How Far, How Much

Hello world,
Once again, the students in Arab world are rising for free speech and free assembly for political activities in campus. Egypt is once again on the board. The countries where Spring started are once again in turmoil due to woos of Black Money. The class who has money, hard earned money failed to make their earnings legal. The corrupt law makers and law enforcement administrators ,as in India, want to usurp this hidden capital of the self made persons. Students protest because they understand the reality and hence they want change, radical change.
I tried to examine the situation in Indian context.
Politics and political activities in colleges and university campuses have been a real headache for all governments and education authorities throughout the world. Right to free speech and free assembly for political purposes is the universal demand .Nascent leaders get training but the professional student leaders spoil the atmosphere. In India definition of youth (yuva) and old is not clear. Many successful politicians invariably lack any namesake academic career. Such rogues during their years in college and university select politics as career and turn into professional student leaders. Most of them are mini goons. The resultant effect is reflected in our present parliament. With a clear majority in Lok Sabha ,NaMo finds it very difficult to have minsters qualified for job as a cabinet minister.
ABVP.NSUI ,NSFI etc. are nothing but dens of professional student leaders. They often create law and order situation with blessings from politician patrons. Glaring telling effect is on quality of education. Our Universities are no where in first fifties in the world map. Mere increase in number of colleges and universities is not the yardstick the world considers. We have produced and are producing educated but really uneducated labour force which is invariably reluctant for physical labour required very badly in many sectors.
Unless we have a consensus over campus political activities to decide how much and how far, we will be a hapless lot with the highest number of young citizens !
Hong Kong protesters show a way to all campus activists throughout world. This is third week ,they are on roads. They have not damaged any private or public property. They refrain from abusing the most hated chief executive of Hong Kong. They do not blame or abuse Xi Jinping and his communist party and government. From their own pocket money, they try to compensate shopkeepers who have lost their means to life. The most important point is they never reciprocate the government of China resorting to all sorts of provocations. All of them are in their teens, All young, very young, inexperienced ,yet cold-blooded. They are taking head on the mightiest of the world, Government of China ,Numero Uno in CRUELTY !
These boys and girls they study on roads. Why? They are not attending classes for their demands for democracy and autonomy with universal suffrage. They do not want to lag behind in studies. So instead of classrooms, they study on roads, the protest venue ! When the are bored they sing,’ Do you hear the people sing”, a song from musical, Les Miserables. Lest their music, melody is heard.
We all Indians should be ashamed of our failures in decency in public life. See our prime minister and other politicians campaigning for electoral victory. Compare and contrast them with Hong Kong boys and girls. NaMo as my leader has failed miserably to learn from these young ones. How can he establish example for our youth ?

Reference :

Egypt: Release Arrested University Students | Human Rights Watch

(Beirut) – Egyptian authorities should release more than 110 university students arrested since the start of the school year on October 11, 2014.

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