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Helicopter Drops

May 17, 2016

Hello world ,

Maverick @Swamy39  is at his best.Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi will have little relief.Swamy has a new target in Raghuram Rajan.

Loose Cannon of India @Swamy39 finds Raghuram Rajan incompetent as Reserve Bank of India’s Governor.

Time magazine did not feature Swamy , Arun Jaitley, Two Aravinds of Jagdish  Bhagwati Brand.

It is not a manipulative plank like Narendra Modi that Time featured Raghuram Rajan who has saved Indian Rupee till to-date and steered Indian Economy clear  in today’s difficult times.He has refused to entertain Narendra Modi’s wishes to make cash flow available to a few select corporate houses ,hitherto Modi’s financiers .Modi used Jaitley , now he is using Swamy39 to humiliate Raghuram Rajan.

Without politics Swamy39 will survive, not arun Jaitley and Narendra Modi.

Without RBI’s governorship Raghuram Rajan will not be unhappy or will be out of job in strict physical sense.India and Indians will be unhappy without him.

i dwell upon Raghuram Rajan’s views titled as Helicopter Drops.

Helicopter Drops  :

Holding tight the reins of interest rate versus printing currency bills to ease cash flow via a special account at central bank or through government schemes is an obvious interesting debate everywhere ! Debates are debates only having no bearing on common man’s permanent & perennial woos.

No one wants to restrain spending by adopting strict austerity measures as practised successfully by Angela Merkel only to be washed out completely by a huge influx of  refugees. Angela could do it in part or full because it was & is Germany & citizens were bonafide Germans ! Only Japan & Japanese can do it voluntarily. Singapore has done it with strict & brutal law compliance. No other country can think of it. Americans have become “soft” & love life with ease.

In absence of austerity & pliable, convenient  law compliance easing interest rate & printing money are the only options having a sure uncertain & equally dangerous crash which may be a kiss of death .

Raghuram Rajan is modest .He refrained from elaborating this Death Kiss . I do it because I happen to be one of millions of commoners, guinea pigs of rulers’ whims to gain & sustain political power.

In India we have frequent Helicopter Drops. “Come any Election” & drops would start. Election to any institution is a source of garnering easy money for voters. Recently electoral officers in Tamil Nadu seized three containers full of currency. The escort car riders could not give any plausible explanation except few Xerox papers trying to convey that the money seized was meant for SBI’s inter branch transfer of cash. The next day the ECI – all three Election Commissioners of India   unanimously postponed the election in the concerned constituency by one week.

This was for only one constituency. One has to imagine the amount of money spent and not seized during assembly elections in West Bengal, Assam,Tamil Nadu,Kerala & Puduchery. It is not that this sort of distribution of cash doles, gifts etc. was for this election only. More or less it is happening right from 1951-1952 to / through 2016-2017. Jawaharlal Nehru, Lal Bahadur Shashtri , Indira Gandhi ,Rajiv Gandhi , V> P. Singh,  Morarji Desai , A.B.Vajpayee and all other prime ministers were not saints , so Narendra Modi is definitely not. Indian democracy is nothing but a huge bundle of play of black money with the most sophisticated cover up operations going on all the while establishing a society & polity of hypocrites & law makers cum law breakers. Role of black money is evident & fait accompli of India.

One has to ponder & come to conclusion that black money distributed periodically & time to time during all sorts of elections as bait to voters has not contributed to improvement of voters’ life, either qualitatively & quantitatively. All the money was spent in temporary pleasures ranging from road side booze stands to one night stands!

All the emancipation schemes implemented in the form of agricultural subsidies, rural employment guarantee, direct cash transfer, scholarships, crop insurance, medical aid have in fact proved to be “Temporary Pleasures” making the majority of beneficiaries parasites & “Help Addicts” dependent badly on sops doled out by corrupt & power hungry politicians & political parties. One who is the least corrupt & hypocrite is honest & principled in the arena of all despots presenting themselves as servants of people.

Raghuram Rajan talks about  Amul Money , all milky white, accounted money supplied & disbursed by  government  & I talk of Black Money ,Panama Money, ill gotten & unaccounted  money ! Ways of Helicopter Drops are different, purpose, after effects & results thereof are same.

Governments the world over when confront respective concerned central bank governor of the country do so with dirty hands and linen.RBI Governor Raghuram Rajan enjoys statutory powers, though curtailed & crippled by  unprincipled duo of finance minister Arun Jaitley and prime minister Narendra Modi, functions independently to save rupee ,to safeguard interests of 99% of Indians who constitute the poor ,middle ,upper middle & upper class. The government of India bothers much about the rest 1% who are rich, very rich & super rich individuals & families! 99% vote the government in & out of power,1% enjoys fruits of that power ! 1% are industrialists, corporate houses & so called developers who feel the pulse of money, crunch of its supply, want more money to invest in other personal interests & “suffer” from non availability of funds in the form of bank loans. Incidentally this 1% constitutes the NPA Builders! NPAs are non performing assets of banks , bad debts , money once disbursed never returned either in the form of interest or the original sum ! These individuals & corporate houses “use” public money & circumvent all laws to manage, defraud, falsify, duplicate their balance sheets with overt & covert help of chartered accountants, lawyers, senior counsels, government officers ,bank directors & officers, ministers, tax authorities largely through corruption. They just don’t   pay their dues, sit tight , enjoy in resorts, divert their money to tax havens, invest abroad & in India in relatives’ names. In short they use and misuse all laws, legal services and  all layers of judiciary including Supreme Court of India. They hire senior counsels who are powerful politicians also to dodge lender bank’s recovery process for years. In the end they are facilitated to jump only to reach a foreign country as alternate but final abode!

Indian Banks and hence industries feel the heat of shortage of money due to Raghuram Rajan’s policies. They create recession , manipulate commodity markets to add on hardships of common public.

The only difference between Helicopter Drops at the time of elections and calamities like flood, earthquake, adverse monsoon and at the time of general recession is diverse beneficiaries of such drops. Electoral and other Drops benefit a large number of population who are definitely not the NPA Builders .The Helicopter Drops in the form of printing currency bills or increasing money supply to lender banks  largely benefit NPA Builders as well as their masters at such banks and government.

