Support Price Politics

Hello world,
We have seen and experienced strange couple and bedfellows in Jammu and Kashmir. We are having a taste of policies of Two Arvinds backed by a select lobby of IAS and IRS officers.Mufti Bap-Beti exposed NaMo’s limitations.Likewise Two Arvinds have made NaMo’s bed difficult to sleep and enjoy !

it is nothing but politics of the highest order.

Support Price Politics:
Sugar co-operatives of South Gujarat were hotbeds of politics in the past. Now since the demise of UPA 2 government at New Delhi and Congress thereby, the sugar in candies, sugar cane juice, tea, coffee of sugar co-operative directors has turned bitter due to on going controversy of TDS on extra money paid on and above support price for sugar. When BJP leaders find the sailing tough they try to shift the burden on UPA 2 government. It is simple to decipher that NaMo and his idiots representing the South Gujarat in Gujarat Assembly, Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha thought it easy to give promises for abolition of Sugar TDS by a simple stroke of a pen. The short term agenda then was to get the maximum number of MLAs and MPs elected on BJP tickets! Thugs and crooks got tickets and were elected in NaMo’s name! Now they are parked in New Delhi for full five years.

Farmers thought that NaMo has a miracle stick to alleviate their sufferings. That stick itself got corrupted by power and sugar barons’ greed for more and more graft money. The result is the publication of tailored balance sheets to deceive farmers.

The officers at the Ministries of Finance, Economics, Agriculture and Foreign Trade know how to ‘handle’ the politicians of genre belonging to Sonia Gandhi and Narendra Modi.

They have a valid reason to be happy. Support Price is declared every year for almost all crops. Onions, potatoes, paddy, sugar cane and wheat are just a few. If sugar cane is given a preferential treatment, other crops are already in a queue. Why not to declare the same for mangoes chickoo (sapota), banana and vegetables?

Imported economic advisors like 2 Arvinds ( Panagariya and Subramanian) came with a brief for putting a full stop on subsidies in agricultural sector. If CBDT – Central Board of Direct Taxes agrees to TDS waiver for sugar cane, it amounts to direct subsidies to sugar co-operatives. What about other crops?

Farmers and sugar cane growers have realized that it is the most powerful lobby of IAS & IRS who dictates and calls shots. NaMo, Jaitley and their other qualified and unqualified bandwagon are made to sign on dotted lines. They know that farmers are the easiest to befool and deceive.

The lesson is IAS,IRS,IPS and IFS can lead and mislead NaMo.

What happened to Dr.Man Mohan Singh today can repeat for NaMo, Jaitley and co. in coming days.

NaMo and Amit Shah need to remember that what they could do in Gujarat, they simply can not in New Delhi full of overt and covert sharks and whales surviving in seven seas of Black Money.

Farmers need to know NaMo’s real intensions. Hand over all sugar, milk and bank co-operatives to private companies, may be multinationals. Sharad Pawar and NaMo can do miracles for the rich beggars who are competing for the topmost position.

Lands, mines, various spectrums are over. The easiest, now, would be co-operatives.

I will be the happiest man if proved wrong but that happiness does not seem to be on horizon.Let us see where hope and despair
lead me.

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