NaMo’s Hosts at MSG

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I am in the USA to attend reception of Narendra Modi , the prime minister of India at Madison Square Garden, New York on September 28,2014.The civic reception is under the auspices of Indian American Community Foundation, specially formed for this specific purpose.
I analysed the data of Indian American Community Foundation. Of 408 organisations registered on line 88 have no websites.52 organisations have Facebook,Google+ and Twitter accounts. All are media loving.6 demanded feedback from me.the majority have info@ABCDEF as their contact e mail address. Few are conservative in parting information. Notable number have IACF Indian American Community Foundation website i.e. as their address!

Initially it was planned to organize the function under banner OFBJP Overseas Friends of BJP . It was founded during 1960-1970 under different name (now of no consequence and relevance ) by immigrants from India. These Indians reached the USA not for establishing a branch of Bhartiya Jana Sangh or a shakha of RSS. Basically they reached there in search of green pastures, opportunities, further studies and ultimate settlement. Many of the NRIs ,PIOs are here for more than fifty years. Almost all are very rich.

My analysis of partner organizations under IACF is as following:

Of 408 partners from nearly half of states and territories of the USA like Alaska, Arizona, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, New Hampshire ,New Mexico ,North Carolina, Rhode Island,South Carolina, Washington, District of Columbia ,Colorado ,Delaware ,Mississippi ,Tennessee ,Connecticut ,Ohio and Florida have symbolic representation of 1 to 10 organisations.

Massachusetts,Virginia, Illinois, Texas and Maryland have representation of 11 to 20 organisations.

Pennsylvania and California have representation of 21 to 30 organisations.

No state is represented with organization strength in the range of 31 to 90.

New York and New Jersey are represented with 91 to 115 organisations.

Canada is represented with 1 to7 organisations from Quibec and Ontario.

No partners were registered from Alabama,Arkansas,Hawaii ,Idaho ,Kansas ,Kentucky, Louisiana ,,Maine,
Missouri ,Montana ,Nebraska ,Nevada ,North Dakota ,Oklahoma,Oregon ,South Dakota,Utah, Vermont ,West Virginia, Wisconsin,Wyoming ,American Samoa ,Guam, Northern Mariana Islands, Puerto Rico and U.S. Virgin Islands.

The maximum number of organizations are from Pensylvannia,California,New York and New Jersy.

Almost all religions arerepresented. Islamic,Shikh, Zoroastrian, Jew, Jain, Dawoodi Bohra organizations number from 1to 5.

Christians are not represented as organizational entities but they are main constituents of different linguistic groups.

As it was originally a programme planned by OFBJP and its outfits bearing saffron identity Hindu organizations or institutions having the largest Hindu membership are main partners.

Hindu organizations comprise of RSS,VHP & Hindu Mahasabha. Majority of Hindu partners are Brahmans and devotees affiliated to temple organizations of all sections of Swaminarayan and Vaishnav sects, Ramkabir, Sanatan Dharma, Santram , Saibaba ,Tirupati-Tirumala, Ayappa , Durga, Navgrah, ISKON and Jalaram Bapa.

Institutions in Vedic studies ,philosophy of Aurobindo and Art of Living are also represented.
Educational institutions like Bhavans (Bharatya Vidya Bhavan),Language institutes/organizations are mainly for Hindi ,Sanskrut ,Telugu,Tamil ,Kannada ,Marathi,Sindhi ,Konkani and Malayalee.

Movement for separate state of Telangana reached the USA long back and there are at least two organizations with a distinct identity.

Gujarat is represented by numerous Gujarat/Gujarati Samaj subdivided into those belonging to villages, cities and regions of Gujarat with their caste as well as sub-caste..

Representation from Bihar-Jharkhand, West Bengal, Rajasthan and Odisha are few but symbolic in the sense their members are big shots. Uttar Pradesh is represented by Yadav Sabha.
Kashmiri Hindus are notable and very vocal for their fellow compatriots neglected for ever by the rest of India and Indians.

Retired Army officers though few are not behind but unique in their sense of loyalty to the USA. Though old, age wise ,they are ready to enlist for US Army !, Why ? They maintain that when we served in India, we were Indian soldiers and as we are now

American citizens our first and last loyalty is towards the country we live in. Now we will live and die for the Star Spangled Banner ! They keep their regiment /battalion flag with Indian Tricolor flying along with Star Spangled Banner. This spirit is spectacularly present in microscopic numbers of Indian Americans who constitute NaMo’s jamboree .

NaMo’s ‘Desi Chai’ and ‘One toilet per one house’ movement have reached the USA. There is one organization for each.The Toilet organization has collected symbolic donation. If the said donation will be sizable they will hand it over to naMo in person.If not they will send it to him later on.

Glaring and notable fact is for NaMo & BJP. Sizable number of organizations are of the Indian Americans who have migrated for good from states in India traditionally considered as non-saffron states !

Professionals like Event Management, engineers, architects, realtors, builders , construction specialists, technologists, medical doctors, traders, commerce experts, economists, professors, teachers, diamond merchants, accountants, lawyers, traders in coloured stones, jewelers, grocers, pharmaceuticals, tailors, fashion designers, shoe makers, hair stylists, furniture makers, religious priests, students, dancers, musicians, instrumentalists (dhol –trasa included),classical singers and dancers.

At least one organization represents senior citizens

Few religious and service organizations (NGO) are only US based and few are having main office in India. Few organizations are having branches in Canada, Europe, Australia, Latin America and Africa. Organisations having HQs in India are mostly run on/by grants from state and central government.

All partner organizations are not necessarily members or supporters of OFBJP. They will be at MSG on Sept.28,2014 for different reasons. Curiosity to see and listen to NaMo is the main.The prime minister of India at MSG is an excitement for them. Thus Indian American Community Foundation has multireligious, multilinguistic and multiprofessional attendees.

I will keep on writing about undercurrents and scenes. i will not report the main function because my object is not the coverage of reception. i am interested in knowing NRIs and PIOs and their life from close and far quarters.


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