Whither Medical Education

Medical Admission Price List093326_730x1150_02-GM-26-2-2016MCI Member Dr.Mahendrasinh Chauhan in NUTSHELL :
Gujarat Message :
Gujarati Daily from Surat
Page :02 Dt .26-02-2016

The price list for admissions to medical & paramedical courses in 55 colleges situate outside Gujarat is thought provoking.This reportage was published in Sandesh (Surat).

It is observed from Gujarat Message report that every year Dr.Mahendrasinh Chauhan undertakes this sort of publicity campaign preferably with active help of media in general & Sandesh in particular.He must have his reasons for that. Either he is using the media for his projection or the media is using him for one up man ship.! Nothing wrong as the world moves with that only.

Gujarat Message daily has refrained from naming Sandesh .It is the editorial discretion & respect for fellow media & media person.That should always be.That is much appreciated.

Knowing the inner circuits involved & playing vital but very corrupt roles at VNSG University, Gujarat Medical Council, Directorate of Health & Medical Education & Research of Government of Gujarat, Medical Council of India,concerned departments @ Govt. of India, i believe that Dr. Daxesh Thacker , the Vice-chancellor of VNSG University has failed miserably to maintain standards which follow Vir Narmad’s name & hence should resign & face multiple inquiries.

Dr. Mahendrsinh Chauhan ,as i have known him, is a nice person in puddles of cheap publicity & image building.of Robin Hood type.As such there is no need of any.Every medical & paramedical person in Gujarat & elsewhere knows him thoroughly.No body speaks & writes about it.Fear of losing favours is the reason.

i did not spare Dr. Ketan D. Desai ,a blot in the medical profession, despite being a very distant relative. He was a recognised teacher who failed to teach for optimum hours ! Real Politik catapulted him to international stage & fame .A failed teacher now teaches the world. That is a sad chapter itself. But as a cohort of Narendra Modi & Amit Shah he is saved for good & bad.

Everyone tells a million words about Narendra Modi & Amit Shah.i need not add & elaborate.

The Trio ‪#‎ModiShahDesai‬ completed the circle initiated by Chimanbhai Patel & leveled to ground the norms & standard of education in general & medical education in particular .

Wnen Dr. Mahendrsinh Chauhan entered the scene of politics at VNSGU & Gujarat’s medical education at institutional levels ,i had high hopes. i am sorry to tell that he failed me.my hopes & his own image.It would be better if he resigns ,seeks inquiry & gets exonerated. i am waiting for that day.

Let us see what unfolds of this medical quagmire.


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