NaMo with Australian Indians

hello world,

Australian Indians are preparing for Indian premier Narendra Modi’s forthcoming visit to Australia. There is a difference of identity of Australian NRIs & PIOs. Those in the USA are usually referred to as Indian Americans. While Indians in Australia are referred to as Australian Indians ! has registred 200 Reception Partners for NaMo’s Au-Visit-2014.i foresee this visit as a precursor of his future visits. On Bob Hawke’s invitation Rajiv Gandhi visited Australia in 1986.Thus people, media and media persons ,government of India “ignored” Australia for long as a ‘distant island continent” ! There are sycophants to claim Australia’s India connection of 5000 years. May be. A stray voyager cum forced visitor might have gone there and preferred to stay there not to start a colony of a ruler in India but to seek an easy bread and butter. He might have preferred to stay there to inevitable hazards and risks of life in a protracted sea voyage.

I talk of myself. When there is a cricket match i remember Australia and Sir Don Bradman. My senior alumni at Baroda Medical College Dr. Minoo Katrak selected Australia as a country of his future career in 1968-69.His father was a famous teacher at Katrak Tution Classes ,beside Saher Bakery ,Makkai Pool ,Surat. Saher Bakery is still there, but its distinguished neighbourhood remained closed for years. I saw the faded board in 1975 and after that i lost the track. i searched for him on Internet . i could not locate him. His siblings, both doctors, are located to be in Mumbai, India and UK.i wish Dr. Minoo Katrak ,aged approximately 74-75 years receives my prime minister ! NaMo’s USA visit was organised by my friends from the same era. Yes,those were the days when almost all medical graduates from Baroda use to migrate to the USA. Very few opted to stay back in India and Dr. Minoo Katrak was the ONLY ONE to select Australia.Kevin Dipak Desai ,a resident of Surat, went to Australia for his Post MCA studies and his perennial interest in cricket. Yes he was a Ranji Trophy Player. Surat’s and South Gujarat’s cricket lovers had high hopes about him. But as it is today, Cricket has/had to be Cricket ! As in politics, irrespective of merits,in cricket also you have to have a Godfather for upward progress! I searched for him on Internet. He is located to be in the USA and pursuing his interest in computer science/engineering as well as cricket. Cricket in America? Yes, cricket in America. Passion may lead him to start Kevin’s Cricket Academy. May God bless them all.

Of 200 registered Reception Partners, 51 have no websites. I could not verify them. They might be genuine or ‘one event’ mushroom organisations.i must say, for NaMo and his coterie, USA visit was a graduation course . They are now very careful to see that no one gets undue publicity in India and abroad due to self proclaimed proximity with/to NaMo !! NaMo’s MSG meeting was full of controversial financial mini scams ! Everybody in USA & UNO laughed away and praised NaMo as per usual diplomatic custom. I praise you .You praise me. NaMo lovers in the USA spent a lot and now calculating the gains !

For Australian Indians it is a matter of rejoicing. Nehru-Gandhi clan and others never remembered them. Why? Probably they are not potential donors of money and help. Help to Nehru-Gandhi family? Yes ,for medical treatment, pleasure trips, buying spree and stacking the ill gotten money! Desert safari would not attract them.

As such there is /was no need for all these publicity exercises undertaken by BJP and Narendra Modi.. Whom do you want to impress? Your kiths and kins you have never bothered for three decades? Australian government and media? Even though my queries are irrelevant, i am very happy to be ignited by my fellow countrymen and blood brothers and sisters from Pakistan,Bangla Desh, Nepal, Fiji and New Zealand. I was astonished and so ashamed of myself that i never knew them. i never bothered to know them.What a blunder!

We in India,are not usually serious about our senior citizens,vedic mathematics, culture, ethos ,heritage and a greater pluralist Hindu mindset of large heart ,assimilability and sense of brotherly acceptance.It is not that only NaMo and his subjects have vision. VISION 2020, NGO- non government organization in Australia “is committed to ensuring that all its activities are free from any form of discrimination. It is not affiliated to any political or religious organisation. It does not have any preference based on political or religious grounds. Vision 2020 is also committed to applying 100% of all donations and net collections to complete the approved charity projects”. There are thousands of NGOs in India. What do they have to offer? What new things our prime minister will tell and teach?

There is Sydney Utshab , place to intelligence,says, ‘if you want to be remembered do something memorable’. My memory refuses to stretch beyond shelving of bipartisanship mutually by our ruling and opposition elite.BJP set aside Shiv Sena and Tamil splinter parties, Congress ignored Prime Minister Narendra Modi and did not invite him to attend Pandit Nehru’s 125 th birth year celebration .Now the Congress will receive huge public funds to maintain useless memorials built and maintained for all Nehru-Gandhies ,year after year, by budgetary allocations which were/are hitherto beyond any discussion in parliament.Jama Masjid Imam ignored and insulted Prime Minister for a private family function which is hitherto a non event turned into an event !Jama Masjid is a heritage public property maintained by public funds. It is not Imam’s property. Why the leaders in Pakistan should give him any importance ? The majority of Indian Muslims and Christians are having Hindu past prior to 100 to 400 years when they were converted and as per today’s standard of ISIS they are Muslim infidels because they are not pure Sunnies ! What message Imam ,Deoband and Barelvi Schools have for all Indians abroad? Will they create parallels of Mecca and Medina ? These are important issues related to terrorism which has not spared a tightly controlled country like China and a far off continent like Australia.

