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After I posted my last four Blogs I was surprised and shocked to read

I quote,
“Meanwhile, Shalabh ‘Shalli’ Kumar, president of the National Indian American Public Policy Institute, is furious at being left out by Barai, even though he is a long-time Modi supporter. He has sent a notice to Barai demanding full disclosure of the funds raised, names of donors and benefits offered to sponsors. –
* See more at:
I unquote.

I made few discrete inquiries. I received the confirmation of fund raising in the name/for NaMo. No one could give exact figures but there was a fire and finally smoke has emerged over Madison Square Garden.
I feel that there are many unnecessary hypes on behalf of NaMo. His interview to CNN,CNN-IBN made a minute crack in his steel frame. A write up completed the job. His devotee supporters crossed all limits in self publicity little realizing that by their innocent act they are doing tremendous damage and injustice to all saffron leaders who have visited the USA in 1993 and afterwards. Three scores of members of parliament visited Chicago on Air India’s inaugural direct flight to Chicago. No wonder Air India is in ICU on permanent basis since then. All these and other MPS were/are son in laws of India and Indians.Media and media persons are not free from this syndrome. Today except prime minister’s carrier, ‘Air India One ’, no other Air India air vehicle is fit for the prime minister’s travels.

The internecine differences amongst the NaMo lovers to get the maximum from proximity to NaMo gradually turned into a blame name game, typical of Indians anywhere in the world. Narendra Modi of 1993 is a changed man in 2014.He metamorphosed from a simple RSS sevak-pracharak with only two pairs of clothes as his personal property to the prime minister of India via CM office in Gandhinagar.CM –Common Man transformed into PM- Prime Minister.But my friends in the USA for nearly four decades did not change a bit.

All NaMo lovers needed to maintain a very low profile .They ruined the glory of a collective effort of felicitating a real leader of Indian masses. While doing a quick but equally labourious analysis of the data, I realized that for Indians it is difficult to forget and leave behind their nationality, religion, caste,sub-caste, religious sect, sub-sect, class, village, region, language and politics involved in each of them. There is no objection to keeping one’s distinct identity. In America, as citizens of America they do exactly what they despised once vis a vis Muslims who preferred to stay in India after 1947. Due to irresponsible and anti-Indian behavior of the few misguided elements expressing Pro-Pakistan feelings , though sporadically but in a very systematic, planned methodology all Muslims are made suspect by all non-Muslims. A very large majority of Muslims hate such activities but they and their feelings are subdued out of sheer fear from their few priests and their hard liner followers.

For Indian Americans as citizens of the USA ,only the interests of the country they live in should/need be the first and last priority. As it appears the fact is contrary to the ideal and legal requirement. All these years they conducted a sort of ‘indirect hate America campaign’ for issue of visa denied to an Indian politician! India Caucus is from Nehru’s days. It is formed by and large by US legislators with different political identities. Members of India Caucus are never found to be anti-Americans. For them America and America’s interests are first and last. It is just possible for the members of this group to receive cash or kind from Indian Embassy as remuneration for lobbying , permissible by laws with a rider to disclosures by written statements in detail.

Indian Americans failed to recognize this transparency which is conspicuous in India by ABSENCE. In US,provincial and federal legislators resolve what to do how far and how much and what not to do in any circumstances. Barack Obama appeals his Republican adversaries for support but he would not try to buy their integrity and honesty in any circumstances. Recent political history of India suggests a very pathetic situation. It is nothing but buy and sale,often en mass,of legislators who are popularly known as Ayarams and Gayarams. All are identified as ‘Patlibadlus”. There are provisions to prevent defection/s, but they were made by lawbreaker lawmakers,hence,new defectors know the loop holes. Most recent realpolitik was /is by none other than Narendra Modi .To make Congress Free India he congressised BJP , now as he is @PMOIndia he will undertake purification of BJP! Once you get polluted for temporary gain then be pollution free.The entire country is plagued by this virus.

