Will NaMo Dare ?

Hello world :
Narendra Modi is hell-bent on winning assembly elections in the maximum number of states. If possible he wants clear majority for BJP in all states. The state of Jammu & Kashmir is special ,because, with the absolute majority in the assembly he can trash the Article 370 of the Constitution of India. The majority in other states is required to change major laws mainly The Right to Fair Compensation and Transparency in Land Acquisition,Rehabilitation and Resettlement Act, 2013. The states are required to concur because they,too, have their laws independent of the central legislation.
This is his agenda meant for development of India. His intentions are of platinum quality.
The actual experience of his Gujarat Model is very deceptive. There is development , but , of , to name a few,Mukesh Nita Ambani, Gautam Adani,Ruia Brothers,Tata,Mehtas of Torrent.There are several land developers,diamond merchants,builders,BJP politicians, organisers, land grabbers,builders and others who have benefitted at the expense of land owners in Gujarat.
Arun Jaitley,minister of Finance and Defense in a press interview revealed his government’s next steps.Decisions pertaining to banking sector and defense require independent discussions.What is not being discussed here will be attended to by many others.What will not attract others has attracted me. That is the issue of lands.Arun Jaitley made a passing reference to it as if it is not an issue of prime importance.
I quote from the report,
“ Important reforms are now required in the mining sector as also in the land acquisition law which was approved by the previous government.The farmers are admittedly entitled to a higher compensation but the entire development process can’t be brought to a standstill for want of land requirements.”
I unquote.
What does he want to convey to land owners who are mainly agriculturists and forest dwellers? May I interpret it as Narendra Modi’s real intention of converting The State i.e. Government of India into a Legal Land Grabber? For whom? His main financiers? Foreign companies?
i have seen, observed and experienced the process of land acquisition and procedure for determining the compensation and its payment in Gujarat during last forty years. I have seen agriculturists being robed for the benefit of Dhirubhai H.Ambani and his company Reliance Industries Limited. Dhirubhai H. Ambani is no more but his legacy is RIL. This notorious company has been an agriculturist company in the name of ‘maintenance of green zone and environment protection.’ I see this ploy as a smart sort of money laundering! Who knows what they are doing in the name of agriculture ! Provisions of The Land Ceiling and Regulation Act for agricultural lands are made to evaporate ! How can RIL as agriculturist company claim to have a level playing field vis a vis an agriculturist having a ceiling of fifteen vinghas in Surat ? I will not be surprised if Narendra Modi advises all agriculturists to be RIL’s agricultural stake holders ! RIL Foundation’s philanthropy amongst marginal farmers require a separate investigation.
RGTIL@RIL is enjoying user rights in vast tracks of lands from KG Basin in Andhra Pradesh to Dahej in Gujarat. There are thousands of property owners who are deprived of compensation in Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka, Mahrashtra, Gujarat and Tamil Nadu.
RIL’s malignant interests in mines and forests are guided and protected by Parimal Nathwani as an independent member of Rajya Sabha elected uncontested from the state of Jharkhand ! His activities attract independent research and warrants a separate report.
Till now all acquisitions have resulted into deprivation of 60 -70 % of land price as per actual prevalent market rate. Government considers average of documentation price i.e 30-40 % of the actual prevalent market rate.This 60-70 % money has gone to persons interested in making The State a legal land grabber. To safe guard the interests of future land losers the government should amend all relevant laws to make documentation as per 100% of actual prevalent market value of the lands in question.
With this background I feel and demand that before contemplating any change in the The Right to Fair Compensation and Transparency in Land Acquisition, Rehabilitation and Resettlement Act, 2013 passed by both houses of parliament during Dr.Manmohan Singh’s UPA 2 government , present GoI headed by Narendra Modi should publish a White paper on all lands acquired during Nehru- Modi period of 67 years ,to be more specific from 15 August 1947 to the date of presentation of a proposed bill of reforms.
This white paper should include:
1. Financial year : from 1st April to 31 March
2. Name of the state
3. Location of land –village,taluka,district
4. Ownership of the land-private-government/public, trust etc.
5.Type of land; agricultural, nonagricultural, commercial, waste land ,khar land etc.
6.Act ,its section ,rules and regulations under which the acquisition was done.
7.Purpose of acquisition
8.Area of the land acquitted
9.Present position of the land
A,Use : Actual usage and Surplus land
B.Change in ownership/ allottee/s either by sale or by other reason
10. Price (documented amount) at which the acquisition was done
11. Actual Prevalent price at the time of acquisition ( documented 30-40% + unaccounted 60-70%)
12. Present price of the land area acquired. ( documented &/+ undocumented)
13. Ceiling in acres/vinghas of urban and agricultural land at the time of acquisition.
14. Time taken in payment of full compensation
15. Benefits to land losers other than financial compensation viz.jobs , alternative land, alternative land and residence , life insurance to land loser and dependents
16.If acquired for industry :
a.Name & ownership of the company
b.Present name & ownership of the company
c.Actual area used for building and infrastructure
d.Present usage of the surplus area : if under agriculture in the name of green zone its year wise, crop wise detail and the waivers granted for non implementation of change of purpose, ceiling, income tax etc.
e. Actual investment of the company
f. Tax and other benefits granted with specific time period frame.
g. Nonpayment of bank loans
h. In case of a defunct company : present standing liabilities towards government, municipality/gram panchayat, employees, share holders, fixed depositors and other stake holders.
Other points should be invited from the citizens.
I agree that this exercise is tedious but with computerization it is not difficult or impossible.i tried to get information from RGTIL/RIL under RTI Act. The company showed one high court judgment to District collector. The judgment protects companies from RTI activists! My experience was that Government of Gujarat with Saurabh Patel,Mukesh Nita Ambani’s brother in law as minister for the last decade or more is reluctant to help all RGTIL or any other such victims. On repeated demands by District Collector,RGTIL submitted a citation of a high court judgment. The then District Collector,Navsari was very shy to give a copy or a full link of the impugned judgment.Gujarat Governments officers are more loyal to RGTIL/RIL than Mukesh Ambani himself! Saurabh Patel’s activities as minister is a subject of inquiry under commission of inquiries act! Narendra Modi could not muster enough courage to publish annual CAG reports. For ten years,Congress legislative party barked like a street dog. Thus far ,not beyond that ! Why? Due to fear of MN Ambani @ RIL’s Shop Manager,Sonia Gandhi they were/are tamed animals.
Forget the White Paper, NaMo can not dare to publish this classified information about RIL and family of Mukesh Nita Ambani including their children who are by now all majors.
Will NaMo @PMOIndia can ever dare to do so ?
He need not be reminded that the armed rebellion by the communists started on the issue of exploitation and appropriation of lands belonging to have-nots by haves like MN Ambani. Movement for separate Telangana was a follow up off shoot.Vinoba Bhave salvaged Congress by BhooDaan (voluntary donation of lands/surplus lands).Congress ultimately Bhooed Vinoba-ji and his movement. Eventually all lands collected under the movement went to land grabbers and land sharks.
Narendra Modi hijacked Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel and Mahatma Gandhi, but, he can not hijack or create a new Vinoba Bhave of his own variety.
Let him think and search. Venkaiah Naidu will help him.

