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My Blog career is simultaneous with Narendra Modi’s rise in politics. In fact as the chief minster of Gujarat he was calculative in being apathetic to RGTIL Victims. He as chief minister and Saurabh Patel as his minister were hands in gloves in enhancing RIL’s interests.As such both of them were continuing the policies adopted by previous governments in Gujarat and at New Delhi.In nutshell,RIL had/has blessings and intentional, premeditated, calculative active help of all political parties irrespective of their being in power or opposition.The rise and progressive growth of RIL is almost parallel and synonymous with that of corruption in Indian polity.For nearly fifteen years Mukesh Ambani is the de facto ruler of India and his de jure partners were/are of no consequence. Government of India was/is of, for and by Mukesh Ambani and RIL.
My majority of Blogs are on RIL and matters related to it.
Narendra Modi and his coterie along with Subramaniam Swamy and Baba Ramdeo raised issue of Black Money parked in banks situated in countries considered safe tax havens just to fool Indian voters en mass and provide full entertainment to media and media persons. Their noise was to give a reprieve to vested interests which under camouflage arranged for legal relief of immense unbelievable scale on international level. If Subramanian Swamy and Baba Ramdeo were/are innocent ,they were used very smartly by Narendra Modi, Arun Jaitley and others in the establishment.
Arvind Kejriwal, Prashant Bhushan were ridiculed by all. Except this duo, i was not supported by any one in my crusade against RIL and Mukesh Ambani. Anna Hazare never spoke about RIL. Ashutosh helped us all. Ultimately we are all vindicated by the events unfolded beyond our imagination and calculations. I never had a chance to meet these gentlemen, but, I have a very nice tuning with their thoughts. Internet specially Facebook, Google+ and Twitter helped us a lot. i wrote pertinent blogs on Black Money ,its genesis and effects on India and Indians. Few of them are as following :…-of-corruption/
Arun Jaitley was the first person to speak,officially or unofficially,about Black Money in/within India. i must thank and congratulate him to open up the issue for public discussion and follow up.
Subsequent to a report published in India Today, I wrote and published the following post on Twitter :
“Jaitley to CBDT: via @IndiaToday Charity begins @home 7RCR,10 Jan Path & Antilia !
The same was followed up by post each on Facebook and Google+ :
“Don’t ignore domestic black money: Arun Jaitley to tax officials : North, News – India Today
Finance Minister Arun Jaitley on October 30 asked the Income Tax department not to lose sight of domestic…”
“Charity Begins At Home : 7 RCR,10 Jan Path & Antilia !
Why Antilia ? Because Government of India was/is all the while Government of Mukesh Nita Ambani. Sonia Gandhi was MN Ambani @RIL’s Shop Manager, Narendra Modi is Mega Mall Manager and the Prime Minister of India was/is a disposable Doormat of RIL Temple !
After getting Swiss Black Money back ‘successfully’ ,the finance minister has mustered ‘courage’ & ‘wisdom’ to remember domestic black money. Yes, i, you and we Indians love Black Money very much and our total black money competes with Himalayan Heights. Every one who knows, has it. World Bank And IMF know it and they are International Hypocrites. We are their miniature versions.
CBDT officers were all smiling listening the sermon from the Boss.
The evident puzzle was why the FM needed Bariatric Surgery ?
Now the question is :
Who bells the cats viz. Narendra Modi ,Sonia Gandhi and Mukesh Nita Ambani?
My choice of the cat to be belled first is Narendra Modi. He has nothing to hide. He has no family. Let us first search him and his all contacts in India and abroad ! Will he ever be ready ? Why should not he be ?
Subramanian Swamy ,Fali Nariman,Ram Jethmalani,Soli Sorabjee,Gopal Subramaniam , KTS Tulsi,Harish Salve,H. S. Phoolka,Markandey Katju and all members of Bar Association of Supreme Court of India will initiate All India Debate on who should be belled first, second and third !
Arun Shourie and Five Famous Seasonal NRI Birds namey Amartya Sen,Jagdish Bhagwati, Arvind Panagariya, Meghnad Desai and Bhikhu Parekh will address seminars and write books on genesis of ‘soneri chidiya’ and ‘kali chidiya’.
Arvind Kejriwal, Prashant Bhushan, Ashutosh and Bankimchandra Desai will relax with all time preparedness for IT Raid, Enforcement Search, Defamation Case, Physical Attack and Murder.”
I unquote.
I quote the relevant portion of the report as it appeared :
“Finance Minister Arun Jaitley on Thursday asked the Income Tax department not to lose sight of domestic black money and pursue offenders in sectors where it is most prevalent.
“The finance minister told revenue department officials to “not lose sight of domestic black money keeping in view its much higher magnitude”.
Jaitley asked them “to make their best efforts to chase those sectors where the domestic black money is most prevalent”, a finance ministry statement said.
“The recovery of black money and taxes due thereon will also help the department in achieving its tax collection targets,” he added.
Addressing officials of the Central Board of Direct taxes (CBDT), the minister asked tax officials to be assessee-friendly while aiming at widening the tax base….”


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