Government of India enacted the Bankruptcy Code 2016 after creating many Mallyas and Subrato Roys ! In a way, if Raghuram Rajan could have been pliable to wishes of Modi-Jaitley Duo long back in June-July 2014  to allow them manipulate Indian Economy to  ModiNomics or say NaMoNomics , new Tax Code must not have seen the light of the day.BJP & Congress with partners in other political parties were compelled to pass Tax Code or say Bankruptsy Code to facilitate their masters at Corporate Houses #GovtOfAmbanIndia #GovtOfAdanIndia !

Vijay Mallya @Kingfisher and Subrato Roy @Sahara are now procreators of new laws ! Subrato Roy @Sahara has personal properties of such extents that SCI could not comprehend the reasons of Subrato Roy @Sahara and his senior counsel Kapil Sibal preferring extension of jail term in want of bail to repayment of all dues with penalty in toto.

To my belief, all personal properties of  Subrato Roy @ Sahara are undervalued meaning thereby Subrato Roy @ Sahara parked his Black Money in his own Tax Haven ! This riddle when solved and resolved will be a curtain raiser of our National Hypocrisy of documentation of all sales and purchases. 60 : 40 or 70 : 30 system of transactions has superadded to woos of Subrato Roy @Sahara .

I just can’t prevent smiling at naïve Justices of Supreme Court of India not appreciating the woos of Subrato Roy @Sahara’s 60 : 40 or 70 : 30 system of transactions with parking facility of ill gotten or say money saved from paying all taxes ! Till his arrest he enjoyed his own tax havens in India by purchasing properties at market rates & making documents as per prevalent government Juntree thereby parking safely 60 to 70 % of his black money though properties stand at “undervalued” prices , but , safe in his possession and custody ! He is not the only one, everybody knows it and practices it as and when a chance to transact a property deal arises ! I am not sure but it may be just possible that the sum of values of such  properties documented as per prevalent market rates may not be just sufficient to meet with the dues Subrato Roy @Sahara is supposed to pay to be free from clutches of laws .If it meets and if Hon’ble Justices @ SCI decide to attach all properties what would happen ? Subrato Roy @Sahara would be a free man the next moment losing 60 to 70 % of wealth accumulated by parking black money under his nose ! Kapil Sibal must have realized this in a flash of a moment and hurried to request the SCI bench to keep the details of the list secret and confidential ! He preferred Subrato Roy @Sahara’s extension of jail stay to divulge the figures !

If Hon’ble Justices @ SCI go very deep in Subrato Roy @Sahara’s intricate accounting and accumulation of wealth the keys to solution of India’s Black Money Riddle will emerge automatically. The Black Money is the root cause of all maladies India faced and Indians suffer due to its usage in corrupting polity and whatever is at government and governance.

I am sure Hon’ble Justices must not have had any chance to buy or sale anything in their entire life. Typical of a straight forward, honest, sincere , God fearing government servant full of integrity. Now I urge Kapil Sibal to “educate” Hon’ble Justices so a new law removing 60 : 40 or 70 : 30 system of transactions may usher in at the hands of Hon’ble Justices. If this happens the generation of Black Money and frequent Electoral Helicopter Drops will reduce to considerable extent. It will be a step forward in making the system transparent and clean the present corrupt atmosphere in politics as well as economy.

India and Indians have reasons to thank The Man of Law Raghuram Rajan  and habitual, sophisticated law breakers  @  Vijay Mallya #Kingfisher  + Subrato Roy #Sahara ! If  “Naïve “ Hon’ble Justices would not have been  there at SCI and High Courts , India and Indians would have been compelled to be at the mercy of wolfs of polity and corporate houses.

All political parties and their namesake leaders fooled Indians all the while playing Black Money tunes. They are in fact all main hoarders of Black Money along with equal partners like bureaucracy and that 1% of Indian population having the most of India’s worth and wealth They are the ones for whom all laws are made and unmade, passed and bypassed, framed and reframed with an option of keeping them in deep freeze !

In the wake of this background one has to comprehend the bewilderment of Narendra Modi,Arun Jaitley and other constituents of the establishment at New Delhi to remove Raghuram Rajan by any means. With Rajan’s lame duck desire to continue for second term to complete his unfulfilled tasks and agenda, they want to create a situation where in Raghuram Rajan  eases out on his own before international economy warrants government of India to give Rajan a second term ! The latest is issue of Rajan’s citizenship raised by Swamy39.Is Raghuram Rajan less Indian than two Japanese nationals appointed to look after Japan Desk in Government of India ? Is Rajan less Indian than two Aravinds serving Government of India at the behest of ‘Super Indian’ Jagdish Bhagawati ?  The fools and ever vigilant brains  in all political parties elected Vijay Mallya unanimously to Rajya Sabha from Karnataka . Was Vijay Mallya an Indian ? He was and is a British citizen since 1992! Swamy39 was in deep slumber then as Indian democracy is !






Let The Truth Prevail

May 12, 2015

Hello World,

With the implementation of The Press Code de Modi ,the Press & Media at large are subservient to Narendra Modi & his real master, Mukesh Nita Ambani. The wave of expulsion of anti Modi,anti Mukesh Nita Ambani & anti RIL editors,journalists from main stream media and channels created a vaccum hard to fill.With Narendra Modi’s one year in office and a series of his debacles tell very badly on the plight of Indians.

With Prashant Bhushan & Arvind Kejriwal out of my mentor’s role, i took it upon myself to wage ‘one man’s war against Mukesh Nita Ambani & RIL. My tirade has resulted in a definite halt in NaMo’s & SoGa’s overt & covert moves to grant MN Ambani @RIL’s demand for rise in gas prices.MN Ambani’s foreign collaborators namely British Petroleum & NICO expressed to withdraw from joint venture. MN Ambani’s Australian Arbitrator ,Justice Spiegelman is caught in a fire of indecisiveness. His prestige ,honesty & integrity are all at a stake due to his consent for SCI’s Arbitration on gas price rise.He must have been sick of my incessant mails urging him to withdraw and thereby do much awaited justice to India & Indians. i have a copy each of Polyester Prince as well as  Ambani & Sons .Both were authored by Hamish Mc Donald.

i requested Justice Spiegelmen to study both the books by Australian Journalist who happened to be an employee of ABC- Australia Broadcasting Corporation . Who was/is the head of ABC? Jusice Spiegelmen ! i raised a pointed question to him.Why Mukesh Nita Ambani wants to continue with the SCI’s ban on Polyester Prince when he himself is the owner of a media company,Independent Media Trust ?

