Hard Kick For Hardik

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The sensible people world over are/were surprised to see the magnificent rally at GMDC Ground, Ahmedabad on 25 August 2015 to demand (a) inclusion of Patidars in 27 % of OBC quota of reservation and if not granted (b) scrap the reservation in toto. That means give them a part or deprive all getting 22% + 27 % of reservation quota benefits.Both demands are opposite to each other and that is the reason to investigate the real or hidden agenda behind PAAS rally and ongoing turmoil in Gujarat.

The rumour mill caters to all sections.Hardik Patel declared from rostrum that Nitish Kumar ,Chandra Babu Naydu .and Arvind Kejriwal  support him and PAAS demands. The members of the so called core committee received this  impromptu news from Hardik Patel with a surprise equally shared by the audience of nearly five lacs at the venue and other approximately fifteen lacs gathered around the GMDC ground and roads of Ahmedabad.The notable supporters are mavericks by their own methods of realpolitik.HP is a mere child for them in games they have mastered with near about perfection.Nitish Kumar’s role to malign Gujarat’s model of progress is well known. Chandra Babu requires a reprieve from NaMo for his state. Arvind Kejriwal wants someone to hoist his flag. NaMo,AK and HP have a common autocratic trait of ” i am the leader ” and ” all others should  follow me without raising an eye brow “. These three can not have a common ground on any issue.These bare facts make it clear that AK ,NK and CBN are using HP for their own ulterior  motives.

HP is as immature as any one of his age can be.His irresponsible behaviour and mannerisms do not make him a responsible leader.He should have asked all PAAS workers to pay toll tax and he should have refused free usage of GMDC Ground. It is a matter of grave concern that no one objected to these freebies.The organisres spent crores of rupees for this rally. Why could/should  not they pay few lacs on rents and toll tax ?

It is immature to say that no one anticipated unfortunate aftermath of the rally.If police is responsible, the PAAS is also equally termed as culprits.They could have enforced a quota of activists partaking demonstration of strength, thus restricting attendance to few thousands.

The role of RSS as player behind the scene is out of question.. Rank and file of RSS is now more interested in getting hard cash ,preferably ill gotten money and/also lands at throw away price or terms most convenient to them.i attended many OTCs of RSS. They can organise such a show. That is true. i took part in a route march on the streets of absolute RED Kolkatta.. No one other than reds dared to hold a meeting or a rally in West Bengal during prime hey days of the Communists..RSS did it . Not a stone was hurled. But that RSS was different from today’s power hungry, position corrupt and money corrupt RSS. i know what it means to be a Sanghi and what it means to write this sort of truthful facts.RSS hand behind HP and PAAS is out of question.i absolve RSS and BJP from this role ascribed to them in a vague insinuation.

Then what makes HP ,a hitherto street politician into an  enfant terrible?

Let the ‘guess who’ game continue till i analyse the situation in future blogs.

Till then read my post on Facebook.

i quote,

” Hardik Needs A Hard Kick On His Buttocks :

A very young soul & mind blown out of proportion .
Be an autocrat to fight autocracy .
‘i am the only leader” is the mindset .
Hardik Patel is only 22 . He needs to search for Manishi Jani & Umakant Mankad, two faces of Nav Nirman.
A bubble is a bubble ,a ladyfinger stalk growing up & up beneath a banyan tree is nothing but a stalk. Has to have a very short life.
If Hardik Patel succeeds to be a leader , that will be the measure of Patidars’ senses & wisdom. Yes, he needs to be dumped otherwise this PAAS & PAA will wither away.”

i unquote.

PAAS Rally
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