.A. of RGTIL is beyond all laws except P and MP Act, 1962 and Land Acquisition Act . Both acts make him the govt. within a govt.!

Another letter , i quote,

“Date: 05-10-2010.

Reliance Gas Transportaion Infrastructure Limited,
First Floor , Anandmahal Apartment,
Anandmahal Road,
Surat 395 002.

Re : Damage Claim Village PADGHA, Tal.and Dist. Navsari : Block No.: 562

Dear Sir/ Madam ,

Apropos my letter dated 22-02-2010 regarding aforesaid subject ,i am sorry to state that the RGTIL has failed miserably to settle my claim. The company has successfully implemented and commissioned gas pipe line work.. The same speed is not visible any where in settlement and fulfilment of liabilities. i brand this attitude as a TYPICAL RELIANCE behaviour with which it has achieved global expansion and repute.

i expect your early reply.

Thanking you,

Yours Sincerely,

Dr. Bankimchandra M. Desai.”
i unquote.
What is the difference between remorse and agony of an adivasi land owner and an educated land owner??

Meanwhile i receive an e mail from a fellow victim from Vijaywada , Andhra Pradesh.

i quote ,
“Sat, October 9, 2010 12:26:08 AM
Reliance Vijayawada – Nellore – Chennai Gas Pipeline Victims
From: srinivas jagarlamudi Add to Contacts


Respected Sir,
My name is srinivas. I go through your website in order to serching the irregularities done by the Competent Authority of “R G T I L” . I regret for damages/mental agony caused by Reliance to you. We have received 3(1) notices of Relogistics Infrastructure ltd , a susidiary of Reliance Ind Ltd in order to proposed new gas pipeline from Vijayawada -Nellore-Chennai. I observed so many irregularities done by the company to manage the situation and people.In the state of Andhra Pradesh so many victims of these so called “R G T I L” .It is a notable fact , 98 percent of the gas pipeline victims are small/marginal farmers. They don’t know how to tackle these people.
I herewith mention one person Mr.CH.VENUGOPALARAO. The person who is in confrontation with the company on the same issue..

Mr.CH.VENUGOPALA RAO ,Vice President,Federation Of Farmers Association,Andhra Pradesh , working on the same issue since last 3 Years from Andhra Pradesh. His Cell Phone NO. 9490206969. He is Residing near VIJAYAWADA City.

Srinivas ”

I unqote.

The pdf file sent by Shri Shrinivas,
courtesy Mr.CH.VENUGOPALA RAO ,Vice President,Federation Of Farmers Association,Andhra Pradesh is self explanatory .It speaks a lot. i will submit my analysis in forthcoming installments

i quote,

(Under Right to Information Act, 2005)
HACA Bhavan, Hyderabad.
Phones: 23230245 / 246 (O) / 23230592 (F)

Appeal No. 1033/CIC/2007, Dt. 02-11-2007

Name of the Appellant and Address : Sri CH. Venugopala Rao, Vice President,
Federation of Farmers Associations, A.P.,
H.No.1-191, Railway Wagon Workshop Road,
Guntupalli, Ibrahimpatnam Mandal,
Krishna District.

Name of the Public Authority :
1. The Public Information Officer /
Competent Authority, Reliance Gas
Transportation Infrastructure Ltd.,
D.No. 59-1-21-A, Opp: Stella College Road,
Ramachandra Nagar, Vijayawada-520 008.
2. The Appellate Authority / Member Secretary,
A.P. Pollution Control Board, 2nd Floor, HUDA
Complex, Maitrivanam, SR Nagar, Ameerpet,
3. Principal Secretary to Govt.,
Infrastructure and Investment Dept.,
A.P. Secretariat, Hyderabad.


Sri CH. Venugopala Rao, Vice President Federation of Farmers Associations, A.P. has filed on appeal dated: 17-02-07 which was received in this Commission on 21-02-07.