The way MN Ambani is successful in suppressing Polyester Prince ,he and his agents are 24x7x52 busy is suppressing TRUTH about HIM and his RIL., which has by now earned notoriety as UNRELIABLE RELIANCE !

Luck is not that kind to him for ever.

The Truth ultimately appears on surface.

i give you an example how media is geared and galvanised by Vitamin M – Amul White Money of RIL


Let Truth Prevail :


The Times of India ‘s Surat Bureau is staffed by Melvin Reggie Thomas, Yagnesh Mehta, Himanhu Bhatt & Aashlesha Khurana They are very popular amongst  publicity mongers in high society representing very influential  industrial, socioeconomic & political circles. These publicity seekers value ToI staff very much  , because, reports published  in English and that too in The Times of India can be used as brochures in New Delhi & Gandhinagar.


They have a special wel-come @ Surat Municipal Corporation , Collectorates in South Gujarat ,  Surat Police Commissionerate, Diamond Bourse, Chamber of Commerce, Textile Markets , GPCB , Excise & Custm Collectorate , Income Tax Commissionerate, CBI, politicians like MPs & MLAs, city  industrialists, and Hazira based  RIL, Essar, L &T, ONGC, GAIL ,Kribhco etc units.


Class one gazetted officers including IAS,IPS,IRS,GAS compete with each other  to befriend these scribes They use their reports to enhance their “ CR- Confidential Report”!


Industries like RIL treat them very specially. RIl’s Hemant Desai & Jayesh Gajjar with company’s PRO are expert handlers of all media persons and media owners. They are specialists in preventing and prohibiting reports which would eventually go against RIL, RIL’s interests, RIL’s subsidiaries * Mukesh Nita Ambani’s  piggy companies.


Only fellows bereft of the easy reach of these highly placed journalists  are farmers ,land owners & land losers of South Gujarat . They are agitating for their legitimate complaints and genuine concerns.They are opposed to land acquisitions under  various acts for Western Expressway, Western Railway Freight Corridor, Bullet Train, Coastal High Way, National High Way, State High Ways, District Roads, Gas Grid, Oil & Gas Pipe Lines for ONGC, GAIL, RGTIL /RIL, Essar, Adani .


RGTIL, a piggy company of MN Ambani @ RIL  decided to lay pipelines from Nagothane to Dahej for  transportation of Ethane Gas. For this RGTIL /RIl wants to use RoUs – Rights of Users acquired  by dubious and highly objectionable manner & coercive methods in 2007-2008. Narendra Modi & Congress connived with them . So the entire bureaucracy with the might of police and SRP. Inshort the entire State machinery was at the disposal of RIL @ MUkesh Nita Ambani.


Agitating farmers have constitutional & legal objections to RoUs acquired previously.

CPCB held public hearings in Maharashtra &  Gujarat regarding  environmental  issues. Recent series of blasts in ONGC pipelines  have exposed the poorest ever disaster management of all agencies.

RGTIL /RIL has NO ANSWER to volley of doubts raised by agitators.

RIL’s # of Hemant Desai, Jayesh Gajjar, Jatin Vakil & Digant Desai  have tried to hush up GPCB hearings.

GPCB’s hearings @ Navsari on 15-04-2015 & @ Surat on 08-05-2015 were very momentous and memorable. RIL ‘s officers were dumb-stuck. The presiding officer left the hearing half way at Navsari.

The District Collector was horrified to know the regn of terror unleashed by RGTIL/RIL ‘s # in the past. The poor fellow never knew the glorious & brilliant past record of the villainous RGTIL /RIL.He had to pass scathing & acidice remarks against RIL.


Such issue of immense public safety & interest has no place in The Times of India.

For a month or so I am scanning column by column of my favourite daily , The Times of India,  to find a word about  the stalemate created by Gas Line project of RGTIL /RIL.


I am unhappy and sorry to say that The Times of India collaborated with RGTIL/RIL to suppress & hide TRUTH. But all is not lost at the central editorial desk at Bahadurshah Zafar Marg, New Delhi  and  The Times House @ Mumbai.

The only trouble with our Times scribes at Surat is that they are not used to scan all the works of their seniors .

I submit what I have in my archives. It is a version without my editing.

Whatever editing was done ,it was done by the Times editorial staff.

The permitted, edited & published version says whatever I awnt to say.


I quote,

“ The Times of India <>

18 Apr

to me

The Times Of India

Dear Reader,

Your comment on the article ”RIL back as India’s most profitable company” is now displayed on

”Lest MN Ambani’s ‘s attitude towards RGTIL & RIL VIctims could be judicious and generous.Huge profit is due to non payment of compensations to victims throughout India.”

To reply to this comment , or see the whole conversation, click here.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


Team TOI

The Times of India <>

18 Apr

to me

The Times Of India

Dear Reader,

Your comment on the article ”RIL back as India’s most profitable company” is now displayed on

”One has to imagine what could be RIL’s profit if SoGa’s UPA 2 & NaMo’s NDA 3 government agreed to RIL’s demand for raising gas prices by four times! Life of Indians would be definitely miserable four times as compared to today’s plights experienced by all honest citizens,Now Govt of India & The Supreme Court of India should cancel the Arbitration Procedure in the gas price issue demanded by RIL-BP -Nico ,All Looters Combine !.I is now certain that RIL manipulates account books. The huge loss was the reason for demand for Gas Price Arbitration by SCI.If the loss is continuous and was/is genuine , then, how RIL has managed to show record profits? This is nothing but jugglery by expert cheaters to maintain share price .MN Ambani is now definitely the Richest Beggar of India.”

To reply to this comment , or see the whole conversation, click here.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


Team TOI”


I unquote .


i call upon the Bennett,Coleman & Company Limited to undertake a massive search and investigations to unearth all the truths about all the  operations during last decade of Reliance Industries Limited and all its subsidiaries along with all  piggy companies of Mukesh Nita Ambani.


