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Helicopter Drops

May 17, 2016

Hello world ,

Maverick @Swamy39  is at his best.Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi will have little relief.Swamy has a new target in Raghuram Rajan.

Loose Cannon of India @Swamy39 finds Raghuram Rajan incompetent as Reserve Bank of India’s Governor.

Time magazine did not feature Swamy , Arun Jaitley, Two Aravinds of Jagdish  Bhagwati Brand.

It is not a manipulative plank like Narendra Modi that Time featured Raghuram Rajan who has saved Indian Rupee till to-date and steered Indian Economy clear  in today’s difficult times.He has refused to entertain Narendra Modi’s wishes to make cash flow available to a few select corporate houses ,hitherto Modi’s financiers .Modi used Jaitley , now he is using Swamy39 to humiliate Raghuram Rajan.

Without politics Swamy39 will survive, not arun Jaitley and Narendra Modi.

Without RBI’s governorship Raghuram Rajan will not be unhappy or will be out of job in strict physical sense.India and Indians will be unhappy without him.

i dwell upon Raghuram Rajan’s views titled as Helicopter Drops.

Helicopter Drops  :

Holding tight the reins of interest rate versus printing currency bills to ease cash flow via a special account at central bank or through government schemes is an obvious interesting debate everywhere ! Debates are debates only having no bearing on common man’s permanent & perennial woos.

No one wants to restrain spending by adopting strict austerity measures as practised successfully by Angela Merkel only to be washed out completely by a huge influx of  refugees. Angela could do it in part or full because it was & is Germany & citizens were bonafide Germans ! Only Japan & Japanese can do it voluntarily. Singapore has done it with strict & brutal law compliance. No other country can think of it. Americans have become “soft” & love life with ease.

In absence of austerity & pliable, convenient  law compliance easing interest rate & printing money are the only options having a sure uncertain & equally dangerous crash which may be a kiss of death .

Raghuram Rajan is modest .He refrained from elaborating this Death Kiss . I do it because I happen to be one of millions of commoners, guinea pigs of rulers’ whims to gain & sustain political power.

In India we have frequent Helicopter Drops. “Come any Election” & drops would start. Election to any institution is a source of garnering easy money for voters. Recently electoral officers in Tamil Nadu seized three containers full of currency. The escort car riders could not give any plausible explanation except few Xerox papers trying to convey that the money seized was meant for SBI’s inter branch transfer of cash. The next day the ECI – all three Election Commissioners of India   unanimously postponed the election in the concerned constituency by one week.

This was for only one constituency. One has to imagine the amount of money spent and not seized during assembly elections in West Bengal, Assam,Tamil Nadu,Kerala & Puduchery. It is not that this sort of distribution of cash doles, gifts etc. was for this election only. More or less it is happening right from 1951-1952 to / through 2016-2017. Jawaharlal Nehru, Lal Bahadur Shashtri , Indira Gandhi ,Rajiv Gandhi , V> P. Singh,  Morarji Desai , A.B.Vajpayee and all other prime ministers were not saints , so Narendra Modi is definitely not. Indian democracy is nothing but a huge bundle of play of black money with the most sophisticated cover up operations going on all the while establishing a society & polity of hypocrites & law makers cum law breakers. Role of black money is evident & fait accompli of India.

One has to ponder & come to conclusion that black money distributed periodically & time to time during all sorts of elections as bait to voters has not contributed to improvement of voters’ life, either qualitatively & quantitatively. All the money was spent in temporary pleasures ranging from road side booze stands to one night stands!

All the emancipation schemes implemented in the form of agricultural subsidies, rural employment guarantee, direct cash transfer, scholarships, crop insurance, medical aid have in fact proved to be “Temporary Pleasures” making the majority of beneficiaries parasites & “Help Addicts” dependent badly on sops doled out by corrupt & power hungry politicians & political parties. One who is the least corrupt & hypocrite is honest & principled in the arena of all despots presenting themselves as servants of people.

Raghuram Rajan talks about  Amul Money , all milky white, accounted money supplied & disbursed by  government  & I talk of Black Money ,Panama Money, ill gotten & unaccounted  money ! Ways of Helicopter Drops are different, purpose, after effects & results thereof are same.

Governments the world over when confront respective concerned central bank governor of the country do so with dirty hands and linen.RBI Governor Raghuram Rajan enjoys statutory powers, though curtailed & crippled by  unprincipled duo of finance minister Arun Jaitley and prime minister Narendra Modi, functions independently to save rupee ,to safeguard interests of 99% of Indians who constitute the poor ,middle ,upper middle & upper class. The government of India bothers much about the rest 1% who are rich, very rich & super rich individuals & families! 99% vote the government in & out of power,1% enjoys fruits of that power ! 1% are industrialists, corporate houses & so called developers who feel the pulse of money, crunch of its supply, want more money to invest in other personal interests & “suffer” from non availability of funds in the form of bank loans. Incidentally this 1% constitutes the NPA Builders! NPAs are non performing assets of banks , bad debts , money once disbursed never returned either in the form of interest or the original sum ! These individuals & corporate houses “use” public money & circumvent all laws to manage, defraud, falsify, duplicate their balance sheets with overt & covert help of chartered accountants, lawyers, senior counsels, government officers ,bank directors & officers, ministers, tax authorities largely through corruption. They just don’t   pay their dues, sit tight , enjoy in resorts, divert their money to tax havens, invest abroad & in India in relatives’ names. In short they use and misuse all laws, legal services and  all layers of judiciary including Supreme Court of India. They hire senior counsels who are powerful politicians also to dodge lender bank’s recovery process for years. In the end they are facilitated to jump only to reach a foreign country as alternate but final abode!

Indian Banks and hence industries feel the heat of shortage of money due to Raghuram Rajan’s policies. They create recession , manipulate commodity markets to add on hardships of common public.

