Xi Jinping in India

Hello India :

Xi Jinping ,the one and only one representing the people’s Republic of China is on his state visit of India. Due to Pakistan’s internal instability he preferred to postpone his Pakistan visit. Sophomores in BJP and Indian American Community Foundation as well as Overseas Friends of BJP ( OFBJP )hail it as NaMo’s + score. As a student on matters relating to China ,Taiwan, Southern Expansion of the Chinese as well as Global expansion of the Chinese and Asian Indians I would like to rate Xi Jinping’s visit as an attempt by NaMo @PMOIndia to increase and solidify his aura and rule of his persona,governance and government. NaMo’s intended aim is to increase his credibility, acceptability at national and international levels. Namo will translate Xi Jinping’s power play into his own during his forthcoming UNO and USA visits.

I do not see any notable, remarkable shift in China’s attitude towards India. In Pakistan ,it is ISI, Pakistan Army and Allah decide everything. In China ,it is PLA and long term Chinese interests decide everything.

Xi Jinping is supposed to be head of the communist party of China, government in People’s Republic of China and PLA – People’s Liberation Army. His stoic smile,wearing in NaMo Jacket and his wife’s Awara tunes should not be taken lightly. The movements of PLA troops in uniform and civil dress are well timed to keep NaMo @PMOIndia at bay. His much advertised hardness or strictness means nothing to world powers. India needs China more than China needs India.

Indian Amichands like Mukesh Ambani @RIL et al & Jaychands in UPA 2 have already handed over strategic information vital to India’s interests. They kept aside Indian industrial giants and awarded contracts to Chinese companies.Now NaMo is completing the task left by his inglorious predecessors.
NaMo @PMOIndia harps on peace on Indo-China borders ,the hot spots being Damchok, Chumar Nathu La. China have maintained that Sikkim,Arunachal, part of Nagaland,Leh- Ladakh, Akshai Chin ,Gilgit ,Hunja are Chinese lands and Jammu & Kashmir are disputed territories. Will Xi Jinping compromise on his country’s territorial claims ?

China is dumping ,on daily basis, cheap and substandard consumer goods through safe windows on Indo-China borders. Indian traders buy and sell those goods without realizing that they are being made instrumental in destroying India’s small scale industries and handicrafts. The job now to be fulfilled is to make India’s medium and heavy industries paralysed and dependent on them for ever. We have hardly anything to sell in/to China except raw materials by depleting our natural resources.
When NaMo @PMOIndia will realize the mistakes it will not be late for him, but, India and Indians will remember him in the fashion they remember Nehru & Nehru-Gandhi rule and rulers.
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After Modi’s hard talk with Xi in Delhi, Chinese troops pull back in Chumar : India, News – India Today


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