Come What May

Hello world,
The situation in Hong Kong is getting precarious day by day. Chinese attempts to divide the student federation have failed. The protest leaders have wisely decided to remain away from world leaders at APEC in Beijing. They have saved these impotent leaders’ faces. Impotent in the sense of their debtor status. Students’ Federation knows that beggars have no Choice but to toe the Chinese line that Hong Kong is China’s internal problem !
Now let us examine the present position.
All the time we have to keep Indian context in mind.
During APEC world leaders will flock to Beijing. World’s eyes are set on leaders of China and Hong Kong ‘s Federation of Students. Chinese leaders are keen to see unconditional withdrawal of agitation. Hong Kong Protests continue unabashed after six weeks’ peaceful agitation for real democracy. Both talk of Democracy. The meaning of the word is different for both.
Meanwhile a Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman on Wednesday deflected questions about the students’ protest plans. “The central government firmly supports the Hong Kong government to push ahead the city’s democratic development,” said spokesman Hong Lei. “We hope different parties in Hong Kong could discuss the matter reasonably, build consensus and implement the election based on the laws.”
That almost closes the options for leaders of Hong Kong Protests. Everyone is preparing for the eventual show down after Xi Jin Ping’s visit to Hong Kong and Macau after the conclusion of APEC, the major event for China in last 13 year.
World leaders will turn away from Hong Kong Protests. They will pretend to be ignorant.
Why? The majority leaders including the US and India are debtors to China. If the Dragon will sneeze the economy of the world will have shivers and rigors of fever ! Today’s China is different from the China of 25 years back when historic pro-democracy Tiananmen Square Protests of 1989 occurred and the massacre which followed is still remembered as a landmark of Chinese cruelty.
The same is likely to recur with minor modifications in cruelty. All democratic countries will prefer to be mute witness. Tahrir Square Protests in Egypt and Arab Spring Protests in Tunis & Morocco are different from Hong Kong Protests due to the weak economy prevalent there, which compelled the rulers to step down under pressure from democratic countries having stronger economy.
In case of islands of Taiwan and Hong Kong ,their individual economy is as strong as that of China. Taiwan is the investor in China ! Hong Kong lends credibility to Chinese economy. Six Billionaires of Hong Kong the main keys to Hong Kong Index are now sitting on the fence. What they will do after Xi Jin ping’s visit is a big question. If they tilt towards China it will lead to Civil War in Hong Kong. Ultimately Six Billionaires will be wiped out. Their fate will decide the fate of similar creatures elsewhere.
The main deterrent factor to China is Hong Kong ‘s geography. If China prefers to sit tight and flood Hong Kong with migrants from mainland China to change demography within stipulated time, the Protesters will be poised with a new problem . As of today those who are not registered in Hong Kong are all illegal immigrants. But when they are protected or inspired by the government of China, who will decide the legality of the issue?
Every one is getting ready. Come What May !

Reference :
Told to End Protests, Organizers in Hong Kong Vow to Expand Them
Protest leaders responded with defiance Tuesday to the demand by Hong Kong’s top official, threatening to occupy government buildings.|By KEITH BRADSHER


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