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NJAC -Too Much,Too Less

June 20, 2015

Hello World,

SCI of India has turned into a live theatre of  brains full of ins and outs of everything that is ought to be legal ,illegal and extra legal.

There is a sort of epic battle of/for survival.

Pure politicians having nothing to do with courts and laws are interested to bring best of the legal brains ,judges and judiciary ,under their total and full control.They want to ensure that what ever they desire and say must translate into result oriented action. That is their meaning of law and judiciary.Narendra Modi , Sonia Gandhi ,Rahul Gandhi, Priyanka- Robert Vadra are such persons.Others are lawyers who are politicians too.They are mostly law makers of the ruling or opposition dispensation.They utilise politics to further their interests in legal sphere. They influence judges and judiciary by mere presence. Minus politics their worth is doubtful,so are their pleadings. Arun Jaitley, P Chidambaram,Kapil Sibal,Ravi Shankar Prasad and Manish Tiwari  are few to name in this category.The corporates like RIL appoint them on their panel to make use of their legal and extra legal clouts.Pure lawyers thrive on their knowledge of law,interpretation of law, art of pleading,command over English and ‘impression’ they create through media and mouth to mouth publicity.Fali Nariman,Ram Jethmalani,Harish Salve, Dushyant Dave  are few to name in this category.

i spent nearly fifty years in court corridors and court rooms in different capacities.

i am very acidic in putting my views in black and white.

To me, it appears that Indian Judiciary is passing through a very very critical phase.

Everyone concerned with the well being of the State, democracy in India , rule of law and all sorts of Freedoms must come out in open and express without fears of contempt and defamation notices . It is our sacred duty to speak out loudly and effectively.

NJRC- National Judicial Appointments Commission is under threadbare analysis and discussion.

The media and media persons were cowed down with NaMo’s electoral victory. They were all rendered to dormant ,close eyed bed bugs by Mukesh Nita Ambani’s piggy company, IMT- Independent Media Trust just to consolidate NaMo’s over all position in india and more so outside India. That is as a part of Mukesh Nita Ambani’s long term agenda for their own suzerainty over corporate world.Namo or SoGaRaGa are mere tools,doormats and managers for them !

Now there is a visible change. Those sleeping bed bugs have opened their eyes and have developed enough courage to name NaMo and his ultimate masters, Mukesh Nita Ambani .Those days of suspension,dismissal,transfer of media persons are over.New wave has just arrived and let us hope that it will survive for ever..

Let us consider what is happening at the Supreme Court of india

Laundry of Black Coats and  Robes is busy washing dirty linens of the very persons who dry clean/ed the offenders of laws.
NJAC proceedings are a timely whistle on our judiciary.

Senior & very senior counsels appearing for & against provide three faces.

One face is their real face,masked always under the lid of fees of 35+ lacs of INR per appearance.
Second face is when they appear for the petitioner.
Third face is when they appear for the opponent.

The perennial question is do they have their FACE at all ,beyond fees ?

Fali Nariman has different versions of interpretations of the same law.So is the case of Ram Jethmalani,Arun Jaitley, Kapil Sibal, Subramanium Swamy,KTS Tulsi, Mukul Rohatagi,Harish Salve, Ravi Shankar Prasad to name a few..

To a commoner, they and many others like them are all intelligent hypocrites, double-speaks indulging in intellectual debauchery in trade of law.They have ruined Indians’ Faith in Justice & Judiciary. No one exempted,legal stalwarts in Constituent Assembly were no different from them.Intractable Jungle of Laws is their best ever contribution to India & Indians.

A day is not far when aggrieved citizens will attack & manhandle Chief Justice in all high courts & Apex Court.

The Laundry at SCI reveals too much and too less.

Every word spoken & submitted in black & white creates shock waves.

India & Indians owe a big “Thank You” to NaMo @narendramodi @PMOIndia for enacting NJAC Act and CJI H. L.Dattu and all the judges presiding / participating @ NJAC Case Hearing for admitting this petition on behalf of Supreme Court Advocates !

They have opened up in real & true sense !

Let Truth & Justice Prevail !

Let the much needed wisdom return to our peers.

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This non-transparent Collegium System appointed/selected Hon’ble Mr. Justice R.F. Nariman {(DoB. 13.08.1956:Term of Office: (DoA) 07.07.2014 to (DoR) 12.08.2021 }.

By the way who is R. F.Nariman ? Was he RIL’s counsel in a pending case at SCI ? What is he to Fali Nariman ?
Gopal Subramanium was ” stumped out” at the behest of NaMo’s CBI ! GS was compelled to “withdraw voluntarily” from the list of appointment.

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Though he quickly dispelled any notion of support to the six-member NJAC headed by the CJI because of his…