Chinese and Indian Diamond Traders

Chinese custom cops have detained 21 Gujarati speaking  Indian nationals , most of them  from Surat ,  for suspected duty/tax evasion by undervoicing and smuggling of diamonds.In the initial stage, their employers pretended that all of them are holy cows . They maintained that all detainees are law abiding citizens.Now it appears that things are not that good and simple.

We as Indians should do a little introspection. We know it well that with our taxation system , it is next to impossible to be wealthy without evasion of all types of taxes & duties. Diamond , chemical, textiles etc. are lucrative fields for such activities. Our first citizen ,too, is not beyond doubts. Our moneyed people hire armed & unarmed squad for tax /duty/octroi evasion .

These 21 detainees must have made few  chinese traders  their pupils to impart generous knowledge  regarding our tricks. Few of these pupils might be chinese law enforcement men! 21 super Indians have laid our national character wide open to the rest of the world. There is no point in defending these proven fellows. Let them suffer. All our traders & other visitors to foreign countries must obey the laws of the land concerned. 

GJEPC should stress upon their members to be very vigilant in being honest.They should be made to understand that all are not bribeworthy and hence they should behave nicely.Chinese Experience is enough for  all of us.We should thank chinese custom & police cops for this bitter & unpleasant service .


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