The Additional Registrar, Central Information Commission through his Lr. No. CIC/MA/C/2007/000269 dt:15-02-07 informed that the Appellant’s appeal dated 29-11-2006 was heard on 15-02-07 by IC Prof. M.M. Ansari and that during the course of hearing it emerged that the appellant had sought information from the A.P. Pollution Control Board, Vijayawada and other organizations, on matters relating to State subjects and that as the case falls under the jurisdiction of State Information Commission he sent it for necessary action.

In his application dt: 05-09-06 to the Competent Authority, Reliance Co, the Appellant requested for a copy of MOU. In his subsequent application dated: 10-10-06 to the same authority, Vijayawada he had sought information on the following points:-
(1) Whether the Competent Authority was appointed by Government or Reliance Company.
(2) G.O. according to which the compensation payable will be decided by the Central and State Governments.
(3) Details of members of State, District, Mandal and Village level Committees appointed by the Project Level Committee.
(4) On 21-03-2003 it was promised that 5 jobs will be provided for each village. Whether it will be done.
(5) It was decided in the meeting to pay compensation for 3 years for the loss that would occur due to changes in land.

Give a copy of the MOU.

In view of the communication from the Central Information Commission, the case was taken on file and notices were issued to the parties concerned directing them to appear before this Commission on 21-08-07 for hearing.

On 21-08-07 the case was called. The Appellant was present. The Respondent was absent and informed that he was pre-occupied in the Court of 1st Class Judicial Magistrate, Vijayawada on 21.8.2007 and requested that leave may be granted to him and permission be accorded to Sri P. Srinivasa Rao, AEE to attend the hearing on his behalf. The representative of the Respondent i.e A.P. Pollution Control Board has informed that they are responsible only for environmental issues and for issues relating to land acquisition and compensation the applicant has to pursue with the appropriate authorities. The A.P. Pollution Control Board has
informed that condition No. 10 of the CFE specifies that the recommendations/commitments made during the public hearings held on 15.3.2003 at Kakinada; on 6.3.2003 at Tadepalligudem; on 21.3.2003 at Vijayawada on 26.3.2003 at Kothagudem on 18.3.2003 at Nalgonda and on 4.4.2003 at the District Collector’s Office, R.R. District shall explicitly be followed. The appellant produced several objection petitions filed before the Pollution Control Board during the public hearings held. He stated that in the minutes recorded it was mentioned that their demands would be fully addressed but that no details have been furnished. He further stated that as per condition No. 4 of the conditions issued by the Pollution Control Board in their consent order, it has been stated that the conditions stipulated shall scrupulously be complied with and carried out and that legal action would be initiated as per the provisions of the relevant Acts in case of non-compliance of any conditions of the consent order.

The respondent produced the minutes of public hearings held at Sub-Collector’s Office, Vijayawada wherein several
objections were raised demanding that adequate compensation, to the lands acquired, must be paid and that there were also complaints of delay in payment. There is also a demand for publication of Serial Number-wise and village wise details of farmers through whose lands the pipeline is passing and the need for special compensation to be paid for the damage caused to horticulture crops. It was also demanded for restoration of land to pre-normal level as it was before acquisition. As per the minutes the representative of the industry assured the public that the work would be started only on payment of compensation and that adequate safety measures would be implemented while executing and operating the project.

As the representative of the Pollution Control Board was not familiar with the issues related to land compensation, Commission issued notices to (i) Executive Director, M/s Reliance Industrial Infrastructure Company Ltd., Mumbai; (ii) Prl. Secretary to Govt., Infrastructure and Investment Dept., and the Member Secretary, A.P. Pollution Control Board adjourned the hearing to 28-09-07.

On 28-09-2007 the case was called. The Appellant was absent and requested for adjournment. The Respondent from Pollution Control Board and the Principal Secretary to Govt., Infrastructure and Investment Dept., were present. As the Appellant requested for adjournment, the case was adjourned to 23-10-2007.