Unpleasant Questions

October 15, 2014

Hello world,
Assembly elections for Maharashtra and Haryana are over. Mumbai is financial capital of India and hence the capital of Black Money in /within India. Recently SEBI debarred DLF from stock markets. DLF showed the easiest way to become rich! Robert Vadra is the icon of all money spinners who became rich due to DLF. Nothing has happened, till to-date, to Robert Vadra. DLF is in the soup. Why this sort of punitive actions be not contemplated against RIL ? It seems Narendra Modi is using the Supreme Court of India to help his main financier. SCI is being used in the arbitration process so as to save Veerappa Moily, Murli Deora, N.Chandra Babu Naidu overtly and Narendra Modi himself,covertly. From day 1 of KG Basin RIL is favoured. This arbitration process is an instrument to save Narendra Modi’s face. BJP government will deploy SCI’s judgment to favour RIL. Ex CJI KG Balakrishnan’s judgment in Ambani brothers’ case was a joke in the name of justice and judicial procedures. Government of India @The State was reduced to a status of Mukesh Ambani’s silent partner (sleeping partner).All the awards declared so far by Competent Authorities appointed by Government of India are all testaments of injustice in cases of applicants versus notorious RGTIL. Illegal and unethical practices of RGTIL /RIL are made legal by /with active collaboration of The State and Judiciary. “Satya Mev Jayate” is on paper. Reality is contrary to it which is experienced day to day by all Indians.
With this back ground let us see who is arbitrating.
I quote,

“Supreme Court appoints Australian arbitrator in RIL gas case
April 01, 2014 09:47 IST
The Supreme Court has appointed Australian arbitrator in RIL gas case.In a major victory for the Mukesh Ambani-led Reliance Industries (RIL) over the government in the KG-D6 case, the Supreme Court on Monday appointed former Australian judge James Jacob Spigelman as the foreign arbitrator who would head the three-member arbitration panel.
The bench headed by judge S S Nijjar suggested the name, saying a foreign arbitrator would avoid bias in this case.
RIL was batting for the appointment of a foreigner.
The process was stuck over the appointment of the third member in the three-member panel of arbitrators.
RIL and the government had nominated former chief justices S P Bharucha and V N Khare, respectively, but were divided on whether or not a third arbitrator should be a foreigner.
The arbitration process is related to a fine imposed by the government amounting to $1.797 billion in 2010-11, 2011-12 and 2012-13 for production shortfall.”
Where it all started :
“It was in November 2011 that RIL initiated an arbitration process, pre-empting that the petroleum ministry would penalise it for a fall in output.

The ministry had called to withdraw the arbitration notice in January 2012. Following this, the government slapped a fine of $1.005 billion in May for the drop in targets for FY11 and FY12.

In November 2013, the government slapped another notice on the company, disallowing a cost recovery of another $792 million.

Over the past four years, the total shortfall in production from the KG-D6 block has reached 154 million standard cubic metres a day (mscmd).

While the production shortfall in 2010-11 stood at around 5 mscmd, it rose over the following years to 28 mscmd (2011-12), 55 mscmd (2012-13) and 66 mscmd (2013-14).”
I unquote.
Now my Unpleasant Questions are as following :
If without the gas price demanded by RGTIL /RIL and denied so far by the Government of India, RIL -Reliance Industries Limited is earning huge profits, where are moral and logical grounds for its case before SCI and SCI’s Arbitrators? RIL has formed legal cobweb in a very smart and intelligent ways. Now this cobweb requires to be vindicated. Who will benefit? at whose cost and stake?
My comments published already on my timeline of Facebook and Google+ are as following.
I quote,
“If these books are genuine, why the case for increase in gas price ? Why SCI appointed arbitration for determining the gas price ? Why should RGTIL/RIL deprive genuine victims of arbitrary awards given by Competent Authorities throughout the course of RGTIL/RIL pipelines from east cost to west coast and elsewhere in surrounding areas ? What is the cost of all litigations and bribe given from top to bottom ?What are the amounts of fees paid to SCI counsels including the latest ones namely RF Nariman and Abhisek Manu Singhvi ? Is RGTIL a RIL ‘s piggy company just now? What are the special packages to be given to ADIL ZAINULBHAI and DEEPAK PAREKH ? With this much profits claimed,what is the number of bonus shares given to RIL ‘s shareowners? What is the benefit to RIL’s shareowners given from RIL’s overseas ventures and new subsidiaries started specially for MN Ambani’s children ? Will these companies be offloaded in the manner RGTIL was offloaded? What is the number of RIL’s employees? Did any RIL employee get any share from the company? How many RIL employees are RIL’s shareowners? ?What is the amount of donations given to BJP. Congress, NCP,SS, MNS and other political parties? How many trips RIL’s air vehicles made for Narendra Modi during last five years? In which annual report that special service to Narendra Modi is included or mentioned? Has Reliance become epitome of Unreliable Practices ? Why RIL should not be barred from NSE and BSE in the manner DLF is punished? What is the secret of piggy companies ? Why should RIL be not NATIONALISED when the profits are from natural resources of India, usurped by illegal ,unethical instruments executed during last decade so as to give them a legal format?? Is SCI’s Arbitration itself not unconstitutional ? Let SCI speak. Let Government of India speak. Let Mukesh N.Ambani answer these questions for the benefit of India and Indians.”
I unquote.
The most important and foremost questions yet to be asked are as following :
Will Sudini Jaipal Reddy come forward and disclose why he was summarily removed as central petroleum minister? Will SCI’s Arbitrastors invite him to depose? Will the government of India divulge relevant papers? Will Jagan Mohan Reddy and his mother depose before the arbitrators? At a first glance the arbitration seems to be about penalty for low production. RIL demanded price rise with the argument that gas production is uneconomical and the company has to incur heavy loss. The crux of the problem is Gas Price! RIL wants government to do as per its wishes. Who spoiled the cake ? Why?
Reference :
*RIL consolidated net sales for 2014 2nd quarter of Rs 1.13 lakh-crore
RIL’s turnover fell 4.3 per cent to Rs 1,13,396 crore as international oil prices dropped to three year low.
**Who is Spigelman?
Spigelman was the Chief Justice and Lieutenant Governor of New South Wales, Australia. He is also chairman of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC).
According to the ABC website, he took charge for his five-year term as chairman on April 1, 2012.
He also served as a senior adviser and principal private secretary to the Prime Minister of Australia and as permanent secretary of the government’s department of the media between 1972 to 1976. He also served on the boards and as chair of a number of cultural and educational institutions in Australia.

AAP’s Missed Opportunity

January 20, 2014

Hello World,
After a considerable lapse of time i resume blogging.
Amitabh Thakur is my facebook friend. i join him in his comments on Arvind kejriwal’s latest ‘adventure’ in politics.i quote his status,”
Bankimchandra Desai shared with Amitabh Thakur
“CM on Dharna, in his personal capacity, to get policemen suspended because he “feels” they committed wrong. Opinions might vary but to me it seems highly unwarranted and extremely dangerous, having long-term consequences.”- Amitabh Thakur’s status on Facebook –Jan.20,2014′ i unquote

Please read my views and experience with Gujarat’s corrupt system of NaMo @ narendramodi’s BJP government.It can show the way in the present impasse.