The only difference between Helicopter Drops at the time of elections and calamities like flood, earthquake, adverse monsoon and at the time of general recession is diverse beneficiaries of such drops. Electoral and other Drops benefit a large number of population who are definitely not the NPA Builders .The Helicopter Drops in the form of printing currency bills or increasing money supply to lender banks  largely benefit NPA Builders as well as their masters at such banks and government.

Government of India enacted the Bankruptcy Code 2016 after creating many Mallyas and Subrato Roys ! In a way, if Raghuram Rajan could have been pliable to wishes of Modi-Jaitley Duo long back in June-July 2014  to allow them manipulate Indian Economy to  ModiNomics or say NaMoNomics , new Tax Code must not have seen the light of the day.BJP & Congress with partners in other political parties were compelled to pass Tax Code or say Bankruptsy Code to facilitate their masters at Corporate Houses #GovtOfAmbanIndia #GovtOfAdanIndia !

Vijay Mallya @Kingfisher and Subrato Roy @Sahara are now procreators of new laws ! Subrato Roy @Sahara has personal properties of such extents that SCI could not comprehend the reasons of Subrato Roy @Sahara and his senior counsel Kapil Sibal preferring extension of jail term in want of bail to repayment of all dues with penalty in toto.

To my belief, all personal properties of  Subrato Roy @ Sahara are undervalued meaning thereby Subrato Roy @ Sahara parked his Black Money in his own Tax Haven ! This riddle when solved and resolved will be a curtain raiser of our National Hypocrisy of documentation of all sales and purchases. 60 : 40 or 70 : 30 system of transactions has superadded to woos of Subrato Roy @Sahara .

I just can’t prevent smiling at naïve Justices of Supreme Court of India not appreciating the woos of Subrato Roy @Sahara’s 60 : 40 or 70 : 30 system of transactions with parking facility of ill gotten or say money saved from paying all taxes ! Till his arrest he enjoyed his own tax havens in India by purchasing properties at market rates & making documents as per prevalent government Juntree thereby parking safely 60 to 70 % of his black money though properties stand at “undervalued” prices , but , safe in his possession and custody ! He is not the only one, everybody knows it and practices it as and when a chance to transact a property deal arises ! I am not sure but it may be just possible that the sum of values of such  properties documented as per prevalent market rates may not be just sufficient to meet with the dues Subrato Roy @Sahara is supposed to pay to be free from clutches of laws .If it meets and if Hon’ble Justices @ SCI decide to attach all properties what would happen ? Subrato Roy @Sahara would be a free man the next moment losing 60 to 70 % of wealth accumulated by parking black money under his nose ! Kapil Sibal must have realized this in a flash of a moment and hurried to request the SCI bench to keep the details of the list secret and confidential ! He preferred Subrato Roy @Sahara’s extension of jail stay to divulge the figures !

If Hon’ble Justices @ SCI go very deep in Subrato Roy @Sahara’s intricate accounting and accumulation of wealth the keys to solution of India’s Black Money Riddle will emerge automatically. The Black Money is the root cause of all maladies India faced and Indians suffer due to its usage in corrupting polity and whatever is at government and governance.

I am sure Hon’ble Justices must not have had any chance to buy or sale anything in their entire life. Typical of a straight forward, honest, sincere , God fearing government servant full of integrity. Now I urge Kapil Sibal to “educate” Hon’ble Justices so a new law removing 60 : 40 or 70 : 30 system of transactions may usher in at the hands of Hon’ble Justices. If this happens the generation of Black Money and frequent Electoral Helicopter Drops will reduce to considerable extent. It will be a step forward in making the system transparent and clean the present corrupt atmosphere in politics as well as economy.

India and Indians have reasons to thank The Man of Law Raghuram Rajan  and habitual, sophisticated law breakers  @  Vijay Mallya #Kingfisher  + Subrato Roy #Sahara ! If  “Naïve “ Hon’ble Justices would not have been  there at SCI and High Courts , India and Indians would have been compelled to be at the mercy of wolfs of polity and corporate houses.

All political parties and their namesake leaders fooled Indians all the while playing Black Money tunes. They are in fact all main hoarders of Black Money along with equal partners like bureaucracy and that 1% of Indian population having the most of India’s worth and wealth They are the ones for whom all laws are made and unmade, passed and bypassed, framed and reframed with an option of keeping them in deep freeze !

In the wake of this background one has to comprehend the bewilderment of Narendra Modi,Arun Jaitley and other constituents of the establishment at New Delhi to remove Raghuram Rajan by any means. With Rajan’s lame duck desire to continue for second term to complete his unfulfilled tasks and agenda, they want to create a situation where in Raghuram Rajan  eases out on his own before international economy warrants government of India to give Rajan a second term ! The latest is issue of Rajan’s citizenship raised by Swamy39.Is Raghuram Rajan less Indian than two Japanese nationals appointed to look after Japan Desk in Government of India ? Is Rajan less Indian than two Aravinds serving Government of India at the behest of ‘Super Indian’ Jagdish Bhagawati ?  The fools and ever vigilant brains  in all political parties elected Vijay Mallya unanimously to Rajya Sabha from Karnataka . Was Vijay Mallya an Indian ? He was and is a British citizen since 1992! Swamy39 was in deep slumber then as Indian democracy is !






Surati Ways of Philanthropy

February 10, 2015

Hello World,

Surat,India is on your lap and map.

My present Blog is a pointer to all haves and rulers.

Award functions organised by Govind Dholakia are unique and differ from other such functions in many respects.Social Engineering in positive directions is the need of the day.Kanshiram ,Mayawati & V P Singh used it for devastating political usage.

Govind Dholakia ,though under government & municipal scanner for reported ‘land encroacment/grabbing ‘ and ‘illegal construction of a farm house’ on the bank of holy river Tapti was recently required to face a riddle of a court case involving the very land which incidentally happens to be the venue of the present Ram Katha by Morari Bapu.The recent murky background tarnishes the glory of the awards and awardees.

