Journalism in Gujarat

Hello World,

Journalism in Gujarat is not  as it was prior to 1990.

Qualitative and quantitative changes took center stage . In former days corruption was limited upto level of reporter and resident editor.  awide spread complaints made proprietor cum managing editors to go deep into the matter . Bhai log too became “Press Owner” to get entry into main stream politics via RSS and BJP. Once the target achieved the ownership of the press and the title itself was changed and made effectively defunct thus ruining careers of many aspiring journalists.

The owners of media became de facto editors and they ensured to deal with the ” news party” directly dong cash transactions through middle men may be a resident editor and a reporter.

Now every “news deal” is transacted with tacit knowledge and permission of the owner of the “PRESS”..

Much harassed and aggrieved by personal woos Prashant Dayal resorted to Internet Journalism through his Blog post. No media owner would dare to publish a word of it.

i wrote a comment on his recent Blog ,one of his series :”Gujarat and Gujarati Journalism”.

i reproduce my comments posted on FACEBOOK.,Twitter and Google+

i quote ,

” Muni Shri Narad was our first journalist & Sanjay was our first TV anchor cum journalist. Both faced crucial dilemmas, not once, often.

Many wars were averted by Holy Scribe ,Narad & he was the causative ‘news element’ for many wars . He had to face ire & curse of many gods , goddesses ,demigods & mortals.

Narad did not require any id suggestive of PRESS ! He had 24 ×7 entry everywhere at anytime ! He could go straight into all bed rooms & courts without any inhibition or fear.He was witness to many unholy activities of Gods but as his intentions were never doubted he NEVER misused or say blackmailed any one ! He never longed for ‘Breaking News’.His requirements were the bearest minimum so he was greedfree & content.Of course, he had no competitor in the form of rival media owner & mediaperson !

He & his fellow-traveller Sanjay were never threatened or schemed into a trap by any one.

Narad was condemned often by Muni Durvasa by an instant anger-bout followed by an instant curse only to be repelled & retrieved by a remedial time bound penance .

There was nothing like Law of Defamation & cases under that act were never thought of or heard of .Law
of Freedom of Press & Law of Treason were not even on horizon.

Pioneer journalists never needed Law of Press by Durga Das.They never bothered about wage board awards or minimum wage coupled with perks & perqusites .

They never attended any school ,institute college, faculty or university of Journalism !

They were University of Columbia unto themselves !

I wonder why we the Indian Journalists do not follow Muni Shri Narad & Sanjay as our Role Model !

Why should our society consider us alter ego of thugs, pindharas, looters , black – mailers, extortionsts & the worst conduits of the rogues in politics as well as governments ?

Why should we be popularly described as “Kalamiya Dhadpadus ” ?

Awake & arise to save Journalism & Journalists.

Let us invoke Muni Shri Narad & Sanjay in our holy mission to attain heights of Truth,Honesty ,Integrity , Discretion & Deceny of holding a pen in hand ”

i unquote .

ગુજરાત અને ગુજરાતી પત્રકારત્વ : પ્રશાંત દયાળની નજરે

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