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Coincidence often becomes the reason/cause of an event having potential of changing the history either of a company or country.

On August 31,2014 ,I chanced upon a full page advertisement by Pacific Gas and Electiric Company signed by Mr. Anthony F. Earley,Jr.,Chairman of the Board,Chief Executive Officer and President of the company. What is the importance of these designations?

The posts held by Mr.Anthony F.Earley ,Jr. is equivalent to those/that of (A) our most respected Cyrus Mistry,Azim Premji ,Anand Mahindra and Narayan Murthi(B) and the other successful ones who form/ed NAMO@ CMOGUJATAT”S now NAMO@ PMOIndia’s cartel including Sudhir Mehta, Karsanbhai Patel, Shashi Ruia, Gautam Adani and Mukesh Ambani (C)and the most condemned forming the privy league are ‘Kingfisher’Vijay Mallya,’Satyam’ Raju ,’Sahara’ Subrato Roy and many more!

I was very sad to compare and contrast Mr.Anthony F.Earley, Jr.with my company RIL’s Chairman, Mukesh Ambani in respect of accountability and responsibility towards his company’s victims, citizens of India and his own shareholders. He behaved as if RIL was his sole oenership company disregarding the meager five percent of shareholders who are not related to him or his family members in any manner.
He took everybody for granted.

i received e mail the same day from Mr. Nilkanth Pandya ,Surat informing me about the status of cases against RGTIL due for final disposal by the Supreme Court of India. Nilkanth Pandya,his brotherTrilok Pandya and Laljibhai Savalia were few of thousands of RIL/RGTIL victims spread over five Indian states.The trio pursued the CRUSADE against RGTIL to Gujarat High Court and eventually to the Supreme Court of India.i was a Third Party victim. My claim was not beyond Rs.75,000/-Rupees seventy five thousand only. The Competent Authority ruled that the P and M.P.Act has no provision to pay compensation to third parties! In that case I was required to file a claim before Gujarat high Court. The initial estimated expense was Rs.100,000/-rupees one lac only. That also was excused by me but No Advocate was ready to file case against Mukesh Ambani as an individual and as the Chairman of RIL!

I wrote to Prime Minister Dr. Man Mohan Singh, Chairperson of NAC Mrs. Sonia Gandhi,Minister of Petroleum and Natural Gas,Mr.Murli Deora ,Law Minister,Dr.Veerappa Moily and ‘oft quoted Common Man’, Mr. Narendra Modi CMO@Gujarat.No body replied. At last I wrote to the Chief Justice of India. His office refused to entertain my application as a party in person. Right from Mamlatdar , Prant Officer, Collector, Revenue Secretary, Chief Secretary ,District Judge, High Court and Supreme Court everywhere I had the same experience. No body wanted to say a word against Mr.Mukarsh Ambani and RIL! Gujarati and English news papers were not ready to receive my press notes. None of them was ready to publish my press notes as paid news item or in the form of advertisement.Both entities are/were sacrosanct and holier that God! At that very moment, I decided to fight it out “extra -legally” ( outside legal forum) but constitutionally and in a non-violent way.

I started writing Blogs and the caravan of RGTIL Victims started. The association of RGTIL Affected Agriculturists was formed at Gandevi Taluka, Navsari District. Meanwhile we lost main architect Shri Pareshbhai. Now Shri Bharatbhai and Shri Prashantbhai have held the flag high. More than twenty cases were registered at District Court,Navsari. There too, no advocate is/was ready to name Mr.Mukesh Ambani in his personal capacity ! I prepared a model case memo naming the invincible Mukesh Ambani. The office of the district court returned it on “technical’ grounds. On personal inquiry the gentleman in charge said,” your case is good but……”then he pointed to Mr. Mukesh Ambani’s name and remarked,”what about this?” So everywhere either he or I was untouchable !The leading advocate at Navsari kept a copy of my memo and said, ‘it will be useful in aversions”. I said in reply, ” in counter aversions also…”

