Surati Ways of Philanthropy

Hello World,

Surat,India is on your lap and map.

My present Blog is a pointer to all haves and rulers.

Award functions organised by Govind Dholakia are unique and differ from other such functions in many respects.Social Engineering in positive directions is the need of the day.Kanshiram ,Mayawati & V P Singh used it for devastating political usage.

Govind Dholakia ,though under government & municipal scanner for reported ‘land encroacment/grabbing ‘ and ‘illegal construction of a farm house’ on the bank of holy river Tapti was recently required to face a riddle of a court case involving the very land which incidentally happens to be the venue of the present Ram Katha by Morari Bapu.The recent murky background tarnishes the glory of the awards and awardees.

However Govind Dholakia with his illustrious brothers do deserve congratulations & appreciation for well meant ,calculated use of surplus ,say surplus in abundance of money for cheap self publicity oriented philanthropy baptised by Morari Bapu & Rameshbhai Oza .The real merit of this Katha Farce should go to slum dwellers alias illegal residents of Vanzara Vas who insisted for demolition of a part of Govind Dholakia’s property.

All government officers and politicians who patronised these illegal constructions must be taken to task.They are part of the hypocrisy of philanthropy which yields,as a main benefit,an opportunity for developing person to person close contacts of diamantaires like Dholakia Brothers with prime minister,chief minister ,ministers, police,press,politicins,judiciary and investigating agencies like CBI,IB ,IT and offshoots of CBDT.

Industrialists like Mukesh Nita Ambani & others need to consult Dholakia Brothers & other diamantaires to learn many important lessons from the hitherto ‘least educated ones ! ‘

NaMo and Arun Jaitley must get a clue from this post to move forward for furure ‘ holistic agenda’!

Compare and contrast this with that of Mukesh Nita Ambani.Nita celebrated her 50eth birthday by spending nearly 600 crores of rupees, to entertain and feed a select few .She with Mukesh under the name of RIL Foundation usurped Sir H N Hospital Trust ,Mumbai with vast landed property and developed a so called world class hospital which is not likely to cater to medical and health needs of the poor.If it really does, the poor will have to wait for their turn in the so called subsidised charity quota ! Prior to that M N Ambani usurped waqf land for building their residence @ Antilia which is reportedly inhabited by GHOSTS!.M N Ambani can do any thing so Dholakia Brothers and others of Surat. Dholakia Brothers do philanthropy that feeds,helps and caters to thousands of poor and numerous citizens of middle income groups. They immortalised their mother Pujya Santok Baa, M N Ambani and RIL are content with an in house book on D H Ambani by their mother Kokilaben who is in the mast head of the hospital facility.Her book is Not circulated Free of Charge to even RIL Shareholders ! why this secrecy about Kokilaben’s ‘Polyester Prince’ ? i wish Kokilaben a very long and healthy life only to release “Polyester Prince” during her life !

Of course sin is a sin. NaMo ,the prime minister baptised M N Ambani’s sins because he is the only living God of the day ! M N Ambani bribed ,successfully, all GODS @ Dwarka, Tirupati, Shree Nathji and the mightiest Devi Ambaji .Being God’s agents cum emissaries, poor mortals like Morari Bapu and Rameshbhai Oza are not in a position to help M N Ambani and RIL for obvious reasons.
Thus Dholakia Brothers and others are in a favourable position.Despite i criticise them severely,i respect,love and salute them.

Long live Dholakia Brothers and others. Be careful of M N Ambani ,RIL and creatures of their genre.

Reference :
Santokbaa Award conferred on Sudha Murthy, Father Valles – The Times of India

A well-known philanthropist and two acclaimed educationists were conferred with the Santokbaa…

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