Caravan’s Shekhar Gupta

Journalism of Convenience & Calculations :
Shekhar Gupta bought the farm house ( & adjacent agricultural lands) from Maneka Gandhi’s family.Were Maneka’s parents born agriculturists? Were Shekhar’s father & grand father agriculturists? What was/is the revenue law then/now to be an agriculturist in Haryana?? In Gujarat ,only a bonafide agriculturist having lands in Gujarat can buy agricultural land.
Many journalists in Gujarat became very rich by reporting and editing. Few of them cheated their ‘lalas’.Few of them shared the loot with their ‘lalas’.Few of them were jailed only to be baptised and graduated in the art of sophisticated black mailing which is generally known as ‘routine journalism’.Such stalwarts were/are employed/reemplyed by the respective and competitor ‘lalas’.
Shekhar Gupta is lucky to have considerate ‘maaliks’.
His relationship with P Chidambaram was not beneficial to Congress. His cosy feelings for Mukesh Ambani benefitted RIL & RGTIL by the complete black out by Indian Express & India Today in reporting irregularities in land acquisition and grabbing by RIL & RGTIL. Shekhar Gupta & Indian Express compensated Mukesh Ambani & RIL with this gesture the damages done to Dhirubhai Ambani & RIL by Indian Express with/under Arun Shourie & S. Gurumurthy .
Shekhar Gupta’s Journalism of Courage was in some cases Hypocrisy par excellance.RIL & RGTIL Victims will never forgive & forget the great betrayal by the Press at large.

Capital Reporter
ALMOST EVERY YEAR for nearly two and a half decades, Shekhar Gupta hosted a party on Diwali. In 1990, when the tradition started, he was a senior editor at India Today magazine. His home was one fl

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