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Two Arvinds’ Relevance

June 22, 2015

Hello World,

New Delhi is a city famous for Thugs .Unless and until proved otherwise ,everybody is Thug.

These thugs wear different coloured dresses,caps,khes.

Babus and Non-babus are not exceptions. So are our leaders.

Our imported Arvinds have daily encounters with them.

Let us see what is their problem.

Senior Arvind is not comfortable.Junior is busy with internship in Institute of Thokocracy .

Thokocracy= NaMo’s One Man Show (Benevolent Dictatorship) + New Delhi’s Bureaucracy


Arvind Panagariya is in India:
Not for Salary & Perks :
Both Arvinds- Panagariya & Subramanian are students of Jagadish Bhagawati .
They were all in comfortable positions at Columbia University ,Peterson Institute and allied Think Tanks in the USA. Bhagawati & both Arvinds used to issue sermons and advisories on Indian problems. They thought that they possessed solutions for India’s problems.

They were in utopia .They were miles away from India’s ground realities.

i forewarned both Arvinds by sending e mails to their office and institutes. i wrote to them clearly that they will be required in India to sign on dotted lines drawn previously by NaMo. Their names are needed by NaMo because he and his economics based on Corrupt Thokocracy lacks credibility despite his publicity hype about Gujarat Model..
Bhagawati did not come due to his advanced age.

While in the USA ,NaMo nearly prostrated before the trio .
NaMo needed their names ,prestige, good will. NaMo did not want their prescriptions. He did not spell out their real service conditions in clear terms.
Now they are in NaMo’s bottle !
Arvinds are not supposed to speak out ,because, they are trapped very badly.
Mind well !They are here to serve India.
They just don’t bother about salary,perks,ranks,residence,car ,plane travels etc.They are cash rich ,not poor like Swayamsevaks .

RSS & BJP members are all poor. They need everything,so they have everything across the table and under the table.

Both Arvinds will now have first hand experience of IAS+IRS+IFS+IPS cadres= Bureaucracy + Art of Graft + Art of Discreet Corruption= Replica of Gujarat Model +Hypocrites in the form of Ministers+MPs+MLAs.

The USA knows that they are NOW good for nothing.

It is better they search a teaching job in any of Chinese Universities and leave India to NaMo-Nomics
Reference :

Cabinet mantri rank will pay less, Panagariya told
TNN | Jun 21, 2015, 12.58AM IST
Arvind Panagariya
Panagariya has the rank of a Cabinet minister but his salary has been fixed at the level of cabinet secretary.
NEW DELHI: Government has suggested to Arvind Panagariya that he as vice chairman of Niti Aayog can get the same salary as a Cabinet minister, but has also underlined that he will get less than what he draws now if he were to switch.

Panagariya has the rank of a Cabinet minister but his salary has been fixed at the level of cabinet secretary. That he gets less than what others having his rank receive has taken on importance because it is being cited as an instance of the government failing to match its professed respect for the Columbia University economist with the importance and perks that has been offered to him as vice chairman of Niti Aayog.

However, sources said that what appears to be an anomaly is actually not so and that the mismatch between the salary and the rank actually helps Panagariya. They pointed out that the salary of a Cabinet minister includes the Rs 2,000 per day constituency allowance that he gets by virtue of being a member of Parliament, and which will not be available to Panagariya if he were to decide to insist for a remuneration befitting his position.

In fact, he will be loser because he, sans the 60,000 that he cannot claim because he is not an MP, “will get less than what he draws now”, said a source.

“However, we will leave it to him”, the source added.

Panagariya’s salary and the perceived lack of comfort level has been part of conversation in Delhi’s bureaucratic circles with many insisting that the former chief economist with the Asian Development Bank and an ardent supporter of the Gujarat model during the run up to the campaign for 2014 Lok Sabha polls, must be disappointed with the deal he has got so far.

That he, unlike the deputy chairperson of Planning Commission, does not get invited for meetings of the Union Cabinet is emphasized to support the claim.

But while sources acknowledge instances of tension between Panagariya and a senior bureaucrat, they emphasize the political leadership values the suggestions of the Columbia don.

“His inputs are taken very seriously”, said a senior source, though he admitted that Panagariya’s lack of familiarity with the ways of bureaucracy which has always been instinctively wary of outsiders. “These are teething troubles which can always be sorted out”, said the source while giving the example of chief economic adviser, Arvind Subramanian.

The CEA reaches out to bureaucrats and others, says the source. “He has no qualms in visiting bureaucrats in offices if he wants to understand any thing and has been getting excellent response”, said a senior government functionary.