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Hello World,
Legacy of Pranab Mukerji as finance minister, Murli Deora @ Murli Mama,Veerappa Moily as petroleum minister is continued unabated in NaMo’s Transparent,Non-corrupt Rule.RIL and MN Ambani’s piggy companies as well as advisers were discussed in wide open to have provided Pen Drive budgets,decisions, government orders for successive Gujartat governments and Central governments.The courageous panels of counsels and senior counsels of SCI and various high courts are known as paid advisors cum advocates retained for/by RIL. Few of them are in the government and judiciary.Those who are not a part of the government and judiciary adorn opposition benches in the parliament and state assemblies. By and large, court judgements were/are in favour of RIL! No judge would dare to be judicious in the matters related to RIL,Mukesh Nita Ambani and their piggy companies and their encircling SEBI and CCI. In short, it was and is the government of,by and for Mukesh Nita Ambani.

Present File Gate or Spy Gate at the petroleum ministry seems to be an excellent script by NaMo.It involves the majority of players or villains in oil,gas,petroleum and energy sector. Niko and BP declared long back their intentions to quit from investments in India.They were/are here in India to earn profits and fabulous returns.Instead of profits they are on the side of totally unexpected loss.Despite their own men at the helms of affairs in India,they fail miserably to lynch India and Indians.

NaMo as their corrupt living God readily promulgated ordinances to facilitate summary land acquisitions for them. NaMo and these notorious companies are in hurry to acquire lands and energy resources.If they do it before the parliament meets, their agenda is partially fulfilled. Even if the parliament fails to ratify the impugned ordinances, the acquisitions under these ordinances can not be repelled by any court in India.

NaMo is a known agent of multinational and Indian industrial houses. FICCI and ASSOCHAM are very happy to have him with single party majority.Pranab Mukerji as the President of India warned NaMo against Rule by Ordinances.Probably he is repenting and repairing the damages he was made to cause,then, during his days as a central minister. Anna Hazare and his brain child,IAC-India Against Corruption vitiates the atmosphere. To get a clear credential for NaMo and his NDA (!) government vis a vis India Inc.an immediate gimmick was imperative.It is all probable that the present File Gate is a handy tool to serve this purpose,involving all major players and villains.

If my conjectures are wrong and baseless regarding very recent File Gate or Spy Gate at petroleum ministry,and if it is a genuine one,it creats a vey strong case of/for RIL’s nationalisation and immediate government take over of all oil,gas,petroleum and energy resources to protect national interests which are not necessarily of NaMo,Congress,BJP and India Inc.If NaMo and his BJP majority government are really honest,sincere and transparent ,NaMo should initiate immediate inquiry and summary dismissal of Saurabh Patel @ Dalal from government of Gujarat.

After the installation of the elected government, ECI-Election Commission of India is rendered a toothless,hopeless and powerless statutory body.Inquiry against Saurabh Patel is handed over to an Additional Chief Secretary in charge of Energy and Petrochemical Departmentof Government of Gujarat! Saurabh Patel is the boss and his subordinate officer is supposed to inquire about/against him.

Only NaMo can explain and answer this riddle.

Will he ever dare ?

My unresolved petition in the case involving Saurabh Patel vs. Arvind Kejriwal is reproduced here.

The deep study of enclosures will reveal modus operandi Narendra Modi @ CM Gujarat adopted to fool Indians en mass.

Dt. 07-04-2014.
1. Election Commission of India
Nirvachan Sadan,
Ashoka Road,
New Delhi-110001.
2. Election Commission
General Administration Department,
Block No.07, 2nd Floor,
Gandhinagar, Gujarat.

In the matter of Saurabh Patel, Cabinet Minister, State of
Gujarat vs. Arvind Kejriwal

It is submitted with respect to all concerned that,

(1) i am a voter citizen of Village Amri, Tal.Navsari,Dist.Navsari,
(2) i have a locus standi in this case,
(3) Saurabh Patel is a public servant and his actions as a minister, MLA are liable to be scrutinised by Election Commission specially when he has kept his relationship with Ambani Family as closely guarded secret and took more than a decade to inform Election Commission about it,
(4) Saurabh Patel has not disclosed this open secret on his own, but, has done so on asking for a categorical reply of the issue by the Election Commission,
(5) Saurabh Patel’s affidavits filed at the time of filing his nomination papers during past assembly elections be scanned and scrutinised to find whether he has disclosed his relationship with Ambani Family or not,
(6) All share holdings by Saurabh Patel, his wife and children should be made public
specially in case of RIL, RGTIL, Adani, Torrent, Essar, Tata, Nirma L & T and any subsidiary company of all these companies,
(7) All decisions taken by him in the capacity of cabinet minister or minister of state be examined and if he has remained present in the meetings or deliberations of a committee or a sub-committee of cabinet where the agenda is/was about RIL, RGTIL, any other company of any member of Ambani Family,any company whose shares belong/belonged to Saurabh Patel and his family members,
(8) i am a victim of unlawful activities of RGTIL, a subsidiary of RIL with which/whom Saurabh Patel has pecuniary interests as a son in law of Ambani Family,
(9) Saurabh Patel as a cabinet minister failed to protect my interests and has done gross injustice to me and several others who are RGTIL Victims, some of whom had to file court cases for compensation and some of whom just had to sit down helplessly due to lack of resources to wedge a court battle against RGTIL/RIL, the company enjoying Saurabh Patel’s, hence the Gujarat government’s full protection,
(10) i had first hand experience of Saurabh Patel’s clout, high handedness of RGTIL/RIL officers at the time of deliberations of RTS Case No.06/ (20)11 in the court of Mamlatdar Navsari (Rural) at Navsari,
(11) i am yet to get a reason order in the same case and the User Rights in Lands were awarded arbitrarily in favour of RGTIL/RIL by affecting mutations in RoR of all RGTIL Victims,
(12) The same arbitrary method of mutations in RoR is practiced in all cases of land acquisitions for Special Investment Regions, govt.projects and corporate companies,
(13 i may be permitted to submit relevant papers to substantiate Saurabh Patel’s and hence RIL’s modus operandi,
(14) The Election Commission should invite citizens interested and affected to depose against Saurabh Patel@ Dalal,
(15) Till the issue is decided Saurabh Patel@Dalal be restrained from functioning as a minister in Gujarat or elsewhere.

Thanking you,
Yours sincerely,
(Bankimchandra M.Desai)

A copy each of:
1.ECI Identity Card No.GJ/24/173/204916
2.Statement dated 14-03-2011 :RTS Case No.06/ (20)11,Court of
Mamlatdar Navsari (Rural)
3.Claim notice dated 01-03-2008 reply from CA,RGTIL dated 05-02-2009
4.List of court cases against RGTIL: Navsari District Court
5.List of damages by RGTIL to private & public properties
6.Violations of central& state acts, laws and rules by RGTIL

Enclosure No. 01 related to paragraph 01
Enclosure No. 02: related to paragraph 08,10,11,12
Enclosure No. 03: related to paragraph 08, 09, 12
Enclosure No. 04: related to paragraph 09
Enclosure No. 05: related to paragraph 10, 12
Enclosure No. 06: related to paragraph 09, 10

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