Deora,Moily,RGTIL,P&MP Act,1962 and our Judiciary

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In my previous blogs on the subject, i tried to highlight inherent weakness in the provision of payment of compensation  to property holders other than the holders of lands/ properties whose user rights are divested  in the company concerned by GOI’s  Gazette or Notification to that effect  under the  P & MP Act.1962 . It is difficult to believe that RGTIL & other such companies have not damaged the properties other than those under the Notification. From 1962 onwards , there must be many aggrieved  property holders like me. Why no one has come forward and lodged a claim for compensation? The obvious answer/reason is the ignorance about the act and misconception about these projects being govt. projects. The ignorance is due to  ‘ calculated ‘ unavailabilty of the act itself and misconception is due to canard spread by retired revenue/govt. officers hired by such companies to facilitate acquisition of such properties in question.The ‘calculated’ unavailability of the Act is manifest by the fact that the printed books of otherwise redundant  and obsolete acts are readily available but not of this specific act!  Any one who should /must have its copy , prefers to remain deaf & dumb on its demand !  No company provides it. i requsted RGTIL often ,but , i am yet to receive it !  i could acquire a  printed book of  The Petroleum Act,1934  instead from a book vendor. My advocate friends expressed their helplessness vis a vis P & M P Act,1962.If anybody wants to move a court , how he /she will do without a copy of the Act ?  But for Internet, i too would have been crippled. After studying the complete text, i surmised the seriousness of the situation. My rich & vast experience in journalism  and inquisitveness about the unavailability of the Act  as well as complete black out by media persons of my letter to Mr. Murli Deora made me a determined soul to take the matter to its logical end.

At the behest of Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia, Charu Mazumdar and Dr. Jivraj Mehta , years back , i opted for civilian , legal &  constitutional ways of lodging  protest. i adopted a career in journalism to keep the element of dissent alive in public life  & in course , without compromising at any stage  i pierced through many of the evils in our system & polity.i am happy to state  that i am alive today despite prevalent anarchy in  judicial/ administrative  system  &  democratic polity. That is fine ,but, i still have deep faith in our judiciary & constitution. i have not abandoned my efforts to change the system which is  stubbornly resistant to any change.

It is a very healthy sign that few conscientious judicial officers openly admitted their inability to participate in legal proceedings due to their overt & covert relationship with Reliance. They proved by their action that they are trustworthy. They proved  that they are  worthy of holding any position of constitutional authority  at par with executive and legislature. Eventhough there are instances of erring  judges and judges who have misjudged judge/s and shelved law, justice and decent norms for  furthering own/spouse’s/children’s interests, everything  is not lost. i am yet to hear and learn about  any union or state cabinet minister  or for that sake any  prime minister  and chief minister  who have declined to view, overview and decide upon a file of a party/ company/corporate house subserving  his/her interests deemed in law as pecuniary interests. Who will believe that responsible ministers,  i referred to in my previous blogs , are not shareholders of Reliance ( Mukesh or Anil :  two sides of the same coin ) ?  Our judicial officers are much better than the ministers who individually & collectively decide issues related to judiciary ! 

Then the question is , WHO  RULES INDIA? The present & future  GOI  & ministers will have to convince fellow citizens that it is not Reliance ,but, it is a real GOI  that actually governs/rules India.

Dr. Bankimchandra M. Desai                                                                                                                                                          Cell phone : + 91-9426187102

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