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On the eve of Indian prime minster’s US visit the media and citizens in the USA are engaged in arguments in favour and against the relaxations in laws,rules and regulations pertaining to immigration.

The views and counterviews are plausible and need a close appreciation and the follow up decision. Legislators across the USA have short term and long term perspectives.H1B & F1 visa holders if given LPR status ( Green Card ) can be someday proved to be assets to the USA. All illegal immigrants should be caught by national door to door hunt and subsequently deported. Permanent set up for this specific purpose will generate numerous jobs and in the long run it will prove to be profitable. Illegal immigrants have fleeced US exchequer to unimaginable extents.

H1b visa holders are a source of revenue to the US exchequer. F1 visa holders when turn H1B visa holders will add to the tax payers pool.

In the legislative history of the USA there are enough evidences of Democrats, Republicans and other splinter groups like Liberal Democrats, Green Party leaving aside their minor and major policy differences and forging one voice on the issues of national interests. The most recent example is of US legislators resolving unanimously for observing September 30, 2014 as Indo-American Friendship Day.
Narendra Modi, as the prime minister of India is wel-come by all US citizens.


It is in the larger interests of the USA to convince the present and all future governments in India about the genuineness and seriousness of the friendship. Geo-politico-nomical issues have changed horizontally and vertically in recent 100 days and this reality demands US legislators behave in a much needed pragmatic manner.

Sycophants , hypocrites and NaMo lovers in India and the USA will hail this as NaMo’s personal score+ but NaMo is yet to generate and get such unanimity with opponent political groups except on issues of getting a very pliable judiciary, increase in legislators’ salaries and perquisites and land legislations favouring industrialists in outright manners .NaMo with this mercurial majority mandate will never dare to abolish BLACK MONEY in/within India by proposing radical changes in Indian laws..
Indian reality juxtaposed with American reality will convince US legislators to be pragmatic and have a liberal attitude for immigrants. I advocate strict punitive actions against all illegal immigrants and NRIs, PIOs who try to be another Rajat Gupta or Devyani Khobragade !

Naturalisation process may be linked with drafting for short service or permanent service commission in US Army, Navy & Air Force. Except Israel,I don’t know about provisions for compulsory military drafting in other countries. In India , citizens in general dislike joining armed forces. Compulsory Military Training for all eligible citizens is out of question. If introduced , it will be a sure exit pass for any popular government having any mandate. A clear majority or a lame-duck mandate is irrelevant on this issue.

The linking of compulsory military drafting with changes in visa status i.e. from green card to citizenship will filter the odd lot disliked today by all. Subsequently the changes in relevant US Laws for all present and future US citizens will be imperative.


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