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NaMo Past 66

September 16, 2016

Hello world,

Narendra Modi completes 66 years today. He was @CMOGujarat from 7 Oct. 2001  to 22 May 2014. He is @PMOIndia from 26 May 2014 till this moment .My unilateral relationship of love & hate started with him when he as Chief Minister of Gujarat  took a clear partisan decision in favour of RGTIL ,a subsidiary of RIL and a piggy company of Mukesh Nita Ambani. Saurabh Patel alias Durgandh Dalal was his and their man in Gujarat Government. Navsari’s the then collector RC Mina and the revenue officers under him harassed me by “oft repeated misinterpretations to suit their whims “ in two RTS cases of quasi-judicial nature .The ordeal started somewhere in 2004-2005 and is not yet over. I started my “Laboratory Experiments in Revenue Laws, Rules and Regulations vis a vis attitudes of government employees of all strata. My One Man Campaign for Revenue Reforms started in 2004-2005 .  Meanwhile NaMo started his round of pre-election transfers of IAS , IPS .GAS and other government employees.

On a day destined by GOD I chanced a look at collector RC Mina,  a man not worth to be in IAS , a liar and a law breaker himself ! The Clinician in me told me of a serious disease harassing RC Mina. I flashed an e mail to NaMo. I advised him and recommended that “in given circumstances RC Mina should NOT be transferred , his job continued at Navsari with the minimum workload and files to attend with all possible help that a government can offer to IAS“. NaMo ,I hated the most  ( with Dhiru Ambani and his notorious ,useless progeny Mukesh Nita Ambani ) acted in accordance with my request.

I don’t know what happened to RC Mina afterwards. I pray for him.

It is a span of nearly twelve years , recently I knew of NaMo acting on a dummy letter in the name of Sonal from Vadia. The letter was written by Prashant Dayal, a bête noire of NaMo ,Amit Shah & almost all Media Owners . Dayal is junior to me as NaMo ,Amit Shah and their coterie is .i never met him. I remember meeting NaMo in 1991. I do not know Amit Shah as a person worth knowing .

Sonal was saved from brothel village Vadia by Mittal Patel ,a real social activist and brought to Prashant Dayal for help and protection. See the irony. Prashant Dayal himself in need of protection, waged a battle with no material resources at hand. He sent a Blog link to NaMo . The rest is a very recent history supported by ViRu and NaMo.

That gesture saved ViRu and NaMo from future troubles brewing in BJP’s backyard. i changed the plans to overthrow the present Gujarat Government and Central Government somewhere in February 2017 to bring Mid Term poll for Lok Sabha to be held concurrently with polls for  Legislative Assemblies in Gujarat, U.P., Punjab and a poll to sink Arvind  Kejriwal’s  AAP !

Sonal, Mittal and Prashant changed future course of events.

I changed plans in toto with all logistics in trash bins.

I requested my cadres in 219 districts  (of 675 total districts of India ) to make all moves India centric and hence NaMo centric.

We do not support any other leader in India . We neither support BJP nor any other party may be Congress or any outfit of name sake.

Immediate effect here in Gujarat is to support ViRu , Vijay Rupani , the present and the next Chief Minister of Gujarat .List of corrupt, highly corrupt and very highly corrupt is being up dated. Various Laboratories are established on the pattern of Navsari !  We will COMPEL  NaMO and ViRu to dump all notables termed by people as black sheep in government, assembly and administration to make Corruption Free Gujarat first and then Corruption Free India.

We will COMPEL NaMo and ViRu to make   all present Laws, Rules and Regulations applicable to RIL,  Saurabh Patel, Mukesh Nita Ambani , Nita Mukesh Ambani  and all other Piggy Companies in their kitty. NaMo has been Namak Halaal to them till today. Now he has to be Namak Halaal to The Indian State which is at our heart . He may keep his Pocket and Government Corrupt. Bur henceforth he will not be allowed to be Namak Haram to India and Indians. Enough is enough.

I wish NaMo another 34 years with a very robust health, strong will and success all the ways in India’s fight to rout Terror and Terrorists .If it is within my powers, I give my remaining years to NaMo.

He is Pu .Hira Ba’s son , Let him be Kohinoor.



Oh Reliance ! ( Part :11 Bilingual )

May 2, 2016

Hello World ,

My journey with you is tortuous and  pleasant.

My well wisher sent a link propelled me to publish this installment.

The link is :

The Unhappy Prince: How Reliance Buried a Book via @thewire_in

i withheld the publication of this installment just to see the outcome of cases before Gujarat High Court & Supreme Court of India.i don’t know what happened  but i think i must provide my new colleagues the fronts for their individual research On Reliance Industries Limited & Mukesh Nita Ambani .

So over to them .

ઑહ રિલાયન્સ ! : ભાગ ૧૧

Oh Reliance !   ( Part :11 Bilingual  )

If they could not have done legal arm twisting to bury the book, Ambanis could not have survived ” The Polyester Prince ” by Hamish McDonald.

i wonder how The Wire &  Subir Ghosh with Paranjoy Guha Thakurta mustered enough courage to try to unwrap the cover of the book .Is SCI ban on publication & sale of ” The Polyester Prince” revoked  ? If not, i must congratulate  The Wire & Subir Ghosh with Paranjoy Guha Thakurta for their venture !

With utmost modesty & humbleness i may say that i,  only i carried “one man campaign ” against RIL  & Mukesh Nita Ambani for more than a decade using Internet, Facebook, Twitter & WordPress as my platform,writing pad or notebook, whatever you may call.

i could do it because RIL & Mukesh Nita Ambani could not buy any of them !  Of course MNA has Independent Media Trust as their Vox Ambani @ Reliance.

No one else  helped. i lost many friends & relationships .

if The Wire &  Subir Ghosh with Paranjoy Guha Thakurta  are really serious enough they should investigate Mukesh Nita Ambani’s plethora of piggy companies ,the places used for parking government officers & children of corrupt politicians.

i invite The Wire &  Subir Ghosh with Paranjoy Guha Thakurta to follow me on                          (1) Blogs : http://desaibankim.wordpress.con/                                                                                       (2) Facebook : Bankimchandra Desai                                                                                                        (3) Twitter : @vasanji  Bankimchandra Desai                                                                                         (4) Facebook : India’s RIL & RGTIL Victims United                                                                                                                                                                              ( 5) Facebook : Oh Reliance ! ( 1 to 10 , To be continued ) a series in Gujarati ,to be translated soon into all Indian Languages .

At present i am in the USA to investigate Reliance ! i am not yet 10% of my goal & job .

Why ?

Unreliable Reliance is so vast that i just could not study the papers ,the contents thereof & legal as well as extralegal ramifications contained in the salvo that is Reliance, the Unreliable.

i incur a risk on my life but the Gods & Goddesses  Mukesh Nita Ambani bribe heftily & regularly happen to be my Gods & Goddesses as well.

Now i am not alone ! The Wire &  Subir Ghosh with Paranjoy Guha Thakurta have joined me . Let us wait how long they remain in my bandwagon ! (To be continued )

( ક્રમશ } : ઑહ રિલાયન્સ ! : ભાગ ૧૧

હવે આ યુનિયનવાળી વાત આવી એટલે ખ્યાલ આવ્યો કે અતિ વફાદારોને તો આ લોકો કાઢી જ મૂકે છે ! આવું જ બધે બનતું હશે !ત્યાં યુનિયન નહિ થાય તો જ નવાઇ ! રિલાયન્સના કર્મચારીઓ માટે રિલાયન્સ હેસ બીકમ અનરિલાયેબલ !

