Reservation Everywhere

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As i predicted earlier Patidar Anamat Andolan is no more within limits thought about and planned by its mentors.There are disputes on financial matters and leadership issues. Everyone is leader unto himself and herself. Who will negotiate with whom? Government of India and Government of Gujarat are bound by constitutional provisions. Patidar Anamat Andolan Samiti will have to take cognisance of this fact. Mo one from OBC beneficiaries of 147 castes and sub castes etc. wants to include Patidars in their quota. The Law can not be changed overnight. So what to do ? Change the goals of agitation. The new demands to be included in the agenda are : A. Scrap the Reservation (22 % + 29 %) , B. Bring in Economic Standard to determine benefits to be given at the time of admissions for students all castes,classes sects and religions, C. Merit should not be compromised or relaxed anytime, D. Enforce ministers, judges ,bureaucracy, police and all institutions to follow and implement laws without being a self appointed framer and interpreter of laws and rules thereof, E. All lawbreaker lawmakers should be purged en mass. In short we should thrive to establish the rule of merit and rule of law. Facebook ,Twitter ,Google+ and other platforms of social media render very valuable service to India and Indians. i update my posts. Gujarat is gradually heading towards political upheaval and instability to establish the superiority of Patidars at large Reservation Everywhere : All appointments ,promotions & admissions are governed by reservation policy.The over all dismal performance by all cadres of judges ,bureaucrats,police officers is due to lack of merits usually and generally sacrificed in the implementation of reservation policy. It is time to rethink about SCRAPPING all reservations (22 % + 27 %) at all levels, There should be MERITOCRACY everywhere. If at all reservation is thought about ,it should be only on EBC ground -Economically Backward Class of all castes,religions,sects,sub-castes with no provision of relaxation so as to sacrifice MERIT.

Today’s Absurdity. SC/ST,OBC can claim placement in GEN,but not in REVERSE direction SC/ST,can change track to OBC and GEN,. ,OBC can change track to GEN. GEN can not change track. In reality GEN has no track or room any where !
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Reservation policy in India…… There are many students like Ruchika. She has voiced everybody who is aggrieved and  suffered due to visible injustice of the system.
Vox Populi @ Ruchika Kanubhai Patel
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We need to think seriously and start a nation wide discussion and dialogue on Reservation Policy.

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One Response to “Reservation Everywhere”

  1. niteesh chaturvedi Says:

    dear patel brothers I am a general citizen of india and I’m proud of me because I’m general citizen. Because of it I can say anytime to anyone yes it is original result of my labour my determination and my hard work and now it is mine . And I can say to any in non general candidate you are a begger and we the general citizens dedicate as alms our rights and goods to non general candidates .
    We can live with a special proud and we live with poverty we live as a non employed citizen but never ask for this type of alms for others . Think to change yourself like a general citizen of india then u will able to take a taste of your hardwork .

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