On 23-10-2007 the case was called. The Appellant was present. The Respondent represented by Sri Seshadri Naidu, the learned counsel was present. The Member Secretary, A.P. Pollution Control Board and the Principal Secretary to Govt., Infrastructure & Investment Dept., also were present. Arguments concluded.

The Appellant reiterated that during the meetings promises were made to pay market value, to provide employment to the villagers, to supply gas to the industries of the State and that valuation for crop loss for 3 years would be paid. He alleged that instead of fulfilling their promises the farmers are being harassed by the Reliance using police force. The Learned Counsel for the Competent Authority, RGTI Ltd., stated that the Central Govt., had appointed four Competent Authorities one for respective areas, and that the single person Competent Authority (CA) is a Quasi Judicial Authority, who is responsible for payment of compensation as per the provisions of the Petroleum and Minerals, Pipelines (Acquisition of Right of User Land) Act, 1962 (PMP Act 1962). He stated that every farmer has to file an application to claim compensation u/s 10 of the Act and that as an interim measure the Competent Authority was authorized to release 10% of the final compensation. He further stated that there was never any commitment recorded in the minutes issued after the public hearings at various places about providing jobs to affected villages or gas for the State etc. As a matter of fact, the allocation of gas will be made by the Govt. of India as per norms.

The Principal Secretary to Govt., Infrastructure & Investment also stated that there does not appear to be any mention either in the minutes or in the other record relating to the public hearings about providing jobs. He however stated that the Government of India are looking into the sector- specific allocation of gas for priority utilization to industries like the fertilizer plants etc., He stated that the State Govt., did not receive any complaints from the farmers so far. The Member Secretary, A.P. Pollution Control Board stated that they were mainly concerned with the aspects related to pollution control and that they are attending to those problems. He stated that the PCB is not concerned with the other issues related to payment of compensation or providing jobs etc.,

The Appellant herein stated that he was supplied the information by the Reliance Gas Transportation Infrastructure Ltd. Co., (RTIL) on 18-10-2007 and complained about the inordinate delay and that the Respondent (RTIL) has not supplied a copy of the MOU requested by him.

The Competent Authority RGTI Ltd., in his reply dated 18-10-2007 stated that compensation has to be awarded as per Section 10 of the PMP Act read with Rule 4 of the PMP Rules. He stated that though there is no statutory provision, the Competent Authority has been directing the RTIL to pay advance interim compensation to the affected Land owners and that the Company was meeting the said requirement. He also stated that there was no provision or promise to provide employment to 5 members of every village. He further stated that in the first instance advance compensation was already paid for the 1st crop to all the affected land owners and that presumptive crop compensation for the second crop is also now being paid to the land owners. He stated that the Competent Authority was not concerned with the MOU.
From the above it is clear that the Competent Authority is functioning under the PMP Act, 1962 and Rules made there under and is concerned with the payment of compensation under the said Act and that any farmer aggrieved with regard to payment of compensation made by the Competent Authority can file an appeal before the District Judge for redressal of the grievance. As far as the claim of the Appellant on issues relating to payment of market value, employment or allocation of gas, there was no commitment borne either in the minutes nor has it been confirmed by the representatives of the Govt. of Andhra Pradesh. In view of the foregoing, the Commission has come to the conclusion that the issues of crop loss, gas allocation and employment are extraneous and not germane to the RTI Act and its provisions and that grievances on these matters must be agitated before the Competent Authorities and Right to Information Act does NOT provide for remedies.

To the pointed query raised by the Commission whether the Appellant received the information sought by him i.e. appointment of Competent Authority, fixation and payment of compensation, the details of members of various committees etc., the Appellant confirmed that he had received all the information except the MOU. The Competent Authority submitted that he was not concerned with the MOU.
In view of the above and as the information sought for to the extent concerned to the PIO has been made available and as the remaining issues do not come under the purview of the RTI Act, 2005, this appeal is closed with the advice to the Appellant to approach the Competent Authorities for residual grievances.