રિલાયન્સ ઇન્ડસ્ટ્રીઝ લિમીટેડ સામેના ગુજરાતના ખેડૂતોના જે કૉર્ટ કેસ છે તે ત્રણ જાતના છે.

પહેલા પ્રકારમાં જુદા જુદા નામ અને પાટિયા હેઠળ વપરાશી હક હેઠળ લીધેલી કે આંચકી લેવાયેલી જમીનો અને તેમાંના મકાન ઝાડબીડ વગેરેના અપૂરતા વળતર અંગેના કેસ ડીસ્ટ્રીક્ટ કૉર્ટ ,હાઇ કૉર્ટ થઇને સુપ્રિમ કૉર્ટ ઑફ ઇન્ડીયા સમક્ષ ચાલી રહ્યા છે.

બીજા પ્રકારના કેસોમાં સરકારે ખેડૂતો પાસેથી લઇને કંપનીને આપેલી જમીન અંગેના અને “સેઝ” જેવા જાહેરનામા હેઠળની સંપાદિત જમીન અંગેના કેસો.

ત્રીજા પ્રકારના કેસોમાં સરકારે કંપનીને આપેલી સરકારી જમીન અંગેના કેસો. તેમાં  “શ્રી સરકાર”  વાળી, દાન યા અનુદાન તરીકે મળેલી સરકારી જમીન અંગેના કેસો

વપરાશી હક હેઠળના સંપાદનની કાયદેસરતા અને યોગ્યતાના પ્રશ્નો તો ૧૯૬૨ ના ધ પી. ઍન્ડ એમ. પી. ઍક્ટ (ધ પૅટ્રોલીયમ ઍન્ડ મીનરલ પાઇપલાઇન ઍક્ટ ૧૯૬૨) હેઠળ સરકારે અને બધી કૉર્ટોએ રિલાયન્સ ઇન્ડસ્ટ્રીઝ લિમીટેડની તરફેણમાં ઉકેલાયેલા ગણીને અભરાઇએ ચઢાવી દીધેલા.આ કાયદાની આડમાં જે ખોટાં કામો થયાં છે તે બેમિસાલ છે. કંપની અને સરકાર એટલે કે પ્રધાનો અને અધિકારીઓ જ્યાં ભાગીદાર હોય ત્યાં શું નહિ થાય ?

આ કાયદો મૂળ તો નહેરુ અને કેસકરનું વિકલાંગ બાળક ! ૧૮૯૪ નો જમીન સંપાદનનો જે કાયદો અંગ્રેજોએ બનાવેલો તે બહુધા જેમનો તેમ આંબેડકર, નહેરુ,પ્રસાદ વગેરેની  બંધારણ ભજન મંડળીએ બીજા અનેક કાયદાઓની સાથે સ્વીકારી લીધેલો.. પવિત્ર મહાન ભારત ભૂમિનું બંધારણ “કૉપી ઍન્ડ પૅસ્ટ”નું ઉત્તમ ઉદાહરણ છે. બંધારણ સભાના મોટા ભાગના સભ્યો બહુશ્રુત વકીલો હતા. તેઓએ જે વેઠ ઉતારેલી તે પણ ઉત્તમ પ્રકારની હતી..અંગ્રેજોએ તો પોતાના હિતોના સંવર્ધન માટે કાયદાઓ બનાવેલા. અંગ્રેજોની જગ્યાએ દેશી અંગ્રેજો આવ્યા !

બાર ઍટ લૉ એવા નમૂનારુપ એક બે નહિ પણ અનેક  ખેરખાંઓએ આ કાયદાઓમાં જે છીંડાઓ રહેવા દીધેલાં તે બધાનો તો ઉપયોગ આપણા દેશી અંગ્રેજોએ કર્યો જ, પણ જ્યાં બંધારણ કે હયાત કાયદા નડતર રુપ જણાયા ત્યાં નશ્તર મૂકીને તે દૂર કરી દેવાયા. આ વાઢકાપમાં જમીન મિલ્કત ધારણ કરવાનો મૂળભૂત અધિકાર નાગરિકોના હાથમાંથી જતો રહ્યો. જે જજોએ એનો વિરોધ કર્યો તેઓને એક યા બીજી રીતે સહન કરવું પડયું. લોક્સભા અને રાજ્યસભામાં બધા રાજકીય પક્ષોએ મળી સમજીને ખીચડી પકાવીને ગરીબોના નામે પોતાનું કલ્યાણ કર્યુ.

ખેતીની અને બિનખેતીની જમીન અંગે તો જેટલી સરકાર તેટલા કાયદા અને નિયમો બન્યા .જાત જાતના બહાને જમીનો પાણીના ભાવે તેના માલિકો પાસેથી પડાવી લેવાઇ.એક વાર હક્ક્પત્રક્માં  “શ્રી સરકાર” થઇ જાય પછી તે જમીન જેની વધુ વગ તેને આપી દેવાનો રસ્તો ખુલ્લો થઇ જાય. રિલાયન્સ ઇન્ડસ્ટ્રીઝ લિમીટેડની વાત તો નમૂના રુપ છે. તેના જેવા તો કેટલા યે લાભાર્થીઓ બધે બધ છે. સત્તાના અને નાણાના તોરમાં રિલાયન્સ ઇન્ડસ્ટ્રીઝ લિમીટેડના માલિકોએ અને અધિકારીઓએ જે ” વ્હાઇટ કોલર ગુનાઓ ” કર્યા તે તો અજોડ છે.

Something interesting from Twitter :

Parimal Nathwani Verified account

@mpparimal By 2100 A.D., Oceans will rise b/w 11″ to 52″ depending on heat trapping gases expelled by industries & vehicles.

** If this prophecy comes true we have 84 years to go.By 2100 AD we will be all dead.i don’t know if Mukesh Nita Ambani & Parimal Nathwani will last that long. i wish them to live !

Why ?

Their presence will be necessary to acquire thousands of acres of lands to relocate RIL Refineries @ Jamnagar , Gujarat & Antilia !

Why ?

The trio will leave Dwarkadhish to HIS fate & for one more occasion Dwarka will be engulfed by sea, rising sea .

How can that happen to RIL properties & Antilia ? What they have not done ,legally & illegally, to acquire lands & develop with large chunk of share owners’ money ? They circumvented laws to usurp farmers’ compensations . They are cursed day & night by thousands of RIL & RGTIL Victims.

That curse is for the entire family of Mukesh Nita Ambani & Parimal Nathwani.

They can bribe temple Gods @ Dwarka, Shrinathji & Tirupati Balaji. They can cheat Goddess Amba @ Ambaji. They can bring Anil Ambani and his company Reliance ADAG on roads. They can defeat all Victims in all court cases.

But on the day of reckoning after 84 years ,what will they do ?

(To be continued ) ( ક્રમશ ):

Unreliable Reliance Jio, India Maro !

March 24, 2016

Hello world,

i was wonder struck reading Andy Mukherjee’s write up .i was curious and amused to read a poor press note from Mukesh Nita Ambani’s Department of Mis-Information and Propaganda.