I intend to publish my book ,” Mukesh Nita Ambani -The Unroyal Royal ONG Couple” and I will invite and include guest chapters by Arvind Kejriwal and Prashant Bhushan who are holding the front at New Delhi and Supreme court of India. In fact we three have visualized long back that we are likely to be murdered at any time, any where. We have not asked for any police protection. Why ? It is our convivtion that only the culprits require police protection. The higher the criminality of a person the higher would be the category of security like Z, Z+, Z++! GOD PROTECTS US, that is fine for us. Arvind Kejriwal extended my agenda by exposing Mukesh Ambani’s dubious relationship with Narendra Modi and compelled Saurabh Patel that he is Mukesh Ambani’s brother in law. His TV exposures expedited Mukesh Ambani’s take over of TV18 and NW 18. I telephoned Nilkanthbhai and informed him about P G and E Company’s ad. I prepared my petition memo and as time was very short sent e mail and unsigned on line Blog application to the concerned authorities. The following day USA’s federal judge was quoted to have penalized British Petroleum to the tune of 18 billion US $( New York Times News). Subsequently I filed application regarding the Competition Commission of India and objected its green signal to Mukesh Ambani’s take over of TV 18 and NW 18. As if God is helping RGTIL Victims, the sequence of events occurred one by one .

September 2014 will be memorable for all consumers and victims of companies involved in exploration, transportation and distribution of oil and gas.

We will have comparable judgments fixing accountability ,responsibility, attitude of owners, proprietors, chairman, managing director, CEO chief executive officers ,board members, managers and employees towards payment of COMPENSATION to consumers and others.

Companies in the USA are Pacific Gas and Electric Company and British Petroleum. Indian company is RGTIL Reliance Gas Transportation Infrastructure Limited ,a subsidiary of Reliance Industries Limited . Mukesh-Nita Ambani and their children as well as relatives are believed to own nearly 95% RIL shares. RGTIL when turned a huge profit earning venture MN Ambani offloaded it from RGTIL bandwagon without giving a single paisa to RIL’s shareholders. Later on he is believed to have sold it to British Petroleum.

Though laws , law enforcement agencies, judicial set ups and judiciaries are different in both DEMOCRATIC COUNTRIES , SCI’s verdict is most likely to generate chain reactions which will reverberate for long and have everlasting effect on India’s politics, laws, law enforcement agencies ,judges judiciary and globalization of Indian industries,commerce and trade.

The darkest hour in our judiciary was pertaining to Bhopal Gas Tragedy. The ironical fact remains that Government of India facilitated safe escape or passage to chairman of Union Carbide who happened to be an American Gentleman ! The State was his collaborator and judiciary was naturally co-collaborator. Was judiciary independent ,then ?? Definitely not.

Now see the tragedy .At present we will have American standard to judge our judges and judiciary.
The then chief Justice who delivered the verdict was later on , post retirement, made in charge of the benevolent fund for gas tragedy victims ! The acceptance of lucrative posts and positions ,after retirement, by supreme court and high court judges has assumed endemic proportion. That has been followed , ingloriously, by few of notable Chief Justices of India. i will not be surprised to know their overt and covert relationship with Mukesh Ambani and RIL. i wonder often are the salaries and post retirement benefits of our judges and chief justices are that poor that they do not meet ends in their retirement ? The same is the case with retired IAS,IPS,IRS,IFS officers. Many of them are parked in Mukesh Nita Ambani’s private piggy companies !

If citizens understand the phenomenon as quid pro quo, who is at fault??

SCI will give final verdict on SPL (civil) cases No. (A) 2226 of 2010, (B) 2260 and 2277 of 2010, (C)2725 of 2010 – (D)2228 and 2257 of 2020 all filed by RGTIL Victims most probably on 8th or 9th September 2014.

Till then follow these links to understand the gravity of situation.


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