On Ahmad Patel

Narendra Modi is smartly moving from politics of isolation to the politics of consesus i.e. samrastaa.He could convince Madhavsinh Solanki , Dinsha Patel & others about his best intensions. We have to wish for speedy recovery of political sickness of Ahmad Patel alis Babubhai.ShankarSinh Vaghela was more courageous to show his displeasure. Ahmad Patel seems to be suffering from deep rooted  inferiority complex. He fears defeat.He always requires camels & elephants to breakthrough the NM’s  gate .The all powerful man of Sonia Gandhi could not dare to contest from his home town , Bharuch.It is good for him to play backroom games from a very safe air conditioned home and office.Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi should assign him a task of regaining Gujarat from Narendra Modi or bringing Narendra Modi himself to Congress fold. If  ShankarSinh Vaghela is acceptable, then, why not Narendra Modi ?

SG + RG + MMSK + Narendra Modi = SWARNIM  BHARAT

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