AAP’s Missed Opportunity:

Any minister or chief minister taking a course of agitation is nothing but admitted failure of governance on the part of the respective government or minister or chief minister thereof. This approach leads to chaos and breakdown of the system.

Supreme Court of India in a recent order instructed IAS, IPS and other babus alike to insist for written orders and or instructions from administrative superiors and or political, elected bosses. Media downplayed this news for obvious reasons. AAP, IAC and all NGOs should unite and work on this SCI judgment.

There is confusion about the jurisdiction of Govt.of Delhi, Lt.Governor of Delhi, Ministry of Home Affairs of Govt.of India vis a vis Delhi’s Police. Who controls and commands Delhi Police? What is the role of Union Home Secretary and Home Minister?

Arvind Kejriwal missed the opportunity to change the system. He should have convinced his minister colleagues to put down all administrative instructions on paper in absolute black and white. They could have made their own-selves to be responsible and accountable for all instructions and orders. They could have decided collectively to refrain from passing oral orders. From President of India to any minister of the lowest rank always avoid passing written orders. The main cause of unaccountability lies in this system. Any officer, gazetted or otherwise who takes decision and act is held responsible.

If top IPS officers in Gujarat would have insisted for getting written orders either from Amit Shah the then minister of state in department of home affairs or from Narendra Modi, the then & present chief minister of Gujarat for a series of encounters and during riots in 2002,they would not have to languish in prison. Instead NaMo and Amit Shah would have been behind bars.

Once irritated by the irrational behaviour of superiors and ministers, section officers in Gujarat sachivalya stopped attending files without superiors’ or ministers’ notings. It hardly took a month or so. All so called powerful bosses including NaMo came round and subsequent to that event all of them ‘behaved’.

Builders’ Alphabets

July 23, 2013


વર્તમાન પ્રવાહ

સુરત અને દમણથી પ્રકાશિત થતું દૈનિક


વર્તમાન પ્રવાહ

આપણો, સૌનો અરીસો

ભરત શાહ


બિલ્ડરોની બારાખડી અને એબીસીડી ઇ…

સુરત મહાનગરપાલિકાના આરોગ્ય ખાતાને આવકનું એક અતિ મહત્વનું પાસું જે આજ સુધી પત્રમ્, ફલમ્, પુષ્પમ્ના દૂષણને લીધે હાથવગું હોવા છતાં જોજન દૂર ચાલી ગયેલું તે ફરી યાદ આવ્યું હોય તેવું જણાય છે. તેમાં આમ તો વહીવટની નિપુણતા પ્રમાણીને બહુ હરખાવા જેવું નથી, કેમકે, કેસરિયા બ્રિગેડ જે આમ તો ગુજરાત હાઇકોર્ટ અને સુપ્રિમ કોર્ટ ઓફ ઇન્ડિયાને પણ ગણકારતી નથી. તે તેને હવે ફાવતું આવતાં ગુજરાત હાઇકોર્ટના ચુકાદાની, ગાઇડ લાઇન્સની દુહાઇ આપવા લાગી છે ! કેમ ભાઇ, હૃદય પલટો થયો કે શું ? જાણકારો એવું કહે કે હૃદય હોય તો તેને કોઇ અસર પહોંચે ! અહીં તો બધું મગજથી અને રૃપિયાના સિક્કાના અવાજથી યા ગાંધીજીની છાપ વાળી મોટી નોટોના ફરફરાટથી ચેતન આવે !

મહાનગરપાલિકા આજકાલ હાઇકોર્ટની ગાઇડ લાઇન્સ લઇને બિલ્ડરો, કોન્ટ્રાક્ટરો અને અમુક કિસ્સાઓમાં મિલકતદારોની બેદરકારી, કાયદાને ખિસ્સામાં રાખવાની ફાંકેબાજી અને પોતાના જ કર્મચારીઓની લાંચરૃશ્વત સ્વીકારવાની મજબૂરીની ઉપરવટ જઇને ઘડબડાટી બોલાવી રહી છે. ક્યાંક આ પ્રવૃત્તિમાં શહેરના ખાખી વરદીધારીઓ પણ પોતાની મેળે યા મહાનગરપાલિકાના કહેવાથી જોડાઇને શહેરને પુનઃ સ્વચ્છ, રોગમુક્ત કરવાનું પુણ્ય કમાવા જોડાયા છે. બિલ્ડરો અને કોન્ટ્રાક્ટરો (મહાનગરપાલિકાના પોતાના પ્રોજેક્ટના ઇજારદારો સુધ્ધાં) બિચારા માથે હાથ દઇને સાત ઝોન મળીને રૃા. ૧૩.૪૮ લાખનો ચાંલ્લો કપાળે ચોડાવીને બેઠા છે. એક બિલ્ડરને તો એવું જ્ઞાાન લાધ્યું કે હિસાબ કિતાબ કર્યા પછી બાંધકામ સ્થળે એણે કામચલાઉ હોસ્પિટલ (દશ બેડની- મેડિક્લેઇમ વાળા ધોરણ મુજબની) જ ઉભી કરી દીધી. એ મહાશય કે મહાશયોનો પથારો એવો જંગી કે એક મોબાઇલ વાન અને બે ડોક્ટરો પણ સાઇટના મજૂરો માટે રાખ્યા કે વસાવ્યા ! રખે એવું સમજતા કે આ ડેવલપર સેવાભાવી મહાજન છે. મજૂરોની ભારે તંગી, કેળવાયેલા કડિયા, મિસ્ત્રી, બેગારી, પ્લમ્બર, ઇલેટ્રીશિયન વિગેરેની ફોજને જો પોતાની સાથે વળગેલી, ચોંટેલી રાખવી હોય તો સ્પર્ધાત્મક મજૂરી ઉપરાંતની બીજી સગવડો જેવી કે રહેઠાણ, દવાદારૃ, બને તો સમૂહમાં બનતું ભોજન, ચા-પાણી, કપડાં, ગમબૂટ અને પેલી પોટલી પણ આપવી પડે, તે માટેની તૈયારી રાખવી પડે. આ તો પાછું મજૂરી ઉપરાંતની સગવડોમાં ગણાય ?! ખાનદેશી, પંચમહાલિયા, ઉડિયા અને તેલુગુ કારીગરો ઉપરાંત કાઠિયાવાડી રોજમદારીયાઓને ચોપડે રજીસ્ટરમાં ચડાવવાના, રીતસરના સહી અંગુઠા લેવાના, સામૂહિક વીમા યોજનાના વીમેદારો બનાવવાના, અકસ્માત વખતે મળતા લાભો તેઓને પ્રાપ્ત કરાવવાના તો તે બધા શેઠને વળગીને ગ્રીનમાં વધુને વધુ ગ્રીનરી ઉમેરવા પ્રવૃત્ત થાય.