Crazy for cheap publicity Mukesh is not satisfied with his news coverage in media in India. He craves for recognition abroad. By hook or crook he gets published. He pays dearly.There is no derth of journalists who are corrupt by all means and in all senses.Without touring India or various sites owned by Mukesh Nita Ambani and RIL, they just publish a RIL fed story with  their names. Here is one more sample of such a table story.

Please see the credentials of a writer named Andy Mukherjee ,who is a Bloomberg Gadfly columnist covering industrial companies and financial services. He previously was a columnist for Reuters Breakingviews. He has also worked for the Straits Times, ET NOW and Bloomberg News.

i quote,

 Ambani Gets Lucky Again — INFORMATION CENTRE FOR…


    By Andy Mukherjee. India’s richest tycoon also seems to be its luckiest. While many a formerly gung-ho Indian businessman is being crushed by debt, Mukesh Ambani …

 Ambani Gets Lucky Again

By Andy Mukherjee

India’s richest tycoon also seems to be its luckiest.

While many a formerly gung-ho Indian businessman is being crushed by debt, Mukesh Ambani’s Reliance Industries is getting one break after another. First came the fall in global crude prices, which has already given the conglomerate’s refining business $10-plus-a-barrel margins for four straight quarters, its biggest windfall in almost seven years.

Read More: Bloomberg”

i unquote .


i react with this write up posted on Facebook. .

Unreliable Reliance Jio ,India Maro !

Mukesh Nita Ambani has to be lucky even before his investment in Narendra Modi gets operational in getting lands.licenses , favours & tax moratoriums.

Narendra Modi & Sonia Gandhi may be at loggerheads but not for harming MN Ambani’s interests @ Reliance Industries Limited. They are in fact hands in gloves in helping him in all manners.The amendments in the land acquisition act,the arbitration act are at the behest of MN Ambani. Whatever may be the effect down slide in international gas & oil markets has, consumers in India are not benefited .

Why ?

Any benefit to consumer is the loss to MN Ambani !

Congress or for that sake any opposition party will not utter a single word against MN Ambani and his Reliance though doubtful land acquisitions,laying of gas pipelines, contract labour, exploitation of employees, unfair practices of officers are current hot topics debated throughout India.

Andy Mukherjee & Katrina Nicholas should get a copy of Polyester Prince from Mukesh himself & ask him the date of withdrawal of SCI stay on its free distribution.Being a media moghul himself Mukesh Nita Ambani has muzzled Press ,coerced journalists,bribed editors through his Independent Media Trust which is neither Independent nor Media,far from being a Trust due to its being one of the foremost of numerous Piggy Companies used by Mukesh & Nita for parking corrupt government officers,judicial officers ,police officers & siblings of politicians.

MN ambani & Reliance industries Limited are a classic example of concentration & continuous rise in wealth of a single entity .

If this paid writer & editor could have dissected profit distribution they could have recommended RIL’s NATIONALISATION !

MN Ambani & RIL grow continuously but India & Indians continue to bleed.

Reliance Industries has had a number of lucky breaks. The latest hints at a more favorable business environment|By Andy Mukherjee

The Difference

October 3, 2015

Hello World,

Facebook displayed the following news item on my Home page.

i was astonished to read/study it. It is a near defamation of Mark Zuckerberg ,CEO of Facebook and it is on Facebook.

i just could not believe it.  Yes it is there.

i quote,

Mark Zuckerberg moved closer to a trial over a developer’s lawsuit alleging the billionaire committed fraud.
Bloomberg | Oct 3, 2015, 12.17 PM IST “

i unquote.

It was displayed as a Times of India news item.

i posted my comments on ToI ‘s page. It was returned back with  remarks….. typical of Indian Hypocrisy.

i prefer to post it as my Blog. Be pleased to peruse.

i quote,

“Mark Zuckerberg  & Mukesh-Nita  Ambani  :

Absurd Comparision :

Whatever may be the outcome of this law suit, it has definitely dented  Zuckerberg’s name.prestige & credibility. If this can happen with/to him ,no one is immune, at least in the USA, from the law suits.

Attorneys are attorneys and they are the same everywhere. The Black Coat has the advantage or say disadvantage both ways.

A property developer dragged Mark Zuckerberg to a court of law on the charges of failure to fulfill the verbal  promise . The court refused to quash the charges & the law suit itself. Mark Zuckerberg  has to face the music. Only God knows what actually transpired between the two while transacting the deal. One has to see the area Palo Alto to believe the nature of the suit. I was around the area this time last year.  Mark Zuckerberg has not refused knowing the appellant developer. Circumstantial   evidence points to the relationship of a buyer & a seller cum broker cum developer. The case hinges on  “ verbal  promise” purportedly given by the buyer to the developer.

The court has not given benefit of doubt to Mark Zuckerberg.

Imagine what could have happened in such a case  in any court in India.

One can not imagine a judge /judicial officer in India subjecting Mukesh-Nita Ambani to any  law on a genuine count also . That is the difference between judiciary in India & the USA .

I happen to be a victim of RGTIL/RIL

RGTIL/ RIL Affected Victims are trying to book RIL & MN Ambani for a decade or so .

Despite  a  plethora of concrete evidences,RGTIL/ RIL managed the system comprising  the government, parliament and judiciary. Right from SCI to a lower most court, the president / prime minister to a deputy minister, the chief secretary of GoI to a village panchayat clerk, every  one knows about the plight of victims, yet No One knows.

NaMo @narendramodi @PMOIndia was @Facebook a few days back. He has a lesson from Mark Zuckerberg  to learn. “Respect the law of the land” .

Indian Americans who welcomed & felicitated Narendra Modi  have to know this very well.

Why ?

None of them will return to India .

If they prefer to stay in the USA as an NRI , a green card holder or a citizen, be loyal to the USA.

Learn and remember always to respect the law in the USA.

If Mark Zuckerberg  , one of ‘your” employers is not immune from the  law.

How are “you”  to  be free from law ?  A verbal promise is/can be  a deemed  written pledge. If you give one, fulfill it . Otherwise do not promise !

Remember always, that the land where you have preferred to stay & work is not India, but it is the USA.


The other glaring difference is the democratic freedom,.freedom of expression, freedom of thought, freedom of speech practised by /@Facebook . The way Facebook has displayed anews concerning its CEO, none other than Mark Zuckerberg is exemplary. Hats off to Mark Zuckerberg & Facebook.
i dare all media barons and mughals in India ,including Mukesh-Nita Ambani @ IMT- Independent Media Trust to flash the complete story narrating from A to Z of RGTIL/RIL Affected Victims.
i am sure they will search for the nearest restroom “.

i unquote.

NJAC-Pages Counted

June 21, 2015

Hello World ,

Attorney General Mukul Rohatgi seems to have dossiers of all past and present judges of the Supreme Court of India and all high courts. He has special feelings about Cyriac Joseph from Kerala ..AG seems to have forgotten other Kerala VIP, K .G.Balakrishnan, ex CJI and present Chairperson of the National Human Rights Commission of India. After retirement,KGB earned credits and mentions in news headlines in a case purportedly involving him in a case of disproportionate assets.The case was given an ice water treatment and no one remembers it now.Reason? He played to the tune of the ruling party which was much worried about the well being of Mukesh Ambani and RIL.Reason? For the then government of India, RIL was India Inc.RIL was representative of india’s economy. On going court wrangle between Ambani brothers,Mukesh and Anil, disturbed the politicians and bureaucrats more than the litigants themselves. The then CJI KG Balakrishnan took it upon himself to salvage Indian economy @ RIL @ Mukesh Ambani . He decided the case on the day of his retirement.

