NaMo’s Faux Pas

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Narendra Modi has two fads. His fad about China has assumed the proportion of obsession. The hang over of Xi Jinping’s visit is still there. He has embarked upon publicity blitzkrieg of image building for the benefit of the Government of the USA.He selected CNN for his first ever TV interview as the prime minister of India. His choice of TV anchor to interview him is/was Fareed Zakaria who is an employee of CNN and a columnist of The Washington Post.

Who is Fareed Zakaria ? What are his credentials as a journalist ? Is this his first job? If ,no, then where was he employed ? If yes, why he had to leave/resign that coveted post ? We wait till he answers these questions.

If these questions and answers thereof are known to everyone, why he was selected by our prime minister ?

It is now an established fact that CNN,CNN-IBN ,TV18 and NW18 are Mukesh Nita Ambani’s private channel and media outfits. They are appendages of IMT Independent Media Trust , a piggy company of another piggy company of RIL @ Mukesh Nita Ambani! I have challenged the deal and CCI as well as SEBI are expected to advise me soon.

NaMo @PMOIndia ‘s MN Ambani @RIL connection comes here in play. On one hand, Narendra Modi @PMOIndia forbids his cabinet and other ministers to grant TV or any other media interviews to private channels and news papers. Those ministers and government information department are supposed to contact only Door Darshan and PTI ,that too with PMO’s prior knowledge and permission.

Now DD and PTI will have to pay the fees to CNN,CNN-IBN for telecasting PM’s interviews. NaMo and his government is favouring MN Ambani’s company. This is a blatant favouritism and hypocrisy at the highest level of so called transparent and non-corrupt governance !

Fareed Zakaria and Narendra modi as prime minister of India wrote the most disgraceful chapter in HISTORY of journalism.

I posted the following Tweets nearly 15 hours back.

Please read them and thrash me out in the best and worst possible manner.

I quote,

“Bankimchandra Desai @vasanji
@FareedZakaria Indians realised tt they have unlimited talent ,ONLY WHEN @narendramodi first @CMOGujarat & @PMOIndia told them ! pooh pooh

Bankimchandra Desai @vasanji · 11h
@FareedZakaria @narendramodi Communist China will be democratic India’s BANKER ! Is this a growth ? NaMo’s return journey will start soon !

Bankimchandra Desai @vasanji · 11h
@FareedZakaria @narendramodi Together ?! In one meeting with Xi Jinping? India ,democratic country has become debtor of Communist China !

Bankimchandra Desai @vasanji · 12h
@upadhyayumesh NaMo forbids his ministers 2 give interview 2 pvt channels & PMOIndia talks 2 @FareedZakaria @ibnlive @CNN ,is HISTORY!

Bankimchandra Desai @vasanji · 12h
@upadhyayumesh Don’t u know tt @ibnlive @CNN is owned by IMT @RIL of MN Ambani & @FareedZakaria is employee of CNN ? NaMo’s faux pas!

Bankimchandra Desai @vasanji · 12h
@upadhyayumesh @ibnlive @CNN @FareedZakaria Only history is of helping Pakistan with arms & dollars, avoiding Pak’s nuke capacity”

I unquote.

Bankimchandra Desai ‏@vasanji · 12h
@upadhyayumesh NaMo forbids his ministers 2 give interview 2 pvt channels & PMOIndia talks 2 @FareedZakaria @ibnlive @CNN ,is HISTORY!

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