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NaMo Past 66

September 16, 2016

Hello world,

Narendra Modi completes 66 years today. He was @CMOGujarat from 7 Oct. 2001  to 22 May 2014. He is @PMOIndia from 26 May 2014 till this moment .My unilateral relationship of love & hate started with him when he as Chief Minister of Gujarat  took a clear partisan decision in favour of RGTIL ,a subsidiary of RIL and a piggy company of Mukesh Nita Ambani. Saurabh Patel alias Durgandh Dalal was his and their man in Gujarat Government. Navsari’s the then collector RC Mina and the revenue officers under him harassed me by “oft repeated misinterpretations to suit their whims “ in two RTS cases of quasi-judicial nature .The ordeal started somewhere in 2004-2005 and is not yet over. I started my “Laboratory Experiments in Revenue Laws, Rules and Regulations vis a vis attitudes of government employees of all strata. My One Man Campaign for Revenue Reforms started in 2004-2005 .  Meanwhile NaMo started his round of pre-election transfers of IAS , IPS .GAS and other government employees.

On a day destined by GOD I chanced a look at collector RC Mina,  a man not worth to be in IAS , a liar and a law breaker himself ! The Clinician in me told me of a serious disease harassing RC Mina. I flashed an e mail to NaMo. I advised him and recommended that “in given circumstances RC Mina should NOT be transferred , his job continued at Navsari with the minimum workload and files to attend with all possible help that a government can offer to IAS“. NaMo ,I hated the most  ( with Dhiru Ambani and his notorious ,useless progeny Mukesh Nita Ambani ) acted in accordance with my request.

I don’t know what happened to RC Mina afterwards. I pray for him.

It is a span of nearly twelve years , recently I knew of NaMo acting on a dummy letter in the name of Sonal from Vadia. The letter was written by Prashant Dayal, a bête noire of NaMo ,Amit Shah & almost all Media Owners . Dayal is junior to me as NaMo ,Amit Shah and their coterie is .i never met him. I remember meeting NaMo in 1991. I do not know Amit Shah as a person worth knowing .

Sonal was saved from brothel village Vadia by Mittal Patel ,a real social activist and brought to Prashant Dayal for help and protection. See the irony. Prashant Dayal himself in need of protection, waged a battle with no material resources at hand. He sent a Blog link to NaMo . The rest is a very recent history supported by ViRu and NaMo.

That gesture saved ViRu and NaMo from future troubles brewing in BJP’s backyard. i changed the plans to overthrow the present Gujarat Government and Central Government somewhere in February 2017 to bring Mid Term poll for Lok Sabha to be held concurrently with polls for  Legislative Assemblies in Gujarat, U.P., Punjab and a poll to sink Arvind  Kejriwal’s  AAP !

Sonal, Mittal and Prashant changed future course of events.

I changed plans in toto with all logistics in trash bins.

I requested my cadres in 219 districts  (of 675 total districts of India ) to make all moves India centric and hence NaMo centric.

We do not support any other leader in India . We neither support BJP nor any other party may be Congress or any outfit of name sake.

Immediate effect here in Gujarat is to support ViRu , Vijay Rupani , the present and the next Chief Minister of Gujarat .List of corrupt, highly corrupt and very highly corrupt is being up dated. Various Laboratories are established on the pattern of Navsari !  We will COMPEL  NaMO and ViRu to dump all notables termed by people as black sheep in government, assembly and administration to make Corruption Free Gujarat first and then Corruption Free India.

We will COMPEL NaMo and ViRu to make   all present Laws, Rules and Regulations applicable to RIL,  Saurabh Patel, Mukesh Nita Ambani , Nita Mukesh Ambani  and all other Piggy Companies in their kitty. NaMo has been Namak Halaal to them till today. Now he has to be Namak Halaal to The Indian State which is at our heart . He may keep his Pocket and Government Corrupt. Bur henceforth he will not be allowed to be Namak Haram to India and Indians. Enough is enough.

I wish NaMo another 34 years with a very robust health, strong will and success all the ways in India’s fight to rout Terror and Terrorists .If it is within my powers, I give my remaining years to NaMo.

He is Pu .Hira Ba’s son , Let him be Kohinoor.



