Unreliable Reliance Jio, India Maro !

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i was wonder struck reading Andy Mukherjee’s write up .i was curious and amused to read a poor press note from Mukesh Nita Ambani’s Department of Mis-Information and Propaganda.

Crazy for cheap publicity Mukesh is not satisfied with his news coverage in media in India. He craves for recognition abroad. By hook or crook he gets published. He pays dearly.There is no derth of journalists who are corrupt by all means and in all senses.Without touring India or various sites owned by Mukesh Nita Ambani and RIL, they just publish a RIL fed story with  their names. Here is one more sample of such a table story.

Please see the credentials of a writer named Andy Mukherjee ,who is a Bloomberg Gadfly columnist covering industrial companies and financial services. He previously was a columnist for Reuters Breakingviews. He has also worked for the Straits Times, ET NOW and Bloomberg News.

i quote,

 Ambani Gets Lucky Again — INFORMATION CENTRE FOR…

  • ices.or.ke/ambani-gets-lucky-again

    By Andy Mukherjee. India’s richest tycoon also seems to be its luckiest. While many a formerly gung-ho Indian businessman is being crushed by debt, Mukesh Ambani …

 Ambani Gets Lucky Again

By Andy Mukherjee

India’s richest tycoon also seems to be its luckiest.

While many a formerly gung-ho Indian businessman is being crushed by debt, Mukesh Ambani’s Reliance Industries is getting one break after another. First came the fall in global crude prices, which has already given the conglomerate’s refining business $10-plus-a-barrel margins for four straight quarters, its biggest windfall in almost seven years.

Read More: Bloomberg”

i unquote .


i react with this write up posted on Facebook. .

Unreliable Reliance Jio ,India Maro !

Mukesh Nita Ambani has to be lucky even before his investment in Narendra Modi gets operational in getting lands.licenses , favours & tax moratoriums.

Narendra Modi & Sonia Gandhi may be at loggerheads but not for harming MN Ambani’s interests @ Reliance Industries Limited. They are in fact hands in gloves in helping him in all manners.The amendments in the land acquisition act,the arbitration act are at the behest of MN Ambani. Whatever may be the effect down slide in international gas & oil markets has, consumers in India are not benefited .

Why ?

Any benefit to consumer is the loss to MN Ambani !

Congress or for that sake any opposition party will not utter a single word against MN Ambani and his Reliance though doubtful land acquisitions,laying of gas pipelines, contract labour, exploitation of employees, unfair practices of officers are current hot topics debated throughout India.

Andy Mukherjee & Katrina Nicholas should get a copy of Polyester Prince from Mukesh himself & ask him the date of withdrawal of SCI stay on its free distribution.Being a media moghul himself Mukesh Nita Ambani has muzzled Press ,coerced journalists,bribed editors through his Independent Media Trust which is neither Independent nor Media,far from being a Trust due to its being one of the foremost of numerous Piggy Companies used by Mukesh & Nita for parking corrupt government officers,judicial officers ,police officers & siblings of politicians.

MN ambani & Reliance industries Limited are a classic example of concentration & continuous rise in wealth of a single entity .

If this paid writer & editor could have dissected profit distribution they could have recommended RIL’s NATIONALISATION !

MN Ambani & RIL grow continuously but India & Indians continue to bleed.

Reliance Industries has had a number of lucky breaks. The latest hints at a more favorable business environment
bloomberg.com|By Andy Mukherjee

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