However Govind Dholakia with his illustrious brothers do deserve congratulations & appreciation for well meant ,calculated use of surplus ,say surplus in abundance of money for cheap self publicity oriented philanthropy baptised by Morari Bapu & Rameshbhai Oza .The real merit of this Katha Farce should go to slum dwellers alias illegal residents of Vanzara Vas who insisted for demolition of a part of Govind Dholakia’s property.

All government officers and politicians who patronised these illegal constructions must be taken to task.They are part of the hypocrisy of philanthropy which yields,as a main benefit,an opportunity for developing person to person close contacts of diamantaires like Dholakia Brothers with prime minister,chief minister ,ministers, police,press,politicins,judiciary and investigating agencies like CBI,IB ,IT and offshoots of CBDT.

Industrialists like Mukesh Nita Ambani & others need to consult Dholakia Brothers & other diamantaires to learn many important lessons from the hitherto ‘least educated ones ! ‘

NaMo and Arun Jaitley must get a clue from this post to move forward for furure ‘ holistic agenda’!

Compare and contrast this with that of Mukesh Nita Ambani.Nita celebrated her 50eth birthday by spending nearly 600 crores of rupees, to entertain and feed a select few .She with Mukesh under the name of RIL Foundation usurped Sir H N Hospital Trust ,Mumbai with vast landed property and developed a so called world class hospital which is not likely to cater to medical and health needs of the poor.If it really does, the poor will have to wait for their turn in the so called subsidised charity quota ! Prior to that M N Ambani usurped waqf land for building their residence @ Antilia which is reportedly inhabited by GHOSTS!.M N Ambani can do any thing so Dholakia Brothers and others of Surat. Dholakia Brothers do philanthropy that feeds,helps and caters to thousands of poor and numerous citizens of middle income groups. They immortalised their mother Pujya Santok Baa, M N Ambani and RIL are content with an in house book on D H Ambani by their mother Kokilaben who is in the mast head of the hospital facility.Her book is Not circulated Free of Charge to even RIL Shareholders ! why this secrecy about Kokilaben’s ‘Polyester Prince’ ? i wish Kokilaben a very long and healthy life only to release “Polyester Prince” during her life !

Of course sin is a sin. NaMo ,the prime minister baptised M N Ambani’s sins because he is the only living God of the day ! M N Ambani bribed ,successfully, all GODS @ Dwarka, Tirupati, Shree Nathji and the mightiest Devi Ambaji .Being God’s agents cum emissaries, poor mortals like Morari Bapu and Rameshbhai Oza are not in a position to help M N Ambani and RIL for obvious reasons.
Thus Dholakia Brothers and others are in a favourable position.Despite i criticise them severely,i respect,love and salute them.

Long live Dholakia Brothers and others. Be careful of M N Ambani ,RIL and creatures of their genre.

Reference :
Santokbaa Award conferred on Sudha Murthy, Father Valles – The Times of India

A well-known philanthropist and two acclaimed educationists were conferred with the Santokbaa…

Let PBs be NBs

January 7, 2015

Hello World,
From the day NaMo assumed his role of India’s Saviour, it was rumoured very systematically that two Arvinds will be his assistants. Arvind Panagariya introduced himself by writing sermonical columns in Indian print media.He created successfully his space and demand.Now he is hooked to sail NaMo’s boat which trembles in panick with a price updown in international crude oil market.The Fleet Street and The Wall Street of India are controlled by a clique of a dozen notorious industrialists who spin the cobwebs of Black Money.The hike in crude prices invariably results in over all rise in commodity prices ,but,any fall,temporary or sustained, in crude oil prices will not be followed by fall in commodity prices.Indian consumers who are voters at large are yet to find an answer to ,” Who is the villain ?”.
In this scenario our so called robust economy and stable industries propell our prime minister to play dual but opposite roles at a time. He keeps India and Indians in festive moods,lest the commodity market deflates his baloons!
NRIs are such baloons and they now tend and attempt to anchor on Indian soil.NaMo is busy with them.
i summerise today’s situation.

NaMo’s Love the USA & Hate America !
2 PBs became NBs !
Helpless NaMo & His Imported Warriors !

Two Arvinds ,Panagariya & Subramanian are economists of name & fame. They are no more ‘seasonal birds’ or ‘pravasi bharatiyas’ . They are now Nivasi Bharatiyas with their American pecuniary interests intact. They are yet not known to have renounced their interests in the USA in toto.They are weather cocks like their employers,namely Narendra Modi & Arun Jaitley. Is this gang of four capable to steer clear ? Are two Arvinds real authors of Modi-Nomics or NaMo-Nomics or they will be paid highly for signing on dotted lines already prepared by NaMo ?
As of today these two mercenaries & their masters are helpless characters to carry on the burden of Indian Economy riddled very badly by Black Money,Corruption @ 7RCR & 10 Jana Path & hypocrisy of highest order.
i pose the following Tweets to them.
Will they dare to answer ?
Will our imported policy makers/advisors 2 x Arvind = Panagariya + Subramanian declare their nationality with details of salary packages ?
Raja Chelliah was the last 100 % Indian Economist.What a poor state of affairs ! We have to import policy makers/advisors from the USA !

Are Arvind Panagariya & @arvindsubraman Americans or Indians? What is their nationality ? To what country they are loyal, first & last ?
@arvindsubraman + @ArvindPanagariya = Americanisation of Indian Economy is complete .What a poor stage we have reached from 1947 to 2015 !
Indians @PMOIndia & MoF @arunjaitley are powered & geared by Americans by proxy .US representatives r installed in key posts & positions !
Indians @PMOIndia & MoF @arunjaitley are helpless without American/foreign Think Tanks & administrators.@Swamy39 @arunshourie retired @ last