Whither Medical Education

February 27, 2016

Medical Admission Price List093326_730x1150_02-GM-26-2-2016MCI Member Dr.Mahendrasinh Chauhan in NUTSHELL :
Gujarat Message :
Gujarati Daily from Surat
Page :02 Dt .26-02-2016

The price list for admissions to medical & paramedical courses in 55 colleges situate outside Gujarat is thought provoking.This reportage was published in Sandesh (Surat).

It is observed from Gujarat Message report that every year Dr.Mahendrasinh Chauhan undertakes this sort of publicity campaign preferably with active help of media in general & Sandesh in particular.He must have his reasons for that. Either he is using the media for his projection or the media is using him for one up man ship.! Nothing wrong as the world moves with that only.

Gujarat Message daily has refrained from naming Sandesh .It is the editorial discretion & respect for fellow media & media person.That should always be.That is much appreciated.

Knowing the inner circuits involved & playing vital but very corrupt roles at VNSG University, Gujarat Medical Council, Directorate of Health & Medical Education & Research of Government of Gujarat, Medical Council of India,concerned departments @ Govt. of India, i believe that Dr. Daxesh Thacker , the Vice-chancellor of VNSG University has failed miserably to maintain standards which follow Vir Narmad’s name & hence should resign & face multiple inquiries.

Dr. Mahendrsinh Chauhan ,as i have known him, is a nice person in puddles of cheap publicity & image building.of Robin Hood type.As such there is no need of any.Every medical & paramedical person in Gujarat & elsewhere knows him thoroughly.No body speaks & writes about it.Fear of losing favours is the reason.

i did not spare Dr. Ketan D. Desai ,a blot in the medical profession, despite being a very distant relative. He was a recognised teacher who failed to teach for optimum hours ! Real Politik catapulted him to international stage & fame .A failed teacher now teaches the world. That is a sad chapter itself. But as a cohort of Narendra Modi & Amit Shah he is saved for good & bad.

Everyone tells a million words about Narendra Modi & Amit Shah.i need not add & elaborate.

The Trio ‪#‎ModiShahDesai‬ completed the circle initiated by Chimanbhai Patel & leveled to ground the norms & standard of education in general & medical education in particular .

Wnen Dr. Mahendrsinh Chauhan entered the scene of politics at VNSGU & Gujarat’s medical education at institutional levels ,i had high hopes. i am sorry to tell that he failed hopes & his own image.It would be better if he resigns ,seeks inquiry & gets exonerated. i am waiting for that day.

Let us see what unfolds of this medical quagmire.

The Way Ahead

August 18, 2015

Hello World,

PAAS-  Patidar Anamat Andolan Samiti  & PAA- Patidar Anamat Andolan have very successfully rallied around and got unprecedented support  from other castes and sub-castes excluded from the ambit of OBC Reservation benefits amounting to 27 % of all academic admissions, appointments and promotions . Though very nominal in numbers as compared to paatidars,these castes have till very recently played very important and formative roles in our life.

Despite the writ and presence of RSS Sarsanghchalak Dr. Mohan Bhagwat in South Gujarat   patidars staged a  magnificient show  of strength at Surat on 17 th August 2015. Bhagwat Bhajan Mandli @ RSS under the leadership of C r Paatil , 11 of Dirty Dozen MLAs,office bearers  of South Gujarat’s  district  and taluka  panchayats party units and several thousands of booth level workers were all rendered helpless, nonplussed spectators. Patidars proved that these elected leaders are no more popular leaders commanding any respect whatsoever.

Media hitherto bending forward for advertisements and paid news items   spared column and columns for PAAS rally coverage. In fact there was a competition of sort for the best extensive and detailed coverage. It is difficult to rank them. PAAS rally was very unique in the sense that there was not a single untoward incident requiring an alarm for law and order maintenance. The route and the extent was almost the same in the sense that both ends of the rally were covered by PAAS supporters. Patidars proved once again that they are THE FORCE to reckon with. Nonviolent  peaceful protest march of 500,000 is  be seen and experienced  to believe

BJP citadel is grounded and leveled  to unbelievable extent. The damage is complete. The rout is total.

