NYT Stands Vindicated

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PAAS and PAA are striving to sustain the agitation for reservation. SC,ST and OBC groups are organising to protect their reservation quota till its statutory limit expires in 2020.BJP is divided horizontally and vertically in its times of trials. NaMo ,India’s prime minister has visibly failed to create new jobs without local investors. He is due to visit California for impetus of  his dream project , “Digital India”.

There is already protest brewing in the academic circles of USA.

This visit seems to be trying for him. The opposition has emerged from the most unexpected quarter, hitherto his time tested loyal constituency of NRI lovers and supporters. mainly comprising of Patels in general and  Patidars at large.

It makes me to review past events in today’s context. i recollect NaMo’s previous USA visit.

i was witness to jamboree @ Madison Square Garden civic reception of Narendra Modi by Indian Americans, hitherto known as Indian Diaspora in the USA. The fund collection was astronomical to attract attention of Internal Revenue Service of the USA. There were squabbles amongst organisers about accounts, seat allocation, leadership, proximity to NaMo , the seat arrangement on the rostrum -common to any programme in India.

While in India, ,before immigration,, Indian Americans were never Indian Indians .

At MSG they vied with each other to be more Indians than Indians are !

The officers at Indian embassy ensured that NaMo’s reception remain uneventful with backdrop of squabbles.

New York Times carried out a survey and published results which offended many Modi lovers,the organisers @ MSG. They carried out a letter campaign against NYT and called for blanket boycott of the newspaper. The protest drama was conducted in a typical RSS style, completely new to media and media persons in the USA. The cacophony reached so high that NYT retracted the story and issued ‘ a so sorry ‘ piece. The interesting development was a publication of a signed joint editorial of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and President Barack Obama by The Washington Post bought over by Amazon’s Jeffery P.Bezos on 01-10-2013.

It was a scene of victory of NaMo , Modi lovers and The Washington Post over The New York Times. The backstage artists were none other than patidars in the USA, mainly New York and New Jersey. Various Patels & Naik brothers ( Sunil & Praful – if my memory is correct) with Dr. Bharat H. Barai became instant heroes .

MSG reception over, the euphoria in India & USA continued.

NYT was wise and decent enough not to flash the secret of WP’s joint editorial !

Amazon of Jeff Bezos had multiple problems with authorities concerned with tax law compliance in India .If the prevalent laws were allowed to prevail , Amazon could have ended its operations in India. NaMo ,i believe, surrendered Indian Tax Payers’ interests and compromised by getting a very short term publicity.

The halo and hype about NRI’s massive support for NaMo & BJP were created in India prior to Lok Sabha election . That was one of the factors responsible for his electoral victory, before his USA visit. .

NaMo loves his publicity very much.

NYT could have punctured the balloon. But that did not happen.


That was the decency of NYT. The probable reason is the uncertain atmosphere in India. Cases against Amazon can be reopened at any time by the successor govt,There are cases of retrospective taxation in India. So NYT must have opted to separate Amazon and The Washington Post. Professional rivalry in its best tradition.

We come back to the Patidars in USA for whom Modi is no more an icon . NaMo symbolises the tool for hate against BJP and Gujarat Government. Patidars are bent upon NaMo’s protest and they want refund/ return of three million US dollars they contributed for NaMo’s MSG meet. The funds spent once are spent for ever. Reopening of accounts of acts of omission and commission by Patidars and others will have interesting scenes for USA’s IRS which is already inquiring into activities of Ram Madhav, NaMo’s man to arrange for crowds to chant ‘ Modi ,Modi , Modi” during his overseas tours. Organizers of NaMo’s ensuing visit to San Jose @ California in September 2015 will have a tough task to fulfill promises given to Ram Madhav. NaMo’s erstwhile staunch patidar supporters have now started blackmailing him in the worst manner. They plan to hold a massive rally from UN Head Quarter to Indian consulate general in New York. They plan a series of protest events during NaMo’s stay in the USA. Like a letter war against NYT , they plan e mail ambush of Indian consulate generals situate New York, San Fransisco, Chicago and Washington DC. Thus they will annul whatever they did for NaMo during his previous visit. Marriage of convenience and honeymoon thereafter  is over and reality is wide open for everyone to see and understand.

Indian Americans have yet to learn to be Americans,only Americans. If they are American citizens why should they create platform for any leader from India? Narendra Modi  and Ram Madhav have failed miserably to learn basics of behaviour in alien lands.

It will be better if NaMo cancels his California visit. More than 124 American professors, have shown their displeasure about this visit.

NaMo’s Reality Field Distortion vis a vis his halo will be over and complete by San Jose visit.

NYT’s Circle will be complete.

It will be interesting to know views of The Washington Post, TIME, CNN and Fareed Zakaria.

Wall Street Journal and other media will play a cautious note.

NYT’s decency and sobriety paid at last. Its previous stand is vindicated.

Who wins?

Of course, NYT!










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  1. ICT Says:

    who are u sir are u on twitter ?

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