Hear the People Sing

Hello world,
Hong Kong protest is in full swing. China accused the USA of cementing and fomenting Hong Kong protests for autonomy or say democratic government with universal suffrage. In 2014, China slipped to pre-Nixon era when India and China both saw foreign hands in their problems created by nature and/or humans. That shows the helplessness of China!
I see many opportunities to learn from Hong Kong boys and girls. i follow them very closely with my select informants ,all non journalists and aliens working/settled there for business.Spanxs to the British who made their Hong Kong stay possible.

Hear the People Sing
Lessons for RGTIL / RIL Victims & Indians :
Our recent protest history dates back to Nav Nirman (of Gujarat ), Jay Prakash Narayan’s movement against Indira Gandhi’s emergency and Anna Hazare’s India Against Corruption. These three phenomenal movements ushered in few changes in political system which facilitated transfer of power from one set of corrupt people to another set of far corrupt individuals.There is no change,quantitative or qualitative, in voters’ woos.
Except JP ,it was difficult for all leaders to contain self. Worldly desires for power,position,remote control and prestige engulfed most of the leaders.In the process all slipped and the movements were lost to oblivion.
Victims of RGTIL,RIL and other industries should observe the protest movement of Hong Kong led by a student of 17 years!If circumstances permit I intend to visit the site in near future just to breath their stamina, zeal, fervor , courage, patience and get inspiration to organize a movement against RGTIL,RIL and other companies harboured by Narendra Modi for his electoral and political gains.Chinese companies are also few of them.
Even though Narendra Modi is my natural choice as the leader of India, my intention is to see that he has no room to go off the track!I lost this opportunity during Rajiv Gandhi’s tenure as prime minister having absolute mandate from voters.Narendra Modi is a historical accident in Indian Politics. He is the last prime minister having a clear majority in Lok Sabha.
My agenda is clear.Support him when he acts in India’s interests. Oppose him tooth and nail when he attempts to favour few select rogues!We need to have a cadre of self sufficient and independent nationalist citizens having no political membership and free from all those desires instrumental in weakening any protest movement.
Let there be anybody in power in states and New Delhi.Keep their chair and bed full of sharp spear heads so that they have to behave.
Protesters in Hong Kong are in a way showing a way to India and Indians. The world is watching with utmost worries and curiosity. If Xi Jinping and his China keeps promise given by Deng Xiaoping in 1997 to keep Hong Kong ‘democratic’ in the way Hong Kong citizens desire till 2047 , we in India have a reason to trust them. Then and then China and Chinese companies with their ill gotten money should be welcome. If we want to support Hong Kong boys we should make it amply clear to China that if they fail to honour their words given to their subjects in Hong Kong , their intent to implement international obligations is at crucial stake. China maintains that Hong Kong is part of China and it is her internal problem. Agreed that Hong kong is a part of China but Deng Xiaoping signed a historic treaty with United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland in 1997 to keep and maintain Hong Kong democratic in One Country ,Two Systems regime.17 years passed by .The majority of protestors were either kids or yet to be born. New generation has heard about cruelty of the rulers of China who happen to be their masters ! None of them experienced cruelty of the State. Now it is almost third week of agitation and no sign of relenting in Xi Jinping’s government.For them it has become an acid test to forget their hypocrisy of communism and forgive all dissenters including Dalai Lama and His Tibetan subjects and people of Taiwan.
Even though Taiwan is/was not acceptable to China as independent nation and country ,the communists welcomed capital investments of Taiwan in China when no other country was ready to consider China reliable. At present Taiwan by sheer folly of investing astronomically, ill afford to alienate China. China considers Taiwan* as integral part of China**. Taiwan refuses to be so and has a democratically elected government will all nuances of democracy. Long before China accepted the doctrine of One Country ,Two Systems ,by her own aversions this doctrine was already in practice without China’s telling ! From Mao Zedong to Xi Jinping Taiwan is a reality for China.
Taiwan’s leader is forthright in conveying this sentiment.
As reported by AP, AFP, Reuters, dpa,
I quote,
“ the events in Hong Kong have drawn the attention of Taiwan, which fears being drawn into a similar power-sharing deal with Beijing known as “one country, two systems.” The island nation’s president, Ma Ying-jeou, expressed support for the pro-democracy movement on Friday Oct.10,2014 during a speech marking Taiwan’s National Day celebrations.”
“China would simply be making good on a pledge made 17 years ago, when they said that for 50 years they would allow rule of Hong Kong by the people of Hong Kong, a high degree of autonomy, and election of the chief executive through universal suffrage,” Taiwanese President Ma said.
He also pointed to the China’s economic growth in appeal to Chinese President Xi Jingping to consider moving toward more democratic freedoms for his own nation.
“Now that the 1.3 billion people on the mainland have become moderately wealthy, they will of course wish to enjoy greater democracy and rule of law. Such a desire has never been a monopoly of the West, but is the right of all humankind,” he added.
Public discontent with Beijing has also been on the rise in Taiwan, which has operated as a de facto sovereign state since 1949, when China’s nationalist government resettled on the island after losing a civil war to the Communist Party.”
I unquote.
Xi Jinping is playing divide and rule but the post 1997 generation in Hong Kong is worried about democratic rights of their children. The youth who are yet to complete education, yet to marry worry about the happiness of future generation. They sing ,” Do You Hear the People Sing’ from the musical, ‘Les Miserables’. The dissidents of June 04,1989 Tiananmen Square Bloodshed remind dissidents that if they will miss the bus this time it is just possible that they will never get one in future. In mainland China Campaign of Silence is gaining ground since June 04, 2014, 25th anniversary of Tiananmen Square Massacre. They ask ,where are Hu Jintao’s daughter Hu Haiqing and her husband Daniel Mao? Why every Chinese youth is denied that opportunity? Now Xi Jinping is in dilemma.He and China have no way out. Either machine gun Hong Kong Protesters or democratise China stage by stage along with Hong Kong and Tibet.
* Taiwan : The Republic of China
**(Mainland) Communist China : The People’s Republic of China

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