Chief Information Commissioner
Authenticated by:
(R.V.S. Paul)
Deputy Registrar ”

i unquote.


Mr.Srinivas or for that sake no one should address me as ‘sir’. For all practical purposes , i am a friend, fellow victim , comrade and first and foremost CITIZEN of INDIA having faith in the CONSTITUTION of INDIA and thereunder rule of law.

i will contact Shri Srinivas and Mr.CH.VENUGOPALA RAO tomorrow. i will let you know what we discuss.

Meanwhile i intend to send my personal representative ,an NRI , Acitizen of the USA to Forbes, New York Times and Washington Post to invite their representatives to tour the entitre area covered by RGTIL.

i post regularly my Blogs to US President Barack Obama .

i am preparing a document to stress upon them the reality of Indian Democracy vis a vis development la Reliance.

i don’t know how far i will be able to go. There is nothing wrong in trying.

( TO be continued)
Dr. Bankimchandra M. Desai
Navsari and Surat , Gujarat.
Cell phone : +91-9426187102
OCt.10,2010 ,EDITED ocT.11,2010
3192 words.

RGTIL : Victims United : 10

October 8, 2010

Hello World,
i have received mixed reactions from viewers. My hard critics pull me down for my “very high and tall claims amounting to self grandiose”.A bit mild criticism include ,” your blogs are nothing but throwing dust towards mid day sun !” My supporters thank me “for a job very near to PIL” Many victims are happy to see “the nexus thrown wide open”.

Meanwhile i thought it necessary and proper to thank my friend in South.
i quote ,
” From: bankim desai
To: Anonymus
Sent: Thu, October 7, 2010 2:59:33 PM
Subject: RGTIL

My Dear Shri Anonymus,
This is to thank you for your first mail. It inspired me a lot to organise an Internet colony :RGTIL Victims United. Please view my latest blog and you will realise how you helped me .

Meanwhile my campaign for spearheading reforms in land laws in Gujarat yielded positive results .Few holes are still there to be plugged . i hope to achieve that by Vijayadashmi.

i hope your problems are solved by now. If you need my any help , please feel free to inform me.

That’s fine for the moment.
Yours sincerely,
Dr. Bankimchandra M. Desai ”
i unquote.

Friends in RGTIL and Mukesh Ambani’s loyalists in GoG are very jittery and ‘advise’ me to get ready for dire consequences. My reply to them was like this:
i quote,
“My Dear Friends,
i withhold the identity of the original recipient for his safety.

In India in general and in Gujarat in particular it is easier and cheaper to get a person killed, than to pay compensation amounting to crores of rupees.

i say, ” please wait and think for a while .What will happen to Adivasi land owners and farmers of Pardi Taluka, Dist. Valsad who were awarded paltry sum by RGTIL as compensation for land acquisition ? They are as such almost killed by RGTIL’s injustice and that too without being obviously killed by anybody !”

The worst part of politics on adivasies is going to unfold at Pardi, the historic land of Bhumi Satyagraha by Shri IC Desai. In Niyamgiri Hills of Orissa, it was a battle royal between Navin Patnaik representing Vedanta and Rahul Gandhi representing adivasies overtly and Mukesh Ambani covertly. Here in Pardi it will be be a battle ground with a different set of players. In this case they will be Narendra Modi and Rahul Gandhi , both representing Mukesh Ambani ! The language of these stalwarts would be of development and growth of adivasies and tribals!

Please wait for events to unfold.

