Gujarati Patidars at CROSSROAD

 Hello world ,

it is nearly more than a year of Post PAAS agitation in Gujarat.

As advised and professed by me long back Patidars failed to KIck Hardik Patel Hard out from Patidars’ leadership. Now Gujarat is on the verge of vertical and horizontal divide on the basis of caste and class .

Everyone seems to be in hurry to catch Bullet Train to political power via this iminent divide .

PostModi leadership failed miserably and government officers at all levels IAS ,IPS have become real masters . Gujarat is reeling under CORRUPTION at all levels.

Unscrupulous elements who are near and dear to the Great Leader NaMo @narendramodi @PMOIndia have shattered the fabric of Gujarat .

i compiled my posts on Facebook and try hereby to give a cpmprehensive analysis of today’s Gujarat .

*Patidars should know the gentlemen “crooks” of Patidar Rajasvi Sanman Samaroh Samiti to felicitate 1+ 44 + 2 & other miscellaneous leaders of BJP.

Were they not the same to collect vast chest of funds to finance Hardik & PAAS ostensibly to overthrow the then @CMOGujarat , Ben Anandi , a Patidar , to install Saurabh Patel @Durgandh Dalal or Nitin Patel as a very pliable CM ?

Are they not the same often flashed in news paper reports for their alleged involvement/s in cases of land grabbing ,bank frauds , bad debtor firms & tax evasions ?

Are they NOT the same to own news paper handle/s for self publicity as well as leg pulling of government officers & rival land grabbers cum organisers cum diamontaires ?

Are they NOT the same to wear a philanthropic robe , often larger than self , in the guise of Save Water , Save Girl Child , Educate Orphan, Adopt Destitues & Provide Medicare , Labour Welfare , Affordable Housing to Employees & Gifting Car & Gifting Apartment to Employees , Morari Bapu’s Ram Katha to enhance sports & medical facilities?

Who is financing this alagrand Jamboree with tea snacks, lunches & dinners on successive days?

Are they really worried & concerned about 10 + Patidars dead & injured during last one year of Patidar Anamat Aandolan ?

Are they really serious to settle all court cases due to APatidar Anamat Aandolan ?

What is the ultimate candy offered to Dilip Lakhio & Mahesh Savani for the money & efforts thst are putting in popping up Patidar Rajasvi Abhinandan Samiti to organise Rajasvi Sanman Samaroh to felicitate Ali Baba + his in) famous Gang of 40 +++with horses & donkeys @ BJP in Gujarat ?!


**Irony of Fate:

Ala grand show of strength @Surat is for our hero , Nitin Patel !
#NitinPatel will be in hospital bed instead of adoring stage @ Surat accepting accolades from numerous overnight Patidar Turn Coats !
Lady Luck is Not happy #NitinPatel

Signal to RETIRE to BJP’s Seniors’ Guiding Council ( Vayask Marga Darshak Mandal ) @ Gujarat @CMOGujarat !

Wishing a speedy recovery without
#RoboticPostProstatectomy complication/s whatsoever !

May God Bless future Chief Minister !

 Reference :

***Begining heralded by Dilip Lakhio +Dhabkar Savani ×Builders+Land Organisers+ Diamontaires. .

# પાટીદાર-/ અનામત-ધૂળ-આગ અને ધુમાડો/પાટીદાર- અનામત- આંદોલન-દશા-અને-દિશા/



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