AG Mukul Rohatgi should be interested in counting pages of the entire file of this high profile case.The curious minds would naturally ask, the following questions:

(a) When did KGB ordered SCI registry to present case papers before him/his bench ?

(b) How many days,hours,minutes were available to peruse the entire bulk?

(c) What was the speed of KGB to read them? How many pages the fastest reader can read?

(d)How many pages were there in KGB’s order?

(e) How many hours would it take for the most competent stenographer to take KGB’s dictation? How many hours would it take to type them?

(f) How many other matters were there for KGB to decide singularly and with other judge/s?

(g) What was the number of pages dictated by other judge on the bench ?

(h) How many available minutes were there for KGB to pronounce verdict?

i said then and assert today that the judgment was provided in the form of a Pen Drive by no one other than Mukesh Ambani  and his legal advisors with full prior approval of the government of India.! it was a classic case of Camaraderie , mutual trust and friendship among government represented by  ministers,bureaucrats, judges,counsels , opposition leaders, media who spend a lot of time together.They all contributed to KGB’s order of final day of service..All was said and done to save India’s best interests.By the way who were the players ( Mukesh Ambani and RIL’s counsel,prime minister etc. then ?

KGB should be requested to resign and vacate his statutory position he got as a reward for service to Mukesh Ambani and RIL.Then he should be requested to file an affidavit to negate my assertions. i am in a position to trash him with his papers only.

AG Mukul Rohatgi should be audacious enough or to say the government of India @narendramodi @PMOIndia should have wisdom to agree to review of all awards of lands acquired by RIL & RGTIL from RIL’s inception to 21 June 2015.

It is easy for AG and NaMo to target judges of lesser eminence. Can they pin point KG Balakrishnan and/or other ex CJI’s ?

Are they sure that other ex-CJIs are beyond any doubts?

In Gujarat , IAS ,IPS,IRS officers dispose of /decide the maximum number of files to pass the maximum number of orders. Why? The collection of bribe /Amul White money is on that D Day ! The Babus are in special mood on that day.It is more or less the same everywhere, be it ( SCI,High Court ,District Court, Trial Court ),Chief Secretary, Revenue Secretary, District Collector  or any officer having powers to decide and pass orders.n

Narendra Modi knows this fact very well. He has facilitated the system in his tenure as Gujarat’s chief minister and he was the direct beneficiary of the same..Now he wants to be Raja Harishchandra  with the help of Mukesh Nita Ambani .!

NJAC – National Judiciary Appointments Commission is the vital step for them.

India and indians should be ready to receive numerous pen drive orders,judgments,files,materials.No one needs to take pains and incur troubles. Only one has to mortgage all  that is under scalp ! Buckle up …..



Konakuppakatil Gopinathan Balakrishnan is the Chairperson of the National Human Rights Commission of India. He is a former Chief Justice of India. He was the first judge from the state of Kerala to become the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.

Let The Truth Prevail

May 12, 2015

Hello World,

With the implementation of The Press Code de Modi ,the Press & Media at large are subservient to Narendra Modi & his real master, Mukesh Nita Ambani. The wave of expulsion of anti Modi,anti Mukesh Nita Ambani & anti RIL editors,journalists from main stream media and channels created a vaccum hard to fill.With Narendra Modi’s one year in office and a series of his debacles tell very badly on the plight of Indians.

With Prashant Bhushan & Arvind Kejriwal out of my mentor’s role, i took it upon myself to wage ‘one man’s war against Mukesh Nita Ambani & RIL. My tirade has resulted in a definite halt in NaMo’s & SoGa’s overt & covert moves to grant MN Ambani @RIL’s demand for rise in gas prices.MN Ambani’s foreign collaborators namely British Petroleum & NICO expressed to withdraw from joint venture. MN Ambani’s Australian Arbitrator ,Justice Spiegelman is caught in a fire of indecisiveness. His prestige ,honesty & integrity are all at a stake due to his consent for SCI’s Arbitration on gas price rise.He must have been sick of my incessant mails urging him to withdraw and thereby do much awaited justice to India & Indians. i have a copy each of Polyester Prince as well as  Ambani & Sons .Both were authored by Hamish Mc Donald.

i requested Justice Spiegelmen to study both the books by Australian Journalist who happened to be an employee of ABC- Australia Broadcasting Corporation . Who was/is the head of ABC? Jusice Spiegelmen ! i raised a pointed question to him.Why Mukesh Nita Ambani wants to continue with the SCI’s ban on Polyester Prince when he himself is the owner of a media company,Independent Media Trust ?

The way MN Ambani is successful in suppressing Polyester Prince ,he and his agents are 24x7x52 busy is suppressing TRUTH about HIM and his RIL., which has by now earned notoriety as UNRELIABLE RELIANCE !

Luck is not that kind to him for ever.

The Truth ultimately appears on surface.

i give you an example how media is geared and galvanised by Vitamin M – Amul White Money of RIL


Let Truth Prevail :


The Times of India ‘s Surat Bureau is staffed by Melvin Reggie Thomas, Yagnesh Mehta, Himanhu Bhatt & Aashlesha Khurana They are very popular amongst  publicity mongers in high society representing very influential  industrial, socioeconomic & political circles. These publicity seekers value ToI staff very much  , because, reports published  in English and that too in The Times of India can be used as brochures in New Delhi & Gandhinagar.


They have a special wel-come @ Surat Municipal Corporation , Collectorates in South Gujarat ,  Surat Police Commissionerate, Diamond Bourse, Chamber of Commerce, Textile Markets , GPCB , Excise & Custm Collectorate , Income Tax Commissionerate, CBI, politicians like MPs & MLAs, city  industrialists, and Hazira based  RIL, Essar, L &T, ONGC, GAIL ,Kribhco etc units.


Class one gazetted officers including IAS,IPS,IRS,GAS compete with each other  to befriend these scribes They use their reports to enhance their “ CR- Confidential Report”!


Industries like RIL treat them very specially. RIl’s Hemant Desai & Jayesh Gajjar with company’s PRO are expert handlers of all media persons and media owners. They are specialists in preventing and prohibiting reports which would eventually go against RIL, RIL’s interests, RIL’s subsidiaries * Mukesh Nita Ambani’s  piggy companies.


Only fellows bereft of the easy reach of these highly placed journalists  are farmers ,land owners & land losers of South Gujarat . They are agitating for their legitimate complaints and genuine concerns.They are opposed to land acquisitions under  various acts for Western Expressway, Western Railway Freight Corridor, Bullet Train, Coastal High Way, National High Way, State High Ways, District Roads, Gas Grid, Oil & Gas Pipe Lines for ONGC, GAIL, RGTIL /RIL, Essar, Adani .