NaMo has many shortcomings and there are numerous acts of omissions and commissions in his account. He does not claim to be a saint politician. There is ingrained corruption in his blood. The paradox is that his personal life is limited to himself and his office ! He has family yet he is not a family man. He opted to ‘desert’ his family years back not to gain anything .He dedicated himself to RSS. In that capacity he stayed at/with many RSS sympathizers and supporters. He never forgot the help he received in cash or kind including meals. Whenever he got the opportunity he almost returned the obligations to all except his adversaries in RSS and BJP. There it is/was the clash of ego and interests to gain supremacy and power,absolute power. In the process where did his family including mother, brothers, sister and their families go? I know him and have followed him since 1991 , the year I met him for the first time. After that I never met him. I had no reason to see him. As far as I know Narendra Modi never helped any of the siblings as a result of which today they lead a respectable life of economically middle and barely upper middle class life. By American standards they are leading life of a poor family ! There are very few politicians now having this sort of detachment. None of his relatives want to introduce as NaMo’s relative. There is much hulla-gulla about his wife Jasodaben. i don’t think there marriage is a marriage in real sense. They parted immediately after marriage willingly without a formal divorce. i give many +++ to Jasodaben who has not uttered a word against or about NaMo and her in laws.
Any Indian male would like to have a wife like Jasodaben. No question of social, economical and political blackmailing on the basis of relationship.Those who fail to understand and respect the basic tenet of marriage and fasting will never understand the meaning of life, soul and loyal relationship.

Narendra Modi has done everything that American,Japanese, Singaporean and European politicians in general will refrain from doing. His supporters and BJP legislators have left him behind in political blackmailing, economic frauds and misuse of power ,position by all corrupt means.BJP is as such a worthless, useless ,spineless and redundant party for long. The political power is the only glue keeping the flock together. i see no difference between BJP, Congress, SP, JD(U),BJD,BSP, DMK,AIDMK, NC,PDP,CPI,CPI(M),TMC, TRS, TDP, NCP, Shiv Sena, Manse, RPI and other groups. Their genes, RNA,DNA are the same with different banner-boards and variety of colours of flag .The majority of Indian politicians are corrupt, very corrupt and very highly corrupt. So are the administrators. There is a difference of degree ,not of kind. By American, Japanese and Singaporean standard there is only Government of God which protects India and Indians from anarchy and terrorism of/by elected lawmakers who are basically potential and proven lawbreakers forming governments in states and center.

Then the imperative question is why support to/for NaMo?

Narendra Modi is the last Indian prime minister having a clear majority.Rajiv Gandhi had a larger and more powerful mandate . Except for few innovative steps he lost the chance to usher in basic constitutional changes and laws with legal framework. He lost the opportunity and his life was wasted in vain albeit beneficial, till to-date, in all manners to his legal heirs. The key to all round international support and wel-come to NaMo is his clear majority in Lok Sabha and control over party apparatus.Minus direct control over armed forces, he prevails over party, executive and judiciary. He is very close to Xi Jinping who is all in one in the People’s Republic of China. He tries to be one but stupid democracy (sic) is a big hurdle. His herd of corrupt MPs will not dare to topple him due to omnipresent Big Brother having complete individual dossiers! Till 2019 he will be there @PMOIndia.
World leaders are not fools .They know everything of everything worth knowing according to their needs , pretending all the while not knowing anything about India and Indians. More precise to say they know the exact measure of every Indian leader, army officer and government secretary with their price tag in money, comforts ,wine, women ,love for worldly pleasures and weaknesses of family including children.

Dr.Bharat Barai and Shalabh @Shalli Kumar may be successful professionals .Both failed to learn anything from past and present US legislators.Democrats and Republicans comprising the majority at US Capitol resolved to observe September30,2014 as Indo-American Friendship Day .They are unanimous in recognising the importance of friendship with India. The result of negotiations are yet to come and US government may not be satisfied with what they get on the issues mainly of WTO, Intellectual Property Rights, Nuclear energy,Arms Deals.Other bilateral subjects related to Pakistan, China, AF-Pak Terror issue, Kashmir and aid in terms of US $ may not please the visiting Indian prime minister.