Bell The Cats

November 2, 2014

Hello World,
My Blog career is simultaneous with Narendra Modi’s rise in politics. In fact as the chief minster of Gujarat he was calculative in being apathetic to RGTIL Victims. He as chief minister and Saurabh Patel as his minister were hands in gloves in enhancing RIL’s interests.As such both of them were continuing the policies adopted by previous governments in Gujarat and at New Delhi.In nutshell,RIL had/has blessings and intentional, premeditated, calculative active help of all political parties irrespective of their being in power or opposition.The rise and progressive growth of RIL is almost parallel and synonymous with that of corruption in Indian polity.For nearly fifteen years Mukesh Ambani is the de facto ruler of India and his de jure partners were/are of no consequence. Government of India was/is of, for and by Mukesh Ambani and RIL.
My majority of Blogs are on RIL and matters related to it.
Narendra Modi and his coterie along with Subramaniam Swamy and Baba Ramdeo raised issue of Black Money parked in banks situated in countries considered safe tax havens just to fool Indian voters en mass and provide full entertainment to media and media persons. Their noise was to give a reprieve to vested interests which under camouflage arranged for legal relief of immense unbelievable scale on international level. If Subramanian Swamy and Baba Ramdeo were/are innocent ,they were used very smartly by Narendra Modi, Arun Jaitley and others in the establishment.
Arvind Kejriwal, Prashant Bhushan were ridiculed by all. Except this duo, i was not supported by any one in my crusade against RIL and Mukesh Ambani. Anna Hazare never spoke about RIL. Ashutosh helped us all. Ultimately we are all vindicated by the events unfolded beyond our imagination and calculations. I never had a chance to meet these gentlemen, but, I have a very nice tuning with their thoughts. Internet specially Facebook, Google+ and Twitter helped us a lot. i wrote pertinent blogs on Black Money ,its genesis and effects on India and Indians. Few of them are as following :…-of-corruption/
Arun Jaitley was the first person to speak,officially or unofficially,about Black Money in/within India. i must thank and congratulate him to open up the issue for public discussion and follow up.
Subsequent to a report published in India Today, I wrote and published the following post on Twitter :
“Jaitley to CBDT: via @IndiaToday Charity begins @home 7RCR,10 Jan Path & Antilia !
The same was followed up by post each on Facebook and Google+ :
“Don’t ignore domestic black money: Arun Jaitley to tax officials : North, News – India Today
Finance Minister Arun Jaitley on October 30 asked the Income Tax department not to lose sight of domestic…”
“Charity Begins At Home : 7 RCR,10 Jan Path & Antilia !
Why Antilia ? Because Government of India was/is all the while Government of Mukesh Nita Ambani. Sonia Gandhi was MN Ambani @RIL’s Shop Manager, Narendra Modi is Mega Mall Manager and the Prime Minister of India was/is a disposable Doormat of RIL Temple !
After getting Swiss Black Money back ‘successfully’ ,the finance minister has mustered ‘courage’ & ‘wisdom’ to remember domestic black money. Yes, i, you and we Indians love Black Money very much and our total black money competes with Himalayan Heights. Every one who knows, has it. World Bank And IMF know it and they are International Hypocrites. We are their miniature versions.
CBDT officers were all smiling listening the sermon from the Boss.
The evident puzzle was why the FM needed Bariatric Surgery ?
Now the question is :
Who bells the cats viz. Narendra Modi ,Sonia Gandhi and Mukesh Nita Ambani?
My choice of the cat to be belled first is Narendra Modi. He has nothing to hide. He has no family. Let us first search him and his all contacts in India and abroad ! Will he ever be ready ? Why should not he be ?
Subramanian Swamy ,Fali Nariman,Ram Jethmalani,Soli Sorabjee,Gopal Subramaniam , KTS Tulsi,Harish Salve,H. S. Phoolka,Markandey Katju and all members of Bar Association of Supreme Court of India will initiate All India Debate on who should be belled first, second and third !
Arun Shourie and Five Famous Seasonal NRI Birds namey Amartya Sen,Jagdish Bhagwati, Arvind Panagariya, Meghnad Desai and Bhikhu Parekh will address seminars and write books on genesis of ‘soneri chidiya’ and ‘kali chidiya’.
Arvind Kejriwal, Prashant Bhushan, Ashutosh and Bankimchandra Desai will relax with all time preparedness for IT Raid, Enforcement Search, Defamation Case, Physical Attack and Murder.”
I unquote.
I quote the relevant portion of the report as it appeared :
“Finance Minister Arun Jaitley on Thursday asked the Income Tax department not to lose sight of domestic black money and pursue offenders in sectors where it is most prevalent.
“The finance minister told revenue department officials to “not lose sight of domestic black money keeping in view its much higher magnitude”.
Jaitley asked them “to make their best efforts to chase those sectors where the domestic black money is most prevalent”, a finance ministry statement said.
“The recovery of black money and taxes due thereon will also help the department in achieving its tax collection targets,” he added.
Addressing officials of the Central Board of Direct taxes (CBDT), the minister asked tax officials to be assessee-friendly while aiming at widening the tax base….”

Will NaMo Dare ?

