New Worries for NaMo

Hello world,

Indian prime minister successfully closed all highways to him or PMO for all those unscrupulous industrialists ,arms dealers ,license seekers and land grabbers at Surat, Gujarat ,law breaker diamond merchants and international power brokers in the USA and outside America but new highways are automatically opened with addresses like Shalabh ‘Shalli’ Kumar, president of the National Indian American Public Policy Institute, and Dr. Bharat Barai, who is president of the Indian American Community Federation ( Foundation) .Those who fail in/at New Delhi will now catch this shortest route ! It is a question frequently asked by/amongst NRIs, PIOs and partners at NaMo’s MSG jamboree ,” Who has collected huge sum in the name and for NaMo ?” The amount varies ,but the conservative figure is one million US $ ,the other liberal & charitable figure is two million US$. The estimated expense at MSG is one million US $ .The figure may be anything but every one who is questioned confirm the fund raising in the name/for NaMo. NaMo should inquire and exonerate these two gentlemen who happens to be good and respectable citizens of the USA. Both happened to be my near and dear friends years back. We lost contacts but I do not doubt their honesty and integrity.
Now it is up to revenue services of the USA and RAW to find out the skeletons in cupboards in the USA and India respectively.

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