RGTIL, a piggy company of MN Ambani @ RIL  decided to lay pipelines from Nagothane to Dahej for  transportation of Ethane Gas. For this RGTIL /RIl wants to use RoUs – Rights of Users acquired  by dubious and highly objectionable manner & coercive methods in 2007-2008. Narendra Modi & Congress connived with them . So the entire bureaucracy with the might of police and SRP. Inshort the entire State machinery was at the disposal of RIL @ MUkesh Nita Ambani.


Agitating farmers have constitutional & legal objections to RoUs acquired previously.

CPCB held public hearings in Maharashtra &  Gujarat regarding  environmental  issues. Recent series of blasts in ONGC pipelines  have exposed the poorest ever disaster management of all agencies.

RGTIL /RIL has NO ANSWER to volley of doubts raised by agitators.

RIL’s # of Hemant Desai, Jayesh Gajjar, Jatin Vakil & Digant Desai  have tried to hush up GPCB hearings.

GPCB’s hearings @ Navsari on 15-04-2015 & @ Surat on 08-05-2015 were very momentous and memorable. RIL ‘s officers were dumb-stuck. The presiding officer left the hearing half way at Navsari.

The District Collector was horrified to know the regn of terror unleashed by RGTIL/RIL ‘s # in the past. The poor fellow never knew the glorious & brilliant past record of the villainous RGTIL /RIL.He had to pass scathing & acidice remarks against RIL.


Such issue of immense public safety & interest has no place in The Times of India.

For a month or so I am scanning column by column of my favourite daily , The Times of India,  to find a word about  the stalemate created by Gas Line project of RGTIL /RIL.


I am unhappy and sorry to say that The Times of India collaborated with RGTIL/RIL to suppress & hide TRUTH. But all is not lost at the central editorial desk at Bahadurshah Zafar Marg, New Delhi  and  The Times House @ Mumbai.

The only trouble with our Times scribes at Surat is that they are not used to scan all the works of their seniors .

I submit what I have in my archives. It is a version without my editing.

Whatever editing was done ,it was done by the Times editorial staff.

The permitted, edited & published version says whatever I awnt to say.


I quote,

“ The Times of India <>

18 Apr

to me

The Times Of India

Dear Reader,

Your comment on the article ”RIL back as India’s most profitable company” is now displayed on

”Lest MN Ambani’s ‘s attitude towards RGTIL & RIL VIctims could be judicious and generous.Huge profit is due to non payment of compensations to victims throughout India.”

To reply to this comment , or see the whole conversation, click here.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


Team TOI

The Times of India <>

18 Apr

to me

The Times Of India

Dear Reader,

Your comment on the article ”RIL back as India’s most profitable company” is now displayed on

”One has to imagine what could be RIL’s profit if SoGa’s UPA 2 & NaMo’s NDA 3 government agreed to RIL’s demand for raising gas prices by four times! Life of Indians would be definitely miserable four times as compared to today’s plights experienced by all honest citizens,Now Govt of India & The Supreme Court of India should cancel the Arbitration Procedure in the gas price issue demanded by RIL-BP -Nico ,All Looters Combine !.I is now certain that RIL manipulates account books. The huge loss was the reason for demand for Gas Price Arbitration by SCI.If the loss is continuous and was/is genuine , then, how RIL has managed to show record profits? This is nothing but jugglery by expert cheaters to maintain share price .MN Ambani is now definitely the Richest Beggar of India.”

To reply to this comment , or see the whole conversation, click here.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


Team TOI”


I unquote .


i call upon the Bennett,Coleman & Company Limited to undertake a massive search and investigations to unearth all the truths about all the  operations during last decade of Reliance Industries Limited and all its subsidiaries along with all  piggy companies of Mukesh Nita Ambani.