When i wrote that RIL is not RGTIL and RGTIL is not RIL, my worst critics asked me to provide a concrete proof.For their benefit, with due courtesy and thanks to Business Standard , for ignoring my violation of their copyright in larger interests , i reproduce the following news item and discussion thereon.
i ouote ,

” Mukesh Ambani’s private and unlimited gold mine”

“BS Reporter / New Delhi July 21, 2009, 0:37 IST

Much ink has been spilt and will continue to be on who is to get the supply of natural gas from Reliance Industries’ (RIL’s) stupendous D6 find in the Krishna-Godavari basin.Very little notice, however, has been taken of the fact that Reliance Gas Transportation and Infrastructure Ltd (RGTIL), which set up the pipeline network for transport of this gas which has had rival users clamouring for government priority, is no longer owned by RIL, but by the latter’s chairman and managing director, Mukesh Ambani.The change took place three years earlier and went largely unnoticed, even though RGTIL is crucial for RIL’s burgeoning gas business. RGTIL was moved out of the RIL fold to be a subsidiary of Reliance Utilities Pvt Ltd in 2006. Which is owned by Mukesh Ambani through a clutch of eight companies. The entire transaction at that time took place for only Rs 5 lakh. Even at that time RGTIL had the right of use (RoU) for setting up a major pipeline network across the country. RGTIL has so far laid 1,400 km of pipeline to transport gas from Kakinada to Bharuch, passing through Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Maharashtra and Gujarat, at an investment of $4 billion. It is also in the process of implementing four pipelines that will interconnect with the east-west network. These are the 1,100 km Kakinada-Haldia, 600 km Kakinada-Chennai, 670 km Chennai-Tuticorin and the 660 km Chennai-Bangalore-Mangalore pipeline networks.RGTIL is estimated to be earning an average revenue of $1 per mBtu (million British Thermal Units) from gas transportation to RIL’s customers in the fertiliser and power sectors. When the company would transport the entire KG Basin gas of 80 million metric standard cubic metres a day (mmscmd), it is likely to earn revenues worth $2-2.5 million a day, said an analyst. The net asset value of RIL’s gas business, based on just the production profile of D6, is estimated at $19.98 billion, assuming a sale price of $4.2 per mBtu.An official spokesperson of RIL did not respond. Justifying the transaction, however, an executive said since RIL’s only investment at that time in the company was Rs 5 lakh as equity and RGTIL did not have any other assets, the company was “desubsidiarised” after the payment of the amount. He said regulatory caps on returns on investment in the pipeline business were not attractive for the group as a whole and so, it was decided to move the company out of the RIL fold.”

i ouote ,
” SCAggarwal :(July 24 , 2009 ,08:22 IST)
Mr. Mukesh Ambani is a noted industrialist and richest person of the world. He knows how to make a company and with what investment and how to earn the maximum only because the income earned will belong to him and will be tax free. But the point is whether he would have paid the same amount of money for transporting the gas had the RGTIL been owned by the Government? If so, the Government should nationalise the RGTIL by making a compensation of Rs. 5 lakhs and let the RGTIL be treated as PSU. The real problem facing the country is our Income-tax Act which has two faces. One Income-tax Act applies to PSUs, salary earners,small scale industrialists, traders and businessmen which levies taxes on their income but the other Income-tax Act levies no taxes on the income of companies promoted by our Mr. Mukesh Ambani. And India is the only nation in the world which levies no taxes on a particular class of companies promoted by Mr. Mukesh Ambani and others.”

i ouote ,
” Reply by Dr. Bankimchandra :(October 05 , 2010 ,09:31 IST)
Nationalisation of RGTIL ?! When Govt.of India , Finance Minister, Petroleum & Natural Gas Minister,Prime Minister, UPA chair person Mrs. Sonia Gandhi, Supreme Court & High Court judges , BJP leaders, more than 300 members of parliament worry, care and strive for Mukesh Ambani’s progress, nationalisation is not possible. These Ambani loyalists will disinvest ONGC, GAIL and see that Mukesh Ambani gets the disinvested shares! It is not a story of progress, but,it is a very sad saga of total corruption of Indian polity.”

i quote,
“Sandz :(July 21 , 2009 ,17:55 IST)
If RIL’s investment was only 5 lakh, then who invested $4 billion in the pipeline. Or is it done the same as $2 billion were invested mysteriously by Mr. Mukesh Ambani on his grand house. This is outrageous and a thorough audit should be done to check such practices and embezzlement.”

