Fresh Terror For RGTIL Victims

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Fresh Terror For RGTIL Victims
Hello world,
Apropos my Speed post and Internet Blogs, NaMo and his government amended the proviso in NaMo’s Land Acquisition Bill in Lok Sabha and agreed to right to appeal. That appeal has to be squared off at district level. That means the Land Acquisition Officer @ Additional District Collector @ District Collector @ District Judge will hear and dispose of the appeals. Nothing more than that .No further case at arbitration, high court or supreme court. If this happens in all civil and criminal cases, what will be the situation is a matter of wild guess.
The present scenario is not encouraging. Even if the district level officers are competent, well versed legally, they are not likely to be courageous enough to stand erect, think in upright fashion and rule against the Company @ The Government. They are most likely to be devoid of any courage to be noncorrupt. So NaMo and his storm trooper companies know the manners and tricks of the trade, one of them being ,”Delay the matter sine die” to the unbearable limit of the litigant land owner ,may be a poor farmer without any resources, knowledge, courage and patience.
The United Opposition advanced their march to the President of the Republic .They experienced a salvo by the opportunities to corner invincible NaMo and thereby raise their material stakes to unimaginable and astronomical proportions. The graft money they will receive from NaMo and other real beneficiaries is a genuine but once in life time opportunity. Our MPs and MLAs are thugs, crooks and lawless lawmakers ,majority of whom were selected by NaMo ,Sonia Gandhi,Sharad Yadav, Sharad Pawar, Lalu Prasad, Ram Vilas Paswan, Mayawati, Mulayam Singh Yadav, Chandra Babu Naidu, TRS, Jaya Lalitha, Karunanidhi and the Reds ! All of them will fool Indians en mass and see that NaMo succeeds in getting what he wants !
With this background of the contemporary Real Politic, what is the reality of such acquisitions in the past. i am a victim and as a victim i have followed the subject without getting lured or cowed down by forces of all kinds. Threats to my life are their and their real masters’ meticulous routine. God looks after me and protects me.
It is a sheer and mere coincidence that RGTIL is planning for its second stage operation when MN Ambani @ Antilia’s doormat, Narendra Modi happens to be a mega mall manager of RIL in his capacity of the Prime Minister of India. Judges at all levels have understood the message “Between The Lines ”. IAS, IRS, IPS and IFS cadres, too, are more than willing to follow the lines already dotted by NaMo.
MN Ambani- and their RGTIL/RIL have unleashed Fresh Terror for RGTIL Victims in Maharashtra and Gujarat. They are now very experienced fellows. They are sure that even if the Chief Justice of India is competent to trash the awards declared so far by Competent Authorities through out India involving all cases of RIL/RGTIL and other companies, on Grounds of Constitutional Validity, the CJI will not dare. That is the maximum height of independence judiciary can attain under NaMo and United Opposition.
So back to RGTIL.
RGTIL -Reliance Gas Transportation Infrastructure Limited, a RIL subsidiary believed to be a sole ownership company of Mukesh Nita Ambani and having partnership with BPL and Nico, embarks upon laying underground pipe lines for ethane transportation from Nagothane, Maharashtra to Dahej,Gujarat, in the lands already acquired by the company in the past under user rights. RGTIL Victims who have accepted the award and Cash thereby in the past are now scratching their head and palms.
What to do?
What will happen to the crops already existing under dubious dual ‘ownership’? RGTIL is owner of Perennial User Rights and the land title holder is an owner with duties and no rights.
Will RGTIL pay any compensation afresh , any more, for the present crop loss ?
What will be the status of cases pending at (1) CA , RGTIL, Surat , (2) various district courts and (3) Supreme Court of India ?
What will happen to properties belonging to private third parties and government? When RGTIL laid underground pipelines in the past , i was made a helpless victim to sustain a loss as a land holder adjoining the block where RGTIL enjoyed ‘User Rights’ .The company refused flatly to honour obligations to all third parties and public body. The government departments of revenue and irrigation bent forwards ,back wards and side wards to harass me in all manners. i am yet to get a reason order in RTS case and RTI appeal at the district level ! They can’t do that because they fear Saurabh Patel, the de facto Chief Minister of Gujarat then under NaMo and now under Anandiben Patel.i understand that if they deliver those reason orders RGTIL/RIL empire will come down like a pack of cards. The constitutional fulcrum rests upon that. Let the present Chief Justice of India address the issue with the help of Gopal Subramaniam as amicus curiae. Will NaMo dare to appoint GS to help all poor litigant farmers ? No, he needs their votes, that too roughly after four and half years ! Till then no more suits or other gifts to be auctioned ! Only money suit cases will be his favourite items to be shared willingly with United Opposition.
