Let PBs be NBs

Hello World,
From the day NaMo assumed his role of India’s Saviour, it was rumoured very systematically that two Arvinds will be his assistants. Arvind Panagariya introduced himself by writing sermonical columns in Indian print media.He created successfully his space and demand.Now he is hooked to sail NaMo’s boat which trembles in panick with a price updown in international crude oil market.The Fleet Street and The Wall Street of India are controlled by a clique of a dozen notorious industrialists who spin the cobwebs of Black Money.The hike in crude prices invariably results in over all rise in commodity prices ,but,any fall,temporary or sustained, in crude oil prices will not be followed by fall in commodity prices.Indian consumers who are voters at large are yet to find an answer to ,” Who is the villain ?”.
In this scenario our so called robust economy and stable industries propell our prime minister to play dual but opposite roles at a time. He keeps India and Indians in festive moods,lest the commodity market deflates his baloons!
NRIs are such baloons and they now tend and attempt to anchor on Indian soil.NaMo is busy with them.
i summerise today’s situation.

NaMo’s Love the USA & Hate America !
2 PBs became NBs !
Helpless NaMo & His Imported Warriors !

Two Arvinds ,Panagariya & Subramanian are economists of name & fame. They are no more ‘seasonal birds’ or ‘pravasi bharatiyas’ . They are now Nivasi Bharatiyas with their American pecuniary interests intact. They are yet not known to have renounced their interests in the USA in toto.They are weather cocks like their employers,namely Narendra Modi & Arun Jaitley. Is this gang of four capable to steer clear ? Are two Arvinds real authors of Modi-Nomics or NaMo-Nomics or they will be paid highly for signing on dotted lines already prepared by NaMo ?
As of today these two mercenaries & their masters are helpless characters to carry on the burden of Indian Economy riddled very badly by Black Money,Corruption @ 7RCR & 10 Jana Path & hypocrisy of highest order.
i pose the following Tweets to them.
Will they dare to answer ?
Will our imported policy makers/advisors 2 x Arvind = Panagariya + Subramanian declare their nationality with details of salary packages ?
Raja Chelliah was the last 100 % Indian Economist.What a poor state of affairs ! We have to import policy makers/advisors from the USA !

Are Arvind Panagariya & @arvindsubraman Americans or Indians? What is their nationality ? To what country they are loyal, first & last ?
@arvindsubraman + @ArvindPanagariya = Americanisation of Indian Economy is complete .What a poor stage we have reached from 1947 to 2015 !
Indians @PMOIndia & MoF @arunjaitley are powered & geared by Americans by proxy .US representatives r installed in key posts & positions !
Indians @PMOIndia & MoF @arunjaitley are helpless without American/foreign Think Tanks & administrators.@Swamy39 @arunshourie retired @ last


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