Dr. V. Moily & The P & MP Act 1962

Hello World,

i divulge my letter to Dr. V. Moily regarding amendment in The Petroleum and Mineral Pipelines Act , 1962 for your perusal  & to initiate public debate on a gross anomaly in the said act.

It is noteworthy that no printed version of the said Act is available anywhere . i could get an Internet version with difficulty. RGTIL and other companies alike refrain from providing the copy of the same.i have reasons to believe that there is a very powerful lobby in Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Gas as well as Ministry of Law & Justice of Govt. of India to protect the interests of companies involved at present and in the past  in oil exploration , its transportation and other ancillary activities.The local state govt. administration is hardly interested in the matter involving central act, GOI & powerful companies.

RGTIL adopted very objectionable methods in its operations  in Navsari & Gandevi talukas  of dist. of Navsari of Gujarat. i submitted a letter to Shri Murli Deora at Surat and distributed its copy to media persons present at that time. As it was evident, media prefered to remain silent ,because ,here in this case company involved is Reliance ! Media always rely upon Reliance & its fat packets doled out in the form of ads & gifts ! Eventhough i happen to be a journalist with 45 years’ professional standing , i could not galvanize my personal contacts for a matter of utmost public interest. As it appeared from the recent famous case of Ambani Bros’ companies before the Supreme Court of India , few of the judicial officers were shy as they were connected with Ambanis in a direct or indirect manner and senior  Union ministers expressed their  ‘genuine  concern’  for ” out of court” settlement  ! These responsible ministers were advocating  their views knowing fully well that they are soliciting  the ultimate surrender of prime national interests. That is the clout of Reliance ! They are the de facto rulers of India. Is there any doubt about i t?

Ministers Shri Murli Deora and Dr. V. Moily has not bothered to reply and initiate any action. That is sufficient for them .

As per my conservative estimate RGTIL will have to deposit minimum of Rs. One Crore as  compensation in Navsari & Gandevi taluka of dist. of Navsari of Gujarat   for the issue i have raised in my letters to Hon’ble Ministers. Likewise RGTIL & other such companies will have to pay very very huge amounts  to property owners throughout India.That is an issue of 47 years right from the days of K. D. Malaviya and Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru !

i intend  to  file a suit in the High Court of Gujarat & later on in the Supreme Court of India . i don’t have material resources and money to hire services of learned advocates &  senior counsells. i intend to plead my case as a party in person.

I NEED EVERYONE’S  HELP  &  SUPPORT  IN  ANY MANNER. ,so, i resort to post this blog to reach you.

Yours Sincerely,

Dr. Bankimchandra M. Desai

Postal Address:

” ARNEH ” ,03, Mahadevnagar Society, Near Majura Gate, Ring Road, sagrampura , Surat 395002.

Cell Phone : + 91 -94261 87102

e mail : desaibankim@yahoo.com

Jan. 05 , 2010


 Date : 12 Oct. 2009.


Dr. M. Veerappa Moily

Honourable Minister for Law and Justice,

4th Floor, ‘A’Wing, Shashtri Bhavan,

New Delhi 110001.

                                Re:  Amendment in Petroleum and Minerals

                                       Pipeline Act 1962 ( P & MP Act 1962)

Dear Sir,

        i draw your attention towards Section 3(1) , Section 6(1) ,Section 10(1),(2),(3) and Section 14 of the P & MP Act 1962.

          As it is ordained under this act, there is NO PROVISION WHATSOEVER  for claiming compensation for damages done/inflicted/ caused by the company undertaking the laying of underground pipelines to the land/s other than notified in the govt. gazette / public notice.

         As it is evident under the provisions of the aforesaid sections, the law has presumed that the company having acquisition of right of user in land will not involve or encompass the neighbouring /adjoining  private / govt. land/s and properties.

          For the sake of make believe , it could be possible when the laying of  underground pipelines was carried out solely manually. With the advent of time and new machineries and techniques employed for the purpose increase the chances of damage to neighbouring /adjoining  lands.

            The company having acquisition of right of user in land plainly refuses to take cognisance of claims and settlement of the same for such damages under the pretext of aforesaid  provisions of this act.

             i have a claim  of Rs.60,000/- (Rupees Sixty Thousand only) pending for this specific reason with RGTIL (Reliance Gas Transportation Infrastructure Limited, Opp. Bhulka Bhavan School, Anand Mahal Apartment – 1, Anand Mahal Road, Adajan, Surat) from 01-03-2008 .There is no provision for appeal against the decision of The Competent Authority , RGTIL .The act does not prohibit the company in any manner to settle my claim on its own , irrespective of  provisions of the P & MP Act 1962. The RGTIL has preferred to stick to the Act.

          i submitted my complaint to P& N.G Ministry on different occasions. i am yet to receive any response. Now i request you to see that i get the compensation and the act is amended to rectify legal anomaly persisted unchallenged foe the last 47 years.

           Waiting to hear from you soon,

 Thanking You,

Yours Sincerely,

 Dr. Bankimchandra M. Desai.

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