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PAAS-  Patidar Anamat Andolan Samiti  & PAA- Patidar Anamat Andolan have very successfully rallied around and got unprecedented support  from other castes and sub-castes excluded from the ambit of OBC Reservation benefits amounting to 27 % of all academic admissions, appointments and promotions . Though very nominal in numbers as compared to paatidars,these castes have till very recently played very important and formative roles in our life.

Despite the writ and presence of RSS Sarsanghchalak Dr. Mohan Bhagwat in South Gujarat   patidars staged a  magnificient show  of strength at Surat on 17 th August 2015. Bhagwat Bhajan Mandli @ RSS under the leadership of C r Paatil , 11 of Dirty Dozen MLAs,office bearers  of South Gujarat’s  district  and taluka  panchayats party units and several thousands of booth level workers were all rendered helpless, nonplussed spectators. Patidars proved that these elected leaders are no more popular leaders commanding any respect whatsoever.

Media hitherto bending forward for advertisements and paid news items   spared column and columns for PAAS rally coverage. In fact there was a competition of sort for the best extensive and detailed coverage. It is difficult to rank them. PAAS rally was very unique in the sense that there was not a single untoward incident requiring an alarm for law and order maintenance. The route and the extent was almost the same in the sense that both ends of the rally were covered by PAAS supporters. Patidars proved once again that they are THE FORCE to reckon with. Nonviolent  peaceful protest march of 500,000 is  be seen and experienced  to believe

BJP citadel is grounded and leveled  to unbelievable extent. The damage is complete. The rout is total.

I write this because so called national press & media has underplayed  in coverage and  assessment. Visuals will belie their national news rooms. NaMo & BJP’s  low as well as high command  have to accept that they have lost Gujarat , NOT to Congress , but to Patidars.

Patidars as represented by PAAS and not by their religious deity bound temple oriented castes and sub-castes’ organizations  have to prop up sustainable ,honest, visionary  and large hearted leadership that can lead Gujarat afresh. Majority of  PRESENT LEADERS of all political parties and social organizations are first class rogues. There is no other degree to describe them. None of the leaders of trade, industry, profession is free of popular vices of leadership. The elements   who provided  financial and logistic support are white collar sophisticated law breakers responsible for the rising crime in South Gujarat. They are no better than BJP and Congress Thugs much despised by all. They are all experts in circumventing laws ,implement own laws and rules to create deposits  as well as vaults of ill gotten money , the corrupting source of bureaucracy and polity. In nutshell PAAS has to be careful and vigilant in dealing with their mentors having their hidden agenda.

Youngsters have to select from themselves. There is no dearth of capable, educated, honest, visionary persons with integrity. They remain aloof because of the rogues dominating the scene. They have to be selected and invited with honour. It is very trying but it has to be done. All agitations since 1947 withered on this count. Our political, co-operative, religious, educational and social organizations do have a fabric and a matrix of natural leaders. Political ambitions and love for quick bucks ruin their character. They need permanent watchdog. Previous Anti – Reservation Stir was led by me with very limited goals. Other leaders like me had no agenda other than protesting reservation. Once achieved, everywhere we pulled down the curtains. i had no personal agenda . In fact all leaders lost their part of the earnings because that part of the expenses came from their pockets. We never wanted any one to finance it. Hence we were not accountable. We were responsible to own self and each other who participated. I never bothered to recover what I lost in the process. Nav Nirman Agitation delivered two potential leaders, Umakant Mankad and Manishi Jani. I invite them to narrate their experiences. The most recent movement India Against Corruption provides illustrative example of success and failure. AAP-Aam Aadmi Party is halfway and it is undergoing a painful process of survival.

PAAS & PAA have many seasoned detractors ,advisors, mentors, guides, financiers and lacs of young aspiring ‘blind’ followers. It will be interesting on all counts to watch the metamorphosis of surge which can be reasonably termed and identified as ‘impromptu’.

In second phase PAAS has to extend their movement outside Gujarat. The constitutional hurdle to circumvent is a difficult task. It seems impossible. 22% quota of reservation is made permanent constitutionally. 27 %  quota of reservation is sanctified by the Apex Court. What would happen  if all beneficiaries of 22+ 27 = 49% quota of reservation unite and put up a show of strength? PAAS can /should not underestimate this possibility. BJP & government of Gujarat underestimated the PAAS surge and now face a precarious situation.

All India pro and anti reservation movements will shatter our society and divide will be horizontal as well as vertical. The onus of resolution is solely on Narendra Modi. Other BJP leaders are leaders because of NaMo. Minus NaMo they are all big zero in numbers. NaMo should convene all party meeting or straight way appoint a high power commission to review Reservation Policy afresh. This can be done any time after assembly election in Bihar. Replacement of Anandiben Patel is difficult because BJP Legislative Party if full of idiots, morons, dwarfs and pygmies. Present Patidar ministers and MLAs are corrupt and highly corrupt as well as inefficient The best course is to dissolve Gujarat Legislative Assembly. PAAS can be a good replica of AAP with all candidates selected on Absolute Merit, integrity and basic honesty. That will save Gujarat and India.PAA and PAAS may shift the gears and goals towards establishment of Rule of Law and Merit. Bureaucracy will have to respect law, Any whimsical interpretations of laws and rules by any bureaucrat will subject him/her to prosecution with the Removal of Immunity provided by Bar on Prosecution to government servants in all Acts.

Narendra Modi has to make his choice very fast. He and Amit Shah  have  lost Gujarat. BJP is nowhere in a picture.RSS  and other saffron outfits will lose relevance and relegated to nuisance value.

NaMo has to act fast to regain Gujarat and retain India.


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