The Difference

Hello World,

Facebook displayed the following news item on my Home page.

i was astonished to read/study it. It is a near defamation of Mark Zuckerberg ,CEO of Facebook and it is on Facebook.

i just could not believe it.  Yes it is there.

i quote,

Mark Zuckerberg moved closer to a trial over a developer’s lawsuit alleging the billionaire committed fraud.
Bloomberg | Oct 3, 2015, 12.17 PM IST “

i unquote.

It was displayed as a Times of India news item.

i posted my comments on ToI ‘s page. It was returned back with  remarks….. typical of Indian Hypocrisy.

i prefer to post it as my Blog. Be pleased to peruse.

i quote,

“Mark Zuckerberg  & Mukesh-Nita  Ambani  :

Absurd Comparision :

Whatever may be the outcome of this law suit, it has definitely dented  Zuckerberg’s name.prestige & credibility. If this can happen with/to him ,no one is immune, at least in the USA, from the law suits.

Attorneys are attorneys and they are the same everywhere. The Black Coat has the advantage or say disadvantage both ways.

A property developer dragged Mark Zuckerberg to a court of law on the charges of failure to fulfill the verbal  promise . The court refused to quash the charges & the law suit itself. Mark Zuckerberg  has to face the music. Only God knows what actually transpired between the two while transacting the deal. One has to see the area Palo Alto to believe the nature of the suit. I was around the area this time last year.  Mark Zuckerberg has not refused knowing the appellant developer. Circumstantial   evidence points to the relationship of a buyer & a seller cum broker cum developer. The case hinges on  “ verbal  promise” purportedly given by the buyer to the developer.

The court has not given benefit of doubt to Mark Zuckerberg.

Imagine what could have happened in such a case  in any court in India.

One can not imagine a judge /judicial officer in India subjecting Mukesh-Nita Ambani to any  law on a genuine count also . That is the difference between judiciary in India & the USA .

I happen to be a victim of RGTIL/RIL

RGTIL/ RIL Affected Victims are trying to book RIL & MN Ambani for a decade or so .

Despite  a  plethora of concrete evidences,RGTIL/ RIL managed the system comprising  the government, parliament and judiciary. Right from SCI to a lower most court, the president / prime minister to a deputy minister, the chief secretary of GoI to a village panchayat clerk, every  one knows about the plight of victims, yet No One knows.

NaMo @narendramodi @PMOIndia was @Facebook a few days back. He has a lesson from Mark Zuckerberg  to learn. “Respect the law of the land” .

Indian Americans who welcomed & felicitated Narendra Modi  have to know this very well.

Why ?

None of them will return to India .

If they prefer to stay in the USA as an NRI , a green card holder or a citizen, be loyal to the USA.

Learn and remember always to respect the law in the USA.

If Mark Zuckerberg  , one of ‘your” employers is not immune from the  law.

How are “you”  to  be free from law ?  A verbal promise is/can be  a deemed  written pledge. If you give one, fulfill it . Otherwise do not promise !

Remember always, that the land where you have preferred to stay & work is not India, but it is the USA.


The other glaring difference is the democratic freedom,.freedom of expression, freedom of thought, freedom of speech practised by /@Facebook . The way Facebook has displayed anews concerning its CEO, none other than Mark Zuckerberg is exemplary. Hats off to Mark Zuckerberg & Facebook.
i dare all media barons and mughals in India ,including Mukesh-Nita Ambani @ IMT- Independent Media Trust to flash the complete story narrating from A to Z of RGTIL/RIL Affected Victims.
i am sure they will search for the nearest restroom “.

i unquote.


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