We ,the Indians ,forgot all basics of decent civil life and our prime minister has to assume a role of a primary school teacher. What new lesson he will teach in Australia ? When our economy is riddled with Black Money in /within India,when we are sitting on Himalaya of Black Money ,what our prime minister will sign during G-20 summit ? Corruption, hypocrisy and Black Money are our main weaknesses. Thanks to our Australian Indians to have preserved some respectable foothold so that our prime minister can boast of Indian saga !

The Australian Indians are/were never required to be taught to be Australian first. In the USA and UK after fifty years my friends are still Indians!They are Indian First and then American or British ! They have to be reminded that they should be loyal ,first and last ,to the country of their citizenship. In Australia at least it does not seem to be so. What a pleasant reality is this !We should mix with the local population where we migrate like Zoroastrians did when they took asylum at the port of Sanjan ,Gujarat, India. We know them as Parsi community. My friend Dr.Katrak happened to be a Parsi. The spirit of these erstwhile Iranian citizens is remembered as “Sugar in a Glassful of Milk”. Since then , that has remained in books .We never adopted it in our DNAs and RNAs. We don’t want a third person anywhere. There is always a quarrel between “Insiders and Outsiders”. We complain of busting of Indians abroad ,but, we never mind busting of citizens from Manipur, Tripura, Assam, Arunachal. Those Indian migrants who gave bad name to Australia should be disowned publicly and dumped deep in Pacific Ocean. Indian prime minister should remember Australian Zoroastrian Indians and refrain from raising any issue related to busting, visa protocols, citizenship norms. When India fails to give citizenship to Hindu migrants from Pakistan and Bangladesh why should we raise issues with foreign governments ? Let them have their laws ,rules and regulations.

Of 200 Reception Partners from seven states including capital region and Tasmania as well as neighbor countries Fiji,New Zealand,the maximum are from New South Wales 143 ( with Sydney 108 ,Black Town 4 ,Liverpool ,Minto ,New Castle , Quakers Hills each 2, and Baukham Hills ,Campbel Town, Castle Hill,Cherrubrook,Glen Alpine, Guildford,Helensburg, Homebush West, Ingleburn,Kings Park, Macquire Fields ,Paramatta , Pendle Hill ,Seven hills, Toongabie ,Wentworth Ville, Westleigh and Wyong each 1). Victoria 20 (Melbourne 19 and Whyndham Valley 1), Australian Capital Territory 17 (Bruce 1 and Canberra 16) ,South Australia 13(Adelaide 13), Queensland 5 (Brisbane 5), Western Australia 2 ( Perth 2), and Northern Territory 2 (Sydney 2 ).

Group organisations for Sydney-Melbourne-Brisbane-Adelaide, Sydney-Brisbane-Melbourne, Canbera-Perth-Adelaide and Sydney-Melbourne were registered one for each combine. Unique in its formation.

Global Organisation Of People Of Indian Origin (gopio) Inc. has branches in six cities. Indian Indians hardly unite, but in Australia they are united under six banners with spirit, frindship and love for India. There is a federation of many associations.OFBJP- Overseas friends of BJP are of course the front runners sitting on the last bench! RSS is not there. VHP is present at least in one centre. HSS-Hindu Swayamsevak Sangh is in three centres. Ekal Vidyalaya is not absent.

Australian Indians are religious and observe different faiths. To name a few,there are Hindu Temples, Jain Temples, Mukteshwar Mandir, Shiv Temple, Ayyappa Swamy’s Temple, Venkateshwar Temple, Karphaga Vinayak temple, Durgadevi Temple, Swaminarayan Temples of individual sect /faith and Vaishnav Temple.There are Mandals for/of Jains,Nirankari,Sathya Sai and Sri Shirdi Sai. Missions are not behind. There are Chinmay Mission, Shrimad Rajchandra Mission and Anupam Mission.Art of Living,Art of love for Dance is also present. There are ten different organisations for teaching Kuchipudi, acting, fine arts, Literature writing and reading, music instruments, music, various forms of Indian dances.SEWA, Lions’ Club, Institutes of Vedic Science ,Institute for Vedic Mathematics,Arya Samaj, Arya Pratinidhi Sabha, Hindi Schools are unique by their distinct activities. There are six associations each for Tamil, Telugu and Gujarati speaking Australians !There are two associations each for Bengali and Odisha speasking AIs. Three are three sabhas each for Kannada and Malayalee speaking AIs. There are Sindhi Associations ,Punjabi Associations ,Rajasthan Sabha (Australia and New Zealand ), Sikh Associations, Bihar-Jharkhand Associations, Fiji Australia Association! There are separate Telangana and Telugu Desham State Associations with their Indian political mascots! There is NO provision for Kashmiri Pundits in India but they are accommodated very well in Australia ! Assam is there as is Kerala ! Kodava Samaj,Nagarathar (Chettinad)Association are for at least fifty years!There is one association of Hindu Clergy! Asia Pacific Association works for people from region as the name suggests.Konkani Association, Marathi Association, Dada Bhagwan Pariwar, Gayatri Pariwar, Veerashaiva Samaj, Vaishnava Sangh, Jat Samaj, Jat Sabha , Jeeyar Education Trust (JET),Kerala Hindu Society,Australia Bengali Hindu Association,Yogi Divine, Basava Samithi/Samaj ,Brahmakumaris, Divine Life Society are busy in their activities. There is an institute for/of Ram Charit Manas ! Message of Namo has reached to Yuva Gujarati Samaj and Yuva for Modi !