It is true that Shalli Kumar is senior to Bharat Barai. Who knows his connections with Indian National Congress and Nehru-Gandhi family? If he is an outright BJP supporter then also he could/should have restrained till October 01,2014 in issuing notice to Bharat Barai and releasing it to press in India. I consider his behavior as that of an immature US citizen. Is it not a sort of black mailing of NaMo via Bharat Barai? Agreed, Bharat Barai failed to keep every partner in confidence in all manners but the glory of the event is lost.Shalli Kumar and Bharat Barai must be knowing the fate of octogenarian founder leaders of BJP in India.Ego and lust to share a seat with prime minister ruined the atmosphere rare for any past prime minster of India. Narendra Modi is capable of handling such situations. i will not be surprised if he prefers making all aspirants ineffective by just ignoring them.

Except students, majority of NRIs and PIOs are in the USA for ten to fifty years. By now the most of them must have acquired a citizen status. Many of them might have served in US armed forces. The manner in which they conduct themselves lead many in India to believe that they want to enjoy and take benefit of the best of the USA and India. Their law compliance in the USA is obvious but in India they want all judicial benefits without honouring any judicial and regulatory norms keeping their bonafide Indian counterparts at distinct disadvantageous position.In Civil and administrative revenue suits against their Indian applicants or opponents, they hire an advocate and leave India for good .Number of cases pending for trials go on increasing every year. Their advocate pull on the trial on flimsy grounds and the Indian applicant/opponent goes on attending the court.

Recent regulations ushered in by Obama Administration make it mandatory for them to disclose all properties and sources of income in India. Their property dealings were hitherto not disclosed to the Government of the USA. Their bank accounts in fictitious names or in the names of Indian relatives go unattended by the US government. I have studied the issue in detail and I feel that now the time is ripe for the government of the USA to ask all Indian Americans who are citizens and who are having LPR status (Green Card Holders) to file an affidavit confirming to the facts about/of owning or not owning agricultural lands, other lands,house properties, securities, postal accounts, bank accounts, shares ,bank and other fixed deposits, civil, administrative revenue as well as economic offences and criminal cases pending anywhere in India. American Embassy in New Delhi and US Consul Generals should verify these affidavits at random in the beginning and case wise afterwards. This will disclose many skeletons and increase the revenue of the US Exchequer. Government of India will definitely oppose and be reluctant to co-operate for ostensible reasons.Many politicians have transferred their unaccounted money to undisclosed destinations in the USA and other tax havens. Indian Americans buying any property in India have to create black money to the tune of sixty to seventy percentage of the deal. This they do by unscrupulous dollar-rupee trade and hawala rackets.When they sale any property the huge amount of black money is generated which is accommodated by another purchase of other property.The resultant spare money becomes a tool for hawala rackets and money laundering.Part of this hawala money is likely to go to the underworld and terrorist outfits running their sleeper cells and maintaining moles.

Bonafide Indian citizens have to resort to generate Black Money,buy other property and spend the spare money in an unimaginable luxurious manner.This creates an artificial flux in the market leading to hype of progress.This vicious cycle is the result of the laws Indians inherited from the British.Plethora of laws,rules and regulations are complicated every year by successive finance and law ministers.The Government of the USA and Americans who are direct descendents of the immigrants who came to America years back,fought the Independence war, founded the USA and survived their nation through civil war will naturally cannot imagine this 60:40 or 70:30 transactions because the founders of the American constitution were very careful about rule of law and transparency,nothing but transparency in the administration of law and justice at every stage in any sphere of life. I recognize these Americans as real Americans.