October 26, 2014

Hello world :
Narendra Modi is hell-bent on winning assembly elections in the maximum number of states. If possible he wants clear majority for BJP in all states. The state of Jammu & Kashmir is special ,because, with the absolute majority in the assembly he can trash the Article 370 of the Constitution of India. The majority in other states is required to change major laws mainly The Right to Fair Compensation and Transparency in Land Acquisition,Rehabilitation and Resettlement Act, 2013. The states are required to concur because they,too, have their laws independent of the central legislation.
This is his agenda meant for development of India. His intentions are of platinum quality.
The actual experience of his Gujarat Model is very deceptive. There is development , but , of , to name a few,Mukesh Nita Ambani, Gautam Adani,Ruia Brothers,Tata,Mehtas of Torrent.There are several land developers,diamond merchants,builders,BJP politicians, organisers, land grabbers,builders and others who have benefitted at the expense of land owners in Gujarat.
Arun Jaitley,minister of Finance and Defense in a press interview revealed his government’s next steps.Decisions pertaining to banking sector and defense require independent discussions.What is not being discussed here will be attended to by many others.What will not attract others has attracted me. That is the issue of lands.Arun Jaitley made a passing reference to it as if it is not an issue of prime importance.
I quote from the report,
“ Important reforms are now required in the mining sector as also in the land acquisition law which was approved by the previous government.The farmers are admittedly entitled to a higher compensation but the entire development process can’t be brought to a standstill for want of land requirements.”
I unquote.
What does he want to convey to land owners who are mainly agriculturists and forest dwellers? May I interpret it as Narendra Modi’s real intention of converting The State i.e. Government of India into a Legal Land Grabber? For whom? His main financiers? Foreign companies?
i have seen, observed and experienced the process of land acquisition and procedure for determining the compensation and its payment in Gujarat during last forty years. I have seen agriculturists being robed for the benefit of Dhirubhai H.Ambani and his company Reliance Industries Limited. Dhirubhai H. Ambani is no more but his legacy is RIL. This notorious company has been an agriculturist company in the name of ‘maintenance of green zone and environment protection.’ I see this ploy as a smart sort of money laundering! Who knows what they are doing in the name of agriculture ! Provisions of The Land Ceiling and Regulation Act for agricultural lands are made to evaporate ! How can RIL as agriculturist company claim to have a level playing field vis a vis an agriculturist having a ceiling of fifteen vinghas in Surat ? I will not be surprised if Narendra Modi advises all agriculturists to be RIL’s agricultural stake holders ! RIL Foundation’s philanthropy amongst marginal farmers require a separate investigation.
RGTIL@RIL is enjoying user rights in vast tracks of lands from KG Basin in Andhra Pradesh to Dahej in Gujarat. There are thousands of property owners who are deprived of compensation in Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka, Mahrashtra, Gujarat and Tamil Nadu.
RIL’s malignant interests in mines and forests are guided and protected by Parimal Nathwani as an independent member of Rajya Sabha elected uncontested from the state of Jharkhand ! His activities attract independent research and warrants a separate report.
Till now all acquisitions have resulted into deprivation of 60 -70 % of land price as per actual prevalent market rate. Government considers average of documentation price i.e 30-40 % of the actual prevalent market rate.This 60-70 % money has gone to persons interested in making The State a legal land grabber. To safe guard the interests of future land losers the government should amend all relevant laws to make documentation as per 100% of actual prevalent market value of the lands in question.
With this background I feel and demand that before contemplating any change in the The Right to Fair Compensation and Transparency in Land Acquisition, Rehabilitation and Resettlement Act, 2013 passed by both houses of parliament during Dr.Manmohan Singh’s UPA 2 government , present GoI headed by Narendra Modi should publish a White paper on all lands acquired during Nehru- Modi period of 67 years ,to be more specific from 15 August 1947 to the date of presentation of a proposed bill of reforms.
This white paper should include:
1. Financial year : from 1st April to 31 March
2. Name of the state
3. Location of land –village,taluka,district
4. Ownership of the land-private-government/public, trust etc.
5.Type of land; agricultural, nonagricultural, commercial, waste land ,khar land etc.
6.Act ,its section ,rules and regulations under which the acquisition was done.
7.Purpose of acquisition
8.Area of the land acquitted
9.Present position of the land
A,Use : Actual usage and Surplus land
B.Change in ownership/ allottee/s either by sale or by other reason
10. Price (documented amount) at which the acquisition was done
11. Actual Prevalent price at the time of acquisition ( documented 30-40% + unaccounted 60-70%)
12. Present price of the land area acquired. ( documented &/+ undocumented)
13. Ceiling in acres/vinghas of urban and agricultural land at the time of acquisition.
14. Time taken in payment of full compensation
15. Benefits to land losers other than financial compensation , alternative land, alternative land and residence , life insurance to land loser and dependents
16.If acquired for industry :
a.Name & ownership of the company
b.Present name & ownership of the company
c.Actual area used for building and infrastructure
d.Present usage of the surplus area : if under agriculture in the name of green zone its year wise, crop wise detail and the waivers granted for non implementation of change of purpose, ceiling, income tax etc.
e. Actual investment of the company
f. Tax and other benefits granted with specific time period frame.
g. Nonpayment of bank loans
h. In case of a defunct company : present standing liabilities towards government, municipality/gram panchayat, employees, share holders, fixed depositors and other stake holders.
Other points should be invited from the citizens.
I agree that this exercise is tedious but with computerization it is not difficult or impossible.i tried to get information from RGTIL/RIL under RTI Act. The company showed one high court judgment to District collector. The judgment protects companies from RTI activists! My experience was that Government of Gujarat with Saurabh Patel,Mukesh Nita Ambani’s brother in law as minister for the last decade or more is reluctant to help all RGTIL or any other such victims. On repeated demands by District Collector,RGTIL submitted a citation of a high court judgment. The then District Collector,Navsari was very shy to give a copy or a full link of the impugned judgment.Gujarat Governments officers are more loyal to RGTIL/RIL than Mukesh Ambani himself! Saurabh Patel’s activities as minister is a subject of inquiry under commission of inquiries act! Narendra Modi could not muster enough courage to publish annual CAG reports. For ten years,Congress legislative party barked like a street dog. Thus far ,not beyond that ! Why? Due to fear of MN Ambani @ RIL’s Shop Manager,Sonia Gandhi they were/are tamed animals.
Forget the White Paper, NaMo can not dare to publish this classified information about RIL and family of Mukesh Nita Ambani including their children who are by now all majors.
Will NaMo @PMOIndia can ever dare to do so ?
He need not be reminded that the armed rebellion by the communists started on the issue of exploitation and appropriation of lands belonging to have-nots by haves like MN Ambani. Movement for separate Telangana was a follow up off shoot.Vinoba Bhave salvaged Congress by BhooDaan (voluntary donation of lands/surplus lands).Congress ultimately Bhooed Vinoba-ji and his movement. Eventually all lands collected under the movement went to land grabbers and land sharks.
Narendra Modi hijacked Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel and Mahatma Gandhi, but, he can not hijack or create a new Vinoba Bhave of his own variety.
Let him think and search. Venkaiah Naidu will help him.