There is a pleasant surprise. Overseas Student Support Services has two centers. NaMo should emulate this for each Indian state.Australian Center of Human Rights and Health is there to look and supervise issues of their concern. There is a center for sports, too. We in India need not worry for legal aids to our compatriots. Saundh, Singh and Smith Lawyers are busy with their Legal Engineering. BJP copied Social Engineering from Kanshiram’s BSP. Now it is high time we copy Legal Engineering from Australia. We need to be legal in all respects ranging from Supreme Court of India to lower most Mamlatdar’s Court, from President of India to Pradhan of a Panchayat ! Two legged Termites and Ants wearing different colours have consumed all law books to generate, store and ‘export’ Black Money. We the Indians NEED NOT teach the rest of the world the art of making illegal things legal by legal means ! We should confine that practice in Indian Courts including Supreme Court of India. Our judges have to be NOW courageous to be non corrupt and lawful to say NO to the prime minister and the richest money bags ! That will be a great lesson from an Australian Judge ,Mr. justice Spigelman. What new lesson NaMo will tell his hosts -AIs- Australian Indians ?

Though strange but it is a fact. Pakistan Australia business Council Inc. ,Australian South Asia Forum, Non Resident Nepali association,, Australian Forum for minorities in Bangladesh and Friends of Fiji are NaMo’s Reception partners ! Message is clear. Narendra Modi and BJP should note that people at large in our subcontinent love peace, harmony and economic progress with safety, security and stability. The same may be read with inclusion of Australia based Anjuman e Burhani Dawoodi Bohra and Ismaili Agakhani South Asian community. NaMo can not be a double speak here. He has to welcome the spirit and send a clear message that barring a few politicians, religious hawks, military generals and terrorists in Pakistan, Bangla Desh ,Sri Lanka ,Myanmar, China and Afghanistan every one is our brothers and sisters. We don’t have any territorial ambitions as per the best traditions of our illustrious voyagers ,unknown and still to be named with credit.

The participation from Australia India Business Council, Australian Indian Medical Graduates’ Association, Resourceful Australian Indian Network, Australian Chapter of ICAI ,India -Australia Farming Association, BITS Alumni Association, IITians Association convey very politely that they are there without Government of India’s support !At least NaMo should not bring eBola Virus of Corruption, Vote Banks’ Politics, Communal and Caste Polarisation with him.

Everyone fears that with Modi Express his hypocrisy, corruption and Indian Black Money will accompany him to “finish” Australia as has been done in the USA. Of course, NaMo’s financiers Mukesh Nita Ambani, Ruia Brothers and Gautam Adani are already there in Australian Theatre ! Adani and Ruia have procured lease for mining . Australian author and journalist Hamish Mc Donald wrote “Polyester Prince” which was stayed or banned by Supreme Court of India.”Polyester Prince” is no body else other than Dhirubhai Ambani. Mukesh Nita Ambani is his prime heir of RIL. Mukesh Nita Ambani has suggested the name of Justice James Jacob Spigelman as a third party or foreign Arbitrator in a case against Government of India about gas price and issues related to RIL’s activities in KG Basin located in Andhra Pradesh, India. Incidentally Justice Spigelman is chairman of ABC- Australia Broadcasting Corporation. Ironically Mukesh Nita Ambani is a proprietor of RIL JIO ,Network 18,TV 18 and media associated with them. Mukesh N. Ambani has sought the help of an Australian Judge to anull the “doubts wrapped in a book” authored by another Australian! Though Justice Spigelman is not deciding SCI’s order banning “Polyester Prince” ,but, he, along with the Indian Apex Court, is being used very smartly by NaMo-Ambani combine! The gentleman who is supposed to safeguard freedom of speech, freedom of expression and freedom of Press is the very person who blocked the release of a book years back.Top of it he is now a Media Mogul! What would transpire between two Media Moguls via India’s Prime Minister is a matter of wild guess!

The world will watch NaMo and his activities in Australia. China’s Xi Jinping ,a hypocrite and kingpin of corruption to generate Black Money in China will help his Indian counterpart to abolish transfer of Black Money abroad.Let us see what they do about the Himalaya of Black Money on which both are sitting at home and fooling the world !


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