I write this because so called national press & media has underplayed  in coverage and  assessment. Visuals will belie their national news rooms. NaMo & BJP’s  low as well as high command  have to accept that they have lost Gujarat , NOT to Congress , but to Patidars.

Patidars as represented by PAAS and not by their religious deity bound temple oriented castes and sub-castes’ organizations  have to prop up sustainable ,honest, visionary  and large hearted leadership that can lead Gujarat afresh. Majority of  PRESENT LEADERS of all political parties and social organizations are first class rogues. There is no other degree to describe them. None of the leaders of trade, industry, profession is free of popular vices of leadership. The elements   who provided  financial and logistic support are white collar sophisticated law breakers responsible for the rising crime in South Gujarat. They are no better than BJP and Congress Thugs much despised by all. They are all experts in circumventing laws ,implement own laws and rules to create deposits  as well as vaults of ill gotten money , the corrupting source of bureaucracy and polity. In nutshell PAAS has to be careful and vigilant in dealing with their mentors having their hidden agenda.

Youngsters have to select from themselves. There is no dearth of capable, educated, honest, visionary persons with integrity. They remain aloof because of the rogues dominating the scene. They have to be selected and invited with honour. It is very trying but it has to be done. All agitations since 1947 withered on this count. Our political, co-operative, religious, educational and social organizations do have a fabric and a matrix of natural leaders. Political ambitions and love for quick bucks ruin their character. They need permanent watchdog. Previous Anti – Reservation Stir was led by me with very limited goals. Other leaders like me had no agenda other than protesting reservation. Once achieved, everywhere we pulled down the curtains. i had no personal agenda . In fact all leaders lost their part of the earnings because that part of the expenses came from their pockets. We never wanted any one to finance it. Hence we were not accountable. We were responsible to own self and each other who participated. I never bothered to recover what I lost in the process. Nav Nirman Agitation delivered two potential leaders, Umakant Mankad and Manishi Jani. I invite them to narrate their experiences. The most recent movement India Against Corruption provides illustrative example of success and failure. AAP-Aam Aadmi Party is halfway and it is undergoing a painful process of survival.

PAAS & PAA have many seasoned detractors ,advisors, mentors, guides, financiers and lacs of young aspiring ‘blind’ followers. It will be interesting on all counts to watch the metamorphosis of surge which can be reasonably termed and identified as ‘impromptu’.

In second phase PAAS has to extend their movement outside Gujarat. The constitutional hurdle to circumvent is a difficult task. It seems impossible. 22% quota of reservation is made permanent constitutionally. 27 %  quota of reservation is sanctified by the Apex Court. What would happen  if all beneficiaries of 22+ 27 = 49% quota of reservation unite and put up a show of strength? PAAS can /should not underestimate this possibility. BJP & government of Gujarat underestimated the PAAS surge and now face a precarious situation.

All India pro and anti reservation movements will shatter our society and divide will be horizontal as well as vertical. The onus of resolution is solely on Narendra Modi. Other BJP leaders are leaders because of NaMo. Minus NaMo they are all big zero in numbers. NaMo should convene all party meeting or straight way appoint a high power commission to review Reservation Policy afresh. This can be done any time after assembly election in Bihar. Replacement of Anandiben Patel is difficult because BJP Legislative Party if full of idiots, morons, dwarfs and pygmies. Present Patidar ministers and MLAs are corrupt and highly corrupt as well as inefficient The best course is to dissolve Gujarat Legislative Assembly. PAAS can be a good replica of AAP with all candidates selected on Absolute Merit, integrity and basic honesty. That will save Gujarat and India.PAA and PAAS may shift the gears and goals towards establishment of Rule of Law and Merit. Bureaucracy will have to respect law, Any whimsical interpretations of laws and rules by any bureaucrat will subject him/her to prosecution with the Removal of Immunity provided by Bar on Prosecution to government servants in all Acts.

Narendra Modi has to make his choice very fast. He and Amit Shah  have  lost Gujarat. BJP is nowhere in a picture.RSS  and other saffron outfits will lose relevance and relegated to nuisance value.

NaMo has to act fast to regain Gujarat and retain India.