વર્ષો પહેલા ઝીણાભાઈ દરજીવાળી ટોળીને આવો ચાળો સૂઝેલો. દક્ષિણ ગુજરાતની સ્યુગરમીલોના ખેડૂત ખાતેદારોના ખેતરોમાં શેરડીની કાપણી અને આનુસંગિક કામો માટે આવતા ખાનદેશી મજૂરોના ઉત્કર્ષમાં જ દરજી આણિ મંડળીને પોતાનો ઉત્કર્ષ દેખાયેલો. ખેડૂત ખાતેદારોએ આ હંગામી, સિઝનલ મજૂરોને સહેવાની સગવડ, અનાજ, તેલ, ઘી, દવા દારૃ પુરા પાડવાની અને કપાયેલી શેરડીના વજન મુજબ રોજી આપવાની માંગ સાથે હડતાળ પડાવેલી, ખેડૂત ખાતેદારો કમરેથી બેવડ વળી ગયા. ઝીણાભાઈ આમ તો જન્મે દરજી પરંતુ એમણે આખી જીંદગી બીજાઓનાં કપડા ફાડવાનું જ કામ કરેલું. એવી સ્થિતિ થઈ કે સુગરની સહકારી મીલો જ બંધ થઈ જાય, વહેવારું ખેડૂતોએ ઉકેલ કાઢયો કે ઝીણાભાઈની મોટી મોટી માંગણીઓને જેતે સુગર ફેક્ટરી જ પુરી પાડે અને તે બધો ખર્ચો શેરડી ઉત્પાદકોના હિસાબમાંથી વસૂલ કરવામાં આવે. હવે તેમાં સોનિયા ગાંધીની કિચન કેબિનેટની ડાબેરી ટોળીએ નરેગા યોજનાનો પલીતો ચાંપ્યો એટલે ખાનદેશી મજૂરોનો પ્રવાહ વસૂકી ગયો. શેરડી રોપવા અને કાપવા માટેની યાંત્રિક સગવડો કરવાની મથામણો નાછૂટકે કરવાનો વારો આવ્યો. બાંધકામ ક્ષેત્રના મજૂરોને અસંગઠિત મજૂરોના વગેરેમાં ગણીને તેઓના લાભમાં સનત મહેતા જેવાઓ ઘણા સમયથી પ્રવૃત્ત છે. નેતાઓના તો વહાણ કેદિ ડૂબેલા કે આજે ડૂબે ? બિલ્ડરો, ડેવલપરો કંઈ જેવી તેવી માયા થોડી છે ? જાન એક ટંક જમે કે ખાઈ પીને નાચગાન કરે, બધો ભાર કન્યાના બાપની કેડ પર (ખિસ્સાં પર) જ આવે. તેમ આ બધી પાડાપંચાત આખરે તો જે રો-હાઉસ, બંગલો, ફાર્મહાઉસ, ફલેટ, ડુપ્લેક્ષ, પેન્ટ હાઉસ ખરીદનારા ગ્રાહકના ખિસ્સાને નડે. પોતાનો નફો ઓછો કરીને, ગ્રાહકને લાભ કરાવીને, મજૂરોને બધા લાભ આપવાનો સમાજવાદ કોઈ બિલ્ડર, આર્િકટેક્ટ, ડેવલપરે અપનાવ્યો હોય તો એને ફુલગુચ્છા આપીને સન્માનવો જોઈએ. છે કોઈ લાયક બિલ્ડર ? છે કોઈ એવો આર્િકટેક્ટ જેના બધા પ્રોજેક્ટ નિયમ અનુસારના બાંધકામવાળા જ હોય ?

આવો એક કે અનેક સવાલો શહેરના અને દક્ષિણ ગુજરાતના બિલ્ડરો, આર્િકટેક્ટો, ડેવલપરો અને લેન્ડ ઓર્ગેનાઈઝરોને પૂછી શકાય. જવાબ આપવાનો આવે ત્યારે અચ્છા અચ્છા નામધારીઓ શિયાવિયાં થઈને મોં સંતાડવા માંડે. ભઈશાબ, લપ છોડોને. એ જ એક જવાબ હોય. ટકોરાબંધ વાત કરે એવો કોઈ વીરલો હોય તો તે આ ઉદ્યોગમાં ટકે જ કેવી રીતે ? મજૂરોને આવી બધી સગવડો આ પહેલાં આ વ્યવસાયમાં કોઈએ આપી નથી. મહાનગરપાલિકાએ પણ આ પહેલાં આવી એકધારી તકેદારી રાખી નથી. ભલું થજો, ગુજરાત હાઈકોર્ટનું કે આખરે કોઈ કેસરિયા અને ધોળિયાના દિલોદિમાગને કરંટ પહોંચે તેવું કંઈક કર્યું. આમ તો અર્પણા મેડમના સમયમાં સુરત બિલ્ડર એસોસિયેશનમાં ૪૭૩ બિલ્ડરો, ૧૧૨ આર્િકટેક્ટ, ૪૭૬ સિવિલ એન્જિનીયર અને આર્િકટેક્ટ, ૭૪ સરકાર માન્ય વેલ્યુલરો, ૧૮૨ ઈન્ટીરીયર ડીઝાઈનરો- ડેકોરેટરો અને ૭૦ બિલ્ડર કમ ડેવલપરો નોંધાયેલા હતા. અર્પણા મેડમની કૃપાથી ચાર પાંદડે થયેલાઓએ લેન્ડમાર્ક નોંધાવ્યા, કૃપા અવકૃપાના વારાફેરાથી કેટલાક ચાર ગજના થયા, કેસરિયા- ધોળિયા હાથીઓના મહાવત તરીકેની ફરજ બજાવીને કેટલાક સાગર તરી ગયા, બે ચાર તો ચમક દમક રાખીને શિક્ષણ અને આરોગ્યના ક્ષેત્રમાં સવાયા પુરવાર થયા, બે ચાર તો રામ અને કૃષ્ણના સહારે સચ્ચિદાનંદના જાપ કરતાં કરતાં ગંજાવર કહેવાય તેવા ધોળા નાણાના ડુંગરે બેઠા. અર્પણા મેડમની આરતી ઉતારીને નમોને નમન કરતાં તરતાં કરડા ચહેરા પર વાંકડિયા મૂછ પર લીંબુ રાખીને, થોડો સમય તુરંગના ચતુરંગ જોઈ જાણીને સજ્જન બિલ્ડર થયેલા, ગાદીએ બિરાજેલા પણ છે.