Reference :
1.The Right to Fair Compensation and Transparency in Land Acquisition, Rehabilitation and Resettlement Act, 2013
2.The Land Acquisition Act, 1894
3.The Petroleum And Minerals Pipelines (Acquisition Of Right Of User Inland) Act, 1962
4.Mining Laws in India
The mineral resources in India consist of Coal, Iron ore, Manganese, Mica, Bauxite, Titanium ore, Chromite, Diamonds, etc. India is the third largest producer of Coal and Lignite & Barytes and the largest producer of mica in the world. India is also ranked among the top producers of Iron ore, Bauxite, Manganese ore and Aluminium. In 2003-2004 India has produced 355 million tones of coal all of which has been consumed internally. Coal India Limited is a State owned company which contributes a bulk percentage in the Coal production. It owns 390 coal mines in the country. Singerani Collieries Company is another major coal producer in the country. Explorations for base metals, diamonds, mineral sands and gold are carried out by several private companies. Presently, the Indian mining industry employs more than 1.1 million people. There are 2,326 private and 292 public operating mines in the country. Minerals constitute 16 percent of India’s exports. The enriched reserve of mines and minerals has played a significant role in the industrial development of the nation. The operation of the mining sector in India is governed by the Mines and Minerals (Development and Regulation Act, 1957, the Mines Act, 1952 and the rules and regulations framed under them. The Government has also formulated the National Mineral Policy for the management and development of the mineral resources in the country. According to the provisions of the Constitution of India both the Central Government and the State Governments are responsible for Management of mineral resources in the country.
5. Farmers must get compensation, but development can’t stop for want of land: Arun Jaitley – The Times of India

Tilak,Topi and Narendra Modi

September 30, 2012

Hello world,

Gujarat is on the verge of assembly elections -2012. a precursor,litmus test for Lok Sabha elections 2014.It will be a battle to make it Waterloo for Narendra Modi.i try to dissect the voters’ mind . Let us start with noting the definite sign of changing mindset of muslims. i quote Dr.Mehboob Desai’s entire Blogpost  to study it in its true perspective.

i quote,” 