i quote,
“Dharman : (July 21 , 2009 ,16:51 IST)
If Anil wanted these rights for Rs 5 lakh would they have sold it to him at that time. .. Shakuniyatva- the code of conduct of following expedient stuff by quoting the letter of the law and not the spirit. We all know what terrible consequences this strategy had ! Finally Ram Jethmalani called a spade a spade on TV and said Mukesh is arrogant and is not a god fearing or even go respecting person. Like the Assurs of yore, Shiva is waiting to give his fitting reply to this modern day Asura. ”

The first report by Business Standard was on July 21,2009. So when i say that Mr. Mukesh Ambani is a sole proprietor and beneficiary of RGTIL, what is wrong in my telling that Mr . Mukesh Ambani should be joined as a person in a suit for compensation? Why should not he be asked to remain present in a trial Court or Mamlatdar Navsari (Rural) ‘s court ??

(To be continued)

RGTIL : Victims United : 09

October 6, 2010

RGTIL : Victims United : 09
Hello World,
i never imagined . When i posted my first blog on ” Dr.Moily and The P and MP ACt 1962 ” on January 05 , 2010 , i was all alone to vent against the arbitrary and high handed behaviour of RGTIL . No website was there to flash on RGTIL. No body from GoI and GoG was ready to say a word about The P and MP Act,1962 in general and RGTIL in particular. My second blog on ” Deora, Moily, RGTIL, P and MP Act ,1962 and our Judiciary” posted on January 06,2010 almost went unnoticed.

i was disheartened due to scarce funds on hand to pull on my family life and to get treatment for my own galaxy of diseases and to cap this all a dispute with RGTIL !

A fellow citizen, i call him a fellow traveller or a comrade , a would be victim , from south sent an e mail on the subject. i prepared myself once again and formed an internet colony , RGTIL : VICTIMS UNITED . i posted 08 blogs and miracle happened . From ‘ no website source on RGTIL , numerous website sources ‘ are now available.

i have almost fixed RGTIL to wall.

The company is forced to launch its own website.

Now it is too late. The vigourous discussion on internet and media has opened a window on the ways of Mr. Mukesh Ambani. It can be reasonably said so about our judiciary, law makers , GoI and various state governments as well.

Mukesh Ambani’s other companies are also under scanner by individuals who bother for India.

Ambani loyalists are on defensive and worry to save their skin.

If you are a proven RGTIL victim and if at all you decide to register a compensation case in *a trial court at your
taluka /tehsil/mandal place, never forget to join (1) Mukesh Ambani as a person,(2) CA , RGTIL, (3) manager of RGTIL , (4)Govt. of Gujarat through Collector of your district and (5) Govt. of India through Secretary, Ministry of P & NG.

Mukesh Ambani is the sole proprietor of RGTIL and RIL is now not RGTIL and RGTIL is not RIL . Do not entertain any RIL officer or employee for your grievance with RGTIL.Ask them to leave your premises at once. Ask them to bring and give you a copy of a personal authority letter from Mr. Mukesh Ambani.

The latest news flash : Demand for RGTIL’s nationalisation has come from other quarters.

For everything said and posted on blog , i must thank Mr. GUPTA , MR. GOHIL and all RIL as well as retired Gujarat Govt Revenue Dept. officers already named in my blog : RGTIL: Victims UNited : 06. Mr . Mukesh Ambani should give them a special Diwali Bonus ! If he fails , i will have to think about it !

That’s fine for the moment.

Dr. Bankimchandra M. Desai
Posted at Navsari ,11.45 AM, October 06 , 2010.
Edited and updated at Navsari11.58 AM, Oct.06,2010.

* SCI advised 52 applicants in a case under Land Acqusition Act and P and MP Act ,1962 to register a case in a respective trial court.