The immigrants who settled in the USA brought “their good and bad” with them.Taking full advantages of the system in the USA their numbers increased.The distinct identity of Asian Americans,Indian Americans Chinese Americans etc came later on.With increased numbers of their green card holders turning into citizens created pockets or mini lands and subsequently vote bank politics. The British Empire got finished as a result of immigrants from all the countries once ruled by Her/His Majesty’s Government. Europe is passing through this phase. Time has come for the USA to wake up.

i quote,
** “Real Estate, Homes for Sale, MLS Listings, Agents | Redfin
1. Real Estate by Redfin – Search Homes, Condos & Houses For ……
o Redfin Hayward
o Redfin Listings
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1. Zillow – Official Site
*** http://www.zillow.comOfficial site
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We would like to show you a description here but the site …”
I unquote.

Any cursory look at above websites will give the idea to any body anywhere in the world about any realty transaction in the USA.One can see the status of The White House,The US Capitol Hill,Bill Clinton’s House!

Why Government of India can not adopt this?

Periodic rants by Indian politicians about black money in Swiss banks and other tax havens abroad are just to fool Indian voters en mass and provide full,free entertainment to media and media persons.
Black Money means the difference between the actual transaction price and the documented price. Documents are made to satisfy legal norms and the price shown is as per juntry prevalent in the area of transaction. Juntry Price is Prevalent Market Rate taken into consideration for deciding compensation in cases of any type of acquisition either by government or by private individual or industry.The difference between Actual Value and Prevalent Market Value is BLACK MONEY ,unaccounted money,under table money.

The Government of India under prime ministers from Nehru to Modi and The Republic of India under presidents from Dr.Rajendra Prasad to Pranb Mukherji have willingly added every year adding to pool of Black Money.Except a very restricted number of officers of the State were/are all corrupt,neck deep corrupt. Every one knows this phenomenon,but no one speaks about it .


From President of India to a Peon in any panchayat office via the prime minister and chief ministers of states need black money to gain power,strengthen it and maintain it. The flow of black money in CORRUPTION has encompassed all spheres of public life, polity, government offices, police, army, judiciary, elections, crime rackets, underworld and terrorists.

The natural question is why this discussion at the time of Indian prime minister’s US visit ? Is it not a breach of propriety?

Yes, it is a breach of propriety. When the proportion of black money has reached its all time high and when the malady has reached the USA after “finishing” India and Indians,it is imperative in this era of globalization to save at least one country where rule of law and transparency is still maintained.

It is note worthy that NRIs and PIOs mainly Indian Americans propelled Narendra Modi’s electoral victory. As per my rough calculation, every vote polled for BJP was as costly as Rs.5000 to 10,000.Every vote polled in favour of BJP was a vote for NaMo or Narendra Modi. All these votes are generated by Black Money. Narendra Modi would not dare to be transparent about the money he collected and spent.

Narendra Modi is the last prime minister of India to have a clear majority in Lok Sabha. If he fails to initiate basic changes,India and Indians will miss the bus for ever. He can afford now to be honest and non corrupt. If he succeeds to transform laws, rules and regulations into a transparent system for land and natural resources,the problem of much needed ‘right political connections’ will disappear. He has to see that The State ceases to be the major Land Grabber to help industries and industrialists. He has to make a legal provision for all black money declarations for a period of twenty five years tax free, punishment free. He has to change all relevant laws to facilitate these declarations. All transactions be not under 60:40 or 70:30 system but as it is in the USA under 100% white documentation system.

If this is done India’s beggar status will change to a creditor status.No NRI and PIO will be required to remit any amount to increase foreign currency reserves. Market will have surplus money and industries as well as industrialists will not have to worry about finance.

NaMo can afford to do this.


Narendra Modi has no son,no daughter, no son in law,no daughter in law,no grand children or any living encumbrances.His relatives have not used his name any where any time. They have not sought any favour whatsoever. His personal life is non corrupt. Indians are his family and India is his home i.e. property. Whatever acts of omission and commission recorded on his account are worth pardoning. Forget his past and forgive him for all mistakes as the Americans have done to their well known presidents.

Narendra Modi is a Historical Accident in Indian politics. If he fails to deliver, India is sure to disintegrate.

I wish events prove my assertions.
Inside Track: Special case

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