Helpless Emperor

Helpless Emperor @PMOIndia :
Rahul Bajaj is not Mukesh Nita Ambani.
Bajaj has the aura of name & fame earned from good conduct in business and public life. What ever he says ,he says clearly without fear.
Na Mo @narendramodi is the last elected Indian leader having clear majority in Lok Sabha. Rahul Bajaj is emphatically true when he compares NaMo with any Emperor of this century. That’s all where emperor’s glory ends.
Ironically i happen to be the best supporter and the worst critic of my Emperor.
He was ordained to fail miserably.
He selected men & women of proven criminal mindset as his candidates.
i warned him from the house top. Probably i was the only one to tell him the truth on his blank face. Rahul Bajaj might have known a few of BJP’s MPs & MLAs. The majority of them are crooks and thugs.
NaMo has energy to do things single handedly. True. But he has 24 hours only in a day ! That is his limitation.He can not handle many tasks at a time. He does not have even 15 men and women of caliber, integrity and impeccable honesty who can be sworn in as central cabinet ministers.
The toll is telling.
It is true that the British ruled India with the handful of ICS officers.
Why NaMo can not ?
In Theory he can.
In practice ,he can not.
Why ?
Those were ICS and today we have IAS,IFS,IRS.IPS of doubtful competence and administrative caliber.
ICS were full of meritocracy and our present genre of IAS cadres etc. have everything but merit.
Very few has courage to stand up erect and tell Emperor the truth ,nothing but truth. Subservient cadres and judges have ruined our fabric and future.
Only NaMo is responsible for his doings.
The best option for him is to accept all responsibilities of his colleagues’ shortfalls and failures, kick them out, purge his coterie and go for fresh mandate.
He should act in the fashion any Emperor of his stature acts.
That is expected from him.
i am sure he will discourage me.

Rahul Bajaj was also critical of the government’s black money law.

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