NaMo’s Sartorial Srory

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The bagpiper’s story is repeated. The subject is NaMo’s Ten Lacs Rs.worth suit.

My post on Facebook on 13 February at 19:17 states,”
NaMo=Corrupt God
How did NaMo, the Chaiwala managed to have a Ten Lacs Rupees NDM Dress within 210 days @PMOIndia or say approximately12 years @CMOGujarat ? Who paid for his fashion icon dresses? Whoever paid, it was obviously not for charity! It is a simple ‘give & take’ practice .NaMo was the most corrupt Chief Minister Gujarat ever had .He & BJP are miles away from morality, integrity & honesty. Development means corruption in Gujarat. Today his legacy is continued in a perfect uncontrolled manner. All ministers are in public scrutiny. Every town has examples of corruption by BJP’s rank and file supported fully by babus in civil & khakhi dresses. There are minimum rates for every file to be moved at every stage at every level of administration. People are now tired and waiting for a chance. Congress under Ahmed Patel is another side of coin, corrupt and collaborator of BJPites! For AAP, Gujarat is now ripe!”
My Tweet read as
“ NaMo=Corrupt God
How did NaMo, the Chaiwala managed to have a Ten Lacs Rupees NDM Dress within 210 days @PMOIn…”

i raised issues of prime concern to people of India.

NaMo’s DTD =Dirty Tricks Department knows the damage control.
NaMo @narendramodi @PMOIndia is very lucky in having an astute sense of deriving the maximum benefit from negative publicity. He is the best script writer of the day. Many are more than willing to oblige him by carrying his story. Rajat Sharma @ India TV started propagating the story behind NaMo’s Unlucky (NDM stripes) Suit purportedly prepared in UK at Nehru’s & Z.A. Bhutto’s dress designer cum supplier @ Savile Row Company.

President Barack Obama was more than amused by his “friend” Modi’s speed of changing dresses. He enjoyed Indian Chaiwala’s Dress Parade .For a miser President of rich America, one dress was OK but the rich showman Prime Minister of poor India held a fashion parade on the sidelines of India’s Republic Day parade! ‘Barack’‘s Friend Modi represented the rich albeit corrupt leaders of poor India!

Back to the impugned, unlucky suit.

There are inherent contradictions in NaMo’s script. His famous ‘Modi Kurta’ designer, Bipin Chauhan of Jade Blue Lifestyles maintains from the beginning that he designed, tailored and gifted this suit to his client who happened to be a loyal patron for years and paid back by making him famous by allowing the usage of “Modi” in a patented brand. Mukesh Nita Ambani’s tailor Costa of Mumbai side lined NaMo’s tailor for awhile prior to NaMo’s visit to the USA.This De Costa is no where in this suit controversy.

Gujarat Guardian of Surat published two items, one giving credit to Jade Blue for suit’s gift, the other as a gift by a Hong Kong based Surat diamantaire nick named Maaldaar.He wanted NaMo to wear it on his son’s marriage on 26 January 2015.Unlucky Suit was prevented by God to bless the newly weds . Republic Day Parade saved the new couple.That was a blessing in disguise.Rather say it a blessing by NaMo in absentia.

The Times of India published two items suggesting a competition to buy the Unlucky Suit. Surat’s businessman Junejo declared that he will buy it at any cost. Against that a coterie of diamond factory owners intend to buy it to keep it at the proposed Surat Diamond Bourse as a part of Surat Dream City at Khajod ,Surat.

It is noteworthy that it was NaMo who suggested the traders at Diamond Bourse, BKC to shift business operations to Surat, Gujarat. He initiated the downfall of BKC’s DB while inaugurating it as Gujarat’s chief minister! He promised Free of Cost lands and everything needed and demanded by the organisers. Anandiben Patel materialised what NaMo promised. So if the promoters of the SDB @ Surat Dream City collectively buy the Unlucky Suit at Rs100 (one hundred) crores, it is nothing as compared to what they will get.NaMo has done them,individually and collectively, favours in the past also.It is a simple ‘give and take’.Surat diamantaires contributed to NaMo & BJP ftom their vast chest of Amul/Sumul White Money.It is an open secret.They do not consider and use NaMo as doormat because none of them has Antilia of perennial construction guarantee.SDB @ SDC will be one in future,of course with the maximum construction assurance,insurance and guarantee of twenty five years!

100 crores ?! Is it not too much ? NaMo is a living ledend of the world,specially of developing and depressed world.He represents Pax Indica against Elvis of Pax Americana and Queen Victoria as well as Lady Diana representing Pax Britannica.Owners of dresses belonging to two illustrious British ladies auctioned their lingerie too.NaMo is emperor of the Sultanate Bhajapiya! Where are NaMo’s other items? His shirt, banian, Hanuman Langot, shocks and shoes used on 26 January 2015 are missing.Only suit for 1 crore or 100 crores INR is an unfair auction.

The question is how much luck it will bring to SDB and the diamantaires who are already under clouds of daily published instances of abduction for extortion ,unfair trade practices, exploitation of workers,strikes by diamond factory work-force, charges of encroachment on municipal as well as government lands, evasion of taxes, frauds and cheating, bankruptcy, bad debtors of nationalised banks,mixing of artificial @ laboratory diamonds with genuine ones,hawala transactions, and money laundering with the help of religious preachers. They are under distasteful sanction of majority of citizens for promoting a culture of whole sale bribing and corrupting police officers, revenue administration, education department, tax authorities, ministers , members of parliament and legislative assembly, judicial officers and investigating agencies like CBI, excise and customs and media persons belonging to print and visual media. Few of them are media owners and so they are persons responsible for spreading their “truth”.

NaMo and politicians alike need them very badly and they need the most sophisticated beggars cum looters cum thugs the leader of whom being none other than the Prime Minister of India. India Inc @ FICCI @ASSOCHAM are dwarfed by Surat’s Diamond Industry. SGCCI needs to conduct classes for Indian Industrialists, the infamous ones at Hazira ,Surat and elsewhere to teach them basics of management ,marketing, procurement ,publicity , philanthropy and sophisticated ways of bribing the chief minister as well as the prime minister!

To-date they are my best teachers ! I like, love and salute them. Long live the self made big guns.

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