RGTIL : Victims United :08

October 3, 2010

RGTIL : Victims United :08
My Case History :04
Hello World,
One of the RGTIL Victims in Hyderabad sent a following news item ,courtesy Zee News & PTI with April 13, 2010 dateline.It shows a real face of RGTIL and State Govt. of Andhra Pradesh and victims of both .

i quote :
“Home » Andhra Pradesh
Two farmers attempt suicide as protest against RGTIL

Updated on Tuesday, April 13, 2010, 23:02
Tags: RGTIL, Two farmers, attempt suicide

Osmanabad: Two farmers attempted suicide by consuming poison as a protest against Reliance Gas Transportation Infrastructure Limited (RGTIL) here today, police said.

The farmers had earlier warned of mass immolation bid as a protest against RGTIL digging work, to detect a fault in its underground gas pipeline, which was affecting their crops, they said.

The company started digging the sugarcane crops in Ansurda village of Osmanabad tehsil. After the maintenance, the company filled the kilometre long farmland and dumped the stones and soil on the crops in the farm.

The farmers who claimed to have suffered loss due to the work, had submitted a memorandum to the district collector Praveen Gedam and warned of mass self immolation if the problem is not solved immediately.

Meanwhile, two farmers identified as Ankush Pawar and Prahalad Pawar consumed poison. Both are in serious condition and have been admitted to Osmanabad District Civil Hospital, police said.

The police have detained 20 other farmers including their leader, which led to the tension in the village, police said, adding that additional police force has been deployed in the village. ”

i unquote.

It seems my message has reached many corners & people have started joining the movement coming out in open against RGTIL & other companies alike.

My analysis is very acidic for Mr.Mukesh Ambani, RGTIL and Congress Govt. of Andhra Pradesh . This particular section of RGTIL pipeline in question was laid recently & leakage occured.

In previous month ,people in District of Surat witnessed leakage with a minor explosion in 25 years’ old ONGC Gas pipeline.There was panic and utter confusion about the owner company of the pipeline.Collectorate at Surat was extremely busy in election duty for civic elections. God saved prestige of our @CM Narendra Modi and District Collector . No body was injured and ONGC owned the culprit pipeline within hours. DC dashed “strict notices” to Hazira based companies. That’s all. Every one including CM Narendra Modi and DC forgot the mishap .What happened to those strict notices? All Hazira based companies are used to such notices and their only destination would be DUSTBIN.

i want to stress that govt. may be of BJP or Congress or DMK , response and intention to serve corporates and fool the electorate will be the same. Chief Minister may be HHS* Narendra Modi or Dr. Rossaiah or OFM** Yediyurrappa or Dr. Karunanidhi , his/her behaviour will be same. i mean to say that there is no difference in basic attitudes. It is true ,” Objects in mirror are closer than they appear ”

Where is Union Minister of Petroleum and Natural Gas , Mr . Murli Deora ? Where is his Mos , Mr. Jitin Prasad ? i hope they are not enjoying comforts in Mr.Mukesh Ambani’s deep pockets !

In March 2008, a responsible RIL officer told me very sarcastically, ” write to any body, move any court , nothing will happen in you favour. Mamlatdar , Deputy Collector and Collector here are in our shirt’s pockets” . i asked him,” what about the Chief Minister?” He showed his hip pocket ! ….Then and then i decided to take on these scoundrels ….insulting very badly state CM and govt . officers while standing and enjoying their patronage in Navsari Jilla Seva Sadan……Who is the Main Culprit ? Where the fault is ? Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru and Keshav Deo Malaviya started this disastrous game of development and subsequent incumbents in GOI perpetuated and perfected it to today’s level .

@ CM : Common Man
* HHS : Hindu Hriday Samrat
** OFM : Only Family Man



My Case History :04

The chief minister Shri Narendra Modi was very much annoyed with contents and language of my e mail .He instructed DC to inquire with irrigation department as to what prompted me to grieve.The punch line in CM’s letter to DC was , ( i translate from Gujarati to English )” ……so that the complainant may not get the opportunity to do unnecessary writings …”

Shri Narendra Modi was at his best and it is obvious a man in his position would not like to be humiliated in black and white !