શહેર ભરની અને હવે તો દક્ષિણ ગુજરાત વટીને મુંબઈ -મહારાષ્ટ્રની લગોલગ પહોંચેલા બિલ્ડરો, આર્િકટેક્ટો, ડિઝાઈનરો અને ડેકોરેટરો સાથે હવે હરીફાઈ કરવા લાગેલો નવો વર્ગ માટી, રેતી, કપચીનો વેપલો કરનારાઓનો છે. વ્યાસા સાહેબ નામના અદકપાંસ ળિયાએ કાયદાના અમલનો જે ઝપાટો બોલાવેલો તેને લીધે હવે બારોબાર બધું જમીને જાડાપાડા થયેલા આ વેપારીઓ બધાની નજરે ચડી ગયા છે. સુરતના લોકોને હીરા, સોનું, કાપડ, ઈલેકટ્રોનિક સામાન, પથારીમાંના મનોરંજન માટેનાં સાધનો, અત્તરો, વાઈન, બ્રાન્ડી, વ્હીસ્કી, ઘડિયાળો જેવી વસ્તુની દાણચોરી વિષે જાણવા જોગ માહિતી છે પણ હવે રેતી અને માટીની દાણચોરી પણ થવા લાગી છે, નમોના રાજ્યમાં શું શું થયું એની વાત કરતાં પહેલાં શું શું નહિ થયું તે વિચારો, હવે ભલા નર્મદના વારસદારો…..કલેક્ટર કમ ચીફ ઓફિસર કમ જજ એવા હોપ સાહેબે સુરતના નકશા કંડારેલા, તેમાં તે પછી કેટલાયે કારીગરોએ રંદા અને કડછા માર્યા. આરડીના હુલામણા નામે એળખાતા રમેશભાઈએ આધુનિક સુરતના પાયા નાંખ્યાં. વચ્ચેના સમયમાં પરમાર સાહેબે કંઈક સાર્થક કહેવાય તેવું કામ કરેલું. બીડી ફૂંકીને તંદુરસ્ત બનવા બનાવવા સાથે, કેશુબાપાની રાજકીય જરૃરિયાત સંતોષવા સૂર્યદેવરારાવને રાવસાહેબ બનવા દેવાયા, જગદીશને ઓવરબ્રિજોના જનક બનવા દેવાયા અને કાશીરામ રાણાની જડબેસલાક નેતાગીરીની ઈજારાશાહી નમોએ ખતમ કરી નાંખી.એ સાથે કેસરિયા અને ધોળિયા આજી માજી તરોતાજી નગર સેવકો અને નગરસેવિકાઓની અને વ્હાઈટ એન્ડ વ્હાઈટ રોકડપટુઓની ભયંકર જમાત ઊભી થઈ ગઈ. આ બધા પણ બિલ્ડર એસોસિયેશનના બેનંબરી સભ્યો છે. ચૂંટાયો નથી અને જમીનના બાંધકામના વેપલામાં પડયો નથી. એવો વિકાસ કર્યો કે બે કલાકના વરસાદમાં તો શહેરભરમાં વગર રેલે રેલ આવી જાય. આ સ્થિતિ ફક્ત સુરતમાં જ નથી. નવસારી, બારડોલી, વલસાડ, વાપી, ભરૃચ- સમ ખાવાની એક જગ્યા તો બતાવો જયાં પાણીના કુદરતી નિકાલની જગ્યા આ વિકાસવીરોએ રહેવા દીધી હોય….

આ તો થોડામાં ઘણું…….

RGTIL : Victims United : 18

February 26, 2011

Hello World,
The Land Acquisition Act 1894 was promulgated during British Rule to facilitate the crown’s designs to prosper at the cost and risk of India and Indians.Neo Britishers like Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru prefered to maintain status quo as more or less he replaced the British crown and the Britishers.He was a classical pseudo in all respect. In Keshav Deo Malaviya he had a trusted ‘sepoy’ who introduced the Petroleum and Mineral Pipelines Act 1962 to benefit oil and gas exploration by foreigners and their Indian players. The Britishers improvised the land laws of Acharya Vishnugupt ( Chanakya) ,Raja Todarmal and Shershah Suri in initial stage and later on the amendments of Sir Sayajirao Gaekwad , popularly known as Maharaja of Baroda.The penal code was a bad copy of Code de Napoleon and Hammurabi Code. The pitfalls continued as and when the land was acquired .Such land acquisitions violated though silently but in a very manifest way all other prevalent laws. Judiciary was hardly independent of the executive . Politicians called the shots and now a stage has come when the remote control is in Beijing and the arch enemy of India can torpedo evrything that is Indian.

RIL, RGTIL, Relogistics, ONGC, HPCL, BP, BS etc . will have to answer basic questions raised by Gandevi Taluka RGTIL Prabhavit Khedut Samiti , a legitimate precurssor of All India Committee of Agriculturists and other Citizens affected by Reliance, RGTIL, Relogistics and other companies.The responsibility and accountability starts from the day the Pand M. P. Act 1962 was introduced.

The District Collector of Navsari sent a simple letter to (Principal) Administrative Officer of RGTIL advising and requesting him to invoke his (RGTIL’s)powers vis a vis the P.and M.P. Act 1962. The moment he/she invokes susch powers RGTIL(Mukesh Ambani)has to give undertaking in the lowermost court of law -The court of Mamlatdar (Navsari Rural) at Navsari. The best legal brains of India and even the Supreme Court of India can not save him and thus all such industrialists and companies.

i publish the English translation of the documents pivotal in a very silent and low profile revolution at the grassroot level.Please read, study , apply your mind and give feedback to me at ‘ ARNEH “, 03, Mahadevnagar Society, Near Majura Gate, Ring Road, Sagrampura , Surat 395002 , e mail ; , cell Phone : +91 9426187102.
Free English translation from text in Gujarati:

Gandevi Taluka RGTIL Prabhavit Khedut Samiti
C/O Bharatbhai Maganlal Naik
At & Post AMALSAD,
Taluka Gandevi Dist. Navsari
Tele. 02634-272368
Mobile : 9825054700.