Fresh Terror For RGTIL Victims

March 19, 2015

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Fresh Terror For RGTIL Victims
Hello world,
Apropos my Speed post and Internet Blogs, NaMo and his government amended the proviso in NaMo’s Land Acquisition Bill in Lok Sabha and agreed to right to appeal. That appeal has to be squared off at district level. That means the Land Acquisition Officer @ Additional District Collector @ District Collector @ District Judge will hear and dispose of the appeals. Nothing more than that .No further case at arbitration, high court or supreme court. If this happens in all civil and criminal cases, what will be the situation is a matter of wild guess.
The present scenario is not encouraging. Even if the district level officers are competent, well versed legally, they are not likely to be courageous enough to stand erect, think in upright fashion and rule against the Company @ The Government. They are most likely to be devoid of any courage to be noncorrupt. So NaMo and his storm trooper companies know the manners and tricks of the trade, one of them being ,”Delay the matter sine die” to the unbearable limit of the litigant land owner ,may be a poor farmer without any resources, knowledge, courage and patience.
The United Opposition advanced their march to the President of the Republic .They experienced a salvo by the opportunities to corner invincible NaMo and thereby raise their material stakes to unimaginable and astronomical proportions. The graft money they will receive from NaMo and other real beneficiaries is a genuine but once in life time opportunity. Our MPs and MLAs are thugs, crooks and lawless lawmakers ,majority of whom were selected by NaMo ,Sonia Gandhi,Sharad Yadav, Sharad Pawar, Lalu Prasad, Ram Vilas Paswan, Mayawati, Mulayam Singh Yadav, Chandra Babu Naidu, TRS, Jaya Lalitha, Karunanidhi and the Reds ! All of them will fool Indians en mass and see that NaMo succeeds in getting what he wants !
With this background of the contemporary Real Politic, what is the reality of such acquisitions in the past. i am a victim and as a victim i have followed the subject without getting lured or cowed down by forces of all kinds. Threats to my life are their and their real masters’ meticulous routine. God looks after me and protects me.
It is a sheer and mere coincidence that RGTIL is planning for its second stage operation when MN Ambani @ Antilia’s doormat, Narendra Modi happens to be a mega mall manager of RIL in his capacity of the Prime Minister of India. Judges at all levels have understood the message “Between The Lines ”. IAS, IRS, IPS and IFS cadres, too, are more than willing to follow the lines already dotted by NaMo.
MN Ambani- and their RGTIL/RIL have unleashed Fresh Terror for RGTIL Victims in Maharashtra and Gujarat. They are now very experienced fellows. They are sure that even if the Chief Justice of India is competent to trash the awards declared so far by Competent Authorities through out India involving all cases of RIL/RGTIL and other companies, on Grounds of Constitutional Validity, the CJI will not dare. That is the maximum height of independence judiciary can attain under NaMo and United Opposition.
So back to RGTIL.
RGTIL -Reliance Gas Transportation Infrastructure Limited, a RIL subsidiary believed to be a sole ownership company of Mukesh Nita Ambani and having partnership with BPL and Nico, embarks upon laying underground pipe lines for ethane transportation from Nagothane, Maharashtra to Dahej,Gujarat, in the lands already acquired by the company in the past under user rights. RGTIL Victims who have accepted the award and Cash thereby in the past are now scratching their head and palms.
What to do?
What will happen to the crops already existing under dubious dual ‘ownership’? RGTIL is owner of Perennial User Rights and the land title holder is an owner with duties and no rights.
Will RGTIL pay any compensation afresh , any more, for the present crop loss ?
What will be the status of cases pending at (1) CA , RGTIL, Surat , (2) various district courts and (3) Supreme Court of India ?
What will happen to properties belonging to private third parties and government? When RGTIL laid underground pipelines in the past , i was made a helpless victim to sustain a loss as a land holder adjoining the block where RGTIL enjoyed ‘User Rights’ .The company refused flatly to honour obligations to all third parties and public body. The government departments of revenue and irrigation bent forwards ,back wards and side wards to harass me in all manners. i am yet to get a reason order in RTS case and RTI appeal at the district level ! They can’t do that because they fear Saurabh Patel, the de facto Chief Minister of Gujarat then under NaMo and now under Anandiben Patel.i understand that if they deliver those reason orders RGTIL/RIL empire will come down like a pack of cards. The constitutional fulcrum rests upon that. Let the present Chief Justice of India address the issue with the help of Gopal Subramaniam as amicus curiae. Will NaMo dare to appoint GS to help all poor litigant farmers ? No, he needs their votes, that too roughly after four and half years ! Till then no more suits or other gifts to be auctioned ! Only money suit cases will be his favourite items to be shared willingly with United Opposition.
Realising this the third party neighbours are gearing up to wage a fight to finish in the event of any fresh loss due to RGTIL’s future activity envisaged under GPCB Notification.
Gujarat Pollution Control Board of Gujarat has scheduled a public hearing on 15-04-2015 for Navsari district’s RGTIL Affected Victims and others on its environmental aspects.
Looking at GPCB’s very brilliant record of the past to safeguard interests of owners of various industrial units, this public hearing will be just an exercise on paper to fool all concerned. The District Judge or the District Collector are nothing but ploys of the company/ies and the government. Their past record is very brilliant like that of GPCB so nobody has any reason to trust them. They may be good individuals but as government employees and representatives they are mere agents working overtime for Mukesh Nita Ambani of RGTIL /RIL and Saurabh Patel of Government of Gujarat. It will be better if both of them do not preside over the farcical proceedings on 15-04-2015.
GPCB’s ultimate boss is Saurabh Patel, the Proven Cheater Minister of Gujarat.He is a brother in law of MN Ambani . MN Ambani is a suspect Shri 420 in the eyes of Indians. , No doubt , Mukesh Nita Ambani is the proven richest beggar of India !
Over to cases RGTIL is facing at present.
The details of cases at the Supreme Court of India are as hereunder :
Case Hierarchy
SLP (Civil) [CC] 21606 / 2009
SLP (Civil) 2725 / 2010
On 10-02-2014 the Court made the following
Notice to State of Gujarat as well as to the learned Solicitor
General of India (through Central Agency).
List the matters on a non-miscellaneous day for final disposal.
(G.V.Ramana) (Vinod Kulvi)
Court Master Asstt.Registrar
Matter was to be heard & disposed on 17-03-2015
The latest position :
Likely to be Listed on 31/03/2015.
Details of cases at Navsari, Gujarat is reproduced hereunder :
Before the Hon’ble District Judge at Navsari (Guj.)
1. MISC./ CIVIL 10/2011 22-02-2011 BANKIMCHANDRA I. JOSHI
2. 11/2011 22-02-2011 JITENDRA DHIRAJLAL
3. 12/2011 22-02-2011 NAYANABEN RAJENDRABHAI
4. 13/2011 22-02-2011 JANAKRAI DHIRAJLAL MEHTA
5. 14/2011 22-02-2011 USHABEN ISHVARBHAI
6. 15/2011 22-02-2011 JAYDIPKUMAR NATVARLAL
7. 16/2011 22-02-2011 MAHADEVBHAI BHIKHABHAI
8. 17/2011 22-02-2011 RANJITRAI DOLATRAI DESAI
9. 18/2011 22-02-2011 BABUBHAI MANIBHAI
10. 19/2011 22-02-2011 AMITKUMAR NATVARLAL
11. 21 /2011 01-03-2011 SHAILESHKUMAR MANUBHAI NAIK
12. 27/2011 01-04-2011 PARESHKUMAR BALVANTBHAI
13. 28/211 04-04-2011 BHARATKUMAR MAGANLAL NAIK
14. 29/2011 04-04-2011 JAYESHBHAI NANUBHAI VASHI
15, 30/2011 06-04-2011 BHUPENDRA JAYANTILAL PATEL
16. 31/2011 06-04 -2011 LILABEN JAYANTILAL
17. 32/2011 06-04-2011 PARSOTTAM CHHAGANBHAI
Anyone who has faith in India’s Judiciary & Judicial System presided over by judicial officers need to have a close look at above cases. i refrain from adding undecided cases in other states. In the name of proceedings the courts are adjourned date after date. Competent Authority appointed by SCI’s order for two historic cases at Surat is yet to take charge and cognisance of the SCI’s order.
Do our courts, including SCI have any writ over Governments at New Delhi and state capitals?
Do our IAS,IRS,IPS,IFS officers respect law?
Do our law makers i.e MPs and MLAs abide by law?
It is extremely difficult to say ‘YES’.
i repent and regret often throwing my weapons years back in Hughli. At the most my parents would have lost a son in an encounter by police or army.
That remorse is a price i pay for having deep faith in Indian Constitution and revolution by non-violent ,peaceful ,legal & constitutional methods. What ever Gandhiji could achieve was solely due to generosity seconded by love for law and democratic norms on the part of the British.
i am ordained to live under Indian British, the alter ego of hypocrisy and lawlessness in blood and corruption in genes having a reign of the dictum ,” Apna fayda ,vo hi kayada”. meaning thereby ” my own benefit is The Law”.

Let NaMo Explain

February 22, 2015

Hello World,
Legacy of Pranab Mukerji as finance minister, Murli Deora @ Murli Mama,Veerappa Moily as petroleum minister is continued unabated in NaMo’s Transparent,Non-corrupt Rule.RIL and MN Ambani’s piggy companies as well as advisers were discussed in wide open to have provided Pen Drive budgets,decisions, government orders for successive Gujartat governments and Central governments.The courageous panels of counsels and senior counsels of SCI and various high courts are known as paid advisors cum advocates retained for/by RIL. Few of them are in the government and judiciary.Those who are not a part of the government and judiciary adorn opposition benches in the parliament and state assemblies. By and large, court judgements were/are in favour of RIL! No judge would dare to be judicious in the matters related to RIL,Mukesh Nita Ambani and their piggy companies and their encircling SEBI and CCI. In short, it was and is the government of,by and for Mukesh Nita Ambani.

Present File Gate or Spy Gate at the petroleum ministry seems to be an excellent script by NaMo.It involves the majority of players or villains in oil,gas,petroleum and energy sector. Niko and BP declared long back their intentions to quit from investments in India.They were/are here in India to earn profits and fabulous returns.Instead of profits they are on the side of totally unexpected loss.Despite their own men at the helms of affairs in India,they fail miserably to lynch India and Indians.

NaMo as their corrupt living God readily promulgated ordinances to facilitate summary land acquisitions for them. NaMo and these notorious companies are in hurry to acquire lands and energy resources.If they do it before the parliament meets, their agenda is partially fulfilled. Even if the parliament fails to ratify the impugned ordinances, the acquisitions under these ordinances can not be repelled by any court in India.

