Unpleasant Questions

Hello world,
Assembly elections for Maharashtra and Haryana are over. Mumbai is financial capital of India and hence the capital of Black Money in /within India. Recently SEBI debarred DLF from stock markets. DLF showed the easiest way to become rich! Robert Vadra is the icon of all money spinners who became rich due to DLF. Nothing has happened, till to-date, to Robert Vadra. DLF is in the soup. Why this sort of punitive actions be not contemplated against RIL ? It seems Narendra Modi is using the Supreme Court of India to help his main financier. SCI is being used in the arbitration process so as to save Veerappa Moily, Murli Deora, N.Chandra Babu Naidu overtly and Narendra Modi himself,covertly. From day 1 of KG Basin RIL is favoured. This arbitration process is an instrument to save Narendra Modi’s face. BJP government will deploy SCI’s judgment to favour RIL. Ex CJI KG Balakrishnan’s judgment in Ambani brothers’ case was a joke in the name of justice and judicial procedures. Government of India @The State was reduced to a status of Mukesh Ambani’s silent partner (sleeping partner).All the awards declared so far by Competent Authorities appointed by Government of India are all testaments of injustice in cases of applicants versus notorious RGTIL. Illegal and unethical practices of RGTIL /RIL are made legal by /with active collaboration of The State and Judiciary. “Satya Mev Jayate” is on paper. Reality is contrary to it which is experienced day to day by all Indians.
With this back ground let us see who is arbitrating.
I quote,

“Supreme Court appoints Australian arbitrator in RIL gas case
April 01, 2014 09:47 IST
The Supreme Court has appointed Australian arbitrator in RIL gas case.In a major victory for the Mukesh Ambani-led Reliance Industries (RIL) over the government in the KG-D6 case, the Supreme Court on Monday appointed former Australian judge James Jacob Spigelman as the foreign arbitrator who would head the three-member arbitration panel.
The bench headed by judge S S Nijjar suggested the name, saying a foreign arbitrator would avoid bias in this case.
RIL was batting for the appointment of a foreigner.
The process was stuck over the appointment of the third member in the three-member panel of arbitrators.
RIL and the government had nominated former chief justices S P Bharucha and V N Khare, respectively, but were divided on whether or not a third arbitrator should be a foreigner.
The arbitration process is related to a fine imposed by the government amounting to $1.797 billion in 2010-11, 2011-12 and 2012-13 for production shortfall.”
Where it all started :
“It was in November 2011 that RIL initiated an arbitration process, pre-empting that the petroleum ministry would penalise it for a fall in output.

The ministry had called to withdraw the arbitration notice in January 2012. Following this, the government slapped a fine of $1.005 billion in May for the drop in targets for FY11 and FY12.

In November 2013, the government slapped another notice on the company, disallowing a cost recovery of another $792 million.

Over the past four years, the total shortfall in production from the KG-D6 block has reached 154 million standard cubic metres a day (mscmd).

While the production shortfall in 2010-11 stood at around 5 mscmd, it rose over the following years to 28 mscmd (2011-12), 55 mscmd (2012-13) and 66 mscmd (2013-14).”
I unquote.
Now my Unpleasant Questions are as following :
If without the gas price demanded by RGTIL /RIL and denied so far by the Government of India, RIL -Reliance Industries Limited is earning huge profits, where are moral and logical grounds for its case before SCI and SCI’s Arbitrators? RIL has formed legal cobweb in a very smart and intelligent ways. Now this cobweb requires to be vindicated. Who will benefit? at whose cost and stake?
My comments published already on my timeline of Facebook and Google+ are as following.
I quote,
“If these books are genuine, why the case for increase in gas price ? Why SCI appointed arbitration for determining the gas price ? Why should RGTIL/RIL deprive genuine victims of arbitrary awards given by Competent Authorities throughout the course of RGTIL/RIL pipelines from east cost to west coast and elsewhere in surrounding areas ? What is the cost of all litigations and bribe given from top to bottom ?What are the amounts of fees paid to SCI counsels including the latest ones namely RF Nariman and Abhisek Manu Singhvi ? Is RGTIL a RIL ‘s piggy company just now? What are the special packages to be given to ADIL ZAINULBHAI and DEEPAK PAREKH ? With this much profits claimed,what is the number of bonus shares given to RIL ‘s shareowners? What is the benefit to RIL’s shareowners given from RIL’s overseas ventures and new subsidiaries started specially for MN Ambani’s children ? Will these companies be offloaded in the manner RGTIL was offloaded? What is the number of RIL’s employees? Did any RIL employee get any share from the company? How many RIL employees are RIL’s shareowners? ?What is the amount of donations given to BJP. Congress, NCP,SS, MNS and other political parties? How many trips RIL’s air vehicles made for Narendra Modi during last five years? In which annual report that special service to Narendra Modi is included or mentioned? Has Reliance become epitome of Unreliable Practices ? Why RIL should not be barred from NSE and BSE in the manner DLF is punished? What is the secret of piggy companies ? Why should RIL be not NATIONALISED when the profits are from natural resources of India, usurped by illegal ,unethical instruments executed during last decade so as to give them a legal format?? Is SCI’s Arbitration itself not unconstitutional ? Let SCI speak. Let Government of India speak. Let Mukesh N.Ambani answer these questions for the benefit of India and Indians.”
I unquote.
The most important and foremost questions yet to be asked are as following :
Will Sudini Jaipal Reddy come forward and disclose why he was summarily removed as central petroleum minister? Will SCI’s Arbitrastors invite him to depose? Will the government of India divulge relevant papers? Will Jagan Mohan Reddy and his mother depose before the arbitrators? At a first glance the arbitration seems to be about penalty for low production. RIL demanded price rise with the argument that gas production is uneconomical and the company has to incur heavy loss. The crux of the problem is Gas Price! RIL wants government to do as per its wishes. Who spoiled the cake ? Why?
Reference :
*RIL consolidated net sales for 2014 2nd quarter of Rs 1.13 lakh-crore
RIL’s turnover fell 4.3 per cent to Rs 1,13,396 crore as international oil prices dropped to three year low.
**Who is Spigelman?
Spigelman was the Chief Justice and Lieutenant Governor of New South Wales, Australia. He is also chairman of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC).
According to the ABC website, he took charge for his five-year term as chairman on April 1, 2012.
He also served as a senior adviser and principal private secretary to the Prime Minister of Australia and as permanent secretary of the government’s department of the media between 1972 to 1976. He also served on the boards and as chair of a number of cultural and educational institutions in Australia.


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