NJAC- To Be Or Not To Be

June 14, 2015

Hello World,

National Judicial  Appointments Commission Act is under scrutiny of the five judge constitution bench of the Supreme Court of India. Government of India (Nehru to Narendra) never wanted a powerful and equally independent judiciary.The quality of judges deteriorated gradually with the increase in post retirement appointments of judges in commissions,arbitration,advisory panels,government and semi government trusts, foreign service etc. The public and political sanction over the judges and their ‘over all behaviour’ lost relevance.Politicians and judges have been two sides of Indian Rupee Coin ! Now no one is afraid of contempt of court because judges and courts have gone down in public esteem.

Politicians too have deteriorated qualitatively with the gradual passing of direct control over/of political parties into hands of unscrupulous industrialists ,criminals,potential and proven law breakers.Today the majority of MPs and MLAs are goons and law breakers themselves.They make pliable laws, rules and regulations to suit their needs .The majority of them are ignorant about laws,interpretation and implementation thereof.They are not concerned about their ignorance. For them whatever they say is law.Bureaucrats in  IAS,IPS,IRS,IFS & various state cadres  have become their servants , friends,philosophers,guides and partners. There is a system within a system which is above any law of the land.The seriousness is aggravated by passive and active concurrence of the prevalent illegal or extralegal system  by the judiciary.

Judges in want or search of post retirement benefits hoodwink everything.While in service they become silent but powerful supporters of industrialists and coterie of unlawful elements thriving on behalf of these money bags.Various bail orders passed in favour of criminals and land grabbers make ordinary citizens believe that law is unto intellectual and legal debauchery. Advocates too join this circuit by accepting appointment on corporate panels and receiving hefty payments often for not pleading or scuttling opponents’ cases.There is no difference between a quasi judicial revenue court and a civil /criminal court when interpretation of law is as per erroneous and whimsical notions of the officer concerned. No one bothers to deliver reason orders. If one is aggrieved,he/she is free to approach appeal court.At every step the scene is repeated except in cases where hands and palms are greased with durable material.It is a very serious crime to be non-corrupt by mindset and practice ! The rot from trial court to high court is very disgusting,pathetic and capable enough to shake any one’s confidence in whatever is just and good.If one refuses to be a part of the system punishment postings and all sorts of harassments are on anvil.

Judges have lost decorum and decency in their behaviour. Chamber practice is discussed openly in corridors of courts.Justice and truth are sacrificed invariably.Indian Judiciary is no better than Chinese Judiciary.Corruption is the malady in both.Chinese are visibly strict and have fasttrack system of punishment. Indian judiciary is lethargic in disposal of all cases,specially cases against judges.Judges mostly refrain from judging judges.They have Unique Brotherhood.

Advocates,counsels and senior counsels pose  tricky questions ; Are they lawful in their mindset and behaviour? Are they doublespeak? Do they adhere to any principle in life other than their FEES?Where their professional duty ends and where their morality starts ? Do they have any conscience when they plead for constitution and for murky politicians like Jayalalitha Jayram, Yediyerappa, Lalu Prasad Yadav, Amit shah ,Narendra Modi ( to name a few)? Do they have a sense of guilt when they do everything to install a son or daughter in the Apex Court , High Courts not in the name of merit but extraneous considerations? The seniors and very senior ones are the proponents of furthering the culture of Black Money .When Harish Salve pleads for Mukesh Nita Ambani and /or Salman Khan, his well publicised fees of Rs. 30/’lacs per appearance need not be in Amul White. If Fali Nariman appears as Jayalalitha’s saviour,it is naive to believe the fees received under table and over receipt..The same Fali Nariman serves his profession when he pleads for upholding constitution.To me Fali Nariman,Soli Sorabjee, Ram Jethmalani,Harish Salve , Ravi Shankar Prasad etc are legal icons worth emulating. But when i think of their endeavours to save corrupt ,very corrupt politicians they seem to be the best hypocrites,double speaks  who have damaged albeit unintentionally the fabric of People’s Faith in Judiciary. They seem to be at par with the persons salvaged by them .

India and Indians are lucky to have lawyer stalwarts from the days of Constituent Assembly.The very same lawyers left many loopholes in laws ,helpful in professional life of their professional successors. Every one knows where the bone is brittle. No one is seriously interested in cures. Lest the system improves their relevance would be in question.