NaMo is a known agent of multinational and Indian industrial houses. FICCI and ASSOCHAM are very happy to have him with single party majority.Pranab Mukerji as the President of India warned NaMo against Rule by Ordinances.Probably he is repenting and repairing the damages he was made to cause,then, during his days as a central minister. Anna Hazare and his brain child,IAC-India Against Corruption vitiates the atmosphere. To get a clear credential for NaMo and his NDA (!) government vis a vis India immediate gimmick was imperative.It is all probable that the present File Gate is a handy tool to serve this purpose,involving all major players and villains.

If my conjectures are wrong and baseless regarding very recent File Gate or Spy Gate at petroleum ministry,and if it is a genuine one,it creats a vey strong case of/for RIL’s nationalisation and immediate government take over of all oil,gas,petroleum and energy resources to protect national interests which are not necessarily of NaMo,Congress,BJP and India Inc.If NaMo and his BJP majority government are really honest,sincere and transparent ,NaMo should initiate immediate inquiry and summary dismissal of Saurabh Patel @ Dalal from government of Gujarat.

After the installation of the elected government, ECI-Election Commission of India is rendered a toothless,hopeless and powerless statutory body.Inquiry against Saurabh Patel is handed over to an Additional Chief Secretary in charge of Energy and Petrochemical Departmentof Government of Gujarat! Saurabh Patel is the boss and his subordinate officer is supposed to inquire about/against him.

Only NaMo can explain and answer this riddle.

Will he ever dare ?

My unresolved petition in the case involving Saurabh Patel vs. Arvind Kejriwal is reproduced here.

The deep study of enclosures will reveal modus operandi Narendra Modi @ CM Gujarat adopted to fool Indians en mass.

Dt. 07-04-2014.
1. Election Commission of India
Nirvachan Sadan,
Ashoka Road,
New Delhi-110001.
2. Election Commission
General Administration Department,
Block No.07, 2nd Floor,
Gandhinagar, Gujarat.

In the matter of Saurabh Patel, Cabinet Minister, State of
Gujarat vs. Arvind Kejriwal

It is submitted with respect to all concerned that,

(1) i am a voter citizen of Village Amri, Tal.Navsari,Dist.Navsari,
(2) i have a locus standi in this case,
(3) Saurabh Patel is a public servant and his actions as a minister, MLA are liable to be scrutinised by Election Commission specially when he has kept his relationship with Ambani Family as closely guarded secret and took more than a decade to inform Election Commission about it,
(4) Saurabh Patel has not disclosed this open secret on his own, but, has done so on asking for a categorical reply of the issue by the Election Commission,
(5) Saurabh Patel’s affidavits filed at the time of filing his nomination papers during past assembly elections be scanned and scrutinised to find whether he has disclosed his relationship with Ambani Family or not,
(6) All share holdings by Saurabh Patel, his wife and children should be made public
specially in case of RIL, RGTIL, Adani, Torrent, Essar, Tata, Nirma L & T and any subsidiary company of all these companies,
(7) All decisions taken by him in the capacity of cabinet minister or minister of state be examined and if he has remained present in the meetings or deliberations of a committee or a sub-committee of cabinet where the agenda is/was about RIL, RGTIL, any other company of any member of Ambani Family,any company whose shares belong/belonged to Saurabh Patel and his family members,
(8) i am a victim of unlawful activities of RGTIL, a subsidiary of RIL with which/whom Saurabh Patel has pecuniary interests as a son in law of Ambani Family,
(9) Saurabh Patel as a cabinet minister failed to protect my interests and has done gross injustice to me and several others who are RGTIL Victims, some of whom had to file court cases for compensation and some of whom just had to sit down helplessly due to lack of resources to wedge a court battle against RGTIL/RIL, the company enjoying Saurabh Patel’s, hence the Gujarat government’s full protection,
(10) i had first hand experience of Saurabh Patel’s clout, high handedness of RGTIL/RIL officers at the time of deliberations of RTS Case No.06/ (20)11 in the court of Mamlatdar Navsari (Rural) at Navsari,
(11) i am yet to get a reason order in the same case and the User Rights in Lands were awarded arbitrarily in favour of RGTIL/RIL by affecting mutations in RoR of all RGTIL Victims,
(12) The same arbitrary method of mutations in RoR is practiced in all cases of land acquisitions for Special Investment Regions, govt.projects and corporate companies,
(13 i may be permitted to submit relevant papers to substantiate Saurabh Patel’s and hence RIL’s modus operandi,
(14) The Election Commission should invite citizens interested and affected to depose against Saurabh Patel@ Dalal,
(15) Till the issue is decided Saurabh Patel@Dalal be restrained from functioning as a minister in Gujarat or elsewhere.

Thanking you,
Yours sincerely,
(Bankimchandra M.Desai)

A copy each of:
1.ECI Identity Card No.GJ/24/173/204916
2.Statement dated 14-03-2011 :RTS Case No.06/ (20)11,Court of
Mamlatdar Navsari (Rural)
3.Claim notice dated 01-03-2008 reply from CA,RGTIL dated 05-02-2009
4.List of court cases against RGTIL: Navsari District Court
5.List of damages by RGTIL to private & public properties
6.Violations of central& state acts, laws and rules by RGTIL

Enclosure No. 01 related to paragraph 01
Enclosure No. 02: related to paragraph 08,10,11,12
Enclosure No. 03: related to paragraph 08, 09, 12
Enclosure No. 04: related to paragraph 09
Enclosure No. 05: related to paragraph 10, 12
Enclosure No. 06: related to paragraph 09, 10

Caravan’s Shekhar Gupta

December 30, 2014

Journalism of Convenience & Calculations :
Shekhar Gupta bought the farm house ( & adjacent agricultural lands) from Maneka Gandhi’s family.Were Maneka’s parents born agriculturists? Were Shekhar’s father & grand father agriculturists? What was/is the revenue law then/now to be an agriculturist in Haryana?? In Gujarat ,only a bonafide agriculturist having lands in Gujarat can buy agricultural land.
Many journalists in Gujarat became very rich by reporting and editing. Few of them cheated their ‘lalas’.Few of them shared the loot with their ‘lalas’.Few of them were jailed only to be baptised and graduated in the art of sophisticated black mailing which is generally known as ‘routine journalism’.Such stalwarts were/are employed/reemplyed by the respective and competitor ‘lalas’.
Shekhar Gupta is lucky to have considerate ‘maaliks’.
His relationship with P Chidambaram was not beneficial to Congress. His cosy feelings for Mukesh Ambani benefitted RIL & RGTIL by the complete black out by Indian Express & India Today in reporting irregularities in land acquisition and grabbing by RIL & RGTIL. Shekhar Gupta & Indian Express compensated Mukesh Ambani & RIL with this gesture the damages done to Dhirubhai Ambani & RIL by Indian Express with/under Arun Shourie & S. Gurumurthy .
Shekhar Gupta’s Journalism of Courage was in some cases Hypocrisy par excellance.RIL & RGTIL Victims will never forgive & forget the great betrayal by the Press at large.