તિલક : એક અનુભવ :: ડૉ. મહેબૂબ દેસાઈ
૭,૮ સપ્ટેમ્બરના રોજ મધ્ય પ્રદેશના નાનકડા શહેર બડવાનીમા શહીદ ભીમા રાવ સરકારી કોલેજમા “ક્ષેત્રીય ઇતિહાસના વિવિધ આયામો” વિષયક રાષ્ટ્રીય સેમિનારનું આયોજન યુ.જી.સી.ના સહયોગથી કરવામાં આવ્યું હતું. એ સેમિનારની એક સેશનના ચેરપર્સન તરીકે ઉપસ્થિત રહેવા ૬ સપ્ટેમ્બરના રોજ ભાવનગરથી બડવાની જવાનું થયું. ૭મી શુક્રવ…
ારે સવારે ૧૧ થી ૧ દરમિયાન સેમિનારનો ભવ્ય ઉદઘાટન સમારંભ યોજાયો. ઉદઘાટન સમારંભમા યજમાન તરફથી સ્ટેજ પણ બેઠેલા તમામ મહેમાનોનું તિલક કરી અભિવાદન કરવામાં આવ્યું. મારા મસ્તક ઉપર પણ કંકુ અને ચોખાનું સુંદર તિલક કરવામા આવ્યું. એ પછી ઉદઘાટન સમારંભ બે ત્રણ કલાક ચાલ્યો. લગભગ ૧૨.૪૫. થઈ એટલે મેં યજમાન કોલેજના આચાર્ય ડૉ. શિવનારાયણ યાદવ સાહેબની રજા લેતા કહ્યું,
” યાદવ સાહેબ, આજે શુક્રવાર છે એટલે હુ જુમ્માની નમાઝ માટે જવા ઈચ્છું છું. નમાઝ પછી લગભગ ત્રણ વાગ્યે હું  પરત આવી જઈશ”
અને યાદવ સાહેબે મને બાઈજ્જત મસ્જિત સુધી પહોંચાડવા ગાડીની વ્યવસ્થા કરી આપી. અને હું બડવાનીની જુમ્મા મસ્જિતમાં જુમ્માની નમાઝ અદા કરવા નીકળ્યો. નાનકડા બડવાનીમા એક જ સુન્ની જમાતની જુમ્મા મસ્જિત છે. તેની બાંધણી જોતા તે વર્ષો જૂની ભાસે છે. મસ્જિતના દરવાજા પાસે ડ્રાયવરે ગાડી ઉભી રાખી. હુ ગાડીમાંથી બહાર નીકળ્યો એટલે કેટલીક આંખો મને નવાઈથી તાકી રહી. ૬૦ હજારની વસ્તી ધરવતા બડવાનીમા કોઈ નવા માનવીના આગમનની તે ક્રિયા હશે તેમ માની મેં એ તરફ ધ્યાન ન આપ્યું. અને ડ્રાઈવરને કહ્યું,
“મેહુલભાઈ, આપ ખાના ખા કે એકાદ ઘંટે બાદ મુઝે લેને આ સકતે હૈ. નમાઝ અદા કરતે મુઝે ઇતના વક્ત તો લગ હી જાયગા” મસ્જિતના દરવાજે ચંપલ ઉતારી હુ મસ્જિતમા પ્રવેશ્યો. અને સ્વાભાવિક અંદાજમાં કુદરતી ક્રિયા અર્થે પેશાબખાનામા પ્રવેશ્યો. પાંચેક મીનીટ પછી બહાર આવી મેં વઝું (નમાઝ માટે પવિત્ર થવા હાથ મો ધોવાની ક્રિયા) કરવા વઝુંખાના તરફ કદમો માંડ્યા. ત્યાંજ કેટલાક ટોપી અને દાઢીધારી બુઝુર્ગો અને યુવાનએ મને ઘેરી લીધો. તેમાના એક યુવાને મને સિધ્ધો જ પ્રશ્ન કર્યો,
“આપ યહાં ક્યુ આયે હૈ ?” હું તેના પ્રશ્નનો કઈ જવાબ આપું તે પહેલા પરિસ્થિતિને પામી જતા એક બુઝુર્ગે મને અત્યંત નમ્ર સ્વરે કહ્યું,
“એક ગેર મુસ્લિમ હોને કે નાતે હમ આપ કા હમારી મસ્જિતમેં સ્વાગત કરતે હૈ. લેકિન અભી જુમ્મા કી નમાઝ કા વક્ત હો રહા હૈ. હમારી આપ સે ગુઝારીશ હૈ, આપ ઇસમે કોઈ ખલેલ ન કરે. અગર આપ હમારે સાથ નમાઝ અદા કરના ચાહતે હૈ તો હંમે દેખ કર હમારી તરહ ઈબાદત કર સકતે હૈ. પર ઇસકે લીયે આપકો હમારી તરહ વઝું (નમાઝ માટે પવિત્ર થવા હાથ મો ધોવાની ક્રિયા) કરના પડેગા ઔર મસ્તક પરસે  તિલક દૂર કરના પડેગા
હવે મને સેમીનારના ઉદઘાટન સમારંભમા મારા મસ્તક પર કરવામા આવેલ અભિવાદન તિલકનો ખ્યાલ આવ્યો. અને મારા ચહેરા અને હદયમાં નવાઈ સાથે સ્મિત પ્રસરી ગયું. મારા જ મુસ્લિમ બંધુઓ મારા મસ્તક પરના તિલકને કારણે મને ગેર મુસ્લિમ કે હિંદુ સમજી રહ્યા હતા. પણ સાથે સાથે મસ્જિતમાં આવતા હિંદુઓ પ્રત્યેના તેમના મૃદુ વ્યવહારને જોઈ મને અતિ આનંદ થયો. પ્રસરતી જતી સદભાવનાની તે ઉમદા નિશાની છે. અમારી વાત દરમિયાન ઘણાં મુસ્લિમો અમારી આસપાસ વીંટળાઈ વળ્યા હતા. એટલે વધુ સમય સ્પષ્ટીકરણ ન કરી હુ જુમ્માની નમાઝનું વાતાવરણ ખરાબ કરવા માંગતો ન હતો. એટલે મેં કહ્યું,
“અસ્લ્લામ અલયકુમ વ રહ્મ્તુલ્લાહ” મારા મુખે શુદ્ધ એરેબીકમાં ઇસ્લામિક સલામના ઉચ્ચારો સાંભળી સૌને નવાઈ લાગી. મારા સલામનો સૌ મુસ્લિમોએ જવાબ વળ્યો,
“વાઅલયકુમ સલામ” અને પછી તેમને વિમાસણમાંથી મુક્ત કરતા હું તુરત બોલી ઉઠયો,
“જનાબ, મેં એક પ્રોફેસર હું. મેરા નામ દાક્તર મહેબૂબ દેસાઈ હૈ. મેં આપ હી જૈસા સુન્ની મુસ્લિમ હું. મેં ગુજરાત સે આપ કે શહર કી સરકારી કોલેજ કે સેમીનાર આયા હું. સેમિનાર કે ઉદઘાટન સમારંભમેં તિલક લગાકર મેરા અભિવાદન કિયા ગયા થા. મેં તો વો તિલક ભૂલ હી ગયા થા. આપને મુઝે યાદ દિલા દિયા, ઇસકે લીયે મેં આપ સબકા બહોત શુક્ર્ગુઝાર હું” મારી વાત સાંભળી મને ઘેરીને ઉભેલા તમામ મુસ્લિમોના ચહેરા પર હળવાશની રેખાઓ પ્રસરી ગઈ. સૌ એ મારી સાથે મુસાફો (હસ્તધૂનન) કરવા હાથ લંબાવ્યા. મેં તેમની એ મિત્રાચારીનો મુસાફો કરી પ્રતિભાવ આપ્યો. અને સૌ જુમ્માની નમાઝ માટે મસ્જિતમા ગોઠવાવા લાગ્યા.પણ એક સફેદ દાઢીધારી વૃધ્ધે મને સલાહ આપતા કહ્યું,
“આપ સે ગુઝારીશ (વિનંતી) હૈ કી મસ્તક પર સે તિલક દૂર કરને કે બાદ હી આપ નમાઝ અદા કરે. ઇસ્લામ કે મુતાબીક તિલક કરના યા ઉસ કે સાથ નમાઝ અદા કરના જાઈઝ નહિ હૈ”
મેં તેમને કહ્યું,
“જનાબ, મેં ઇસ્લામિક નિયમો સે વાકિફ (પરિચિત) હું. વઝું કરતે વક્ત મેં તિલક નિકાલ દુંગા”
અને મેં વઝું કરવા વઝુંખાના તરફ કદમો માંડ્યા. પણ ત્યારે મારુ મન ધર્મોના રીવાજોની તુલનામા મગ્ન હતું, એક ધર્મ જે તિલકને માન-અભિવાદન માને છે, જ્યારે બીજો ધર્મ એ જ તિલકને સ્વીકારતો નથી. પણ મારું હદય ભારતના મજહબો વચ્ચેની આ ભિન્નતામા જ એકતાનો આનંદ અનુભવી રહ્યું હતું. કારણકે આઝાદીના ૬૫ વર્ષોમાં આપણે એકબીજાના ધર્મ સ્થાનો, રીતરીવાજો અને વિશિષ્ટતાઓનું સન્માન કરતા શીખ્યા છીએ, તેનું આ પ્રસંગ ઉત્તમ ઉદાહરણ છે.”
i unquote.
i copied and pasted it on my facebook account . Taking the contemporary political,social and religious scenes into account i posted my comments independently. i intend to start a public debate .
(1)Compare this incidence with those Topi episodes during Narendra Modi’s Sadbhavna Yatras in recent past. i understand that Narendra Modi lacks courage to face RSS ,BJP, VHP workers. He mobilised his so called muslim supporters to show that he has befriended muslims and they have ‘accepted him’ as such. If he had any courage,political or otherwise,he could have had muslim topi over his head and embraced the respective maulvi or gentleman showing a gesture.Today i read with a lot of humour that Narendra Modi is a member of BJP’s national executive deciding to take BJP once again to a secular road. Now what is the difference between Congress and BJP?  What is the difference betwwen Narendra Mody and other BJP leaders? L.K. Advani. V. Naidu, N. Gadkari,Arun Jaitley, Sushma Swaraj, Rajnathsinh, Dr. Murli Manohar Joshi and Narendra Modi are rank opportunists in equal vein.
(2) BJP + Sonia ( Sonia+ Rahul+ Priyanka+Robert) = Congress
(3) Instead of third front ,why not to form a party excluding Sonia and LK Advani with other anti muslim elements and Nehru -Gandhi loyalists ? This party can have nationalist Congress persons and BJP persons . 
(4)Narendra Modi lost the ‘platinum’ chance to adopt a real secular image. Maulana Gulam Mohmad Vastanvi and his fellow travellers desiring to take muslims to emotional integration of muslims with hindus lost the battle halfway due to Narendra Modi’s lack of courage, foresight and political wisdom.No other BJP leader is capable in any manner to take BJP or hindu main stream to such a courageous path. All RSS, BJP , VHP , Hindu Mahasabha followers want electoral muslim support without telling it in black and white. Nehru- Gandhi family and Congress used  electoral support of muslims and dalits ,adivasies etc. in the same manner only to benefit Nehru-gandhi family, its loyalists and a select class of administrators.The popular opinion has now galvanised for a real political polarisation.No other leader except Narendra Modi can do this. Sonia Tribe and Saffron brigade can not afford to forego present beneficial status quo.
(5) Sonia & her tribe can not dare to embrace or distance  Muslims,Dalits,Adivasies and Hindus openly. The real vote bank politics has limited options for Sonia, L.K.Advani,Mulayam,Mayavati , Lalu Prasad , Ram Vilas Paswan and Nitish Kumar. None of them can attract audience without the party banner,flag, political and administrative management and support. As a working journalist ,i  attended Rajiv Gandhi’s election meeting at Anand, Gujarat during Chandrasekhar’s government at the center.With great difficulty Congress could collect 200 or so in audience.Let me say, with no BJP, being  only a CM ( common man ) , with no govt.Narendra Modi on his own will be a numero uno crowd puller just like Pu.Induchcha.
See the NM effect, Nalin Bhatt returned to BJP .Why? He can not survive in politics without BJP that belongs to Narendra Modi !
BJP – Nalin Bhatt = BJP (Narendra Modi)
BJP + Nalin Bhatt = BJP (NM)
Nalin Bhatt = Nalin Bhatt= 000
We may replace Nalin Bhatt with  any name !

