NaMo’s Gains , India’s Losses

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Narendra Modi and Anandiben Patel scored a major point against agitating  Indian and American Paatidaars @Patels  organised under PAAS and PAA. The Paatidaars @Patels  lost face,prestige and credibility. American Patels ostensibly  accepted all  gratifications behind the stage and were short of prostrating before Indian Prime Minister ,Narendra Modi.

Agitation against police atrocity fizzled out and is now a history. American and Indian Patels invoked the name of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel and proved that they are no more his followers ! The most opportunistic turn around by American Patels almost ‘killed the spirit of agitation’ at home in Gujarat.Once again American Patels  proved that they are businessmen first and last and they can do business on the back of their caste fellows ! Narendra Modi needs to be very cautious about his constituency of American Patels

i summed up the coverage in Gujarati media  about PAAS, PAA and Gujarat Government’s package for economically backward high caste students in admissions to educational institutions and jobs in government and semi government sectors .

ધામધુમને ફસ્સ, દેશી- વિદેશી પાટીદારો ઠુસ્સ :

આનંદીબેનને હવે આનંદમાં રહેવાનું કારણા મળ્યું ખરું.

સોનાની થાળીમાં લોઢાની મેખ એટલે ભાજપા કરિયા-કર્તાઓનો વધુ પડતો ઉત્સાહ અને ઘેલછાવેડા.

બેન આનંદીને રવાના કરીને પોતાની ખીચડી પકાવવાની વેતરણા માં રરહેલાઓની હવે ઊંઘ હરામ થવાની.

પાટીદારોના 32 સમાજની સામે બેને તો 82  સમાજ ખડકી દીધા.

82  સમાજના નામોલ્લેખવાળી સરકારી કે સરકાર પ્રેરિત જાહેરાતમાં વ.પ્ર.નરેંદ્ર મોદી અને મુ.પ્ર. આનંદીબેન પટેલની તસ્વીરોનો ઉપયોગ ઉચિત કહેવાય.

પાટીદારોના તો આડા ઊભા ચાર ફાડ્ચાં જ કરી દીધાં.

.એન આર આઇ  પાટીદારોએ તો આબરુ અને વિશ્વનીયતા જ ગુમાવી. તેઓએ પડદા  પાછળ જે કડ્દા કર્યા હોય, તે હવે અમે રિકામાં પણ તેઓનો કોઇ ભાવ નહિ પૂછે.

નમોએ અને બેન આનંદીએ ખરા સમયે ખેલ પાડીને સ્વદેશી અને વિદેશી પાટીદારોના ગોફણ ,ગોળા અને લંગોટી જ  હરી લીધાં .

ગુજરાતમિત્ર અને ગુજરાતદર્પણને 153 માં વર્સમાં પ્રવેશ નિમિત્તે શુભેચ્છા આપનારે વ.પ્ર.નરેંદ્ર મોદી અને મુ.પ્ર. આનંદીબેન પટેલની  તસ્વીરોનો અનુચિત એવમ દેખીતો  દુરુપયોગ કર્યો.

Meanwhile NaMo in the USA is in heavens with high flying praises by Rupert Murdoch .

i follow up both like this.

PM Modi, the most enigmatic person is the last PM to have a clear majority in Lok Sabha in India , the most complex Country in geographical metaphor &  the Nation in ethnic sense.

During his last visit NaMo @PMOIndia eyed Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, surrendered India’s & Indian tax payers’ interests to get a favour in the form of the joint editorial with President Barack Obama in The Washington Post. This time ,Indian prime minister has successfully ‘eyed’ Rupert Murdoch, the legendary trans Euro- Asia- Pacific Media Moghul after media meet, obviously not for free !

NaMo is already ‘hooked’ by Google, Facebook & Apple by his own brain /  design children like ‘ Make in India, Start Up India, Stand Up India “Xi Jinping of China got Apple to ‘manufacture’ Apple in China.

Apple i phones & other products are made in China for Apple USA….It is yet premature to say that China has not dumped Apple by copying everything new Apple has & yet to have . Chinese are master copy cats !

Google & Facebook tried all sorts of  ‘abracadabra’ in China,  but  , Xi & his regime ‘firewalled’ all American Attempts and preferred to have own Made in China versions of search engines & social media . Here in case of India Facebook & Google are already anchored well before NaMo arrived in Gujarat’s political power pyramid. ! NaMo  owes his present status largely to them.

NaMo, howsoever ungrateful he can/may be &  if he  prefers to ‘misbehave in any context’  he will not complete his term . i foresee mid term Lok Sabha poll sometime in 2016.

It is NaMo’s trial vis a vis Facebook & Google. Apparently Facebook & Google appear to keep NaMo in good humour. In reality it is exactly opposite. Americans are explicitly  polished & very polite. They have their unique language to express pleasure & displeasure , often impossible to decipher.

Xi Jinping & Nawaz Shareef  are in the USA for UNO meeting. They will observe the minutest detail of Indo-American “honeymoon”. Both are hell bent to obstruct India’s full ,permanent membership of UNO’s Security Council. They will not be ready to accept India as UNO’s Security Council’s membership without VETO POWER.

Disillusioned with Indian Prime Minister’s  apparent, trumpeted successful tour of Silicon Valley & New York, Xi Jinping has the trump card of devaluation of Renminbi @ Yuan, third in succession to  test the mettle of India,& India’s central bank @Reserve Bank of india @ Dr. Raghuram Rajan. If it is left to RBI Governor Indian Rupee will sustain this fresh Chinese shock as well. If the coterie led by MN Ambani , Arun Jaitley, Narendra Modi, Arvind Subramanian & Arvind Panagariah prevails over RBI Governor , Indians will have nightmare and horrors of dragon in day dreams as well as real dreams.

Let us see what NaMo achieves & India loses !

Reference :

PM Modi best PM in the most complex nation, tweets Rupert Murdoch after media meet – The Economic Times

Making his pitch for smoother IPR regime, PM said…


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