Rajan Indeed

Hello World,

NaMo , India’s Prime Minister has at last realised that he has not urged MN Ambani and others at FICCI and ASSOCHAM to take risk and INVEST more (and more) in India to help India . They helped a lot but NOT India and Indians. They helped ,over helped, NaMo , BJP, SOGaRaGa and all past as well as present MPS and MLAs !

It was/is Quid Pro Quo.

Help politicians so that with active collaboration of all corrupt Bureaucracy  and subservient Judiciary they frame policies to facilitate MN Ambani and coterie to loot India and Indians.

Let us have a quick review of the scenario.

When NaMo @narendramodi took over @PMOIndia i wrote, ‘Dr. Man Mohan Singh might have failed or not @PMOIndia but his MAIN parting gift to India & Indians is Dr. Raghuram Rajan , Governor of RBI.
Everyone differed.
Probably i was the only person to support ” Chi. Raghuram” who has traditions of Raghu Vansh and Ram . He is the Rajan by his work.

When i was in the USA during Hong Kong’s Umbrella Revolution @ White Paper Movement ,i had a talk with an American { ( pure blue blood white American – not an Indian American or an American by (immigrant’s naturalisation )} Economist working at Stanford University. He told me,” India has Rajan . We missed to procure him as Federal Reserve’s Governor. So you or for that sake India & Indians need not worry.He will throw his papers on your prime minister’s face  and take it from me , ‘angel Angela is waiting for him ‘ He is welcome here ,there & every where !”
NaMo -Jaitley & Bhagwat Bhajan Mandli @ RSS wanted to kick out RR, They tried in all manners to “insult ,intimidate him at the behest of Mukesh Nita Ambani , Deepak Parekh & coterie of players of Stock Market.

i had my own doubts because my American friend is not aware of MN Ambani’s clout
The way NaMoNomics, ModiNomics started playing tantrums by curtailing RBI Governor’s powers & wings , i predicted that we will have INR devaluation or remonetisation by October 15,2015,
As of today, despite ‘so so; rains, i predict that in all probabilities we will not have The Third Devaluation of INR.
i am not sure about remonetisation because i do not know the figure of ‘ill gotten ‘ money stacked @ 7 RCR , 10 Jan Path , Antilia , RIL ,Deepak Parekh, MN Ambani ,all political parties & top of all Bhagwat Bhajan Mandli @ RSS

If left to NaMo -Jaitley ,Bhagwat Bhajan Mandli @ RSS , two imported Arvinds ( Panagariya & Subramanian) and the rest of the Saffron Thugs ,INR will lose its lustre by October 15,2015.
If RR is given full freedom WE will pass that date line, too,


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