( continued )

Hazira,Surat , October 03 , 2010.

RGTIL : Victims United :07

October 2, 2010

Hello World,
Post Ayodhya verdict things are back to normal. Gujarati politicians are busy in civic elections where every thing is fair in love and war. Action packed drama by BJPites and farcical demonstrations by congress persons provide good entertainment to wise and shy gujarati voters.

Every state govt., municipal and panchayat office with its staff is religiously on election duty.i wonder a lot that otherwise slow, sluggish , calculatively inefficient revenue staff is so galvanised that every one attains the maximum efficiency and perfection in duty without any incentive ! All other jobs and files can wait ! No one has to do greasing and palming during election. Posting of loyalists in vulnerable areas is there but with EVMs mostly this election too will be fair and free. If BJP suffers , it should be construded as negative vote attributed to BJP’s lifeline : Sohrabuddin and Amit Shah.Congress bandwagon is pale due to Ahmed Patel’s AC Room Politics with Sonia Gandhi’s complacent blessings.It seems Ahmed Patel has forgotten to bark like a street dog ! How can he expect his puppies to face Narendra Modi’s onslaught ?

So once again we are back to Mukesh Ambani’s life line : RGTIL.

RGTIL : Victims United : 07
This is not the first instance when Chinese contractor or say state run company of People’s Republic of China , has undertaken and completed job which we Indians can not do after our democratic rule of 63 years! V. K. Krishna Menon was the first indian ” china man ” and now with blessings of UPA 01 and 02 GOI itself is working day and night for awarding contracts to chinese companies ! We harp on ‘pearls and neckless’ story when we learn that chinese are building roads in Af Pak region, Myanmar , Bangladesh and Sri Lanka .Hypocrisy is one of our national characters .

( continued)
My Case History :03

i sent e mail to the Chief Minister on March ,01,2008 along with a copy of my first letter to CA, RGTIL. Those were the golden days of Narendra Modi’s charm , efficiency and excellence in projection.

Please read the letter which expresses the feelings of all gujaraties :

i quote
“My Dear Shri Narendrabhai,
Apropos your ‘saf vat’, page 14, Gujarat,issue 3
dt.01-03-2008, I submit herewith a complain related to
RGTI Ltd.’s Pipe Line Project.
There are numerous instances wherein RGTI Ltd.
authorities have given doubtful treatments in respect
of compensation amount, time of payment and delayed
instalment payments to the farmers in whose lands this
pipe line project is being /was implemented.

The damage / loss to neighbours and public
properties is NOT attended to and the aggrieved
neighbours are told by company personnels to contact
the farmers/land owners who are paid by the company.

This sort of arbitrary and irresponsible
behavior on the part of RGTI tacitly supported
by revenue dept. staff in charge at the village,taluka
& district levels.Revenue officers give top priority
to company’s papers and as I have observed they are
burdened and over burdened WITH Relance Papers to such
an extent that they overlook other citizens &
complains of CM i.e COMMON MAN!

O.K.It is agreed that the project is important
for national interests and your govt. has given red
carpet facilities to the children of ever smiling
Please answer honestly.How many Ambanis have
voted for you? Very few people know & understand that
they have enriched political parties at the expense of
interests of the State and common citizens at large.
I urge you to be pro active, FIRST, before you
insist upon your IAS/ GAS officers to do so.
I am in a position to give back your several words
published and high lighted in your euology in Govt.
I beg your pardon.I am very harsh in writing ,
but, if you have sensibilities ,it will increase the
credibility of your administration.
May God bless you and ,if possible, give my
life to you.

Yours for ever,
Dr. Bankimchandra M. Desai.”

i unquote .
( continued)