The question of survival haunts everyone related to judiciary, laws,legal framework and fabric of India.Politicians like Narendra Modi,Amit Shah , Lalu Prasad yadav, Yediyerappa,, Jayalaltha experienced law as the victims of persecution and vendetta.They have seen the courts changing judgments and orders with the changed circumstances.Where is law when the outcome is decided on the basis of the politics of the day ? Is there any rule of law? Is any judgement permanent and sacrosanct? Is the law same for Mukesh Nita Ambani , Salman Khan, Jayalalitha and Mr. ABC or Miss XYZ, nondescript citizens of India ?

It is Narendra Modi now. It was Sonia Gandhi then. Both are same in desiring pliable judges and subservient judiciary.None of the politicians in the past and at present wanted/wants Financially,Statutorily independent Judiciary and Election Commission. Politicians of all colours will argue in favour of civil society’s role in gubernatorial appointments,but ,will never think so while giving tickets to criminals and law breakers and while forming ministries.They want convenience in their decisions of appointments and freedom in terminating the appointees.

Indian Judiciary is on the threshold of to be or not to be..

Hitherto NaMo Bhakt CJI H.L.Dattu has surprised one and all by developing courage to stand erect and look offensively   in the eyes of  his God . Well done ,Sir

.i might be prosecuted for contempt of court, defamation of my lifetime legal peers,named above . i welcome that, too.It will help to survive the  debate on Statutorily ,Financially  Independent Judiciary and Election Commission of India.

Reference :


     Appointment of judges shouldn’t be the exclusive preserve of the judiciary and civil society must be allowed to participate in the selection …

AAP’s Missed Opportunity

January 20, 2014

Hello World,
After a considerable lapse of time i resume blogging.
Amitabh Thakur is my facebook friend. i join him in his comments on Arvind kejriwal’s latest ‘adventure’ in politics.i quote his status,”
Bankimchandra Desai shared with Amitabh Thakur
“CM on Dharna, in his personal capacity, to get policemen suspended because he “feels” they committed wrong. Opinions might vary but to me it seems highly unwarranted and extremely dangerous, having long-term consequences.”- Amitabh Thakur’s status on Facebook –Jan.20,2014′ i unquote

Please read my views and experience with Gujarat’s corrupt system of NaMo @ narendramodi’s BJP government.It can show the way in the present impasse.

AAP’s Missed Opportunity:

Any minister or chief minister taking a course of agitation is nothing but admitted failure of governance on the part of the respective government or minister or chief minister thereof. This approach leads to chaos and breakdown of the system.

Supreme Court of India in a recent order instructed IAS, IPS and other babus alike to insist for written orders and or instructions from administrative superiors and or political, elected bosses. Media downplayed this news for obvious reasons. AAP, IAC and all NGOs should unite and work on this SCI judgment.

There is confusion about the jurisdiction of Govt.of Delhi, Lt.Governor of Delhi, Ministry of Home Affairs of Govt.of India vis a vis Delhi’s Police. Who controls and commands Delhi Police? What is the role of Union Home Secretary and Home Minister?

Arvind Kejriwal missed the opportunity to change the system. He should have convinced his minister colleagues to put down all administrative instructions on paper in absolute black and white. They could have made their own-selves to be responsible and accountable for all instructions and orders. They could have decided collectively to refrain from passing oral orders. From President of India to any minister of the lowest rank always avoid passing written orders. The main cause of unaccountability lies in this system. Any officer, gazetted or otherwise who takes decision and act is held responsible.

If top IPS officers in Gujarat would have insisted for getting written orders either from Amit Shah the then minister of state in department of home affairs or from Narendra Modi, the then & present chief minister of Gujarat for a series of encounters and during riots in 2002,they would not have to languish in prison. Instead NaMo and Amit Shah would have been behind bars.

Once irritated by the irrational behaviour of superiors and ministers, section officers in Gujarat sachivalya stopped attending files without superiors’ or ministers’ notings. It hardly took a month or so. All so called powerful bosses including NaMo came round and subsequent to that event all of them ‘behaved’.