Reference :
1.The Right to Fair Compensation and Transparency in Land Acquisition, Rehabilitation and Resettlement Act, 2013
2.The Land Acquisition Act, 1894
3.The Petroleum And Minerals Pipelines (Acquisition Of Right Of User Inland) Act, 1962
4.Mining Laws in India
The mineral resources in India consist of Coal, Iron ore, Manganese, Mica, Bauxite, Titanium ore, Chromite, Diamonds, etc. India is the third largest producer of Coal and Lignite & Barytes and the largest producer of mica in the world. India is also ranked among the top producers of Iron ore, Bauxite, Manganese ore and Aluminium. In 2003-2004 India has produced 355 million tones of coal all of which has been consumed internally. Coal India Limited is a State owned company which contributes a bulk percentage in the Coal production. It owns 390 coal mines in the country. Singerani Collieries Company is another major coal producer in the country. Explorations for base metals, diamonds, mineral sands and gold are carried out by several private companies. Presently, the Indian mining industry employs more than 1.1 million people. There are 2,326 private and 292 public operating mines in the country. Minerals constitute 16 percent of India’s exports. The enriched reserve of mines and minerals has played a significant role in the industrial development of the nation. The operation of the mining sector in India is governed by the Mines and Minerals (Development and Regulation Act, 1957, the Mines Act, 1952 and the rules and regulations framed under them. The Government has also formulated the National Mineral Policy for the management and development of the mineral resources in the country. According to the provisions of the Constitution of India both the Central Government and the State Governments are responsible for Management of mineral resources in the country.
Source: http://mines.nic.in/
5. Farmers must get compensation, but development can’t stop for want of land: Arun Jaitley – The Times of India


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