Dear Editor

April 3, 2011

Hello world,
i sent the following letter to Editors of leading news papers of India. Many have included it and published it as comment in their online editions. i sent it to Reuters,it is there on its dashboard.
i feel that the protest by RGTIL/Relogistics/RIL Victims is getting momentum.
Let us see ,what happens!
Yours truly,
Dr. Bankimchandra M. Desai
Dear Editor,

Govt. of India ,Public Accounts Committee of Parliament and CAG must review and revise the contracts/bids granted to RIL whose officers have acquired mastery in fraud, forgery and cheating to achieve Mukesh Ambani’s ends. We in South Gujarat have first hand knowledge about nefarious activities of Mukesh Ambani’s officers.

Many farmers and land owners in Maharashtra, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu have had a taste of RIL/RGTIL/RELOGISTICS’ iron fist covered in velvet gloves of development.

Mukesh Ambani, Parimal Nathwani, Hemant Desai and at least two of the Vice Presidents of RIL at Hazira, Surat have overlooked fraud, forgery and cheating by RIL/RGTIL employees while helping the Competent Authority of RGTIL at Surat, Gujarat in preparing Award of compensation under the Petroleum and Mineral Pipelines Act ( acquisition of Right of User in land) 1962.

We term Mukesh Ambani as India’s Richest Beggar who aspires to become the richest man in the world , of course at the expense of India and Indians .To get the exact idea , please look into Desaibankim’s Blogs : RGTIL VICTIMS UNITED.

Parimal Nathwani ( MP-Rajya Rabha) from Jharkhand and Murli Mama @Murli Deora are his men in New Delhi to tackle Sonia Gandhi, LK Advani, Prakash Karat, Arun Jaitley ,Sushma Swaraj and important officers in various ministries.

The Supreme Court of India while inquring the assets of ex CJI Balakrishnan and his family members should inquire Mukesh Ambani’s share in Justice (!) Balakrishnan’s fortunes.He (Balakrishnan) was in unusual hurry to decide case pertaining to RIL,RNRL and Mukesh-Anil Ambani’s interests. He decided the case in the days prior to his retirement. Mukesh Ambani has developed a practice of hiring and appointing counsels & senior counsels (practicing at SCI and various High Courts) capable to file/register case against him or his companies, on the panels of advocates of his companies .A stage has come when no advocate in India would venture to be his adversary’s counsel or advocate. He is expert in managing judicial officers at various levels. Judgments in cases related to his interests are known as “pen drives” !

It is high time to nationalise RIL’s refineries and Mukesh Ambani’s RGTIL. He has virtually fleeced India and Indians by corrupting one and all. He is a real ever ready , perennial Tsunami for India , Indian democracy and polity.

Media (Print and TV) is reticent and is always afraid of publishing any news against Mukesh Ambani and his companies. He has no control whatsoever over Internet. So i am able to put my views in Blogs ( WordPress ), Twitter and Facebook notes to expose his anti-India activities.

Yours Truly,
Dr. Bankimchandra M.Desai
Convener of
All India Committee of Agriculturists Affected by RIL/RGTIL/RELOGISTICS.
03, Mahadevnagar Society,
Near Majura Gate, Ring road,
Surat 395002.
Cell Phone : +91-9426187102

Surat ,dated March,31,2011