Date: 06-12-2010.
By Registered Letter AD

The Collector,
Navsari District,
Jilla Seva Sadan,
Juna Thana,
Navsari 396445

Subject: Anticipatory objection to mutation in Record of Rights Village Form 7 & 12
(“Bijo Haq Ane Bojani Vigat”) showing URL User right of land in favour of
Reliance Gas Transportation Infrastructure Limited

It is submitted with respect

That gas pipe line is laid in the agricultural lands of Gandevi Taluka of Navsari District. The members of this Samiti are the owner/occupant/ agriculturist/ co-owner/ administrator.

That due to the said gas pipe line, each respective land is bifurcated into two or three rendering the regulations under the prevention of bifurcation act meaningless. But neither RGTIL nor Govt. of Gujarat has clarified till to date. the said land is bifurcated and the smallest part of the land other than proposed land for right of user in land has become economically nonviable due to prohibition of growing trees and utilizing it for any construction .If we want to sell that economically nonviable portion to our neighbour, we

Sd. /——————– Dt. 06-12-2010
Dispatch Clerk, Collector’s Office, Navsari
Tal.Dist , Navsari Pin Code 396445

are not in a position to do so because the gas pipeline is laid under the P & M.P. Act1962 which does not mention/refer to the violation of prevention of fragmentation act, rules for bifurcation and sale of an economically nonviable portion ( of the bifurcated land ).

That there is no mention of any of the future responsibilities & liabilities of the company acquiring right of user in land under the P & M.P. Act1962 .This is not judicious (& fair), because the provisions of the act under which the land is acquired mention only the present & future responsibility & liability of the land owner , the breach of which would
explicitly shows criminal offence attracting the provision of fine and /or imprisonment. At the same time the company has not settled yet the claims pertaining to the damage/s due to company’s (project) work in the land under right of user in land. There is no mention of RGTIL’s liabilities & responsibilities in the instances/events of (impromptu lowering/submerging of the land), water logging or the damage to life of land owner, neighbour, passer by or the property thereof due to gas leakage. Therefore we will be rendered helpless & won’t be able to do anything, if the company refuses to own its liabilities & responsibilities.

That the issues pertaining to compensation for crop, trees, and issues beyond supplementary panchnama and land owners’ land are still pending at present.

That if the company is not attentive in redressing our problems at present, we are sure the company’s attitude in future will be definitely autocratic.

That it is not judicious that under the pretext of the P & M.P.Act 1962 lacking in provision for repairing/compensating damages done to our neighbours and govt. roads etc. by the company’s project execution, the company is laying all the responsibilities on land owners.

That on the basis of “railway freight corridor”, the company should buy/purchase the economically non viable fragment/s of two/three fragments of our land resulted due to gas pipeline.

That the compensation of our acquired land should be paid on the basis of current market price and it should not be on the basis of present “juntry” rates. The company has not paid the interest of the period between the actual date of acquisition of land and actual date of payment of such compensation. By such whimsical/high handed acts (of omission & commission) the officers of RGTIL have inflicted tremendous financial & psychological damage to us.

That the company should provide the farmers/land owners all the details of names and addresses of owner/s and responsible officers as well as the details of company’s shareholders, so that in the event of pending suits as well as other issues, at present in future, we can institute civil and criminal proceedings against them in their personal as well as company’s designation’s capacity.

That the company as well as the govt. should inform in advance regarding the change in ownership of the company so as to enable us to file suits for settlement of our pending claims and cases.

That it will be imperative to inform us, the land owners, prior to affecting mutation in record of rights (in favor of the company) by sending/serving individual 135 D Notice to each of us .The procedure of issuing collective 135 D Notice through news paper advertisement is not acceptable to us., because, it is not necessary for each of us to read news papers.

That the same practice should be adopted in case of RGTIL, too, as it is done for affecting mutations in record of rights in the event of land owner’s transaction with banks etc.

That it is our general understanding that the revenue department does not have to follow/ function according to the gazettes and notifications of Govt.of India & Govt.of Gujarat. These notifications/gazettes does not have (or offer) any solution/s for (multiple) problems arising (due to this/such projects) in farmer’s/land owner’s
practical (day to day) life. Please note with this anticipatory objection letter that there is no provision in land revenue code life for giving any special favour to RGTIL or any other company.

That the court stamp of Rs.03/-is affixed on this anticipatory objection application/letter.

Yours faithfully,
(For) Gandevi Taluka RGTIL Prabhavit Khedut Samiti
Sd. /—————————
(Bharatbhai M.Naik)

Free English translation from text in Gujarati:

District Collectorate, Navsari.
Navsari, dated 30-12-2010.

Chief Administrative Officer,
Reliance Gas Transportation Infrastructure Limited,

Subject: Anticipatory objection to mutation in Record of Rights Village Form 7 & 12 (“Bijo Haq Ane Bojani Vigat”) showing URL User right of land in favour of Reliance Gas Transportation Infrastructure Limited

This is to inform regarding the aforementioned subject that President of Gandevi Taluka RGTIL Prabhavit Khedut Samiti in his application submitted to this office dated 06-12-2010 requested to take appropriate steps to take cognizance of the anticipatory objection & (simultaneously) seeking stay on mutation in Record of Rights , Village Form 7 & 12 (“Bijo Haq Ane Bojani Vigat”: details of other rights & liabilities) showing URL User right of land in favour of Reliance Gas Transportation Infrastructure Limited for the area wherein the underground gas pipeline is laid in the agricultural lands of (villages of) Gandevi Taluka, of Navsari District. The original application (mentioning) objections are enclosed herewith. It is requested to take cognizance of the same and appropriate actions be taken towards your rights.

(By instruction of Collector) Sd. /- ——————
On Behalf of Collector, Navsari. :
Shri Bharatbhai M. Naik
President of Gandevi Taluka RGTIL Prabhavit Khedut Samiti ,
Res.: At & post AMALSAD, Taluka Gandevi for information regarding your application
dated 06/12/2010.