Realising this the third party neighbours are gearing up to wage a fight to finish in the event of any fresh loss due to RGTIL’s future activity envisaged under GPCB Notification.
Gujarat Pollution Control Board of Gujarat has scheduled a public hearing on 15-04-2015 for Navsari district’s RGTIL Affected Victims and others on its environmental aspects.
Looking at GPCB’s very brilliant record of the past to safeguard interests of owners of various industrial units, this public hearing will be just an exercise on paper to fool all concerned. The District Judge or the District Collector are nothing but ploys of the company/ies and the government. Their past record is very brilliant like that of GPCB so nobody has any reason to trust them. They may be good individuals but as government employees and representatives they are mere agents working overtime for Mukesh Nita Ambani of RGTIL /RIL and Saurabh Patel of Government of Gujarat. It will be better if both of them do not preside over the farcical proceedings on 15-04-2015.
GPCB’s ultimate boss is Saurabh Patel, the Proven Cheater Minister of Gujarat.He is a brother in law of MN Ambani . MN Ambani is a suspect Shri 420 in the eyes of Indians. , No doubt , Mukesh Nita Ambani is the proven richest beggar of India !
Over to cases RGTIL is facing at present.
The details of cases at the Supreme Court of India are as hereunder :
Case Hierarchy
SLP (Civil) [CC] 21606 / 2009
SLP (Civil) 2725 / 2010
On 10-02-2014 the Court made the following
Notice to State of Gujarat as well as to the learned Solicitor
General of India (through Central Agency).
List the matters on a non-miscellaneous day for final disposal.
(G.V.Ramana) (Vinod Kulvi)
Court Master Asstt.Registrar
Matter was to be heard & disposed on 17-03-2015
The latest position :
Likely to be Listed on 31/03/2015.
Details of cases at Navsari, Gujarat is reproduced hereunder :
Before the Hon’ble District Judge at Navsari (Guj.)
1. MISC./ CIVIL 10/2011 22-02-2011 BANKIMCHANDRA I. JOSHI
2. 11/2011 22-02-2011 JITENDRA DHIRAJLAL
3. 12/2011 22-02-2011 NAYANABEN RAJENDRABHAI
4. 13/2011 22-02-2011 JANAKRAI DHIRAJLAL MEHTA
5. 14/2011 22-02-2011 USHABEN ISHVARBHAI
6. 15/2011 22-02-2011 JAYDIPKUMAR NATVARLAL
7. 16/2011 22-02-2011 MAHADEVBHAI BHIKHABHAI
8. 17/2011 22-02-2011 RANJITRAI DOLATRAI DESAI
9. 18/2011 22-02-2011 BABUBHAI MANIBHAI
10. 19/2011 22-02-2011 AMITKUMAR NATVARLAL
11. 21 /2011 01-03-2011 SHAILESHKUMAR MANUBHAI NAIK
12. 27/2011 01-04-2011 PARESHKUMAR BALVANTBHAI
13. 28/211 04-04-2011 BHARATKUMAR MAGANLAL NAIK
14. 29/2011 04-04-2011 JAYESHBHAI NANUBHAI VASHI
15, 30/2011 06-04-2011 BHUPENDRA JAYANTILAL PATEL
16. 31/2011 06-04 -2011 LILABEN JAYANTILAL
17. 32/2011 06-04-2011 PARSOTTAM CHHAGANBHAI
Anyone who has faith in India’s Judiciary & Judicial System presided over by judicial officers need to have a close look at above cases. i refrain from adding undecided cases in other states. In the name of proceedings the courts are adjourned date after date. Competent Authority appointed by SCI’s order for two historic cases at Surat is yet to take charge and cognisance of the SCI’s order.
Do our courts, including SCI have any writ over Governments at New Delhi and state capitals?
Do our IAS,IRS,IPS,IFS officers respect law?
Do our law makers i.e MPs and MLAs abide by law?
It is extremely difficult to say ‘YES’.
i repent and regret often throwing my weapons years back in Hughli. At the most my parents would have lost a son in an encounter by police or army.
That remorse is a price i pay for having deep faith in Indian Constitution and revolution by non-violent ,peaceful ,legal & constitutional methods. What ever Gandhiji could achieve was solely due to generosity seconded by love for law and democratic norms on the part of the British.
i am ordained to live under Indian British, the alter ego of hypocrisy and lawlessness in blood and corruption in genes having a reign of the dictum ,” Apna fayda ,vo hi kayada”. meaning thereby ” my own benefit is The Law”.

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