The Heritage,That Was!

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India’s private and government lands and natural resources were/are main targets for industrialists, politicians, land grabbers, property developers and corrupt government officers. Now trust properties including vast premises of educational ,religious and hospital institutions are on the hot list.
Mukesh Nita Ambani usurped waqf property for building their residence, Antilia. They managed waqf trustees, charity commissioner and few waqf beneficiaries with their vast financial, legal, extralegal resources and political connections.As such there is no difference between Mukesh Nita Ambani @ RIL and Robert Vadra @ DLF. Both are accomplished achievers in making anything illegal legal by illegal means. In case of waqf land, Maharashtra Government under MN Ambani’s shop manager Sonia Gandhi’s control just sat tight. Antilia came up. Prior to house warming of Antilia many pockets were made warm and hands greased. The same scenario is repeated in case of takeover of Sir Hurkisondas Narottamdas Hospital.
Agreed that huge and vast financial resources are required to create and maintain any facility to provide health care and facilitate research of international standard. That does not mean that any unscrupulous moneyed bag should be handed over an institution like Sir Hurkisondas Narottamdas Hospital. If there would have been an open international bidding a much better result could have come. The fishy deal came through under very nose of India’s Fleet Street.So called veteran journalists,editors and proprietors of all news papers pretended ignorance.The height of hypocrisy will be seen, observed and experienced during this impugned inauguration.RIL @ MN Ambani’s Shop Manager Sonia Gandhi supervised the deal and construction.Their Mega Mall Manager, Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of India will ratify it by inaugurating it.
I noticed the following news item and followed it up on Twitter, Facebook, Google+.
I quote,
“Bankimchandra Desai
22 October at 13:13 • Edited •
Prime Minister to inaugurate Sir H N Reliance Hospital
Prime Minister Narendra Modi will inaugurate Sir H N Reliance Foundation Hospital & Research Centre here on October 25, Reliance Foundation said on Friday. Mr. Modi on Thursday accepted an invitation…
*****|By Special Correspondent
Oct 22 at 8:00 PM
Same Premises, Name Changed, Few Alterations & Additions, Third Inauguration !
It is good that RIL and Mukesh Nita Ambani have not erased completely the name of Sir Hurkisondas Narottamdas. It is not easy. They have been able to remove Sir HN’s life sketch from Google and other Internet search engines. Sir HN’s contribution to erstwhile Bombay and people of Bombay is far ahead than that of RIL as a company and Ambanis as individuals. Those were the days of principles of ways and means. Sir HN did not circumvent any law. He never corrupted any government servant. RIL and Ambanies have successfully altered the trust deed. They have changed completely the overall control and management. The changes in the original trust deed are in the wrap. My attempts to get relevant copies were firewalled.
Narendra Modi should know that he is being used albeit very smartly by his masters !
i digress and site the relevant anecdote for refreshing NaMo’s memory ..
There is a bridge in Surat named after Morarji Desai.That bridge was once inaugurated by Congress leaders,once by Citizens and third time by a BJP leader !
Sir HN is not alive. His legacy is very much alive.What his heirs must be thinking is a matter of conjecture.
If possible Narendra Modi as the Prime Minister of India should politely desist from such cheap gimmicks.”

My friend, Mr. Vinod Desai reacted by sending e mail to me.
I quote,
“Sir HN is not completely erased from the internet. Not so far. I was surprised to find that there is no Wikipedia article on the great philanthropist and business magnate of yesteryears.
Why not rename Raja Ram Mohan Roy Road to Seth Dhirubhai Ambani Road. Nobody will complain. I’m Raja Ram Mohan’s only living descendent in domiciled & living Mumbai. I’ll surely not complain.”
i quote my reply to Mr. Vinod Desai :
“Oct 23 at 4:34 PM
Sir HN’s name is there in the hospital name. It is like this : Sir HN Reliance Foundation….Anyone would be led to think that Sir HN belongs to RIL and RIL is Sir HN’s entity.Life sketch or say biography of Sir HN is missing from all Internet search engines.
Now I will have to get it any how.
This is a trailer. There are many institutes,in Mumbai,having a vast campus. Modify the trust deed and your job is done.
If any one of you just happen to be in that area just try to visit. I had been to this hospital several times in yesteryears . i saw portraits of Sir HN ,his wife and other donors with a brief note about their life. I never knew that they will have to face ,posthumously,the most modern thugs, otherwise I could have photographed those historic portraits.
I feel as if I am cheated very badly.”

Mr. SAMEER BANERJEE wrote back to me,
I quote,
“Your point is well taken. I think it’s time such matters are considered very seriously.
Unlike the people of Kolkata or Chennai, Mumbai wallas are not very keen on matters such as historic legacy or heritage. Even though the Bengalis fought for India’s freedom with gusto and fervour, yet they wouldn’t even dream of renaming the Victoria Memorial as say Netaji Memorial or rename the monument as Shahid Memorial. [the monument in Kolkata was built in memory of those who died (British soldiers, women and children) in the “Black Death” in 1857]. Recently I had a big argument with a bunch of Mumbaikars on this heritage aspect. For them sites of historic importance such as the place where Sane Guruji was hiding from the British, Netaji was having a cup of tea at a local Parsee eatery are passé and should be reduced to rubble and something new and imposing structure should be erected on the site so that 200 new flats could be built where only 20 existed.
It is time the Sir HN Hospital be named as such and the RIL foundation should be shifted elsewhere. I suggest you should write to the heritage committee before it’s too late. I also suggest we should bring this serious anomaly to the notice of the PM. he’s a no-nonsense kind of person. He will not stand upto such stuff. Pl write to him directly.”
I prefer to write a blog and send the link to @narendramodi and @PMOIndia.
I have already posted the matter on Internet.
Many in the world perceive Mr.Narendra Modi as “a no-nonsense “man. His senses come back in the right and meaningful but always ‘utterly butterly’ direction of MN Ambani @RIL @ Antilia !
I am sure he will not prove me wrong.


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