Capital Reporter
ALMOST EVERY YEAR for nearly two and a half decades, Shekhar Gupta hosted a party on Diwali. In 1990, when the tradition started, he was a senior editor at India Today magazine. His home was one fl

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It’s Vitamin M

November 5, 2014

Hello World,
Corruption and hypocrisy have reached all time high in India that is Bharat.
Who is responsible ?
Politicians,political parties,media,media persons, intellectuals, advocates, members of ‘Think Tanks’, bureaucrats, military officers, news paper readers,TV viewers, cell/smart phone users, radio listeners, NGOs, social service organisations , political and nonpolitical cadres and Indian voters who do not come in any of these categories are busy in blame game or say name game.
No one is ready to commit self-role.
No one is ready to self-introspect.
Everyone is worried about the cheese and cake enjoyed by the others. Everyone claims to earn bread by valid means. Everyone points to others as persons having ill gotten money.
Recently during Tata Literature Live the survival of Indian media as an independent entity was a bone of contention. The seniors who lost the job due to NaMo Tsunami are worried for journalists competing with each other to take selfies with prime minister Narenda Modi.To them the future of journalism is doubtful. The editors who were proprietors more or less were near tears after the “great fall”. All players are worried in terms of social media dissemination of news. Those who loved TV journalism before trashed it at present. Everyone wanted eagerly to know the results of DNA’s meticulous research of “the 2 Janpath Diaries”, exposing the nexus between CBI director Ranjit Sinha and giant private company representatives.Literature Live turned out to be self laundry for few and trash for others.
Editors and editors in chief are broadly divided into camps. Delhi based journalists consider themselves important.Next in line are Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Bengaluru camps. Vernacular media is not admissible to these English language speaking and writing clubs !
Of all present,no one had courage to name NaMo and blame Mukesh Nita Ambani!
I wrote the following blogs related to media and media persons.’s-faux-pas/
My other blogs have passing references related to profession of print and TV media. i am in the profession for nearly five decades. i have seen many turbulent days of journalists, editors, advertising agents and proprietors. I understand the problems of very small, small, medium, large and very large media companies. There is only one dictum :it is I who need the maximum and it is you who need the minimum! All proprietors do not want to implement wage board awards. Press council of India is of no material or legal value. No one takes it seriously. If any media employee demands pay hike it is the greatest disqualification of the person concerned. Media person should know the tricks of the trade ! Press all to press own pockets! DNA should undertake research regarding the assets of its present and past employees.CP Surendran will be surprised to find 99% cases of disproportionate assets not confirming to salaries &perks given by the management! The situation is more or less the same in other establishments.
I e mailed NaMo to prepare dossiers of media persons long back. He must have done it. He knows the inside and outside of the ‘business’ of journalism.The rule he has adopted in general is “Use and Throw”. That is the inevitable future.
Those who disagree with the establishment are free to leave and join Internet. Thanks to Google,Yahoo ,Facebook and Twitter that I could send my messages to you. RGTIL/RIL Victims are searched about by international writers and media.
NaMo claims to have created a Tsunami with the help of Social Media. It is just like a mother cobra.After procreation often it devours the partner and offspring. NaMo will be devoured by his own creations and deeds. If he does not behave,fails to perform, ignores the sentiments of Indians at large, cheats people by using the Supreme Court of India, turns deaf to Songs of People his days are numbered.
While in the USA I learn that nations and corporates ” buy the favourable opinion from the THINK TANKS”!The heavier the tank the larger will be the bill for buying opinion. So called India Caucus is nothing but legalized bribery of legislators in the USA,UK, Germany, Japan ,Australia and UNO. In this business of sophisticated “Give and Take” middleperson thrives. That is the rule and game of democracy and diplomacy.
It is ultimately money that counts.
If NaMo finds a source or other alternative better than Mukesh Nita Ambani ,there will be reversal of roles. Mukesh Nita Ambani and RIL will be NaMo’s DOORMATS and the couple will be thrown away like disposables sold by Reliance Retail .If he continues to be infatuated by Goddess and God at RIL Temple, he will join Nehru in getting all that is bad. In case of Nehru’s blind and intense passion for Louis Mountbatten, 1st Earl Mountbatten of Burma and Lady Edwina,India paid heavily in terms of the headache of Jammu and Kashmir, but, in this latest case of infatuation , India and Indians will not pay but all characters will be lost to oblivion by the popular uprising.
RSS will mourn and forget the dreams of Akhand Bharat.
As of today, the question is : What will NaMo do?
As prime minister of India he can afford to dump Mukesh Nita Ambani and RIL for ever. Let law tackle them. They have tackled laws enough.
NaMo need not be reminded that corruption has brought the end of DMK and AIADMK.TDP is saved but it will have to pay very highly for its help to RIL in KG Basin. RGTIL/RIL Victims’ curse will not leave N.Chandra Babu Naydu and his party.CPM and CPI lost everything due to corruption from cadre to leader.
NaMo is the last prime minister to have clear majority. That is the writing on the wall. Why should i oppose him?
I love him. But i have to hate him. I am India Centric and my love-hate game is obviously issue based.
If I were in place of Mukesh Nita Ambani I would pay the compensation amounts with interests to all RIL/RGTIL Victims deprived on this or that pretext and yet to be compensated. i would dissolve IMT and dispose off all media holdings. i would wind up all piggy companies and run for the top position in the Forbes list. God knows my limitations so I am what I am !
Let us see what is there in store for all of us.
The Change is inevitable.The credit will go to Social Media. Indian Media and Media Persons, all combined,will not be able to fool India and Indians en mass in their sole mission of Salvation NaMo !
Recently there was a controversy about “.How Arun a ‘scientist from NASA’ fooled the Indian media for two years
How Arun a ‘scientist from NASA’ fooled the Indian media for two years|By The NewsMinute ”
I quote my post published on Facebook and Google+ ,
” It’s Vitamin M :
M is not for manganese. M is for Money. The main weakness of media and media persons is Money. If one has the capacity to throw cash, he/she has won half the race. May it be Arun, Narendra Modi, RIL, Sonia Gandhi ,Subroto Sahara, Satyam Raju or Bhansali Port-wala ! With Internet NASA,MIT is a click away ,but, who bothers?
Prepare a press note with a gift voucher ,send it to any news paper. If you have initial money to invest ,arrange a press conference with lunch or dinner, create a show and the rest of the world will stand amazed.
Media and media persons can create NaMo wave with blessings from RIL Temple! The same media has to run from post to pillar for NaMo’s appointment or interview after he was installed @PMOIndia !
Another instance of media’s role in our life.
Few days back, news about oil find in Gulf of Cambay near Ahmedabad was flashed with the name of a company XYZ Group. i am a potential investor. i want a company in petroleum sector more reliable than RIL. i searched on Internet search engines. Postal address of Delhi was there with no name of promoter/s, chairman, board of directors . i searched on sites of SEBI and CCI. There too, i failed to get any information. i sent e mail to the contact address given on the website. i am sure i will not get any reply. Till then i will have to be content with unreliable Reliance Industries Limited !
RIL manages media and media persons very well. No doubt about it. No media will be ready to publish a prepaid advertisement item against RIL ! Now they are themselves a Media House !
Media and media persons have lost credibility. Today an uneducated village voter will tell that the word in black and white and TV appearances are all PAID News/Views items ,hence to be taken in lighter vein .
News papers in general have ultimate two uses : parcel packing and cleaning human excreta in times of water shortage .We will have free Toilet for every house. Pit well or septic tank will minimize water for flushing. What about ablution? Water shortage is endemic. We can not afford tissue papers. The cheapest option is news paper !
That is the real worth.
Long live media and media persons !”
I unquote.

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Monday, 3 November 2014 – 8:25am IST | Place: Mumbai | Agency: DNA
CP Surendran