India’s Toilet Requirements

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Wisdom dawned on Narendra Modi . Congress cried foul on hijacking real Gandhi and his agenda of sanitation.India’s prime minister Narendra Modi is deft in getting the maximum publicity mileage through his so called ingenious programmes of seeking attention from otherwise very hostile media. He talked about cleanliness and need for building toilets instead of temples. Gandhiji , wherever he camped ,used to clean his premises and toilet regularly,not as an one time event! Narendra Modi made “Clean India Movement ” a farcical movement.Majority of celebrities have long forgotten the ways of self help. people when see these creatures acting with a broom just can’t help smiling and joking !
I don’t want to belittle my prime minister in any manner. He is capable of that without any one helping him. He knows the best ways to be ridiculed.He derives the maximum benefit from negative publicity.
When NaMo talked of toilets, religious chauvinists condemned him for equating toilet with temple. He has a point. There is a temple industry thriving in India and abroad. There is a class of vested interests. when I mention a temple , i mean a place of religious worship of any faith. Defaecation in open and manual scavenging is today’s India’s main sanitation problem. Thanks are due to street/stray dogs, cows, crows ,pigs (dukkar/bhund),other birds and beasts that much of filth, house hold waste and human excreta are disposed off. If these god sent angels would not have been there, cities in India would have turned into sophisticated stink-spots.The Musilms hate dogs and pigs for their scavenging . they forget that cows too do the same. Still they slaughter cows and eat cow’s flesh!
These issues have attracted attention of world leaders. Bill-Melinda Gates lauded Modi and appreciated his awareness about India’s mundane issues. Now Hillary Clinton has joined this club.
At this point , i remember and pay tribute to my teacher Professor Dr.A.K.Niyogi who made me “Toilet Specialist “during 1962-1973. He retired as professor and head of department of Preventive and Social Medicine at government Medical College, Baroda, Gujarat. He was advisor to WHO,UNICEF. the world was receptive to his ideas so other countries benefitted from his vision. Indians made jokes about him and forgot him and his teachings very conveniently. I must thank my premier for reminding all medical and paramedical personnel the importance of Preventive and Social Medicine .
Toilets and urinals have been my favourite subjects. Wherever I go ,i study this dirty stuff.
I narrated the issue recently. i wrote posts on Facebook and Google +.
I quote,
“India’s Toilet Requirement Specification
Bill’s estimate of 630 million people defecating in open is almost correct. Considering average size of a family of eight including parents, grandparents ,three children ,one guest ,we require to build 7,87,50,000 latrines. There are many practical issues that complicate providing toilets. Many houses are small area wise to accommodate a toilet. If that is there then there is a problem of lack of sewer facility in the community .If the bur hole pit is dug, it will spoil underground sources of water in nearby wells and step wells. If there is a space in the yard, septic tank is the solution. Septic tank requires periodical evacuation by a nearby municipal sewage department staff.
The cost of a toilet would range from INR 5000 to 35000 depending upon the materials used for creating such a toilet.
Portable Toilet Unit is the best solution.
We must concentrate our efforts in innovating the cheapest chemical disposal of human excreta in every individual unit. i don’t know the name of the blue coloured liquid used by service provider at NASA -AMES Open House 2014 , Moffet Field, CA. On a single day event NASA took care of toilet requirements of nearly 1,50,000 visitors . At 4PM I checked nearly 30 portable units to examine the fate of solid human excreta .I was surprised to note the absence of solid human excreta in any of the unit. I thought India’s solution for main sanitation problem is eurekaed !
The same blue liquid is used in planes. They might be providing a storage tank in the body of the air plane.
If the chemical disposal is made possible and portable plastic units are installed it will be a cost effective solution ,well matching the ecological and environmental safety standards.
If NASA-AMES can handle toilet problem of 1,50,000 guests on a single day event why India can not do this?
Use of tissue papers is new for the most of Indians. We may educate them by group meetings. We may insert mandatory free ads in all movies. The cheapest alternative of water and tissue paper is news paper.Old news papers would fetch seven to eight INR per one kilogram. Mostly they are used in parcel packing and making recycled news print.
Bill Melinda Gates with NASA -AMES should concentrate on perfecting that blue liquid I saw in those portable restrooms.
Reference :
* Impressions of India
Meeting the New Prime Minister
By Bill Gates
on October 6, 2014
Narendra Modi has India talking about toilets.
Bill Gates @BillGates · Oct 7
.@narendramodi has India talking about toilets—and that’s a great thing.


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