Who is Dev Chatterjee?

Who is this Dev Chatterjee?
Another Make Believe Story :

“Ambani’s pipeline firm sees its losses zoom But earnings of main pri…vate holding firm get a booster dose from RIL dividend”

Dev Chatterjee | Mumbai October 4, 2014 Last Updated at 00:59 IST

Mukesh Nita Ambani has once again revealed partly the tricks and juggleries to save taxes and corner the maximum of profits into his piggy companies’ books. RIL is a mother company having numerous daughter companies each of whom having their daughter companies ! MN Ambani & RIL go on changing the signboards of these unregistered companies. RIL’s shareholders are at a loss to understand this Indian Amichand alias Indian Alibaba !
The same Dev Chatterjee who duped prestige of The Economist and Business Standard in recent past with a similar unsubstantiated and equally unreliable story has come out once again with a write up in favour of his master at RIL @Mukesh Nita Ambani.
After all who is this Dev Chatterjee ? Let him reveal his identity with full credentials.Till than Business Standard and The Economist should publish a sort of ‘Red Corner Notice’ about this dubious writer in the interests of RIL’s shareowners.


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